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Great Plains Lending Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Great Plains Lending
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (877) 836-1506
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
The first time I used Great Plains Lending, I was expecting the amount I was approved for and I was surprised. One of the best things is no one called and asked a lot of questions and my money was deposited on the day they said it would. I would recommend this to anyone that is having a hard time and need cash fast to pay a bill or whatever. I used some of the money to help a family member with rent. After paying off my loan I will use them again in the time of need.
This came at a perfect time...and so quick..I was amazed. The money I borrowed was for something unexpected so it truly was amazing. I am forever grateful!
I FOUND MYSELF IN NEED OF CASH AND APPLIED ON MY PHONE. In less than half an hour I was approved and the money was in my account as promised next business day. It is an expensive way to borrow but in an emergency I was very glad to have Great Plains as an option.
I ran into a little bind and I was too prideful to ask family for help. I saw that Great Plains had the highest positive ratings on google. I'm glad I chose them. The process was quick, easy, and hassle free. I received the funds I needed the very next day. Now, I can go into the next school year (I'm a teacher) without any worries.
ease, simple, safe
Be Careful ... They are crooks. I found myself in a tight spot and in need of money to pay for my car. Great experience applying. Company was incredible through the whole process of applying and transferring money. The problem came when time for repayment. First to payments were withdrawn right on payday. The third payment came out the day before payday, but pended until my check was directed deposited. Now they have withdrawn my payment NOT on my scheduled day that they admit is the correct day, but 2 days before my payday. The manager stated that there was nothing he could do and hung up. Called back a second time to ask if I could have my payment date moved one day, and was told sorry that is not an option.
i really enjoyed how easy and fast the app was and how reasonable your rates were. Sincerely Oscar Castilleja
GREAT PLAINS LENDING, Whew!!!! They truly Saved Me.......... in My time of NEED I received a offer thru the Mail I opened and read it And Applied that Night. Within Seconds I was approved and the NEXT DAY I got a Email informing me that the Money was on its way..... Payment arrangements are easy and You do not have to WORRY ABOUT SOMEONE PICKING UP YOUR VEHICLE FOR LATE PATMENT. AUTO WITHDRAWAL FAST AND EASY... THANK YOU GPL!!!
I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of requesting a loan with you. No lengthy application. I supplied general information about myself and my income and that was it. Funds were deposited next day. Not only that, but unlike normal payday advance companies I am able to pay the loan over time instead of within 2 weeks or I am heavily penalized.
They helped me right away..
You came in the nick of time. I paid my bills and had extra money for Christmas!
I can only say that I got the help I needed to get my Loan. I am completely satisfied.
I would like to thank you for giving me a chance i would never had made it without you it came the next buisness day i just cant thank you so much. God bless you fran hoffman
Third time around it was a good experience. The lady that help me out took the time and effort to help me. She provided the best customer service. Thank you
MY APPLICATION PROCESS STARTED WHEN I RECEIVED A PREAPPROVAL LETTER FOR $1400. I DECIDED TO TRY IT SINCE GREAT PLAINS STATES THE FOLLOWING: How easy is it? Getting a Great Plains loan is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Apply Online. Our application is quick, easy, and 100% confidential. 2. Get an answer in seconds. No waiting. No worrying. You’ll know your approved loan amount in a matter of seconds. 3. See cash in your account as soon as tomorrow. If you are approved, we will deposit your loan funds as early as the next business day (for transactions completed by 6 PM ET). Applications received after 6 PM ET are processed the following business day. THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER, YOU DON'T GET AN ANSWER WITHIN SECONDS UNLESS MAYBE YOU HAVE A SUPER HIGH CREDIT SCORE, NO WAITING (LIE), I APPLIED A WEEK AGO AND STILL NOTHING. THEY FAIL TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE DOCUMENTS THEY NEED WHICH IS DRIVERS LICENCE, SS CARD, BANK STATEMENT, LAST PAYCHECK. I GOT EVERYTHING IN AND I WAS TOLD THEY CANT USE MY BANK (WHICH I WRITE CHECKS ON) SENT THEM A STATEMENT FOR A DIFFERENT BANK AND THEY NEED MORE INFORMATION. THIS IS A FARCE.
This is a great company that helps people getting back on their feet. I recommend them to any one. Fast and great service. Thank you all.
I applied on Sunday evening and had approval in minutes and the money was deposited on Tuesday morning
Great Plains Lending is a loan company that indeed is a company that represents a BBB
I was having problem with my direct deposit and I contact Great Plains Lending's customer services, they gave me the best services what I need to hear. Thank you for your team works!
I would recommend this lender. They truly help you out.
I have applied for loans at other places that say you can get a loan of 1,000 dollars and been turned down. Pisses me off. Don't tell me you will then decide you won't. Yall already had approved the loan then offered it to me when I needed it. I needed it the very next day and you got it to me bank by the next day. Great job!
