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Low VA Rates Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Low VA Rates
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-569-8272
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
I had the pleasure of working with Jaren Ahlmann on different occasions and each time it has been a pleasure. He was easy to work with, kept me in the loop and provided foresight of upcoming activities. The entire process was seamless. I will highly recommend Jaren Ahlmann and Low VA Rates to anyone seeking to refinance.
Not the best experience I’ve ever had but the loan got done. In the future I will use someone else
At first, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. As time went on, Low VA Rates gained my trust. Their service was excellent. The people great, and the whole experience went along smoothly. I would recommend their service to anyone. Sincerely PKing.
Excellent experience. Very smooth. I will definitely use again in the future.
I received mailed fliers from many loan sources to refinance my VA loan on my home. After reading and doing some homework I decided to contact Low VA Rates and made my decision to use them as my source to refinance. Service and contacts were handled well and in a timely manner. Thanks for everything Gary A.
First off hats off to this company for finding an employee like Jaren A! He truly is knowledgeable, easy going, very well spoken, and made this experience flawless and streamline. Started with an offer in the mail like 1000000 other companies do but for whatever reason I gave them a call and what perfect timing it was! Jaren answered the phone and I was very straight forward. I have 2 properties and it's a all or none deal. Went through my options and 3 weeks later with little effort on my behalf I am happily refinanced and saving over $400 a month! Don't sleep on this company or Jaren! He went way WAY above and beyond his job to ensure everything went perfectly with ZERO ISSUES! Can't thank Jaren enough.
My wife and I are Very Please with Eric and his staff,All our questions and fears were explained completely
I needed to refinance my house quick, I had a 4% interest rate already. I received multiple letters in the mail with a lower interest rate than I currently had. I Made one phone call and got the ball rolling. It was simple, easy and I got a 2.25% rate.I would recommend to anyone who wants a fast and easy refinance.
Thanks for making so easy. Kudos to all involved.
I appreciate all the help that low rate have giving us this is coming from Michael and Marilyn Gresham I thank them for the quick response I thank them for also sending the notary out and she was respectful and nice and kind and I just thank them for all that they done.
At first I was reluctant to even attempt to refinance our loan seeing as how we had just moved into our new home, but Low VA Rates walked us through an easy process that helped us to achieve a much better mortgage for our budget. Everyone involved with the process was professional, knowledgeable, and respectful of our situation and gave us the comfort and confidence that we would be taken care of. With their expertise we were able to choose a VA program that fit our budget and allows us to save money each month. Thank you Low VA Rates!
I'm very happy to team up with low VA rates. They were very professional in there help to me. I would definitely recommend them.
We were very pleased with the detailed knowledge and expertise of the staff. All requests and required actions were performed on time and in a very professional manner.
They were on top of our application every day. Even when we thought the paperwork and process was daunting, they still eased us through it with kit gloves.
Excellent Company to deal with everything went smoothly in a timely manner. The closers even come to your home , how convenient is that? I am avery happy customer.
Wally worked with us at every challenge and there were a few. We needed a temporary leave of Dept from a lender and received it after much pressure from there attorney. I do feel the lender put us through a ringer and punished us misusing the laws of Texas insisting we use our personal attorney for a handsome fee just to send letter stamped atthe court. In retrospect Rate low VA Rates could have known this law and and directed a proper course of action. Our loan officer Wally can attest to the fact We all gelled as a team that refused to lose. I'm out a few hundred dollars there. Your rates for closing the deal seem high but the money over the period of the loan should save us alot of interest payments an. Shorter loan payoff. Yay team refuse to lose.
Low VA rates staff was very professional and responsive. I would always receive a timely response to all my questions or concerns...
This is my second time using Low VA Rates and they are wonderful! Very easy and pain-free!
Jaren was so very very nice and helpful.Eric explained everything and was very nice.
Despite a longer application process than anticipated, I can confidently recommend Low VA Rates without reservation. Amid rising interest rates and changing regulations, my refinance loan was revised several times to better address my particular needs. Throughout the process, my loan agent, Michael Burns was highly professional, always available to answer my questions, and most courteous. It was a pleasure to deal with your highly qualified staff. Thank you and keep up your outstanding work on behalf of deserving active and veteran military families.
Everything went good, a little slow at times, however!!
Very easy process. Russell kept me informed every step of the way. Quick closing time. I would highly recommend Low VA Rates. They are very professional and got the best rate possible. Thank you.
My loan processor, Danny, kept me in the loop the entire process and got me through the refi process quickly and saved us some money in the process.
Workng with Lo VA Rates made the process of applying for a home loan effortless. I never imagined it would be this easy online. Thank you Blake and team for everything.
Very good company to do business with
An honest hard working company you can trust.
Andrew Dame made the re-finance process easy for us. We are happy with our new low rate!
Great people to deal with and they actually have your best interests in mind!
