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Check 'n Go Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Check 'n Go
Address: 7755 Montgomery Road
City: Cincinnati
State/Province: OH
Postal Code: 45236
Country: United States
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 5 %
I had an account with Check ‘n Go 4 years ago and currently paying the debt back to a company, Steinberg & Rosen, or some ** like that. So far, I had made 3 payments of $125 a month (total balance $850). This month, I made another payment on the 3rd of the month, but it got refunded back to my account through one of their payment servers. The payment arrangement was the above amount ($125) taken out of my account every month. A week later, they attempted to take the $125 back out of my account and they are threatening me with legal action and they do not email me receipts even though I frequently ask for them. They say they don't do receipts and the only evidence I have is my banking statements. What can I do to shut these ** down for good? When I called about the problem, they said it was a glitch and I asked that a payment be extended a month. They said no and threatened me with legal action. I think this is a scam and I'm going to do whatever it takes to put them out of business.
I visited Check N' Go located on Magnolia and Banbury Drive and I waited there for 40 minutes. I came to get a loan and there was someone ahead with of me. I understood waiting for him. But then when it was my turn the employee started multitasking trying to help me and other people. This made my wait even longer. Instead of just taking care of me and getting me out of there everyone who came after me was leaving before me. I was so upset. She needs to learn how to take care of the guest at hand. I would have been done sooner and then she could have helped everyone else.
I made my monthly payment at the first of the month. I got the numbers mixed up and I was short $7.00. She told me I could bring it in when I got my next check and I said ok. 2 days later, $287 had been withdrawn from my checking account and since I didn't have that much in there, I got slapped with an overdraft fee. I called them immediately and was told that because I didn't make the full payment, they had to take a payment. I told them that if they had told me that's what would happen because I was short $7, I would have gotten the measly $7. She said she would email corporate and get it straightened out. Now a week later after calling and calling, I am told there is nothing that they can do because it already went to the bank. And yet, I still have to pay next month's installment on top of bringing my checking account current. These people are ruthless and out for blood. Run away from these people. Go with Check City instead. Much easier to work with even if the interest is ridiculous.
I had previously gotten loans to help with a financial issue. The loans were for $250 each time. I paid the full loans back on time every time. The last loan they took the full $275 from my account on Thursday. I tried to get a new loan, and they approved me. The next thing I know they denied me and I can no longer contact them. The page won't even load on my computer. It always says "Webpage can't be accessed". Very irritating considering I never asked for extensions. I always paid the loan in full on the due date.
So I applied for a loan on Friday. Today is Tuesday. They told me Friday that they were sending my loan to my bank account by Monday. They also asked for my bank login and password. My mother’s maiden name. My routing number my bank account number. My debit card numbers the 3 digit code in the back and expiration date. My address, my phone number. My social security number and of course my birthdate. And like a ** idiot I gave it to them being desperate to fix my car so I can go to work. Well you know Monday rolls in and no money. I called and asked where is it? They said that I had to Western Union them $95 dollars to verify my identity. I immediately went off on the guy and he yelled back saying he was a loan officer. I hung up and changed my bank password. I canceled my bank card and reported it as lost. I didn’t know at that point I could have changed my login too. Well it’s 11:30 pm Tuesday night and I get a email from my bank that someone tried login into my account set real times and had the wrong password. So they locked me out until I can prove my identity. So now I changed my login. Thank god that my account has a second security measure! It sends me a text with a secret code that you have to type in to get into the account. So far that’s taken care of. Now as far as all my other information I don’t know what will they do with it! But I plan to pursue a case against them to have them taken down! It’s not right to have that evilness! How can they do that to people who are obviously looking for financial help? Stay away from them. Don’t give them personal information. I learned that the hard way. And usually if you end up here it’s because you ended up getting screwed by them too. Prayers for karma! P.s. had to get a star just to post this or the wouldn’t get anything but this???
Do not apply for a loan there. Even if you're denied a loan they keep "all" your personal information on their website even routing and account numbers! I asked to have my info removed and was told no because they need it for auditing and marketing reasons. Sounds like bs to me! Beware!!!
My husband and I have had to use Check 'n Go a few times recently due to some car troubles arising... and we've had to take out a loan in the amount of $400.00 twice from this company so far... I don't have a problem with the fees (well I do, its $106.00, but somehow they have to make their money right?) and I haven't had any issues with them taking the money at the wrong times... My biggest complaint is the phone harassment that you get from this company. For a week before the loan comes due, we will get phone calls and recorded messages from this chick named "Nicole (no, not me)" saying that our loan is about to come due and blah blah blah. The problem is the fact that she doesn't just call once, she calls like 50 times (literally!). - In the past 24 hours of this post I have gotten called 6 times by them.I called their customer service line and spoke to one agent and told her that these calls were excessive and that I would like them to stop... I said that one call a few days before is okay, but I don't need 5 calls a day reminding me about their money. She said that she agreed that it was excessive and when asked how she would feel if she were getting that many calls, she agreed that she would also be upset and that she would take care of it... Not even an HOUR passed and I got ANOTHER CALL! (*head explodes*) - So I call back -again - I ask for a supervisor and was refused, so I let the CSR have it, telling them that they don't need to call so much... and that I felt they were now doing it on purpose to just upset me. I told them that if "Nicole" calls me one more time I will report them to the police for telephone harassment and hung up before I said anything else that I may regret. So far it's been 2 hours (as of posting this) and I haven't gotten another call... Maybe they got the hint?
I feel I have been mislead and taken advantage of by Ck N Go. I went to the location in Rio Rancho, NM and I qualified for a 5,000 payday loan with a payment of $353.00. I was told the loan was simple interest and I could pay off at any time or renew at a lower payment without paying it off. I did not want the 5,000 loan because the payments were too high but the sales person when I was told I could refinance the loan at a smaller payment I decided to do it. I have had many payday loans and have never had the issues I have with Ck N Go. When I went in to refinance after the 6th payment I was told that I had to put down 1/3 of the balance to principal!!! I said, "That is not what I was told and there is nothing in my contract that states that." I have also learned since that this is not a simple interest loan. It is computed so they add the interest onto the principal, and almost nothing from my payments is going to the principal. I have been paying since last year and my balance is only 100.00 less. And now I can't find another company that will loan me the 4900 so I can pay this off! They are a scam company and I have complained and given feedback to Corporate with no results. Also they are suppose to automatically debit my account for payment. Well they did not so I went in to pay cash and then sure enough the following week they charged me without notification. I will never do business with this company again and warn others to stay away.
I recently had a payday loan with this company, which I've since paid in full. Today, I called them just to request an email confirmation that my loan has been paid in full. Although they confirmed that the loan has in fact been paid in full, the representative stated that an email or any other type of written notification was not an option. I found this amazing, and asked for a supervisor. A very rude woman then took the call and refused to provide me her name, and confirmed that they would not provide me anything to confirm my loan was paid.They have no difficulty sending email reminders when their payment is due, but seems that what I'm asking for is out of the question. I've since reported this to the California attorney general's public inquiry unit as well as the California dept of corporations, both of whom oversee payday lenders in this state. I want to caution everyone to not deal with this company. If you truly need a payday loan, find someone else. Check n go is no good! They refused to provide me a statement that my balance is paid in full.