I needed a loan in the worst way. I could not get the money from anywhere. I was dedperate then i remembered the offer from Great Plains in the mail that i received a few days before. I threw it in my drawer without evening opening it. So i applied online and i was spproved and it only took 5 minutes to apply. My money was in my bank account the next morning. Thank you Great Plains. You guys ROCK
Great lending experience. Would recommend to everyone.
Fast, reliable experience.
I want to thank you for helping me when I needed help. My heater went and then my computer and that's what I was using for my Christmas presents. Pay day was not until the 31st. Thank you so much for helping me out when I needed it. And to pay back is so nice most want to have you give all back at once. I do want to pay back as soon as possible. Have a merry Christmas. And my God bless your company..... cindy parra
Thank you for your prompt, accurate loan. It was in my checking account within one day. I appreciate your promptness!!
I was really broke and going through my mails and I saw Great Plains lending sent me a letter saying that I deserve a second chance so I went on line fill out the application and the next morning the money was in my account, Unbelievable.
Great Plains was able to get me the cash I needed for my wife's surgery!! Quick and easy in our time of need. I will use them again!!
This is my first experience with Great Plains and I must admit I am very impressed with the transparency of the transaction and the information provided to help make a decision.
Between the APR of 300% and not regulated by the State of Lousiana for me to borrow $1,400 and paying back over $5,000 is outrageous.
I am so grateful for this company they really helped me out a great deal will recommend
My service representative was very friendly and explained everything to me in a most polite manner. This gives me confidence that I am dealing with a respectful business.
The website was very easy to use. The application process was simple.
Very good experience would recommend to anyone.
My husband had a job change and no paycheck for 2 weeks, I was stressing on how to pay bills, and Thanksgiving was right around the corner. I received an offer in the mail and figured I would go online and apply. Immediate approval, funds deposited next day! Thank you for the help!
My experience with Great Plains Lending has been by far a pleasant online experience I give you guys a 5 star rating with customer service.I would most definitely recommend this website to everyone I know looking for emergency funds fast and easy.
What a great experience! When you are in financial need there are a lot of folks out there who do not make it as easy to get the funds you need, who treat it more like a cattle call then dealing with the customer service aspect of it and treating you like a person who matters. Thanks so much Great Plains for making the application process easy, the deliver of the funds fast and painless and catering the payments around my pay schedule. This has been a great experience and I appreciate the company very much!!!!
The process was quick and easy. The offer came at the right time, just before Christmas and I needed to help my daughter through some financial difficulties.
Quick response, no wait time!
Great Plains lending is the Best place to get a loan. They will offer you the cash you need for an unexpected emergency.
I would tell everyone who need to a loan
I paid off my loan with this company and they acknowledged that the loan had been paid in full. A month and a half later, they illegally debited my account for another payment. Called them and they said the money would be back in my account same day. It's only been one day but it's not back. Have contacted my bank.
It was a big help in time of need I am pleased that I got my money the next day. thanks so much it was a great help to get me back on my feet.
As an Educator, there was a temporary lapse in income not just for me, but for so many other Teachers. No matter how well you plan, things come up. Great Plains Lending helped close the gap and helped me assure I was able to continue paying my bills on time.
So far I am impressed with this company. Really like the dashboard and the often emails to keep me updated....
Quick and easy. Also, when I called to verify that yes, the loan had been approved, the woman I spoke with was pleasant, helpful customer service...........
Glad I took advantage of Great plains! The process was fast and to the point without hassle.
Better interest rate than other like companies. Quick service. Money in bank next day. Had some concerns, called customer service, they were great and answered all my questions.
As I stated above, easy to apply and Customer Service people are very helpful. I had to reset my password and it would not go through. I called and the person who answered the call helped me with the problem I was having with the resetting of my password. Very knowledgeable of the problem I was having and very patient helping me. Answered other questions I had.
Fast easy quite it's nice to have a company give you another chance and to help you when you need it. Thank you
Very impressed with how nice and professional representative was during a distressing moment for me. Easy payment plans flexible.
I specifically selected great plains lending because of the portrayal of friendly and straight forward. I was impressed from the mailer I received and also the website in what questions are asked. I like a company that does not harass or insult its customers. as of now I would definitely recommend the company to others in need of short term loans
It was easy and fast and helped me when I really needed it just the interest rate is really pretty crazy.
I am a new customer to Great Plains but the initial sign up was very easy.
Awesome, fast and super great for everything! Thank you so much!
Quick, easy and painless
I applied for a loan with Great Plains, in within a minute, I got a response saying my loan approved. The application process was easy & user friendly.
Very convenient and simple to apply.
It was easy to fill out the application and to receive the funds. This is only for short term loans and can be very costly if you drag it out. The service was great!
My experience with using the on-line application was great! I will recommend this company to my associates. Thank you.