I first contacted Low VA Rates in January of 2017. I was really just looking at options to lower our current mortgage payment. After speaking with a representative, I continued to call different mortgage companies. After many months, it was clear to me that Low VA Rates was going to be my best choice. The staff at Low VA Rates were extremely patient and answered all of our questions completely. My wife and I submitted our loan application in June of this year and have just recently closed our refinance of our home. We are now saving $360 per month on our current mortgage. Thank you so much Low VA Rates!
I was informed through out the whole re-fi process.
Both Brian and Shawn were great. Clair Harmony
My loan office Russell Murphy was great. He helped with any questions had about refinancing my loan and went above and beyond to help track down information I needed from my first mortgage company to get my loan closed quickly.
Every thing went smooth. Happy with the loan.
Low VA Rates made refinancing our home so easy! They were very knowledgeable about the process and they moved things along very quickly! I highly recommend this company!
Working with David was exceptional!!!! He was extremely knowledgeable and provided all the facts necessary for me to make an informed decision!!! He was patient with me and has a great sense of humor!!!! He always responded to any question I had immediately!!!! We also discussed the future and options available for me. I would go back to David in a heartbeat for another loan!!!! I highly recommend Low VA Rates!!!!!
Very easy and quick lowered our rate by almost 2%.
I was very impressed with the professionalism of everyone i dealt with. They seemed to have a load of people assigned to my refinance as there was very little delay in letting me know what they needed from me. They also made it very easy for me to get documents to them and signatures when needed. Even the notary they sent out was all business and went through everything explaining what everything was and what it did.
Blake Law is very effective at what he does. Low VA Rates gets my vote for as an example of how mortgage lenders should behave in this volative markert. Kudos to all who put together my loan. Very smooth and most important, no drama!
I received every help I needed from PATRICK and the TEAM at LOW VA RATES, and I appreciate all of YOU very much. In the past, I have not been treated better by another group of employees. THANKS!!! Ed
always answered my calls
From start to finish, the Low VA Rates team provided the best lending experience I have ever received. I plan to refer all my veteran family and friends. Thank you for an excellent experience!
We did not work with a Robert. We worked with Eric Bunch, a few times it was it was difficult to get a hold of Eric, as to what stage & process the loan was in. It seemed to take longer for the refinance to go through then it did the 1st time we refinanced our home loan with Low VA/Rates.
This refinance went off smoothly without a hitch. Every time I asked for an update I received it promptly. They were very good at keeping me informed thru the whole process.
Jaren Ahlmann, did his best to make this process as pain free as possible. He answered all of my questions and helped me through all the signing of t he documents.
Spencer Smoot handled my refi. Whenever I had a question or an issue Spencer responded immediately. He is very professional and customer focused. I would definitely work with him again.
Terrific service. Professional and prompt. A pleasure to work with
Excellent from start to finish. Usual amount of questions, but all were answered and easily uploaded onto their site. M. Powell is always easy to work!
This refinance took a little longer than I thought it would but I was very pleased that they were so thorough and kept me in the know the entire time that we were working on it. The team I worked with was very personable and made the experience a pleasurable one instead of a worrisome one. I can't say enough good about this company. They helped me to get my financial situation back on track and saved me a lot of money in the process. Kudos to Low VA Rates and especially the team that I worked with.
We had and effortless and rewarding experience with Michae Powell's l and his team . He was more than prompt and incredibly knowledgeable in help us make the best decision for our current financial situation. We are pleased the outcome and Michael and his team phenomenal services and professionalism. Thank you Low VA Rates and the excellent service!
Mari. Thank you so much. As I stated a few times. I have done a couple of these Streamline refin and this is by far the best experience I have had. I will recommend you to EVERYONE. Thanks again for your professionalism for your understanding. U are awesome
Michael Powell was a true professional throughout our refinancing process. He was always accessible to answer questions or concerns. Our refinancing was completed in a timely manner!
I worked with Tracy. She was very professional, knowledgeable and help us thorough the process. Great service, I recommend this company for its dedicated focus on Veterans and the various mortgages available to US Veterans.
Tyler, I want to thank you for performing exactly as advertised. I must say, I was very skeptical at first, especially after reading some online reviews. However, after speaking with you about the reviews you convinced me that you will honor all the advertised terms in the marketing piece I received and you gave me your word, which is the most valuable thing someone can own. I am happy to say you did what you said you would. My loan closed as scheduled and I was able to skip two (2) month's payments; I had no out-of-pocket expenses; My rate was reduced from 4.625% to 3.25% fixed for 30 years; and My payment was reduced such that my "net" savings over the 30 years exceeds $41,000.00, which we're very happy about. Thank you for your integrity and professionalism. Always returning my calls in a timely manner and following up to ensure I was being taken care of. I will definitely recommend Low VA Rates to my fellow veterans and already have. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Kind regards, -- Lawrence
Any veteran would be money ahead by using Low VA Rates. The 2 time I have had them refinance my VA loan. They have taken less than a month to do it.
