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TitleMax Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: TitleMax
Year Founded: 1998
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 73 %
I had a small car title loan with TitleMax and the lending process was very easy. They helped me to obtain a loan and they took about 45 minutes to complete the process. The lending processor was very personable and nice. They went over everything with me and explained thoroughly. I'm happy with the results.
Two years ago, I got my first loan through TitleMax. I paid that loan off within a year and six months. We just got another loan from them as no other loan company was willing to approve me. While my first experience was fair, the second wasn't. For the first loan, I had a 2003 Ford and I was able to get over $7,000 from them. But, for the second loan, I have a 2009 Jaguar and it's brand new but they said that the mileage was a huge difference so they would only loan us $5,000. I thought that was very unfair. Still, their representatives have been wonderful. The loan process took about an hour and their people were really nice. People should try out TitleMax. But, they should not automatically sign the documents and know their interest rates as well as how much they are going to have to pay over the course of the loan. Also, they should get a second opinion because comparing the prices between my two cars with the loans, it was ridiculous.
I had a good experience the first time I visited TitleMax. I went back and got a car title loan in 45 minutes and the lending process was quick and easy. I had friendly interactions with the lending processors and they were fast and really helpful. I had a peace of mind working with TitleMax.
I owe Title Max and I missed 3 months no payments when I got laid off of work. They came to get my car today and I just gave the guy my keys and he rode off and they didn't need a tow truck. So the guy told me to call Title Max and see if I could just pay them a payment and get my car back but idk how true it is. Can someone tell me something?
I was looking for a small personal loan on the internet and TitleMax just popped up. I got the title loan from them and it was pretty simple. There was really no paperwork involved just all on the computer screen and you just agree, sign your name and that was it. The only thing I was disappointed about the whole thing was that the interest is crazy ridiculous. When I paid off my first one, they told me that if I ever came and got another one that my interest would be next to nothing and that was a straight up lie. The interest is a little lower but I got more of loan this time then. I would recommend them. It's pretty convenient if you need some money and you can pay it off quickly.
TitleMax's lending process is fast, took 25 minutes to complete and the lending processor is straightforward and organized. It helped me get through a financial situation and I hope not to use their services like that but it’s a necessity and I need it. I’m glad somebody’s there to do it and it doesn’t seem they’re screwing anybody out there. Overall, it was a good experience.
It was easy and quick to get a car title loan from TitleMax. They helped me a lot. When I had a bunch of questions, I got the majority of them answered. When we were waiting for them to approve the loan, their rep, Cain, took the time out and asked me how I was doing. He got to know me and I got to know him, which was good because that gets me at ease. It makes me comfortable going to TitleMax because of how wonderful he was with keeping me comfortable with giving somebody the title for my car and the whole nine yards. He was great. I’m still paying the loan but so far, TitleMax has been good compared to Tennessee Title Loans, and hopefully it will stay that way. They're great that's why I've already recommended a couple of people.
My experience was exceptional. The process was fast, easy and pleasurable. The whole process took less than 30 minutes and I was able to walk out with a check in my hands. Customer service was top notch and the staff was very knowledgeable and welcoming.
I needed a loan on my vehicle for my bills and TitleMax was pretty quick. The entire process took 30 minutes. They just needed my driver's license and they went out and took pictures of my van. Then, they checked if I was qualified and how much I could qualify for. Overall, I'm very satisfied with TitleMax. I'd recommend them.
The experience I had with TitleMax was wonderful. My customer service rep was really sweet and let me know everything that's going to happen. She was so knowledgeable about everything. Working with them gave me what I needed and took some stress off of me.
Kathy and Tamika are the best. Their service is great and they take their time to make sure you understand and have everything you need in order to receive help. They are the best I have seen in customer service, and I will only work with them when I need help. The company should use their level of customer service as training and to get the other employees to that above average standard.
Titlemax is very close to where I live. Kevin, the guy I dealt with there, was really polite and easy to work with. He has been a huge help whenever I talked to him. Moreover, he went through all the paperwork which was needed at the time. I called on a Saturday morning and was finished with the lending process three hours after. It was very fast.
I got car title loan from TitleMax. A friend of mine told me about them. I quoted a couple other places and TitleMax gave the highest quote. They have a good and efficient process. They had a little bit of information to show, but it wasn't too bad. It took about 30 minutes for the process to be completed. The lady was helpful and nice. We sat down, offered me cold water and she explained to me the payments and how it works and we started. She was very courteous and helpful.
I drive by TitleMax all the time. Since they seemed more reputable than other lenders, I went with them and the experience was positive. The lending process was very simple. It took about 20 minutes. Also, the people were very informative and nice, and they made sure I understood everything.
The lady was very nice and helped me alot. I really liked the environment there.
I'm complaining about Title Max 'cause they change manager so many times and they repo my car for one payment, and the month wasn't out yet. They didn't give me notice that they was taking my car. I thought you had to be 3 mos. behind, but that not my case. I owed for July and it's not out yet. Plus the manager there is so nasty and act like he discriminated when you can't pay on time, he don't want to work with you. Plus my balance has been the same for the last 4 mos., like they putting the money in their pocket. I would like to know why would they do that. This is the Title Max in Lexington. Please help me understand. I'm on disability and they know I be in and out of the hospital. I hope you look over my complaint and give me an answer to my concerns. Thank you.
