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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-877-669-3349
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 60 %
I've used this service on several occasions and it is always quick and convenient
My experience with WeFixMoney was great...easy to apply's as easy as 1..2..3..
I have not received any money
Quick and easy to apply
Excellent quick answer
The young lady I was talking to was very great in the details & answered all my questions. I really did appreciate that!
Loved the convenience
Fast and easy. Great experience I would recommend this company.
The loan company was very rule "True Blue" & asked questions that were on the loan app. It was very annoying & I refused the loan. I would rather starve this next 2 weeks than 2 go through that again. I have applied for a loan through we fix money before and didn't have to go through this process....why the change???
The interest rate on my loan was really high...but the repayment was one that I could afford and I really needed this money.
First time I tried, I was approved for an okay loan offer from a lender. No problems with
I like this concept but my thought was that this was a loan loan not a payday loan. Meaning when I get paid I have to payback all the money and plus interest. I wanted to pay out monthly. My car fixing also cost more than what I was offered. I decided not to take the loan seeing that I have to pay a cab fee. I I’ll just take my chances walking into a payday loan place and save myself the Extra fees
Therese provided excellent customer service.
It’s a good thing to have but the interest is ridiculous.
Very easy to apply. I had no issues!!!
Very convenient and I really needed the money when I was approved.
It was quick and easy to apply.
I received option to take out the loan. After i filled everything out found out the loan won't be in my account until 5 days after I need it.. wish I would have known that beforehand. Wouldn't have taken it out and gone through someone else.
I had a wonderful experience with The application process was quick and easy and the representatives were knowledgeable as well as quick.
Would like to thank the lady on the phone who helped me . Pleasant friendly and lots of patients. From the Guy on the android note 3 . Much blessing to you and all your coworker.
Great service! I've used this a couple of times. The interest rate is high but I think it's like that to motivate people to pay it back quickly.
Response was fast and what I asked for
Quik and easy application.
Going over Each area of the application over the phone seems redundant and a waste of time. Only important information like name, ss number, personal and account information should be discussed since the client already filled out the application online. Thanks
They almost always try to match you with someone and for that I am forever grateful!!!
Agreed to pay extra to have funds the same day. It's day 3 and no funds, pending or otherwise.
I love the quick process and the professionalism. They really got me out of a jam. So thankful!!
Fast and easy and very informative
Easy process, quick and easy
It seems like this will cool.
As a single parent things come up and I sometimes don't have enough to cover all expenses. I am over qualified for assistance so we fix money always helps me in need.
It was cool. Easy process
No hassle everything is straight forward and simple to apply.
The approval was fast. The turn around contact time was within seconds. Customer service was great and the information given in reference to the loan was very detailed and all my questions were answered.
Its Fast but a little difficult to understand.
This site was simple easy to understand and most helpful when needed
Very nice and helpful people
Had no problems finding and securing a loan when I needed it!
Fast, quick, easy...very necessary when you are in a pinch. Thanks!
Quick and fast approval
Lifesavers!!! The loan was a fast and painless process the rates are reasonable, I won’t lie I’ve seen some rates a little better just not for my state. With that said I would recommend to anyone one who is in a jam and needs a quick loan.
I am satisfied with the outcome. However, I did not like having to give so much of my personal information up online.
I do not like the fact that you send applications to previously used lenders (Maxlend). Maxlend interest rates are too high (I would have ended up paying them $1800 for $600 loan).
I had no idea things would go as smoothly as they did. I appreciate your promptness and the handling of this request.
I called the number from the email after I submitted an application. The lady I spoke with kept misspelling my name and email address and never did pull up my profile. I had a spell out both 3 times each and my social another 2 times. Good luck finding out what's happening. It made me not feel very secure about them handling a loan for me.
The website works as far as matching you with a lender is concerned but do not be fooled into thinking that this is not predatory. I can only imagine they're hoping a majority of users won't read their repayment terms. 400% over the course of the year with penalties not included is tantamount to robbery. If you need a payday loan you can't afford a payday loan plain and simple and the way this website advertises itself is less than genuine
Very professional, polite and articulate, explained very well
Quick response and easy signup
The overall experience was very pleasant.
Quick fast service and approval!
Thanks for helping me
Great site helped me when I needed them. I definitely everyone to use them.
I didn't complete my app. B/c the rep was rude trying to verify my employers phone number, I'm a contractor and work off-site we Google address and I had said two numbers backwards and she tried to state i have her completely different number
I was able to borrow the money I needed for an unforeseen bill. With a fast application process and quick approoval all in one phone call.
I was only asked about the money I make on my job. I have other incomes. $250 will not help me.
I heard the commercial on the radio and as I'm in dire straits, decided to apply. I couldn't accept the loan though because of the 780% interest which would basically require $7800 paid on a $1000 loan. If I could pay back the loan in a payment or 2,I probably wouldn't need it to begin with. I wish these rates weren't so predatory.