Check 'n Go draft my payment before the due date. They acknowledged the error but cannot explain how and when they will refund my overdraft fees as well as one day's interest. What is annoying about the situation is they could care less. If a payday loan company is needed, I would use Spotloan or Lendup.
Please oh please do not use this company! I had a loan all setup on July 9th approved and good to go. I called them that day to review a discrepancy in my banking info. The lady at first was very nice and cordial. She suggested we cancel the first loan, and put it thorough again, which I did. I was immediately told that I could not have a loan, and that more info was needed regarding SSDI paperwork. I searched frantically for anything I had, and found my initial one from 2014. I was told that this wasn't current enough, even though literally EVERYTHING on my bank statement and SSDI paperwork matched up. After talking to 3 employees, I asked to speak to a supervisor to get this straightened out. She not only did not straighten the situation out, she exacerbated it! I asked to speak with her boss, and he was conveniently "Not taking phone calls." The lady thing I was told, was to show a updated SSDI award letter, and I updated that today, the 11th, and am still told that more info was needed! I've sent everything via online to these crooks! Bank statements, updated award letters, etc and still, it is not good enough for them! All of this discourse with workers, and supervisors, even though I was initially approved!?? Check 'n Go is extremely hard to deal with, argumentative with customers, and overall, seem dishonest in their practices. Save yourself the time, and headache, and DO NOT give them your business! Go with LendUp! Easy to deal with, and had my cash within 30 minutes. Check 'n Go, you should be ashamed of yourselves! This is one U. S. Army Veteran that will never deal with you again! I pray you retrain your staff.
Check-N-Go treats their employees like crap. They expect you to work by yourself for months on end and they don't appreciate anything you do.
Went to make my payment on the day it's due. Lady tells me she sent my checks thru at dinner that day. I said "why I'm here every Monday before 2 o'clock." She said it's because I didn't call them to verify I was coming in. I have never called to verify. I always go in on Monday before 2 o'clock. I work nights so sometimes I take nap before I go in. The other lady who works there knows this and has a piece of paper saying will be in by 2 o'clock. How can you send checks thru on same day it's due. They don't even close till late. Caused me a lot of problems with bank for what they did. Will never use them and will tell everyone I know not to trust them. If I was late I could of understood but I wasn't. They are crooks.
Great experience with Check 'N Go.. I was told upfront what their expectations were.. I was told when my next pay day was. What the payoff was. If I couldn't pay it off I could pay my interest or I could pay more to get my loan to come down. I was also told that I must confirm my appointment by 12:00 on my due date if not the checks would be deposited.. Very simple process. I will continue to use them.
So I had a loan due 11/13. These people assume that the banks are closed because of a holiday so they debit my account before my due date and my account is now overdrawn. I spoke with two supervisors Emanuel and Carlos. They both suck at what they do and have poor customer service skills! There was nothing they could do to help... So mad that I even had to give them 1 star... They don't deserve it!
I have had numerous loans through Check 'n Go. There's a new girl working at the Crystal Lake office. Not only did she wasn't here on time but then she said that I didn't have enough to pay the loan off. I need 165.00 to pay it off but she said I needed 200 which was ridiculous. She had no manners whatsoever and she told my mother who is 70 yrs old to shut up..."You're not allowed to talk to customers." I gave her 140 dollars towards paying off the loan and she came up with a ridiculous amount I still owed. She has no business working for you. She's a embarrassment to your Crystal Lake office and needs to be terminated. She showed up at 11:00 AM with a Dunkin' Donuts ice coffee. She's doing a very poor job representing you guys. For more detail contact me at **. TY.
Signed up for this service over a month ago and having difficulty getting some two-party checks cashed immediately no matter what the domination is and payor. Some two-party checks have been cashed by CNG previously and now, they are either denying the checks to be cashed or saying "do not cash" w/ little to no feedback or assistance from specific CNG location, third-party provider ( or customer service/corporate office email-tele. #s. I agree w/ most of the reviews re. difficulty w/ this company/organization and getting specific responses to questions and handling of your problems/issues.And, yes, you wait forever in their CNG locations for loan approvals and financial assistance services to be processed/completed; a few competitors are quicker (i.e., CheckSmart, area banks). Most employees I have dealt w/ at Store #984 are pleasant, esp. Tasha who's a good multi-tasker, but the 3rd party provider/approval resolution personnel and trying to reach resolution - corp. office personnel to assist w/ resolution are "terrible!" -- a negative, "no stars." The fees are ok, comparable to the banks or other banking institutions, which I'll go back to.
I arrived at 11:35 and was not even acknowledged til about 12:00. There were two workers behind the glass, and they took thirty minutes for either one of them to at least help me. The location is Houston-Spanish Trail ** Houston, TX. 77021. This will definitely be the last time I come, and do business with Check 'n Go. I will spread the word about how sorry the service was, and definitely will not recommend them.
I applied for a payday loan. Got the email saying that my application was done and that the money would be deposited into my acct the next day. Later that day I logged into my account to see if there was an update on my loan and it wasn't there anymore. I called the customer service number. After waiting all day thinking I was all set it wasn't approved. I received an email the next day stating that they couldn't verify my information on my application. So I wasted my time when I could have went to another company. And if they couldn't verify info why wasn't I contacted to get them what they needed and why was I told it was approved and then it wasn't. Very unprofessional, and disgusted with this company. And now they have my banking information. Don't waste your time with this flipping place. They are scandalous!!!
I wish there was a (-) negative star rating! This company screwed up. The money never got to my account. But when I called they were SO VERY RUDE. Told me that I was still responsible for this loan and for at least 3-5 DAYS!!!! they couldn't do or wouldn't do anything! I am STILL being charged interest at this point and responsible for this. Then wouldn't reprocess this, and told me that I HAD to wait 3-5 days to even restart another loan. I have NEVER dealt with this much rudeness... Spoke to 2 different people and supposedly different departments, and BOTH were just as rude. Their agent entered the account number wrong. They can tell that they sent the money to the wrong place... but now I have to call back in 3-5 days ("sometimes up to 10 days") to deal with them AGAIN. So much for a quick loan for a few days. This has turned into a nightmare!!!!
I had used Check n Go payday loans in an emergency situation a while ago. I went in yesterday to apply again and was informed after applying that they no longer offer loans under Check n Go but under a new company called Ohio Specialty Finance. What they do is offer loans up to $2,200 I believe. You get six months to pay it back. I was told that I had to borrow $800 and agree to pay back in either three months $520 for two months or five months in the amount of $246.In any case, it would have been far more than if I had gotten a reg loan for $500 which I would have paid back approx. $554. In this case, I would be paying back $1,040 or $1,230. This is a total rip off. They want you to sign an ACH for direct debit and you can't borrow again until it's at zero balance. What happened to state regulatory laws? This place is worse than any of them.