I was skeptical at first. The marketing of the ad makes it sound great.I had passed on the mailings I received. Finally my brother-in-law was talking about it on Facebook. We are both Navy veterans. It was no-cost which was a selling point for me. I did the application process. a few "hiccups" ,then I was hooked up with Nate Walker. Nice guy explained things explained how long he had been doing this job. Which lessen my anxiety. He asked me what I wanted to accomplish from the refinance. He really wanted to know took the time. Throughout the process, which by the way, He explains the entire process you will go thru during the refinance process the timeline for various segments of the process.You find out he has a great team of people working with him.For me I did the paperwork electronically online which is a new trend. Not everyone is familiar with it. They offer a tutorial to teach you how it is done. You are helped/assisted throughout the entire process. You have to help yourself also. you will do the process thru email . Need email address. no face to face contact until the very end when you close the loan. Very good alternative to refinance if that works for you.
I had an awesome experience with Low VA Rates. Sasha did an awesome job helping us out. She kept us up to date on everything, and Let us know as we went through each step! She is awesome, and so is the rest of the team that assisted us along the way! Thank you!
Awesome communication, professional and very knowledgeable specialist we worked with. Answered all our questions even the same one over and over again.
Blake suitter was very helpful and made the process very smothly
Working with Low VA Rates on our recent home purchase was about as smooth and stress-free as it gets in terms of buying/selling a home. Our loan originator Robert Shepperd was awesome to work with. He was on top of every detail and always kept me up to date throughout the process. The communication was top notch and Robert was very accessible and answered my calls/texts at all hours of the day. My wife and I would not hesitate at all in using Low VA Rates again. Kudos to Robert and team for a job well done. Thank you!
Low VA rates really helped me get into a better financial situation, they lowered my interest rate and saved me some money. Their services were quick and easy. The process was smooth and completed quickly. Thanks for everything
Our loan officer was Jaren Ahlmann who was always available to us
Did a re-fi with these folks back just before the end of the year 2016 and overall the communications were good, they were reachable and processed things on time however they were misleading with the details. They claimed that the mortgage servicing company would be one located in our state of Texas; 360 mortgage that was a lie turns out it was Dovenmuehle a company out of Illinois well known for their lack of quality customer service, which has cost us an increase of $141. each month in our mortgage and a hefty $5K+ profit for LowVA Rates.
My loan officer Colby Jones helped me through the whole process and answered all my questions. He took the time and had the patience to review everything with me to ensure I fully understood what I was doing, even when I didn't get it the first time. Best lender by far in my opinion.
It took 3x as long as Dan said that it would ( streemline VA ) the underwrighting just kept adding more documents that needed too be signed.
For the most part the process went as well as could be expected. VA requires some information, which at the time, seems to be unnecessary, but we worked through these. As with any loan process, there were a few speed bumps, but the people at Low VA Rates worked hard to smooth the process. There is one requirement that VA requires that was never mentioned to me during the entire process. That was the fact that VA requires a third-party be named on the contract in the event we fail in our obligation to meet our payments, this third party can be made to meet the financial responsibilities. We were told that this was required by VA and if we chose not to name a third party, VA would not approve the loan. This was told us at closing. Needless to say, we were very unhappy, but we had no choice if we wanted to finalize the contract. Low VA Rates had a legal and an ethical obligation to inform us of this requirement during the process. Especially since they are supposed to be experts in VA loans.
Jaren was very professional, friendly, and informative. He kept me up to date and informed with each step of the refinancing of our home. I definitely recommend him and work with him again in the future!
We have streamlined our home at least 6 times in the past in order to get a better interest rate so I have a lot of comparison in order to do this review. Eric was very knowledgeable and honest from the very beginning and in each step along the way. If I had a question, I was contacted very quickly to have the question answered. Doing business with Low VA Rates was easy and a pleasure and everything Eric told me as far as figures were on target which in the past I had a few surprises. I would recommend Low VA Rates to anyone wanting a smooth experience right to the end of the signing where a gentleman came out and quickly (without so much paperwork as other streamlines) got the job done very fast so we could get on with our evening (something that is important to us). Gabrielle
The representative Jaren Ahlman was great at customer service and very professional. He always did what he said he was going to do. A very pleasant experience to work with Jaren.
Very easy and simple refinance .
I love the end product, but the team seemed to have communication issues. I was contacted by many different people about needing the same information. Then, when I responded to one of the individuals, the others were in the dark. When I told them that this was happening, they transferred me to a different team that did the same thing. It was difficult knowing who I was supposed to deal with. I think they should just have one person in contact with the customer the entire time. This provides more of a personal touch. I've seen this similar behavior in other lending groups, so this wasn't shocking, but it wasn't very good customer service. However, I loved the rate and terms that I got in the end.
