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Auto Equity Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Auto Equity Loans
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-787-1719
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 88 %
They helped me when I need some extra cash to get my husband out of jail. Not a common situation, but they worked it out to get me the cast to post bond. I was denied other places but they ACTUALLY HELPED!!
I have to say they make it very easy for you to get the loan but it is very expensive paying it back if you go over 30 days. You will default on ur loan if you carry it over 4 - 5 months
I had a bit of trouble understanding what the loan was about but then went into the Marsh Rd location, Morgan was super helpful, and they took perfect care of me and my husband. would def return if I need another loan for future emergency money needs.
Searched far and wide for a good company and I was not dissapointed in choosing them
Used them for my first loan and they made the experience awesome! They set up an affordable payment plan for me.
Customer service is the best you'll find in the tristate area, top of the line employees!
Didn't know if I could get a title loan, but brought my car and title in. they made it work. great people.
Never been in the loan industry and working for them has been great! Great place to work and to get a loan if needed.
Maybe next time I need a loan I'll go to them sooner, very good
this company deserves an award for how hard they work for their customers
How can anyone go elsewhere? I would NEVER use anyone else. Best best service...VERY GOOD!
ended up not needing a loan, but they answered all my questions (I had a lot) and were very helpful, if I ever need to go back I know Jarred is the man and will help me
I’ve only used them but never had a reason to go elsewhere, they’re good and know their stuff! Auto Equity Loans is the right choice when it comes to quick title loans.
Now that I live in the west coast, I use the Arizona location for my title loans. I love these guys and when I need a quick cash loan, I go to Auto Equity Loans. Ask them all the questions you have, they work really hard to make sure everything is clear and understood, not liek some of their competitors.
Cannot believe how quick they made the process and were able to help me get a loan so I could get my bills paid ASAP. Great place!
Just graduated college with over 100k of debt from student loans, managed to get a loan here to get on my feet and get started. I really needed a quick loan for a new job opportunity and they made sure it happened. BTL is the best in Delaware.
The location off Kirkwood Highway does a phenomenal job and puts their best foot forward ALWAYS. Definitely would recommend them to anyone who needs to use a service.
Anytime I needed to meet with my agent concerning my loan they always picked up the phone or called me back within a few minutes. Very attentive.
I had to get a title loan, wasn't excited, but went to the other guys, they sucks, then came to Auto Equity Loans and they helped me get payments that work.
I had a good experience with them and they will take the time to listen to help get you a title loan quick
They actually care when it comes to figuring out payment plans for your loan. I changed some things because I lost my other job, they helped me to make sure I could get the loan paid off. Des was helpful and gets a little shoutout.
This company was very helpful. The staff did a good job explaining the loan process and contract so that I knew exactly what I was getting into. And, I left the office with my check that day! The reminders that my payment due was helpful because it kept me on track. Definitely recommend them if you may need extra money.
They made me feel like a prince!
They are always a phone call away if you have questions, very reachable
They gave me an outstanding experience..they were amazing! If I do need to get another loan in the future I will definitely be back. Seemed like friendly people.
I needed the cash, they made it happen. Next time I'm gonna budget better to not need a loan, but theres always next time. haha
Moved fromt texas to NJ and found Auto Equity Loans for a title loan and they were better than anywhere and Texas, and Texans are always friendly. Great customer service
there are not enough words to write about how amazing Auto Equity Loans is
If you need a loan this is the place to go! I used to live in Oklahoma before I moved to Jersey and never had this much amazing customer service before.
Google for a loan and Better Title Loans came up first with great reviews. So I decided to check it out myself and their team went above and beyond for me!
Good experience I would use them again if needed
I’ve heard many terrible things about loan companies and debt/interest. But Auto Equity Loans made sure I got my loan and helped me find a way to pay it off quickly and easily.
Nice and trust
I used a few online quick cash services before them, but they have that in person experience that online services really can't give you.
Good people and excellent service!
Concord pike office is the, great services offered and affordable payments.
They really value their clients and treat you good
I havent taken out any loans or submitted any request for such. this is fraud.