I called Check 'n go to push back a payment because I knew the money wouldn't be available. I agreed to make a double payment with my next check. The payment was processed anyway and now my cable payment is going to bounce.
Do yourself a favor and run! This company is horrible. After I was approved for the loan, I was given an option on how I was going to pay. I chose to call in with my payment. My 1st payment was due on 1/1/18. It was a holiday so I had to wait until the following day. I checked my balance in the bank and they had already taken my payment! (I NEVER AUTHORIZED THEM OR ANYONE TO GO INTO MY ACCOUNT)! The following month, on the 1st, was going to make my payment by calling in again. Checked my bank and of course they helped themselves again! I closed that account and opened another bank account. Before the 3rd payment was due, I called them to let them know not to go into the account because it was closed. She didn't want to hear it. The 3rd was due went and called to make my payment and was told, we already received it. I asked how they got it when it wasn't even due until today!? This place has a habit of thinking what is yours is theirs! The loan amount was 1200.00. I paid them 863.00. Called to get a payoff and was told it was 1300.00... I ran to pay them off! So the 1200.00 loan cost me 2063.00 for an account that had been open for 3 months. Not to mention I had a mess with the bank because the account was closed but when they put it through, it reopened the closed account... DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DONT WALK PAST THIS PLACE... RUN!
I obtained a loan on 07/26/2011 with a loan amount of $600.00. Life of loan is 07/26/11 to 01/06/12 = 165 days, if carried full term. Payout date 08/19/11 is equals to 25 Days. $711.16 amount of interest owed if carried full term. Prorated per day interest charged should be $4.31. Amount of interest charged for 25 days should be $107.75. Why was I charged $144.00, which is a rate of $5.76 per day? I truly want some justification for this rate or I will take this up further. Thank you.
The rep who handled my loan never advised me that these are handled differently in Ohio. The lady I just spoke to to get my payoff just advised me that I owe $3,200. I only borrowed $2,500. I've been paying for about 2 months, $460 bi-weekly payments. How on earth is my payoff that high?! The lady who opened the loan for me told me that I could pay it off early and I wouldn't pay as much interest if I did. Now I'm being told that she was wrong and that they handle it differently in Ohio. This is a major scam! I don't know how this company sleeps at night preying on people who need help and are desperate.
Just recently I got a call from a good friend of mine saying call **. Also, my friend was like it seems serious, "They said they are putting charges on you." So I called and I spoke with an Amy. I informed her if her Monkey ** call me, threatening me about some $600, I will sue their **. LMAO. Oh, they hung up and the phony folks who was calling me saying they located me did the same. Kick rocks!!!
I went into Check n Go planning to take out a loan. I have dealt with them in the past and was not fully satisfied with the amount of money I had to pay back. During our family reunion, I told them I would be out of town and ask if I could pay when I got back. The answer was no have someone bring it in. Well who in their right mind would give someone four signed checks to take in to them? So I allowed them to turn the checks in. Well after paying them off, I call myself going to help a family member, but when I went to take out the loan, she told me I still owed them and I just responded, "No I don't. I pay you off." Well I made a statement, the manager her coworker call me rude and we ended the day in a dispute. This was the manager, she called me name and ordered me to leave. The people they hire seems to feel it's okay to be rude to their customers. I will never deal with them again nor will I refer anyone. My plan is to file a suit for mental anguish.
In July 2014, I received a pre-qualified loan letter in the mail. They told me to bring down proof of income. Then told me I did not qualify. So I got a payday advance. After about 3 PDA I came in to pay shortly after having surgery and having a fluid recovery bag hanging on my side. The mgr/regional told me they were going to be stopping PDA but I was approved for a loan (no inquiry from me), had to do the paperwork twice due to my condition. After making 3 payments on time I came in and made a large payment before the due date. At the end of that month they charged me a late payment for not paying another payment that same month, and another charge each month since. Still making payment on time. That's extortion using my credit as hostage.
I had to get a personal loan, because I fell into financial hardship. Unfortunately, I had bad credit, and no bank would consider giving me a loan. I was desperate and decided to get a pay day loan called an installment loan. Please beware they charge more than 100% in interest. You end up paying the loan, after you pay the full interest they charge. That's why it's important to read all the information these companies provide. They do not hide anything. Even their customer service representative answer every question. They also encourage you to pay off the loan asap. Or give more each time it's due. That's one of the reasons I got the loan, because I read everything, and they answered all my questions.
I applied for a title loan from Check n Go and I was approved for $3000 with a interest rate at 98.99%. I'm suppose to pay it back within 18months and total paid would've been $5793.26 making monthly payments of $321.84. I have never missed a payment. I was late a few time but I was only charged $15 late fee only once and any other time I was late they told me, "You can only get charged the late fee every so often," and I did have to pay it. So I continued to make payments every month as asked. After about a year of paying it I saved enough to pay it off so I go to my local store which is where I took out the loan and the person that did my loan was there who happens to be the store manager. I tell the manager I wanted to payoff and she looked shocked and asked me if I said I wanted to pay off. I said yes. I called yesterday. They said it was this much left so I want to pay it off. She looked in the computer and says, "You must have called yesterday it's this much now because it goes up $5 a day." Long story short I pay and notice that I have paid $5607.02 so far. I asked the manager why is it that I come in and pay 5months in advance and I paid almost the same as I would have if I had waited the whole 18 months. She looked over and over and can't explain it to me. Then here comes my favorite part of it all, she says, "You know I don't really know how all this works because we never had any one pay it off before, people just keep refinancing." Clearly not the answer I'm looking for. I leave disappointed with a whole lot of questions that went unanswered. I called all kinds of numbers I found since the manager didn't want to risk her job by giving me the corporate number. Finally few days later I get a call back from the district manager who tells me that everyday I was late my daily interest doubles for everyday I'm late. I read my contract all over again and again and again. It does not say they can do that, matter of fact it says they would not do that. The district manager said she would call me after looking over it which has yet to happen. This place is the biggest scam in the universe. The application you feel out goes all the way against the contract you sign. Employees have no answers because they don't do the math right so they can play you out your money. If I would have waited and paid every month for 18 months I would have ended up paying close to $9000 which would mean my interest rate was at 197.00% and which is not what was agreed upon. They still have yet to explain to me how why what where when this amount came about. This place is fraud. No wonder they had to pay out people $4.6million. Never again will I take any kind of loan out and as far as this place I'll cross the street every time I see one.
We had need of this loan for some car bills. No one likes to use payday loan stores but Check 'N Go charges less interest than the place just down from them and they are more patient. If you have to go, go to Check 'N Go.
