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LoanMe Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: LoanMe
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 77 %
This was absolutely exactly what the commercials say. The process was simple, exact and expedient. I will borrow again. Thank you so much. It is very appreciated.
I was really skeptical about these kind of loan places but I always heard their advertisements on the radio. I own a restaurant and hit a rough patch and had to take a decent size loan out. Surprisingly it was super easy and quick. Next day funding and the people that helped me out we're incredibly friendly and make the process that much easier. Please do understand though that their rates are super high, however I saw this as only a temporary loan and I do plan on dragging the payments out. Would definitely recommend.
Rebecca was very knowledgeable of loan process and was truly kind while answering my questions. Rebecca is a true asset to the LoanMe team. Thanks again Rebecca!
Very easy process staff helpful and friendly I love it
When people need help they can always go to loan me for help. Thanks
The customer service was great. However, your interest rate are horrible. People come to you company because of emergency. Current market interest rate are between 4-25%. I know your are taking a risk lending money to people such as myself whos credit score are "LOW", but dam you are like a loan shark. LoanMe charges 5 X's higher than credit card rates. I needed to money, you loaned me the money, I appreciate that , but I feel like it was a hold-up.
Naisha Hemphill was great to work with! Explained all the criteria and pushed through my application so I could get the money same day. **Note; these loans are not something to carry long term. I took the loan out on 10/09/2018 and paid it off 10/18/2018. These loans are made for "I have guaranteed money in a week or two but need cash today" situations.
The best in every way!!!
This is our second time with this company...paying off the loan quickly the first time, we were comfortable to seek their assistance!
This is not about your product services. This is about your rep, Angela Picon who went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. She followed up and kept me in the loop every step of the way. She made easy suggestions to obtain documents needed. As I was at work, it was kind of hard to access the bank, get PDF files, etc. I was even going to my bank to ask for paperwork assistance! Angela sat and explained every single detail of the loan to make sure I understood. Your company needs to recognize Angela's professionalism, compassion, knowledge, and overall superior customer service! You rock Angela Picon!
Michael was great, efficient & friendly, great experience.
I like how fast they were able to help me. John Ly went the xtra mile to help me. Even though He was not the one who started my application. He took over and helped me all the way. Thank you. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive.
I have to say that everyone I encountered was very nice, friendly and helpful. The process was thorough and did not take long at all. I thank Loan Me for giving me s chance. It came right when I needed it. Thank You.
After speaking with Teresa, all of my doubts and concerns with disclosing important bank information had all but ceased. Not only was the service fast, she made it simple to follow while at the same time keeping me informed on what each step means for me as the trusted customer responsible for paying the loan I was given. I feel confident in the deal and how to handle the process of receiving and paying off my loan. The loan itself was an incredible life-saver and reached my account within the same day as the phone-call. So thank you again Teresa! And thank you LoanMe!
Advisors were very helpful and gave great advice when trying to help me. We had starts and stops but everyone was very patient with my situation
Very easy and simple process. I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THIS COMPANY BEFORE I ran my credit at Credit Unions and banks only to be turned away. LOANME APPROVED ME WITH NO PROBLEM!
I've talked to more than one person on diff occasions & each were able to help me in everything I needed!
This helped me in a time of need.
Very professional and prompt
Thank you loanme for getting me the funds I needed quickly and with excellent customer service!
I was very desperate for the Money which is why I took the loan, but I am grateful because they helped me whenever needed the help
The follow up and follow through process from start to finish was outstanding. I enjoyed my experience with the LoanMe staff. I certainly recommend them to anyone who is looking for financial assistance.
They were there and helped us when no one else would
All people were experienced, they did 90% of the work in only a matter of minutes. The money was in my account in only a few hours from the time I applied.
Gave me peace of mind
very effective communications and user interface
Very fast and easy to deal with!
Money in my account in hours!!!
Great experience, everything was explained clearly. They always called back same day whenever I left them a message.
Hi I had previously been messed around, when applying for a loan, and gave up ,I get it that they want you to do everything on line, because it saves money, but in my case I had an issue, and needed an actual person to fix it. That person in my case was Melanie Le, with Loan Me, she took the time to explain what was needed, and it did change every few hours, and the loan was funded the next day. I am recommending Loan Me, whilst unsecured loans are not cheap, their system is fast, and they made it happen. thank you
Loan me was very easy to work with. From the time I was approved to the deposit of the funds was less than 3 hours. Will definitely go back to Loan Me if I ever need another loan.
I've receive many loans in the past. LoanMe was the fastest and easiest to attain.
It was a pleasure to work with LoanMe for our Business Development Funding. We can't say enough about the positive experience with Loanme's seamless communication, terms of funding, ease of funding and prompt deliverables. Alex Pham, Senior Loan Agent is exceptional with his understanding of business needs, expeditious delivery of product and complexity of tasks that need to be navigated for funding documentation. His polite and professional demeanor is a big plus for Loanme's success with customers. I would recommend this company to anyone. R Keerthy Sunder
My account rep Cataline was awesome - guided me through everything with professionalism and patience.