I got a loan from them about a year ago and last week saw my agent. He remembered my face, name and things I had told him and asked me how I was doing while at the super market. They pay attention to the little details and make you feel important.
great people and great service. I recommend getting a title loan from these people.
Very positive atmosphere. Easy to use, easy to meet with you and very clear of what is needed and expected to get your loan.
great team that will help you get a title loan, but also setup a payback plan that works. Also you can pay online which is super quick and easy.
I needed a good rate on a title loan, Better Title Loan or Auto Equity Loans, whatever you want to call it, had that for me. Such a good rate and cash was FAST. It's not cheaper than a bank but the process is so quick and easy with your car title. I know I'll come back in the future if I need quick cash again.
What I really like about Auto Equity Loans is how they make sure you are doing what YOU need to do, not just what they can do to make money
I could have never imagined I would meet so many great agents at their office but they all make a point to hellp you out the way you need to get the loan you need.
150% recommend to anyone needing a title loan - they know there stuff
I was struggling to pay for my loan so I went to the Pulaski location and they helped me figure out an affordable payment that was doable. My wife and my five kids have very little money, we've been very short since my wife changed jobs, but they understood our situation and made amazing changes for us. LOVE Better Title Loans so much!! They rock!!!
the qaulity of their work is amazing, their employees seem to really care about you and enjoy their work
Used this place when I was in a pinch for money last year, they just sent an email asking for a review, so i figured why not, they were great and I got it paid off in no time.
UPDATE: I didn't want to get a loan and needed to, they made it happen. I just paid it off and so glad I got it in the first place so my phone wasn't turned off. :)
Had a wreck, high insurance and okay credit and they made it all work out. Got a new car after my wreck with my loan and improved my situaiton
I tried calling a few times and still wasn't sure so I went in person, immediately I felt comfortable and the process was rather enjoyable
Tried to go to another title loan company, but they were busy when i arrived. Auto Equity Loans immediately made sure I had a place and took extremely good care of me. Affordable. Great. Resourceful. Simple. Good place to go!
I had a great experience with Auto Equity Loans off Pulaski Highway. They were super nice, with great customer service and made my experience enjoyable. I definitely recommend to others. I see other people feel the same looking at most of these reviews. :)
They are scams!!!
cant imagine using another service Auto Equity Loans is the best
I used the new location in DE and when I arrived I could tell they knew how to make thigns happen. THey made sure i felt welcome and all were smiling. After going over my options and the cost after I paid it all back, we came up with the perfect title loan solution that fit my budget.
My boyfriend and I needed a loan quick and by the end of the week we not only had the loan, but payed off all the late bills.
Me and my wife were not sure which company to use but a friend referred us to Auto Equity Loans and they were exceptional!
I went to the Marrows Rd location and it was super busy. So I chose to try out the Concord location on the way to work and it was WAY quicker. I’ve also heard the Pulaski spot is a great choice too. P.S. would definitely use them again, but would prefer the Concord location. Great great great customer service!
I work very weird hours because I am a nurse and have very few free time moments. Yet, Brad at the Concord Pike location gave me his personal cell to help me with the process and spoke to me very very early (like 5 am) and made sure I got my loan! They go above and beyond for their customers. Tremendously thankful for them.
Got an email asking for a review and they deserve 5 stars for such great service and actually helping me compared to the other guys in title loan biz
Thankful for the Concord Pike loation, they are so nice and caring
I would use them again for sure. Great! So quick, so easy and they made sure I understood everything in the process. Love them!
Better Tittle Loans truly cares about their customers. They work very hard and it is evident they want to serve their clients well. I went to the 3508 Concord Pike location and they were amazing. I’ve used other loan services and New Jersey and let me tell you there is no one willing to help you out as much as Auto Equity Loans. I will never use another loan service again!
Auto Equity Loans gave me the BEST experience. I would recommend anyone looking for a title loan, that they choose Better TItle Loans by Auto Equity Loans. Be sure to read the details and understand what you're getting into, but you won't find such an easy way to get quick cash like this that I've found.