The experience was seamless
Application process was very fast and easy
Thanks fors all you guys have done for me this morning. I had no ideal that they would get the money in my account by tomorrow. I will check this out tomorrow. Over all they I was provided with good customer service.
This is predatory lending at its best. I would not recommend this to anyone, not even my worst enemy. If you borrow 700.00 you pay almost 4 times that amount back if you stick to the schedule of payments. Why would you charge hard working people that amount of money. This is ridiculous.
Great service and sent me over to my lender very quickly.
It was hard to understand the man that was helping me due to the heavy accent. The fees were higher than other places I've researched
Everything happened very fast and the service was very accommodating
Very Honest and Quick
Filled out the application... maxlend contacted me and asked for copies of bank reciepts... emailed them in. They call back the didnt recieve them. Sent them again, same thing.... several calls later they tell me to email them again, so like an idiot... i do. They call again this morning thwy still dont have them. This has been a 5 day headache. I will never do anything like tbis again!!
Great customer service, easy process!
I would call again and tell others to work with you.
I appreciate the offer and easy help I got, It only took two minutes to find out if I was qualified or not.
Quick satisfying service
My honest opinion is that when you as a customer are calling a business you should be treated with much kindness to make you want to go back to that place of business.
Not interested in loan company that approved my application. The approved funds were much more than I requested, the payment option was spread out over a ridiculously long period of time (of course then tripling the original loan amount). Much better options out there. Thumbs down!
They were fast and efficient
amazing! it was quick and know the result right away in minutes on how much money approved.
None of the sites work...I wasted my time..Flustrated and annoyed.
Easy didn't take long to get approved.
Email said I was approved. Then they call and said it was denied because I am a member of the army reserves.
Something was wrong with the page. Its would not come through. It kept saying Error
Good to have a loan aproved when most banks decline, however rates are pretty high, which make a bad situation worst down the road. Immediate need being addressed is important though.
Did not expect the funds the next day, but they came as promised!
This was an easy process to apply for a loan and the approval was blazing fast!
It was a quick response of approval, but for less than I needed. When I called to cancel my request, Richard said he cancelled it (less than a minute ) I asked if I was going to get an email of cancellation, he said yes. A few minutes later, I get an email stating as if I didn't get approved, so now it will look like a ding on my credit report. This is not good business ethics.
I needed money fast and i got it, waiting for the email confirmation took a while though. But no complaints here!
This was my first time borrowing experience was OK the lender operator could of been friendlier her name was Marny.
It sent me to a fraudulent company that gathered my information called Max and the man said he was putting me on hold to check my references and hung up, and when I called back it was a pharmacy!
This company has very pleasant employees and my experiences with them I will used them again.
Just a plain ole paydayloan. Not helpfull
The application process was simply and eas you
Very easy to do and customer service is very professional.
I was in for a surprise when I found out I was entitled to more money. The loan process took no time, I have dealt with other loan companies by far this is the fairest.
quick to approve but interest rate too high
Easy process, friendly representative and professional
The online process was easy, representatives were nice, the funds were deposited into my acct the next morning. Not happy with the payment amount. That's the only sad part.
I am in need of a short term loan each time I came to the site I am routed to another entity. This other company calls I put in I need $600.00 and it shows on the first time I only qualify for $500.00 that was fine but was unable to complete the process. I came back to We Fix Money and apply again got the application finished this time ask for $600.00 again and get a call stating I qualify for only $475.00. Then the person from Blue Trust Loan says they can only loan me $275.00 I respectfully declined and hung up. So I am disappointed that We Fix Money can't do what they advertise to do.
They helped me get the loan amount I needed to assist me with moving.
Excellent Customer Service and Quick Approval
I heard about "we fix from a radio station that I tune in to regularly. My car was in the shop, and I wanted it out before my payday. A few of my friends have gone this route in cases of emergency. I filled out the application, and the minute I submitted it, I knew it was a mistake. They broker out your loan information to other payday lenders, each of these lenders request credit scores. My score went from 718 to 598. I am so angry with myself. I know better. If I can save one person from this anguish it will be worth the experience. Plus, they did not want to loan me the amount of money I requested. People, I know stuff happens, emergencies, but there is a better way. Not to mention the high interest rates. Don't do it. Bad business.
They work fast and got me the help I needed.
Matched me with a reliable lender in seconds. I would recommend to anyone!
Id like someone to reach out to me please, I had no proper follow up. I dont know if I was able to get a match on a loan or not. I called your customer service number to verify and as it rung, and I was transferred, it hung up on me. A company popped up, but I have no idea if they are from you all ( I am now uneasy as to where my personal information has gone.... I read the reviews here before proceeding, and felt 70% on giving my information, but now with these results, or lack thereof, I am very uneasy. Please contact me to resolve or let me know if I qualified or not. Thank you
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