I would recommend this company to anyone
First, The best customer service that goes above an beyond to help me get my loan done in a very short time. I recommend this company to who ever needs an emergency loan..
I had the best experience with the processing of my loan. Wes Watkins was so helpful. He took his time answered all my questions and guided me through the computer system. Thank you Wes
They lie to you just to get money out of you.
Applied at about 11:30am and had the funds in the account by 4pm. Wonderful great customer service. I will definitely be recommending and repeat the services.
I had a great experience with your company. The system was very user friendly and the people were great.
The process went smoothly with the Loan Officer providing applicant(me) all information and documentation required to facilitate the funding of the loan application. As soon as all documentation were completed, funds were directly deposited to my account expeditious;y.
Very friendly and professional staff.
Excellent service, quick and professionally done... I will definitely use them again...
all was done quick and easy in a time I was in trouble, many thanks
Manny was very helpful & professional during my loan application.
I needed funds quickly and they were able to get me money within one business day. Quick, efficient. Couldn't ask for more.
I got the loan, which is great! Now I need a loan to pay off this one ans the interest rate is robbery!
they were fast and efficient and Cory did a fantastic job of walking me through the process!!
Always profesional
Would have like the full amount asked for. But the service was fast and great. Thank you
Coleen was very helpful and patient with me as I'm not proficient in computer skills. She went through every step with me.
Customer service was really helpful.
The whole process was a ridiculously long. My agent is Samuel Collazo and his title is a senior loan agent. I started the application process with giving him my approval to check credit on Wednesday morning around 8 or 9. It all went well and I was pre-approved for $2600. I then sent him my 2 recent paystub and latest bank statement. He told me that I need to send in the previous 2 months. I sent him the additional bank statements ( 4 more because I wanted to make sure that everything clear for him) and called him to make sure he received them. I didn't not get any responses back from him the whole afternoon from 3pm. I called 2 more times and they went straight to his answering machine. I left 2 more messages for him. I called the main number 844-965-2663 a couple hours later, some other agent picked up the phone. I complained that it took so long to get response from Samuel but i was told to hold on then later switched to Samuel answering machine again! I was so frustrated that I gave up and stopped calling either Samuel or Loanme. Around 9pm, Samuel called me and said he was out for a couple hours and did not get a chance to to review my documents. He asked me to go online and re-verify my bank account again! I did that and we did some more calls exchange regarding my bank account issues. He told me that I have different account, which I don't. He said he will take a look in the morning. Thursday morning, I received another email from Claire Roberts asking for offer some help processing my loan. I replied back to her that Samuel is handling my case. But I waited the whole morning and I got nothing. Finally I had to make a call to the main line to see what was going on. I talked to Tim and after went through the routine questions about my information, he then switch me to Samuel again! This time Samuel is at work! Samuel told me I have different account and asked me to call the bank and ask about it. We talked for almost 30m regarding my bank account. he kept on insisting that there are some other account to which I deposited the money. I told him I have only 1 bank account and the bank confirm it. I offered to do 3 ways calling so he could listen to the bank rep ( I later learned that the bank rep. would not be allowed to do that) The bank rep. told me that any loan agent should know how to read the bank statement and locate the bank account! ( It is printed on the bank statement) Other bank account references will not be put on this account! I give up! I want to give 2* but Samuel just call me back as I was writing a review and we had an unpleasant conversation so I took off 1*, just for unprofessionalism. Don't go for this loan agent and you can get a better loan company out there!
Thank you KK for your excellent support.... Sincerely,
very easy to do . vey helpful .
Worst loan company ever this will be my first and last. 10,000. loan with a fee if 2,540. and the first payment of 457.57 all goes to the interest.
Spoke with a great rep who was willing and and to lend me a hand when I needed it. Thank you loan me
I went to loan me for a personal loan was approved and had money in the bank under 12 hours. Alexander treated me with respect and was very kind. The most professional person I dealt with from start to finish. Thank you very much. Lonely was there when I needed them the most. Thanks be to God
Fast, excellent service
I had really good experience with this company even asking loan
Very friendly and very helpful
Loanme was awesome they helped me out in my time of need. The Rep. Hana worked with me and got my loan approved in one day.
Thank you for the quick and rapidly handling regards the loan. Very appreciated.
The Loan Me company offer just the right amount of loan you need. Loan Me will help you get the money you want and understands your concerns. This is the best loan support ever ! I couldn't do anything without the help of this company. The customer service representatives can help with any problem you have. Family and friends there is a way to get the funds you want and it is right here. Thank you Loan Me.
