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Merchant Cash and Capital Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Merchant Cash and Capital
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 877-208-7758
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 84 %
Everyone is very professional, prompt & courteous. They return phone calls and respond to e-mails very quickly. The funding process is easy & fast. I would definitely recommend this company. They are great to do business with!
Very fast and good Customer Services
Merchant Cash & Capital Is good service people and what they promise they will keep it . I have a real good experience an I took on my two business two different cash advances with good rates & terms.
It took longer than I first expected and the interview process was harder than the expected initial qualifying statements but overall I am very satisfied and would use this company again.
The Reps involved in the eventual approval of my business loan were highly personable and over the top professional. They exhibited a level of customer service that represented Merchant cash & capital beyond the bar. Frankie C. and Dewey P. were working well in tandem to make my experience both rewarding and fruitful for my business. I appreciate this opportunity to express my satisfaction so that both of these representatives receive their just accolades and commendations from their supervisors and noted in their personal files by the head office.
Dan Hubner, Thank you for your Amazing Job helping us!!!! We're so grateful for you making us feel totally comfortable. You're the best!!! Thank you again, Leza Bennett Owner The Perfect Brows Atlanta, Ga.
Nice communication received great service from carter
Excellent company. Got my loan. Recommend others to go with them!
The terms are reasonable and interaction was great.
Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable, expeditious, and just a wonderful experience overall. I would definitely work with them in the future.The people that I worked with Ray Augusten, Kim Scoratow, and Joe in underwriting were great people to work with. Thanks guyz
Just wanted to say I've been doing business with them for along time and they have always been Friendly and able to help each time.I have used them for muliple renewals and as always they have been fast to help with our needs Charlie Litterest Owner
Good people great service!
The rates are what they are. When you need capital and you need it asap, no matter place to go. They work with you every step of the way and there is no hidden fees or bs. They are upfront and want to help you anyway possible. If you are in need of money asap no better place to get it!
Nick walked me thru every step and made it pain less
I understand the concept of loaning money to people with not so good credit and MCC does that well. The staff is there to help and can get it done quickly. It's the cost that will get you, I'm paying 30% over a 9 month period That's 40% if it were on an annual basis. I know it is a must in some cases but weigh it closely.
I've used MCC for cash flow and funding projects numerous times now. Every time I do, the experience is simple, quick, and hassle free!
Excellent company that has come through for me several times. They are relatively spot on and reasonable.
Was in need of some capital and Merchant Cash was my answer! got all documents to them and received funding very fast! great customer service!!!
When you need help - you need help. I did what they asked and in return they gave me what I needed. I have to mention that I have worked with other company's , this was the only company I felt treated me like first class.
great company, fast turn-around
Very quick service the lady who worked with me was awesome went above and beyond thank you
I found thus far the MCC company was upfront with me all the way until the last and final call came from Dan in N.Y., he was the gentleman who informed me that his fee was coming off the top before I would received the funds requested. I didn't Have to much of a problem with it, just needed to know that before the final paperwork was submitted, a little tricky there. Point of Information - the company MCC have a cap on the amount to be repaid & within the period agreed upon, but not a fixed amount to withdraw daily from my account. This is frightening. I don't like surprises. I need to know what will be coming out on a daily basis(period), I may be planning to pay a bill and the money will be all exhausted by MCC.
Customer Service was great, fast!!!!
Great experience, good guys to work with. They're fast and clear.
MCC was able to get the capital I needed quick and easy. I recommend MCC.
Great experience and would recommend this company very highly!
Jeff Eller and Jim Lukegord were both great to work with. They helped us through the entire process. We had a number of Capital companies approach us, but we ultimately chose Merchant Cash and Capital because we felt the most comfortable with them.
Steve Capraro was great!!
This company was EXCELLENT and honest to work with! Fast process and Daniel and John was super and professional and I will definitely use them again. Atlanta Craftsman
My experience has been great!. Everyone has been wonderful to work with. I trust Merchants Cash and Capital.