Des was very communicative through the whole process. She was very helpful and informative and provided us with all the info we needed in order to get the loan. We recieved our money the following day - quick service! Thanks!
got a title loan in no time at all. honestly i'd come back if i needed money this badly
They are very helpful and will work with you BUT if you are 1 minute late you will receive a call last month i had a total of 30 calls in 4 days not cool
Never had to personally take out a loan and they educated me on all the procedures and made sure I understood what I was doing. Very friendly managers & staff! Ask for Des, Morgan, or Sandra for great help.
found myself in a very difficult situaiton and needed a loan, they found multiple paths for me and I am very thankful for all their hardwork and dedication to not only getting a loan, but making sure I could better myself in the future. also great magazines in the office waiting area.
They have so much information and research questions you may have to make sure their info they give you is spot on!
I had a hard time understanding what it took to get a loan over the phone so I went in person and they found multiple ways to explain to me title loans so I could get one. They don’t mind taking time to help.
I needed a loan that day and they made sure we made it happen
I messed up a few of my documents and they immediately made a point to correct them and let me know my mistakes. They were very honest and quick to correct things. Great service. 100 stars if i could!!!!
Auto Equity Loans really sets you up to walk forward with your best foot and not screw you over
it was an ok experience. I had to pay a bit more in interest than I wanted to.
They really went above and beyond to explain everything to me, make sure I had a plan to repay and everytime I call to check or ask a question, they answer with such kindness.
Wasn't sure about a title loan, but after talking to these guys, I was able to get payments i could afford and the loan I needed
they r terrible drove all the way thete couldnt get loan because of a emissions rejection sticker total waste of time and very unprofessional DO NOT GO THERE
I loved using their services…great people!
I am highly impressed with Carissa. She has been very nice and helpful. Carissa has made my experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. Hats off to Carissa she is a wonderful addition to your company, a strong pillar of your team and an excellent role model to your organization as a whole. Thank you.
I have bad credit and needed a loan and was embarrassed of my score. They helped me with the process and explained ways to improve. Thankful for their vision and helpfulness.
Auto Equity Loans is fantastic!! The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. I have been in customer service for 10+ years and was impressed. I paid my loan back 2 months early and getting my Title back was easy! Thank you Auto Equity Loans! I would recommend them to anyone I know.
I went to the Pulaski office and they were great, would def use them again and Brad did everything he could do to help me and my wife get a loan for our first car! Thanks Brad!
Honestly, they have been really good to me. I'm happy to offer my recommendation for them.
Wanted to use another company but my wife insisted we go to Auto Equity Loans. I am glad she didn’t let me go elsewhere because they are fantastic. 10/10 recommend to anyone
Worked really hard to pay off my loan from them and they made sure I was able to at an affordable price. They are really willing to work with you (manners rd location). Now i don't live near a location and wish they had places all over the usa.
Concord Pike location was so niche while waiting to get approved, they helped me understand my repayment plan and how much it was going to cost me to get a title loan.
Just got a title loan and it was way easier than I thought. Maybe it's just AEL but they make it a smooth process as can be.
Very happy with the overall process and how helpful they were. Seem to care alot about their people they have
Better than most competitors
BTL is the best!!! If you live by a location you are lucky to have them...thanks BTL!
Great people and when you need a quick loan or cash, these peoople make your car work as collateral for the loan! Thank you to everyone at Auto Equity Loans!
Why waste your time anywhere else? They’re very trustworthy and will give you the confidence to take the steps needed for choosing them.
Concord pike location is very friendly and helpful. this was really an easy process. Love them tons!!
I travel a lot and am only home for short visits, but they managed to work with my schedule and set up very specific times to meet with me. The process was simple and easy. No hassle here!
Me and my wife were not sure which company to use but a friend referred us to Auto Equity Loans in January and they were exceptional! The process was quick and better than competitors we've used before in the past. If you need an auto equity loan, come to these guys. They know their stuff.
I needed to get a loan and other places were confusing. Auto Equity Loans is useable and helpful!
went in unexpectedly and left really happy with energy for the future
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