I just had this feeling your company could help me out in my time of need.. I appreciate what you have done and will not let you down on paying it back...Thank you again for helping me.. Bless you so much...
Great Plains Lending came to my Rescue and SAVED my bacon just in time. Due do my job being closed down because of the Holidays I lost some pay and almost fell behind on a few Bills. Great Plains Lending was Quick and Easy to Fill out and Just as Quick with an Approval for a loan. I was able to keep up with my Bills and head off a lot of problems for myself
I needed cash for the holidays!!!. The interest rate are super high however, they make sure you are aware of that. So far customer service has been pleasant.
To the point and efficient. Very straight forward and business like. I would recommend to others I know.
I am very thankful for the my loan request to help me have some funds for some few expences, hopefully in the future the payoff for small loans will not be as high. I am still very greatful for this opportunity to get back on tract and help end the summer and get ready for another calendar school year.
Great Plains lending really came through when I needed some help. The process was quick and simple.
You were able to help but terms to long for the amount of money to make your interest too, .much
This experience was quick and easy without any hassle! Thank you for such a pleasant experience! : )
They are very friendly and spell out how much your loan will cost. Fast service No problems. I know they are expensive but they offer extended payments instead of next payday payments which I appreciate.
I learn about company Thur the mail.I am very please with the way you handle my account.I will tell other about your company.
Great plains came at a time I really needed help which was great...will refer friends and family to great plains...hopefully the pay off goes smoothly and I can re-apply again..
website user friendly had a little issue when I clicked on something on the website it would reply slow that the only problem
I was surprised how easy the application was, and how quick my money was deposited.
I dont have great credit but GPL was wonderful! After a slight delay. the next morning I had the money in my account!! It was a blessing!! Thank you GPL
No one would help me on line every link I went to keep sending me to other links and here I am and very fast.THANK You!!!!!!!
Awesome service and response
Professional, quick and streamlined.
Fabulous response!
I was turned down by so many others and Great Plains saved the day! Reasonable terms with flexible repayment options and best of all no penalty for early pay-off!! This is a blessing from God and I am so thankful for the amazing people at Great Plains!! Thank you!!
Have been using them for a couple of years now...They get me out of a bind as a cash flow loan for anywhere from a couple of days to 30-40 a business owner I find their availability helpful. Do I wish their rates were lower? Of course! Are they lower than any other pay day lender? Absolutely! All those people complaining about the rates obviously should try another alternative.
I am more than happy to vote excellent on customer service as far as doing business with Great Plains lending they were prompt they were accurate in very polite I am a satisfied customer for this to be our first time doing business and I will continue doing business with them as well as I would recommend anybody
This is just to inform people that you want to pay the loan back as soon as you can and you don't get penalized for it.
Very quick and easy process stress free and Very pleased ...
I was very surprised with the service I received. It was absolutely outstanding and very timely better service than alot of loan places I have set foot in and they process your information very quickly no need to get frustrated during wait times you know in a matter of minutes! Thank you Great Plains Lending!
Quick! Planning to pay off soon! I had a dental emergency!!!! Yucky!!! I couldn't handle the pain and I didn't want an extraction!!!!
The process was relatively easy. Not sure what flagged me for review, but even coming up with the needed information it was still painless.
I never thought the process would be this fast! I will definitely recommend to others.
Fast easy to use experience
I was impressed by how easy and fast it was to obtain a loan
This is my 1st experience with you all and I didn't think a company like you exist in untimely need of money thanks for being here for me
It was fast and safe thank you
If you are ever in a financial crisis , Look no further than the good people at Great Plains Lending. 1. 2. 3. And you're stress free.
When I received a letter in the mail, I opened it and was very skeptical as to the claims of an easy application and fast decisions. With great trepidation I logged on to your website and WOW!! was I surprised and proven wrong. EVERYTHING stated in your letter/advertisement and I mean EVERYTHING proved to be just as stated. What a surprise to find and to know that some companies still operate under the old adage that there's nothing better in sales than to bother truthful. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING!!!
Fast and easy money was in my account the next business day. Excellent service
Before I learned about great plains lending. I have totally lost hope thinking that there was no help for me out there. Separated from my kids dad and him not supporting us I had to go out and better my kids and my life and your company opened up my heart. And put a smile back on my face.
very nice to do business with ,,and good and fast to approve you, transfer the money is also fast, would use them again ,,
I am a new customer but your rapid response to questions, a business review of the request and expedited answer was appreciated.
It was my first time trying Great Plains, the application was quick and simple and I didn't have to leave my home.They gave me a chance when others wouldn't and had the funds the very next morning! Fee's are high but when emergencies come up it's nice to know that Great Plains give people a fair chance!! Thank you, your services are greatly appreciated!
Awesome company! Did not have to wait long at all
Easier than I thought. Glad I found this company.
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