I'm very thankful for the loan the person who helped me out with my loan was the best and very helpful with everything. However after getting a small loan from you witch was 3 grand I then received from you in the mail a offer from you guy's for a loan up to hundred thousand down to 5 grand so I now wish you guy's would have sent me that notice b4 you gave me 3 grand cause I really needed more cash from you guy's I needed more like 7 grand cause I'm hurting for cash getting in dept and I really like you guy's you helped me out b4 with 5grand and that helped me out so much I so appreciated you guy's for that but I have to say I didn't even get enough cash from you guy's this time to really help me out with my bills just really put me more in dept basically for nothing you wanted the truth about everything there it is don't understand why you all loan me only 3 grand and then send me a notice that you would like to give me much more cash than that sorry it just doesn't make any sense to me and kinda gets me upset and I know that me telling you all this won't change anything for me but I pray that it does thanks so much for your time
Loanme is a company that focus on meeting your goal in getting you the captial for your business they rate are high but sometime you have to do what you have to make it work but you will get the money you need fast....thanks you loanme for the quick help
After months of trying to get a personal loan, finally someone was willing to help. The timing couldn't be better. I actually got more than I was looking for. I am so grateful. Being a widow on a fixed income & trying to do the right thing by still paying on my late hubby's bills. Thank you so much for your help. Judi S
Chung was extremely helpful and made the process go very smoothly.
Did a loan on 10/29/2015. It is now 11/3/2015. They have now called my cell phone 66 times. I begged them them to please stop calling and even during this review they called yet again. Loan is being payed in full this week. So if you like harassment 11 times a day just trying to get you to take a survey and then you take it..... and then they just keep calling ...
Very fast loan in amaze how fast was the loan thanks
The customer service I received from loanme was great. They assisted and explained everything to me. It was easy and no hassle. The online experience was easy. The funds was deposited by the next business day. Thank you loanme.
Great customer service. Very helpful and easy to use.
Got me out of a difficult situation when I have tried everything else. Payments are high but so was my debt. I can pay it off sooner and not have to worry about fees on top of my loan. Great service. Great timing and response. Great flexibility. Great feeling despite me feeling uncertain at the beginning. But in the end it was all worth it. Thanks LoanMe!
Awful just false once you applied you get a pre approve by mail just to be led back to calling them and tell you to register again. And the agents are just rude if you want a loan no here. And yes i will sue you fakes unless you hand out my loan because also my credit has been afected and weird activity has been going on my bank account. So call me and set it rigth 6197524306
Danny was very professional, polite, patient and helpful. He had great follow up and we closed the loan. Thank you, Danny. Suzanne B
My experience with LoanMe was nothing under spectacular. Timely, accurate, consistently listening actively to my needs, and delivered on their word. What else can a client ask?
Very helpful. I did not have any problems with the loan papers .
Very informative, responsive and secure.
I sought out Loanme, out of desperation. I was in a bind of my own doing and need a quick solution to my situation. My loan officer Mr. Phong Nguyen was amazing. He was patient, honest, and very helpful. Which made the process an easier pill to swallow.
Great experience helped a lot very satisfied
The service provided was friendly and efficient. Thank you for your assistance and help.
Brandon was very easy to work with. Kept me informed step by step.
I have had a great experience with the company. The associates have been very polite and helpful.
I felt the people were human on the phone. .and seemed to show an understanding of the challenge a person faces getting the process done. It took a bit longer than I thought..but in seems they actually got things done in a timely matter.... What bothered me most was the employment verification..that was a bit unconventional.. I felt that maybe my privacy was almost compromised...but things did get done as expected.... This is not an inexpensive aware of what you are doing and have a plan to get out of it...
I was helped by Fernando P. through the whole process, he has excellent customer service, he explained everything in detail. He was very helpful and patient with everything that had to be done. In the end everything worked out great.
I appreciate that Mike did all he could to walk me through the process. He let me know what I needed to do in order to do since I am a 1099 employee.
Very thorough, professional, helpful. Fast and great to deal with. Much praise to loan office Jermaine Hall
friendly and helpful
They are the best and will help you through everything and get you approved right away!!
Omg love them, it was fast and easy. Natali was amazing with communicating with me. I have not so perfect credit and they gave me a chance!! i was able to get $2600 loan and I needed it badly! Thanks Loan Me!!!
Cristain Lam provided the best customer service throughout the whole process! Thank you so much!
Quick and simple process. Lili was very clear about what the product is and what it is not. For a company short term need, it may fit the bill. I would use Loan Me again, in the right circumstances. Just can't give 5 Stars because of the 10% up front bite.
honestly it was ok I have a very high credit rating and they are not equipped to accommodate that to avoid giving them my user name and password to my online banking I had to accept a crazy high interest rate barring a catastrophic event never again
helpful ,very patient and courteous !!
This was by far the easiest thing to do. I thought it would be long and drawn out but it was done with in 24hrs. I thank Blake for making it so easy and painless
All is well, but got to pay it off quickly with in an year or 2 or you are going to pay 5 times more than you borrowed.
Customer service was simply awesome. I am not tech savvy. But the representative remained calm and talked me thur the process via cell phone. Kind and patient. Again, simply awesome.
Thank for lending me the money at my time of need. Mr. Vu took the time to explain all of the information about the loan and how best to get it paid back with less money out of my pocket as possible for me. Thank you again
Great customer service. Really appreciated.
This was easy to receive and was done fast
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