I was used as a reference to obtain a payday loan without being asked because the person assumed they (Check 'n Go) would call for my approval. No one called me to ask for references but now I am being harassed by two different agencies who claim they represent Check 'n Go. I received a phone call telling me that ACCURATE was trying to reach a person who had charges against them, including for fraud. They wouldn't give me any information about their business, were extremely rude when I asked why they were calling me but refused to explain themselves or identify themselves properly. They gave me a phone number (855-819-6099) to call, which I did where I got the same useless information. Since I do know the person and was able to identify them by their birth date but not by the Social Security, driver's license or phone number, they consider that a good enough reason to harass me. I asked why, since they had all the identifying information about this person, they are telling random people that fraud was committed and they have charges against them just because they didn't pay back everything they owed... It happens all the time and fraud would be giving information that was false. It seems to be slanderous against the person they gave the loan to.I told them that if someone used me as a reference assuming that Check 'n Go would actually check by contacting me, but C n G had accepted it without doing so, then that was their problem and to not call me again. The jerk expected me to contact the person and then kept calling me back to see if I FOLLOWED UP even after I told them to stop calling me. I told them that an ethically operated lending institution that really cared about who they lent money to would have checked the person's credit and references before issuing a loan.The number was a local area code... I had applied for a job with them at a time when I needed a job but withdrew my application after researching their reputation. In return, I received an email telling me that I wasn't chosen for an interview. I replied that I wouldn't work for a business that used unethical practices so it's possible I am being harassed because of this.
My wife went into Check N’ Go in Spartanburg, SC to pay her payment on 1-9-15 and informed employee she would be back on 1-10-15 to refinance her loan and employee said, “I will see you tomorrow!” My wife returned with all the proper documents on 1-10-15 to refinance and was told she wasn't able to refinance due to her being a bi-weekly payment customer and it had to be within 7 days of her next payday! My wife said she was in yesterday to make payment and told employee she would be in tomorrow to refinance and was told she could have refinanced on 1-9-15 when she made her payment but now you have to wait until within 7 days! My wife asked why was that not disclosed at the time of payment and she was told she should have been informed of that! I feel this company has a moral and legal obligation to disclose this information! I have contacted the divisional manager of this occurrence and she said there was nothing she could do! I tried contacting the corporate office and the number listed sends calls back to the divisional manager in that area! I feel this company needs to be held accountable for their lack of actions!
Called in a payment and Check 'n Go charged my debit card twice without my knowledge. Still fighting with them. In the meantime, I was whacked with late bills, interest fees and credit score drop. They claimed it was not their fault - as if I was responsible. However on a recent trip I could not call in my payment, they withdrew it the same day. When I called about it, they told me they did not need my permission. Please beware.
When my account went to collections, I was getting calls from two different companies as well as given the name of another collection company that was handling the account. This was very confusing because I had acknowledge that this was my debt. To go to the extent that to say that I had defrauded the bank and that they were going to serve me papers to my place of employment and/or home. If I get fired how are they going to get the funds then. The interest rate that they charge, how will one pay the loan off and still have funds to pay other bills as well. They need to be closed down. I will definitely place a complaint against them.
I have never gotten a pay day loan with Check 'n Go, but I did apply and the in store sales woman gave me a printout that said "The application is not able to be approved at this time. Customer is on the hit list - 2 Fraud". I called the online customer service and they said they could not see that on their end and I should be able to get a loan. I called the state and they recommended I try a different company due to the fact it is very untrue statement. The state said I was in good standing. Very upsetting to see that. The printout came from Check 'n Go website on the bottom of the printout. Never use Check 'n Go. Very shady and bad experience! I wish they would be investigated by the government! Whatever you do, don't get a loan from Check 'n Go! You will regret it!
Harassed for a debt that I didn't even make. I got a call from an unknown number today. As I don't have any bill collectors banging down my door, I answer it. This gentleman asks when he can deliver a "legal notice" and I ask him what a legal notice is. He immediately transfers me to this woman saying a claim has been made from Check 'n Go. I explain that couldn't be the case. The banking information is wrong, the email is wrong, but everything else was my info. I asked her for more information and even stated I wasn't in the country at the time of this transaction and her words were "Well that is why you would get a payday loan".She kept asking me for more and more info, pressuring me until I shut down and said, "This isn't me, I would rather know how to figure out who to contact" and she kept saying the "legal notice" would take care of that and hung up on me. My privacy was taken advantage of, I was accused of something wasn't me, as well as called a liar. I am extremely upset at this situation and since the number was unknown, I don't know who to call back.
I have been a customer of Check 'n Go for about two and half and use their online site to apply for a loan. I logged on yesterday to apply for loan - the online site said I was approved for a $500 loan. The forms were completed and I signed them electronically. I received an email that the application had been received. I also changed my address and bank account. Today I called Check 'n Go and was told that they could not verify the changed information - I'm not sure why. I asked what was an alternative way to verify the information and they said there was nothing they could do.My driver's license has the correct address and I had the bank account for over a year. Other companies usually verify the bank account by placing two small deposits in the account and then I log on and give the amounts to verify. Then these amounts are withdrawn. But Check 'n Go doesn't do this. So if you change address or bank account, looks like you can no longer apply for a loan.
I will never use Check 'n Go again. A month ago I had went in to get a $500 loan. Payment due, I was out of town so I called and used my debit card. The next week I noticed I missed a call from them, so I called back and was told that my payment showed that it didn't go through so she sent my check in, but it's showing up now and was told to make stop payment of check at my bank. I talked to my bank and they also said that $565 was taken out and I put stop payment of check.Well this morning the bank told me that Check 'n Go took out $565 and I'm overdrawn. I called Check 'n Go and told them I didn't owe them anything because I paid them over 3 weeks ago. She said that it's showing I never paid it back so now I'm having to take my bank statement to show proof it was paid. I tried calling corporate and they give me different #'s to call and I had talked to 10 different people and all hung up on me. So how would a person get things like this taken care of??
MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH CHECK N GO..... I called to see if they were open/location & was told to come in. I drove to the location 4762 Lankershim, North Hollywood, Ca, NO ONE THERE & A SIGN SAYING BE BACK IN AN HOUR???... at Lunch-time on a FRIDAY???....Before Valentines Day. I asked ** why she wasn't here. She claims she went to the bank??? (Convenient answer) BUT WHY didn't go to the Bank before she opened at 10:30am...And in a busy strip mall and got an attitude after that question. She then proceeded to serve everyone ahead of me. Dealing on the phone, checking peoples' check in the bin ... then on the computer... All while I wait AFTER WAITING IN THE HOT SUN OVER 40 minutes outside...and calling the emergency number on the door TWICE... NO ANSWER. We had 6 people waiting outside for ** to open the doors. After dealing with 5 other people ahead of me and I was first in line...And finished my application quick... Plus I saw when she did... start entering my info...after everyone else. Because she would have had "my info" on her screen...I've gotten loans at other places... I know the 1st time all my info has to be entered.....But enter it.... not everyone before me. I asked her if she can finish with me so I can leave and that's when I got more snide comments, so I asked her if her corporate office was in OHIO? She said again with "attitude" "I don't know but if you have any issues... my Boss' number is on the door...." and threw my money on the counter.I see this isn't the only store that does this.... WHERE IS YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE... & why should I ever go back to have this "all about her attitude" have my business!!! ** NEEDS CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING!!! Plus I did not come to Check N Go ...for an attitude...Just a loan. But if this is how your customers are treated???..... I would like a response....