I've enjoyed working with MCC. Form the very beginning they have been very helpful and friendly in assisting me in the process. I would recommend MCC to every small business.
As a small business in today's economy it's nice to know we have a true friend in Merchant Cash and Capital who truly wants us to succeed. Merchant Cash and Capital has been there for both our smaller and bigger needs to help grow our company and bring it to the level of success. Thank you Merchant Cash and Capital! Sheila Bell The Pet Zone
Jordan was very helpful and a pleasure to work with
Process is very fast and everything is accurate..and with in a week money is deposited in the account.
We started out with a great business plan. Shortly after execution the unexpected hit, a deer in the road to be exact. Our insurance only covered some of the damage. Thanks to Merchant we were able to get the truck back out on the road. The process was fast, precise and just what we needed. Thanks, just what we needed when we needed it most!
Everyone was very helpful and professional. Very above board and I hope all works like they promised.
I had tried to work with other Merchants but they never seemed to respond after submitting my application. When I submitted an inquiry here, Thomas Corsaro responded immediately. He was quick and very informative. He answered any and all questions I had and made it only a 3 day process from application to funding. This is a great company and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
The professionals at this company handled my transaction with the highest of professionalism and made the whole process very pleasant and comfortable. I look forward to a long lasting business relationship with this group of professionals. Thank you very much for a great experience!!! A+++++++++++
Jared got right on my deal-i bought a new territory, not expected, but once Jared worked out some numbers it all became possible-got $40k in a week-Just like he said. GREAT JOB guy's!
All the team is kind and willing to work if all requirements are met..
We have had nothing but a positive experiences with MCC. Would highly recommend this company
Tom was wonderful and helped us with what we were needing!
The entire process was simple and I was explained everything every step of the way.
it was very Easy process
Borrowed one amount but was given almost $1000 less. Totally in regret.
I needed funding for expansion plans & supplies for my business. With little hassle, I was able to get the funding I needed. The process took a little longer then I expected but everything worked out great. Thank you!
I am renewing our agreement with MCC and they lowered the rate just like they promised and they made it simple. Great company to work with!
Merchant Cash and Capital has been awesome to work with. They have been able to help every time and we had our funds very fast! They are a great company to work with.
We ran into cash flow problems mostly due to the economy and folks owed us money from completed jobs we had done, which made us owe our vendors money. Understandably our vendors were reluctant to give us the best terms & discounts until we were current. Those discounts we counted upon to quote our work and land more jobs, the circle was turning into a vicious cycle. MCC worked out a plan to get us money so we could catch up with our vendors and get product, pricing, and terms again.
Out of shear desperation after being turned down from several financial institutions I reached out to these guys, figuring I had nothing else to lose and I would most likely be turned down anyway. Well I am still in shock at how simple straight forward and quick they were able to get me the funding needed to keep my business moving forward and keep honest people working. This company will be in my story when my companies success hits every local news paper and how they were the only one that helped and the reason for our success . Thank you so much ...
Very professional and courteous. Did exactly everything they said they would do for my business. This is a superior alternative choice to conventional bank loans
Excellent work, timely and professional.
the relationship manager who contacted me, guided me thru all the process and responded to all of my questions in an understandable way, when needed, he returned my calls quickly, my impression of the whole scenery is that everyone was doing what they had to, to have a successful completion, Thanks to them all.
Fast honest and easy....thank you
Merchant Cash and Capital is very easy to work with. We obtained a cash advance about 8 months ago... and recently obtained an additional advance that was added to our original loan. The process was quick and easy. Customer service is also great. The only thing we had trouble with was trying to reach the correct department when we called to obtain additional financing. I was transferred to several different people and nobody could help me. Apparently I needed to speak to a certain department because we are a current customer and already had a loan and wanted to add to it. Once I was put in touch with the correct person, everything was smooth sailing from there.
the program that is offered for the small business person is great, it helps get pass the challenges of cashflow as most of us don't have surplus funds just sitting around and local banks just don't cut it. great job mcc
Our project started about a week ago and dealing with Nick Sillaro made it all go so smooth from start to finish. He kept yes up to date through the whole process. I would recommend anyone one looking for a cash advance for whatever reason to give Nick a call, you won't be disappointed. Tony Vivirito
This company did what they promised they would do. There were no hidden agendas. Straight forward and to the point. Easy to work with and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone.