The staff at LowVArates were extremely patient and very professional.
Andrew made me feel confident that I was getting the best rate. He also enabled me to relax through out the whole process. There was a few glitches on my behalf and sometimes Low VA Rates but I was confident they would get worked out.
Excellent way to go
My loan officer, Curtis, was a real pro. Extremely informative and helpful. The staff that worked on my loan were great. Everything went as promised and was the best loan experience in over 20 closings we had been involved with over the years. I have already told many of my VA/service friends about Low VA Rates. Paul PS love the informative videos
I worked with JAREN AHLMANN on my VA refinance. The process couldn't have gone any smoother than it did. He was a pleasure to work with, very professional, ALWAYS prompt with information. He took the time to explain everything to me that I didn't understand. I wish I would have had him on my original home purchase, Jaren is the way to go if you are needing a loan officer!!!
All went well, I thank Blake for his professionalism, and his staff.
Working with Ricky was great and and everyone that helped was great. This was very stressful and Ricky calmed me down. We trusted everything that was happening. Thank you for all the hard work you done. Michael and Terryr Refining
I had one tiny issue and the president of the company immediately called called within 1 minute of receiving my email and resolved my problem. The company is 100% customer service focused and I highly recommend using them. In fact I refinanced my home at a much cheaper rate.
Amazing refinance procedure. I worked with Jacob and hands down he reassured me throughout the whole process to completion.
After checking with several other companies and being turned down, because of living in a single wide trailer, we called Low VA Rates. Jaren Ahlmann was great to work with and he got it done for us, in record time. He was easy to get hold of either by email or phone and returned phone calls quickly. Thank you for your help Jaren.
The representative was very knowledgeable in explaining how the process worked and explained which program would work for me. He walked me through each step of the process and made it so easy to get my re-fi loan. He always returned my phone calls promptly and answered every question I had in terms I could understand. Thank you so much.
Low Va Rates was great during my refinancing process. Everything happened when they said it would and I was always informed what was going on. Ashley R. Kelly was the most professional and pleasant I have ever had the pleasure working with and I wish her the best in her career.
Very nice people to work with.
Everyone on the team was very courteous and helpful. Ryan kept me up to date every few days. Wendy is friendly, efficient and very helpful. All went very smooth.
Robert worked hard for me!
Best experience i have ever had doing a loan made it easy and with no worries.
Nathan has always had our best interest Each time we talk with him he has answers to all our questions. I am very pleased with the service we get when contacting Nat.
I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to refinance. They are amazing. I didn't expect everything to be so smooth. It was great!
Great team of people to work with
Adam was super. Some of the others lack good communications. Very difficult to get a response out of them
My rep, Kris, was very courteous, helpful, & prompt on necessary actions
I received their flyer in the mail in September. A simple 1 page solicitation. i recently purchased my home, june 1, 2015. By October, we closed and no payments till Dec 1. I even got 275 back from escro. The cost, who cares? But it was 8k. But, my rate is 2.25, and it lowered my payment by 50 bucks a month. I will recommend them to you because spending your homes equity increases your loan, while streamline refi only adds extra monts to your already long 30 year loan. It lowers you loan payment, and that looks good on paper. They do all the work, theyvdo everything online and send a notary to you. Very convenient. I hope to do it again in 6 months.
Good communication. Knowledgeable. Fast responses.
Thank you Tracy for helping me with reducing my interest, and monthly mortgage payments. Low VA Rates you're the best.
We want to thank Ryan and his team for an awesome job. Feedback for what's needed and how they updated us on how long things were going to clear was on point. We had a smooth transition with these guys and we won't hesitate to mention Low VA Rates to our friends, family, and acquaintances. Thank you very much from the Aledia family.
This was my best experience in dealing with a real estate purchase. The agent was excellent in keeping me well informed and connected. It was a pleasure working with him.
I contacted LowVARates online about refinancing my current residence and was called almost immediately by Jaren. The process was smooth and very little trouble on my end. Jaren was in touch by phone or email all the way, without calling unnecessarily. Highly recommended if you are a veteran looking to refinance.
They were easy to work with and the whole process was quick. Within 30 days my refi was done and I got my lower rate.
Jaren Ahlmann worked with me every step of the way through my refinance process. He kept me informed throughout the process, answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Low VA Rates to anyone and hopefully, you will get Jaren.
I was fortunate to have Lynn and his team doing my refinance with Low VA Rates. I was somewhat apprehensive about the choices available to me, as I had never done some of the available options. Lynn explained everything so that I could understand it easily, after that I felt comfortable about my choice and learned quite a few things about mortgages as well. If I plan to refinance again I will definitely be calling Lynn first. Thanks again guys and thanks Low VA Rates.
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