When my husband and I was trying to get a loan. She was very rude and arrogant. She wasn't polite at all to us. We were asking, "What kind of documents you were needing?" and she had rolled her eyes to us. When another customer came to the store to pay up and that's when she was very nice to that guy, laughing. I don't know if because we were Hispanic and the other gentlemen was ** like her kind. ** Mr. & Mrs. **. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.
I had such a disappointing and unprofessional experience today at a Check ‘n Go in Oak Park, IL. I believe store number #819. I applied for a loan today the manager (**) told me that I was approved for $650.00 then after a 10 minute wait, informed me that I had been denied for reasons unstated. When I asked again for an explanation, I was instructed to call a number on the form. I did and they weren't able to tell me either. I then proceeded to contact corporate that transferred me to the district manager his name was (**). He as well was totally unprofessional and unwilling to help, saying he will be returning my call later (to this time he has not returned my call). I decided to travel to a different location and apply again and the polite young man informed me that not only was ** not returning my phone call for approximately 3 business days, but the ** said not to issue me a loan with any Check ‘n Go abroad. ** was no longer answering his phone from the corporate switchboard and my calls were going straight to a voice mail. How Rude? I would like someone to get in touch with me regarding this matter because some training needs to be implemented immediately for customer service training and/or personality readjustments. I no longer want a loan with this company and will be telling family and friends alike how upsetting it is that a business working with the public directly can be so reckless in customer service.
I applied for a short term $1000 dollar loan & automatically got approved! I was very happy because I needed to pay off an unexpected emergency occurrence that had befallen upon myself & children! I called to check if the loan was deposited into my account, it wasn't! I kept calling my financial institution until a representative connect me about the first payment! I had told them the loan never got deposited! The rep was very nice and so I gave him whatever information I could to help find out what had happened! After all I didn't want to pay off a loan I didn't get! I finally got a loan from my own financial institution to pay off my emergency occurrence. I didn't have any credit so I needed a cosigner to get the loan from my bank which is why I tried Check 'n Go! I thank God Jesus Christ I found me a cosigner and got a loan! Then just yesterday I got a certified letter from Axcess Financial to file an identity theft report! I'm not sure how to go about doing that, because I don't know how it pertains to my situation!
I had been a longtime client of Check 'n Go until now. I paid off a loan and applied for another. This would have been my 6th loan. The prior 5 had all been paid off on time. After several calls to check the status of my loan I finally was told that it wasn't approved because they couldn't verify some info. However, they refused to tell me what they couldn't verify. Moreover, they would then hang up. This company has become very unpleasant and dishonest to work with. BEWARE.
On 6/7/2014 I applied and was approved for an installment loan. At this time I specifically asked it this loan would be reported to my credit report. I was advised that yes NCP Finance would report the loan once the loan was paid off. On 11/22/2014 I paid off the loan and again asked if this loan would be reported to my credit report. I was advised yes but to allow 45 days for it to appear on my report. On 2/16/2015 I pulled all three credit profiles and no loan was reported. I contacted the store and was advised that they, meaning NCP Finance, recently changed their policy and would not be reporting the loan. I was told to contact NCP Finance to see if my loan was before the policy change. I contacted NCP Finance and was told I was lied to and that NCP Finance has never reported loans from Check N Go. I would have never taken the loan if I had been told the truth from the beginning. Who takes out a loan with that much interest and that many fees?
I issued a check to a man to install three windows for me and he cashed the checks and never came back to install the windows. I contacted Check 'n Go and asked them if they could give me the information the man gave them when he cashed the check and they said because of privacy laws they could not do that. I am a retired man and this man got money from me and then did not do the work. If you know how I can force this company to give me the info email me **. I want to stop these types from taking money from trusting retired people. I don't want this to happen to your elderly parents or your grandparents. Please help me, thanks.
I used this company for years. I was approved to borrow the full amount. Was constantly told I am a great customer... paying on time blah blah blah. I stopped using them almost a year ago. Just because my financial circumstances got better. Today, I found myself in need of a payday loan again. I took my proof of income, a check and filled out a application. Waited for over an hour because only one person was working behind the counter. Finally when my turn came I thought I was about done and could run to the bank and make my deposit. WRONG! I was told I could only borrow $179. When asked why all I was told is they have new underwriters. I was asked if I still wanted the loan and said no and asked for all my documents back. I took them without looking them over and went back to my car. I looked at the documents and found the cashier had given me someone's income stub that was not mine. I looked at the application and it wasn't mine either! I went back into the store and was told "sorry my mistake" and was asked to wait so my application could be run again. Instead of cutting ahead of everyone I told the cashier to wait on them first. And I waited another 45 minutes. She ran my application again and the offer was $179 again. Was told again "sorry we have new underwriters" and I took the loan but returned later today to cancel it and return the check. I chose to pay a late fee rather than the ridiculous service charge for the small loan they offered me. The cashier said these new underwriters have declined most of the frequent customers even those of us who have a great pay history. Today just proved to me this company doesn't care about its customers or loyalty. I was honest and brought back that other customer's info but I wonder how many times that has happened where the info was used illegally? As lightly as the cashier took it I find it to be very shady. No wonder they force you to agree not to sue them!
I am using CCCSN to pay off some pay day advances. When I called Check ‘n Go to tell them I was going to do this and needed to get them paid back, the manager was very nice and told me that I would have 55 days before any collections so I could either start paying them then or better yet to start before that time. It has not been a month yet and I received a letter, which was no big deal. They told me that they used a system that was going to list me as a bad check and sure enough my grocery store wouldn't let me write a check, but I figured well it would be taken off when I got them paid. The next night, a man called me. Sorry to say I didn't get his name. Started out usual way but pretty soon he was trying to get me to admit that I meant to default them. I told him I had been a long time customer and they had made a lot of money on me and that I would pay them back but needed time. He said they would only take $125 per payment every 2 weeks, explained that I had other creditors as well so it would not be that much. He started telling me that after the 55 days, they would sell it to someone else that would be much more aggressive and then said, “I'm not trying to intimidate you,” which obviously he was. I told him I would not tolerate being harassed when I am in fact promising I will pay them off. He’s very unpleasant guy to deal with. It especially bothers me because I always paid them on time, no problems and I called the manager before I put the stop on the check to tell her what I was doing and she seemed to understand that and be ok with what I was telling her. I intended to pay them outside of the CCCSN program but since they are apparently not going to be decent, have put them on it.
Check 'n Go in Cadillac, MI is like visiting your favorite nightmare. They know the third of the month is when people get their social security checks and they never have enough help. Every trip there and you know it will be hours. I can take out a mortgage on a home faster than they can hand you $200. Again today, one slow person working and 14 people waiting. People are walking out all the time because they simply can not wait in line so long.