I renewed my loan with TitleMax and I’ve been working with them for two years now. The lending process took about 30 minutes. They took pictures of it, they evaluated, and it went through the Blue Book. They gave me all the paperwork, re-explained everything - what the loan was about. Overall, it was okay. They got good service and they’re really quick about getting a loan and getting the money you need.
I got loan for $3,500, HUGE MISTAKE. I've made 3 payments of $500, my payoff is $3,650. If I make the min. payments for the remaining 9 months, I will have paid over $7,500. I WILL be paying this off next payment. They should not be allowed to take advantage of people!
I got a short-term loan for 500 bucks with TitleMax but it turned into a lot. It was $90 a month and I can't be late. The duration of the loan is for two years max. I borrowed 5. By the time I'm done I might have to pay a 2. The process took about an hour and a half. It was longer than I thought. But both girls over there were really friendly and cool. I worked with only one of them but they were both helpful and they didn't pressure me to do the loan. They allowed me to think if I was gonna do this or not. It was very casual but professional. They knew I'm about to borrow some money that I didn't wanna borrow so they were not gonna push it down my throat and they didn't. They were really good about it. It was a beautiful experience and I would recommend them.
TitleMax told me that they were the lowest compared to other companies. I went for a car title. The processor had a good personality, she told me everything about the loan. They then gave me a check. The whole process from when I came in, gave my information and then got a approved for the loan, took 30mins. TitleMax helped me out and I would tell my friends to go there.
I tried TitleMax, said, "I went online" and he told me one place so when I got there, it was totally different. The lending part was cool. When I did the lending online, TitleMax told me my vehicle was worth $1300 to $2200. When I got there, they were telling me that my vehicle is worth something totally different, not even $688. They're going to give $688 for my vehicle and I said there's nothing wrong with my vehicle. The amount they gave helped, but for $488, the only thing I needed was $700, and that’s not a big difference. I got a whole vehicle title and see my truck "oh, that was the guy in August, I’ll pay you almost $4,000 for it". I used the black book buyer, but the black book buyer is bogus.The process was okay. It was a two-party title, so both of those has a lot of information and it took a little more than 30 minutes. It was the computer’s fault. They're saying, they do when they put in the computer, wait for the computer to approve, and that’s what takes so long. It took the computer 20 minutes just to get the approval. As far as the paperwork, everything else was good.Working with the lending processor is a normal process. I was talking with them, how their day was, they begin to process and she went out to look at the vehicle, took pictures of it. I came out there and so we came back in. I filled out a couple more forms and then came the waiting game. Now, I'll go ahead and pay TitleMax back asap before I get charged a whole bunch of money like $488. If I was to keep it with so much, I got to pay $1092. Other than those, I appreciate what they all did. TitleMax was great, I have my problem solved.
Something about the system of TitleMax was not good. It was a new system so the lending process took a little while. But the overall process was convenient and the people at TitleMax were excellent.
TitleMax had a lot of good reviews and when I got a car title loan from them, their process was so easy and took no longer than 30 minutes. The rep I worked with was talking the whole time and I liked him because he even looked through the file I had. All in all, it was a good experience with great people.
Somebody told me about TitleMax and then I've seen them when I passed on Veterans. I availed the title loan service from them. The lending processor did more than what I expected for her to do. She had me read all the paperwork and then I had to sign everything then she had to get it approved. That took about an hour. The people on Veterans location are very nice and they took care of me. I'd recommend them.
The lending process with TitleMax for my car title loan was pretty smooth. The process took about 45 minutes and the processor treated me awesome. But when I called and asked about the rates, they gave me an estimate on what the monthly payments are going to be on the amount of money I was going to borrow and it ended up being about double that. I was grateful I got the loan, but I just felt like I was told what I wanted to hear to get me in there and then the guy changed it up a little bit. Also, when they call like the main headquarters place and get an approval and the amounts, they should do that stuff beforehand. I'd recommend TitleMax but I would definitely tell people that the payments are going to be a lot higher than what they're saying.
Getting a title loan from TitleMax was quick and painless. Once I went in, the people were very courteous. Also, the loan rep was very knowledgeable and friendly. The process took half an hour. They asked for my title, the registration, and they had to see the vehicle to appraise it. I would tell my friends that if they will be in a financial crunch, TitleMax is a place they need to go to.
The lending processor was very nice and informative. He made sure that I knew everything. But I had to do the application twice. I thought that when I did the little pre-app online for the car title loan, it would be transferred to the store but of course, it didn’t. Otherwise, it was a very easy process that took about 30 minutes. They were very friendly people too.
I applied for a car title loan at TitleMax. I chose them over others because I remembered their jingle. I drove past a few different lenders, but I had Googled TitleMax so I kept going until I got there. When I came at first, the guy told me what I needed because I didn't have the car. I had to go get it and bring it back later that evening for my husband's job. When I got the car there, their staff took all my information and gave it back to me. She also told me how I would have to wait till she got a response back to see how much they would give me. