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Prosper Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Prosper
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (866) 615-6319
Overall average rating of 3.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 62 %
They allowed you to choose your own loan amount in your repayment schedule that would fit your budget not theirs, I would highly recommend prosper to anyone looking for a fast personal loan. Steve from New Jersey
Prosper was very easy to work with and fast!
Very easy process and fast , will recommend to everyone who needs fast loans.
The sign up process was painless. Our loan was funded very quickly. We barely had to provide any information. So far I am very pleased. I hope this remains consistent and there are no surprises.
It was the fastest loan process,but to me the service charge fee was too high.because I still have to pay a APR on this loan.i would recommend this service to others anytime.
The process was quick and easy to understand and I got the money very quickly. BTW, Is there anyway I can increase the current loan amount? Ive had a death of a close friend and need money to fly to the funeral.
I was actually very satisfied with this personal loan service up until the last couple of payments. In short, there was a system error on that was blocking my final payment from going through, resulting in 2 late payment fees that were added to the last payment on my loan. These late fees were added while trying to get the issue resolved. took several support tickets, a phone call, delayed ticket responses (if any response at all) from customer service to address this issue, and ultimately their decision was not in my favor. This really soured my experience with the company. I would not use them again.
Difficult non-transparent review/ underwriting process together with an outrageous origination fee had me payoff my loan within several weeks with borrowings from another more customer friendly lender.
I say creative because when you need help this is the way to go. When you need to get over one hurdle be creative in getting there with the help of prosper.
If you need money without hassel. Prosper is the best. Even though the interest rate is high but if r in urgent need of money due to emergency. Prosper will help you out for sure. Thank you prosper...
I was approved through pre-approval and decided to think it over and weigh my options. They literally called me, texted me or e-mailed me 3 times a day. Finally after 2 weeks I decided to get the loan through them. I sent all of the documentation in and they now will not accept my 1099 as supplemental income and can only verify 56K or my 100K salary as I earn a commission. I explained everything to the woman on the phone and she said that my loan was cancelled and I could re-apply using different income Numbers. So they want me to put a lower number down which is not true. I told they to cancel everything and had a loan through Best Egg in 5 minutes.
Avoid Prosper at all costs very deceitful company. the month prior to my last payment i had a balance of $665. it was set to auto pay on the due date. i get an email from them and happened to log on to website and low and behold they increased my balance to $909. i called them for an explanation and get a run around.
It only took a few days to get everything set up for my consolidation loan to pay off credit cards faster. After everything was set up and I received information about my automatic loan payments, I called Prosper to see if they could move my payment date forward, because I only get paid once per month. Having my bill come out at the first of each month, instead of the 20th, would be much easier. However, when I called, I was told I would have to call every month to make this happen, which seems very silly. Other than that, the process was easy and I had the funds in about a week.
I have had a wonderful experience with Prosper and recommend it highly. The process is very clear and quick, and the interface is well thought out. Give it a try if you are looking for a loan!
I have a good credit rating, good income and a solid credit history. Prosper made me feel like some kind of criminal and wasted so much of my time. After going through over 3-weeks of their loan process (and this is after they so-called pre-approved me); I heard nothing from them. So I call to find out what the status of the loan is. I was told it’s not approved. I asked why and they informed me they can’t tell me. I asked to talk with a supervisor because I felt that after all this wasted time, the least they can do is inform me of why they denied me the loan. After being transferred about 4 times, I’m connected with this rude supervisor claiming they could not verify me as an individual. Really?? His whole mannerism was like I was some kind of con artist. I requested more details on what he was talking about. He stated he’ll send it to me in five days then hung up on me. Their customer service, communication and feedback is HORRIBLE! You would get better treatment from a loan shark in a back alley.
This is my second ( and hopefully not my last) loan through Prosper. The process was not complex and the help was professional. Questions that arose were answered respectfully and quickly and the experience thus far has been very good.
they wil not let anyone change their due date of their loan. Mine falls before I get paid from SSI so I have to send it in later when the money is in there. I wish they would bend a little with this problem.
The loan application process was quick and simple and I received my load within a week. Better interest rate than other loan companies that I looked into. Thank you Prosper!
I have only been a customer for a couple of months. As of this time, they have completed everything they promised and with their service they have made my life easier. Customer service reps are very helpful and make the application process easy. Thanks for your good service.
Prosper is by far the worst business I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I am a borrower, and have had to call them every month for something or other. Their customer service reps are always polite but absolutely can't do anything, which isn't their fault, they just don't have the authority. The first month I had to have my bank account changed because I was switching banks. I called Prosper twice prior to the due date to make sure the funds would be pulled from the correct account. They were not, and I ended up with a late fee because they were trying to auto draft from a closed account. The second and third months Prosper had added my bank account to another borrower's account and he was using it to make his monthly payments. So Prosper withdrew around 1,500 dollars in fraudulent payments from my account. Even if they were great before that, the oversight of this issue is absolutely ridiculous. The next month I needed my monthly statements to view the payout total so I could pay them off and be done with this company, but when I clicked on the "statements" page there weren't any there. Of course customer service didn't know what to do, and also weren't able to simply send my statement to me. Not to mention the numerous times my phone call was cut out and I had to start over agian, explaining my situation to the newest customer service agent. Many more small incidents like this one has made this company one of my most frustrating problems. Again, customer service is always polite, but their hands are tied. They have to send all problems to their managers in a different state to be dealt with, so the time it takes to get something small done is absurd. I will never work with them again, nor would I recommend them to anyone. Whatever you do, don't borrow from Prosper.
Easy process, fast response, fast funding, fair rate. Highly recommended.
I currently have 2 loans with Prosper. I have used them to pay off much higher rate credit cards. It is so nice to make just my loan payment each month instead of having to remember to pay multiple cards, and unlike my credit cards, my loan is guaranteed to be paid off by a certain date. They make it even easier by automatically deducting my payment every month! The approval process and deposit of the money into my account was quick and painless. They have been a stress reliever for me. I have great credit but trying to pay off multiple credit cards never seemed to make a dent in my balances. I would highly recommend Prosper to anyone who honestly wants the help to better their financial future!
If you need financial help apply at PROSPER, just complete the necessary requirements PROSPER asked, and your money is deposited in your bank account, it's simple, NO HASSLE.
I retired earlier than planned, a few years ago, when I was 59. Prior to receiving social security. I needed to use my credit cards to help with expenses so my debt ratio is higher than planned. Prosper offered an easy and fast way to consolidate debt that really helps me out right now. I endorse using Prosper without reservation!
I have been on the Prosper site for a number of years both as an investor, and as a borrower. In the early years I invested in some fairly risky loans that didn't pan out too well, but perhaps it wasn't as bad as if that money had been in the stick market at the same time! In more recent years, I have been investing using more conservative strategies and having very good results (i.e. very few bad loans) The first time I took a loan from Prosper (again, a few years ago), it was a little crazy because I had to submit some documents multiple times. However, the last couple of times, it has been a fantastic experience requiring very little time and getting good results. I should also add that I have been very impressed with Prosper's integrity. Whenever there has been a mistake on Prosper's side, they own up to it and make it good. I have no hesitation in recommending Prosper to anyone looking for an option to diversifying their investment portfolio as well as to those seeking a convenient and straightforward source to borrow funds.
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