Our 22-year-old son, who did not have a full time job at the time, borrowed $2600.00. He kept making payments but the loan amount increased! In an attempt to help him, we paid off the loan which had reached the amount of $2800.00. We were absolutely shocked at the fact the young girl who was the "manager" had no idea what the actual rate was!!! She also stated, "No one has ever been able to pay a loan off in full". Is there anything that can be done to cap the possible interest rate for such a business? It honestly is as much a scam as anything else. It concerns me that a "business" such as this establishment is allowed to prey on people who are in need! I cannot imagine what happens to those who cannot keep up with the impossible payments.
I have used Check 'n Go in Kilgore for several years. Always paid back on time never had a problem until I went in to get another loan. A new employee who immediately had an attitude with me when I got there. I knew from her attitude I was not getting a loan. She wanted a new statement from social security that I would not receive until the end of January. When I told her they had used the last one she became very hateful and stated she needed a new one. She treated me like I was trash. She was very prejudice to me. I left the store never to return again!!!!
I have always had good relations with employees, but lately they have lost patience and treat customers as they please; in my experience today they did not want to attend to the pretext that they needed a copy of the bank statement granted by the bank; I told them that I received the bank statements online, which they said was not valid; in the 21st century when the information should flow more agile, this company is lagging behind filling up cumbersome paperwork and if we add to this the slowness in the attention they make that a visit to this office is tortuous; I mean the place located at 1375 Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence, RI.Today I went to Advance America and the change is radical, the attention is friendly and agile.
Spoke with an associate on 07/16/15 to set up payment of $179 on the 31st of July. Payment was set up and agreed upon. To my surprise on the 17th of July some sort of electronic check was posted to my account in the amount of $307 dated for the 16th the day I spoke with them seriously making my account overdrawn. I called them and was treated very rudely and told that they did not know that transaction was set to post. Do not deal with this company. I had to close my checking account and open a new one to prevent this and I will now pay via money order.
I needed a few dollars for some unexpected bills and Check 'n Go was quick to help me out, so I thought "Wow, this is great and how quick and helpful." Right... I wasn't exactly sure how I was to pay the money back so I read through but apparently couldn't find the answer, they were suppose to take the money on the 4th. I called on April 1 because I was paid early to pay the loan back but the agent told me "no, we will take it out automatically on the 4th like it states on the contract". I was okay with that although I would of rather paid it when I called. The money is in the bank, I was told not to do anything, it's all automatic. I bring up my Check n Go account today to make sure it's been paid and surprise, there is a non payment notice for me, the money is in the bank and they did NOT take it out as I was told they would do, now it's fallen on me although I even tried to pay loan back early. Is this just a ploy to get me to pay more by saying I'm late??? I need answers, unless your leg has fallen off and you need medical attention and you're broke, don't use this company. This is my first loan, last loan!
I got out of the military a few years ago and quickly found that civilian jobs do not pay half as much as the military. I manage to pay my bills but there are those months when I come up a bit short and need to put gas in my car and buy groceries or get an unexpected bill that needs to be paid immediately. Getting a small loan online through Check 'n Go has always been simple and has proven a lifesaver for me more than once. They do charge fees but the fees are stated upfront when you sign the contract. The important thing with any of these payday loan companies I think is to just take what you need and no more. Although I have been approved for a larger loan I always figure up what I need and take the least amount possible. These loans should only be taken in the event of an emergency when all other options have been exhausted. Although the fees are a bit high, as a single mom I'm glad these companies are around to help out in a pinch when needed. I've never really had a problem with customer service, doing everything completely online I've never even really dealt with customer service or anyone from Check 'n Go for that matter. The process is pretty simple and streamlined.
Check ‘n Go processed a transaction through my account without being authorized by me first. They had previously stated they would not process any transactions through my account unless I approved it first. They originally stated that if they did not hear from me, they would not process a transaction.
I was given a loan that I was unable to pay minimum payments on. I revoked further ACH withdrawals as you have a right to do by law. Their agreement even states you can mail in checks or money orders. I opted to mail money orders but they wouldn't allow that. Had to have credit card info. I gave them debit card info and set up payments that were still too high. They wouldn't budge. Closer to time I just cancelled the debit card. I want to be in charge of my debt, not have my debt in charge of me. I offered $50 a month. I am on social security and that's the best I can do. They said no. They have reported my checking account to Certegy and now I cannot write checks to places that use them. Publix uses them and that's where I shop. They have linked that account to all my banking accounts that I write checks on. My daughter is on my acct and it caused her to not be able to use it.
They took $177 from my bank account without notifying me. I called them and I have to say, I have never had customer service so horrible in my life. These people have no hearts and are completely unwilling to work with you. As I was explaining my situation, Jo says, "Well okay, bye bye." Seriously, what a bunch of disrespectful and unprofessional people. I hope my $177 was worth it because now I will be homeless for about 2 months. Thanks a lot.
I took out a loan for $500 and I gave them a check to pay the debt. I have not heard anything from them in over 6 years and now I receive a phone call stating that since I owed the debt still (remind you no correspondence in over 6 years), they were going to be issuing an arrest warrant for check fraud and passing bad checks if the loan wasn't paid in full. So why now are they just contacting me after 6 years if I still owe them.
I asked for a loan from Check 'n Go and they were eager to give it to me. They didn't tell me my APR. And when I got my APR it was over 300%! Is that even possible? When I requested for them to stop taking money out of my account or to change how often they take out money they told me I couldn't do it. Had my girlfriend pay the entire loan off cause I just didn't want to deal with them, and they gave us both the runaround. First they told her I had to add her to my account, then told her she couldn't do anything when she was on the account. We had to call them over 10 times because they weren't consistent and didn't know what was going on most of the time. The customer service was just rude and didn't have it all together and made mine and her experience with them a living hell. NEVER USE CHECK 'N GO. I would never recommend it to anybody.
**, the rep in the West Allis, WI store, is the rudest customer service person I've ever come across in my life. Besides the fact of giving false information, she refuses to let me pay off this loan. I used to manage one of these stores, and I know for a fact you can pay more than the interest due to pay down your loan. I have been trying for 2 weeks now to contact someone either management or at the corporate office but it's impossible to get through to a human being or even leave a message. I'm going to take this to the top and make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else ever again. Does anyone out there have a phone number to get through to a human being?
I went to Check 'n Go on Highland rd in Howell Mi. I have to say this is the most disappointing experience of my life. First some strange looking girl called Christina called my phone 8 times!! 4 times in one day to tell me my loan was due! Then when I went in a girl named Theresa had no idea what she was doing and had a terrible attitude. And this Christina was also working that day, she was some skinny, butch looking girl who acted very icy during the transaction. I told her to have a nice day because I'm not as miserable of a person as she and all she said was "uh-huh yup". She was almost worse than the guy named Brian that worked there last October who would verbally abuse the staff that worked there at that time. What's wrong with this company that these people always seem so darn miserable??! Besides management obviously abusing them.
The people who work here have demonstrated absolutely no customer care. They will let you in the door when they get around to it, not greet you in any fashion, never so much as crack a smile or say thank you for your business. They are extremely slow. I have been here for 30 minutes, had only 4 customers in front of me and am still waiting. One of the two women working just disappeared into the back somewhere about 15 minutes ago and has not returned. I came here because it is close to work and gave them a second chance hoping things would improve. I will not be back. Check Into Cash, here I come!