Fast funding, second to none
MCC has been a pleasure to work with since we began receiving additional funds from them. Their personnel are polite and friendly as well as prompt to respond to any questions or concerns you might have. We've had a certain situation where we've needed them to adjust our original agreement for a short term period and it was not an issue. They worked with us and continue too. MCC customer service is great and I would recommend them to anyone who can benefit from working with a company who is there to help with funding when you need it.
I will use these guys again if the need arises.
We had our first funding with Merchant last September, and have re-uped twice since then. In my opinion Merchant makes it easy and fast if you need additional working capitol. I would recommend them highly
As a small business I find Capital Direct to be just that. A direct and to the point funding solution. No frills and no smoke an mirrors, just straight forward access to capital while knowing exactly where you stand. Fees and repayment term are easy to understand and upfront. not hidden in the details.
I have to give this company credit for going the extra mile. The people there were friendly and worked really hard to get me some working capital. I plan to contact them again in the future. They are a step above the others that I have dealt with. They make it easy to access your account, and keep track of it too. They gave me reasons to continue doing business with them.
Working with Merchant Cash and Capital was quick and easy. As a small business owner, my time is very limited. The application process was simple and efficient - I had my cash advance in less than 7 days and the payment plan works with my budget. I would highly recommend to other business owners looking for short term cash flow solutions and would definitely use them again!
Amazing fast funding and awesome service the explain everything
Excellent team to work with
Unsolicit call to start with. Promise certain amount of funds, amount funded was 5 % from amount requested, as a start, we accepted the deal. When funded amount credit was less than initialy discuss and signed for, closing costs were never discuss or disclose, but automathically deducted from funding. When in need if possible avoid this kind of institution, better to work with FDIC trusted enterprises. Your loan and payments are not reported, if you want to improve your credit score is not going to work in your advantage.
Fast service, easy to communicate with, periodic updates and knowledgable staff. Thanks, Lisa
I have been working with this company for over a year now. They are always kind and courteous. They have funded us three times and we have not had any problems getting funded. They always work with us on any issues that can be resolved in a timely manner. Thank you Merchant Cash for your continued support.
Great job, right on top of everything excellent commication! i would recommend them to anybody.
I applied and was approved quickly and the funds were available sooner than I thought.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Hubner and I was very impressed with his dedication to customer service. I had a great experience with Dan and his company and would recommend him for people looking to raise money for their business. He's very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. I am very happy with the product that they set me up with. Sincerely, Michael
Worst customer service, took them weeks to get back to me. I called and the loan officer that picked up was very rude. I called one of the agents, she wasn't in the office so another loan officer took my message. The loan officer said "I already gave her your message, and she called you but you didn't pick up the phone!"...I knew this, thats why I called back. Every time the loan officer called me she never left a message. So every time I called back, I didn't know who I was calling or why. Very frustrating! The only reason I was going to through this company was because of the high reviews and now I regret it. My loan was only for $3000 so they probably didn't put me on a high priority list, but I expect to be treated like anyone else. Anyways I ended up withdrawing my application and went with a different company.
I recently just got a cash advance with Merchant Cash & Capital´╝îsuper good percentage in interest,both guys "Jordan Crames" and "Dan O" were really helpful, phenomenal service,give me a lot of advice and don't mention quick respond,they respond in minutes,i email them here,and i get responds right away!! highly recommeded !!
The process was fast and easy. Everyone was friendly and the process went smooth. I would use them again.
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