Very Horrible Place! Will rob you in no time!! They will automatically go inside your account as much as they please and then claim you haven't paid anything! BAD customer service by the manager. He did whatever he could to get me out of the store. I would mention his name, but that would be pretty low for me to do that. AND I had to go to my bank to get everything fixed because Check n Go apparently couldn't do a thing to fix it! So I'm getting a refund back from my bank and I paid an extra $30 to block them from taking more cash out my account... Besides that, they only have one person to wait on customers which is ridiculous! About 6 customers can come inside and it will take about 1 to 2 hours to get serviced... THE DOOR DOESN'T WORK EITHER! Don't waste your time here!!! CHECK N GO WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
I took out a loan, paying it back on time as agreed. I was out of town on last weekend, I contacted Check 'n Go store 251 on Cedar Ridge Rd; Duncanville, TX before the due date to inform workers I was out of town on Friday, June 24th but will return on the following Monday June 27th. I volunteered to pay the over the phone. I was told that paying over the phone was not possible. I also volunteered to pay it on Monday, June 27th when I returned back in town. I was told that I couldn't do that either by worker who lie and said her name was Nia whose real name was Bianca. No last name was ever given. I asked to speak with a manager several times, I was told that wasn't possible either. I was given his e-mail address nor his phone number to contact him regarding this issue. I was let with no recourse of action to resolve the matter. I was told that someone would call me but not one did about my concern.I didn't have a problem with paying as agreed. In fact, I never was late on this loan. Instead Bianca who lie about her name sent the entire check through my bank account without my knowledge causing a hardship. The loan was not in default neither have I been late on this loan, I've paid as agreed. This Monday, I went in to that location as I said trying to resolve the matter but could not get anything resolved. Still today no one from the organization has contacted me regarding in this matter.
I want to know why Check 'n Go gets away with not allowing a person a full 30 days to repay a payday loan? I'm on Social Security Disability and I get my check deposited direct deposit at midnight on the 2nd of every month! I have been getting loans with Check 'n Go for quite some time now, but this woman who is the Manager of the Sapulpa, Oklahoma Check 'n Go office has never allowed me a full 30 days to pay back a payday loan! I don't think it is fair that they get away with doing this. This Joyce woman who is the manager is one of the most hateful sarcastic people that I have ever encountered in my 64 yrs on this earth! Every other loan place that I have dealt with has always given me a full 30 days to repay my loans! So how in the world does Check 'n Go get away with not giving a person a full 30 days to repay their loan? Please respond to this so I will know ok? Thank You! I'm very very upset over this. I DON'T THINK IT IS FAIR AT ALL FOR THEM TO GET AWAY WITH THIS!
I took out a payday loan and paid it back on the day it was due to be paid. The store kept the check, and two months later, deposited the check. When I called to inquire as to why they are depositing it, they acted like it was my bank's fault. They gave me the run around about who I needed to talk to to resolve the matter. I was hung up on by several different persons. They are very uncooperative.
Took out what I thought was an installment loan with a longer repayment period. Most true installment loans take out a payment once a month over a longer period of time. I so pissed though. This installment loan for 2,000 is running me $600 a month! for 9 months - I'm going to have to get a second job to payoff this loan and based on the language of the contract - I don't think I can pay if off early without paying an additional 2,800. HELP. Never again. Outrageous! I couldn't see or print the entire contract without my computer freezing up. I just saw the payment for $307.00 - not twice a month!
I have been receiving harassing and threatening phone calls saying I owe them money due to a loan I never took out. Got a call today from someone saying they were from Ace Recovery. I told them I have never stepped in one of their stores. She said it was an online loan. And threatened again that this had to be taken care of today or they will process to take me to court. I questioned myself and set up payments. But did further research. The company cannot give online loans legally in Iowa. So they could not have given me a loan online. I know for a fact I have never stepped foot in one of their retail locations. So I have never taken out a loan with them.I have tried today to call Ace to contest the supposed loan, with no one answering. If they do not return my call tomorrow or I cannot reach I will call my bank and stop these payments. I will be stopping them anyway, but will give them notice I am doing so. If they want to try and prove this they will have to send me a copy of the paperwork by mail, not email. I am pissed as hell, one because I fell for this and 2nd that there are such horrible people in this world. You would be smart to stay away from this company!!! I put a 1 star below for application process by accident. I never filled out an application.
I have used them for over a year. They were always very nice/helpful. And I could live with the monthly charges. Once a year I guess they make you update your info... pain in the butt... but sounds feasible. First issue I have ever had where they took out 2 payments, instead of one, I am overdrawn... worse... I can not pay my son's rent so he will move out. I have no doubt they will take care of this situation. If not my bank has a vigorous fraud unit. I have liked them for a long time.
I have just received a call from Brown & Travis Law firm stating that I owe you money. I know that I paid you back the money I borrowed. I wish they would stop calling me, because I am not paying you any money. 1-561-910-0042 is the number that they called from. They are talking about withholding my wages which they cannot do because I have paid you. Thanks for your time.
I applied for a loan and Check 'n Go didn't take my loan amount out of my checking account, and instead sent my account to collections. It was my very first loan. When I called collections to confirm the bank info I gave them was correct, they said they didn't have any way to verify it. So either someone entered my bank account and routing info incorrectly, didn't enter it at all, or this is a way for them to collect extra fees through penalties. I told them I was not paying a return charge for something that wasn't my fault, I gave them my card over the phone and the correct amount was finally deducted. I had applied for my loan via internet, and triple checked all the info I gave them; it's not that complicated. So just beware, you may end up in collections due to an error on their behalf. It smells of a scam. Maybe they think folks who borrow money aren't smart enough to question things. Getting calls from collections at work and at home, and possibly having this show up on my credit report is not worth getting a loan ever again from this company. BTW - I had the money in my bank account. They said my bank said I had no account. When I called initially to find out why the amount owed wasn't deducted on the day it was due, they gave me a long story about how they sent a request through the Federal Reserve and they would in turn send one to my bank. Who does that? They won't be getting my business again.
In 2004, me and my family lived in NC, living pay check to pay check we went to Check N Go and got a payday loan now in 2011. They are trying to take me and my wife to court for trying to de fraud them but in Oct 2004, we moved to PA and just now we hear about this, they said that the loans were from 7/22/04 for my wife and 06/03/2004 for mine and we never heard anything till now today is 01 21 2011. When we called them to find information, they were rude and said that they have no papers that they will send and it's not our right to know is there anything that we can do now? Because we still live payday to payday with 2 kids and we really can't afford going to court and paying all these fees they said we will have to pay please contact me ASAP with any kind of info thank you for your time.
I complained and was told to go somewhere else. Workers are rude. Was told they were going to call police on me for asking why they open late and always mean and rude. I will never go back no matter what.
For the last four months, Check 'n Go has been causing my bank account to overdraw every time. The way it's setup is I get paid every 3rd of the month but instead they hack in my account 20th of each month, when I don't get my money until on the 3rd. So I have to pay my bank $50 every month because of them. I am tired of this. They won't listen to me. I already set it up for the 3rd of each month but they keep doing the same thing. I want my money back. I've been paying my bank every month.
On 8-31-2010, I went into Check 'n Go to get a cash advance. I spoke with Dianne and told her I wanted the $2600 loan. I asked her that if I get this loan, will I have a penalty or interest if I pay it off in full on 9-30-2010. She said, "I don't believe so". She explained to me that if I make an 8 monthly installment that I would be charged interest then. Knowing that I was going to pay the $2600 at the end of the month, I signed the contract. On 9-30-2010, I went in to pay my loan and Dianne told me that my total payment was going to be $3000.48. I was in shock, I didn't expect that. I explained to her that it wasn't what she told me a month ago. She was very rude, arrogant, and less than truthful. She stated, "Do you think I'm just going to lend you $2600 and not charge you interest? How do you think we're gonna make our money!". I asked to speak with her boss and she handed me the phone, and I spoke with Bob **. He was the same way, he said the exact same thing. On 10-01-2010 at approximately 0700am, I called the District Office for Check 'n Go and they transferred me back to Mr. **. I explained to him that the contract I signed states, "If you pay off early, you will not have to pay a penalty and you may be entitled to a refund of part of the Finance Charge". He told me that the contract doesn't have to say it, and that I should know that I was going to be charged interest. Yes I know there was going to be interest on $2600, but $400 for 30 days is outrageous! I've tried talking to the owner of Check 'n Go and called a local attorney. He said I have a good case, but I don't have the funds to hire him. I called Better Business Bureau and all they can help me with is to file a complaint. I don't know what else to do but to pay this ridiculous amount of interest or not pay it at all and see if he takes me to court. I'm stressing out because if I don't pay this amount, they have four post dated checks of $840 that they told me they will cash all at once by the 15th of October. If that happens all my monthly bills will all be overdrawn, the bank then will charge me $29 plus each for every late or overdrawn fees. My bank will not cancel the post dated checks. So please help me. If I'm in the wrong and I should pay this amount, then I will.
I got an installation loan for 2505.00 - I had already made total payments of 1290.67. Work changed payroll biweekly dates. When I advised Check 'n Go. was told only way to change my pay loan date was I had to refinance the loan. My payments or higher. When I added all the payment total comes to 7098.58. They advised the 1290.6, was just for interest no credit to the loan and nothing can be done about this.
I will never mess with any of these companies ever again. Why? They are shady and give you the runaround. They won't give you information on when to pay back the loan at the lowest interest. They tell you that interest accrued daily yet is cheapest to pay back at the end of the money. So they lie. If you pay back your loan come the 2nd of the month then you're paying that month's interest. Pay back come the last day of the month, and you will pay only the principal and whatever daily interest is left for the month. It's confusing as all hell and I had to talk to 3 people just to get that information because they give you the runaround. They treated me like I was asking for classified state secrets here. This company and others like it are NOT out to help you. They are strictly about making money and their customer service sucks and is shady. Everything I asked for today is information that I should have access to as the lendee. Do not do these bad credit loans. Ever. Deal with your financial instability and take the pain for a bit.
I will never go to this place again! First of all my payments are due on the first of each month. I had surgery and called and told them I needed an extra day... "Fine," they said... Well that night they put my check into my account making me over drafted. BUT, their check cleared! Well now it is the 14th of the month and I have been checking with them every day to see if I can come get another loan to make good on my bank and buy food for me and my dogs (I am on SSI so money doesn't go far) and they still say I cannot get another loan cause the check hasn't cleared!! I have been evicted since this happened and have had nothing to eat, but yet they will not take a bank statement saying this check cleared November 2, 2016 so I can eat. What kind of people run this place??? I would not recommend this place to an enemy let alone a stranger or friend. This is the WORSE place I have ever gotten a loan from and do NOT know how to run a business or deal with customers!
On August 7, I picked up the phone and a person identified himself as John with the Collection Department of Check N Go. Said he was calling about the $2,000 installment loan I had taken out, that the first payment is past due, how was I going to pay it. I told this person I had never heard of his company, and certainly didn't get a loan from them. The conversation went on. I told him I was the victim of identity theft. He wasn't concerned about that. He was just trying to collect the debt I owe. I told him I don't owe them anything because I didn't take a loan. It was like talking to a brick wall. He finally said I could contact their fraud department and gave me an 877 number. I called that number and got another person who didn't want to listen to what I was telling her…that I didn't take a loan with them. I asked this lady how the loan was applied for. She said it was an online application, and contained all of my information. I told her I have a 7 year freeze notice with all 3 of the credit reporting bureaus, that when someone tries to open an account in my name, they contact me. The Check N Go person said they don't check with the credit bureaus on just a $2,000 loan. I told her, 'shame on you'. Then I asked where the money was sent to. She said it was sent to me. I asked her how? She said it was wired to my bank. I asked her the name of the bank and where it is. She told me the name of a bank I'd never heard of; it's certainly not in our little town. Every day I get a call from the same number, and another person from their collection department, wanting me to pay this $2,000 loan. Each call gets more demanding. Today I was called a liar, and was told I did not talk to their fraud department. I told him his company had the option to exercise 3 checkpoints before sending money to someone: (1) if they have my phone number now, why didn't they call me to verify I was applying for a loan before they sent the money out?; (2) If they will check the IP address the application came from, they would find it would be from a computer somewhere else - not mine; and (3) If they would have looked at the routing number for the bank they were supposed to send the money to, they would have found it was not a bank in my town. The CNG person just wasn't interested in any of that…just demanded $$$.
When I received the money, I went to make a payment on all of my pay day loans, as I usually do. While I was making a payment at another loan facility, they told me I could borrow the money to pay off Check 'n Go. I called Check 'n Go numerous times to retrieve my information. However, all I got was a voicemail that was never returned. When I went to make my payment at Check 'n Go, I was told my checks had been deposited 2 days after it was due. I have gone about 10 days past before. I asked why didn't someone call me as they usually do. The manager said my number was not a good number. I asked her to call my number and she did and my phone rang. I still have the same number, feel free to call me. I asked her for the corporate phone number and she gave me the district manager bit. When I called, all I got was a voicemail, neither times did anyone return my calls. Another thing, when I go to Check 'n Go, there are people standing around to be waited on and 1 person behind the counter cannot assist. When I asked about this, I was told the person was the district manager and she never assists with customers. The store in question is Check 'n Go 716 Alta Mere Fort Worth Texas 76116, phone: 817 731 4156. I decided I will let them send my checks to the D.A. office and take them to court if I am able. My contract says I receive a disability check on the 3rd of each month, the lady told me it was deposited a day or 2 later.
The Store on Guadalupe St. in Laredo open late when it says open at 10.30 am. I'm very mad. The store is supposed to be open on time and people working there are so rude - bad customer service.
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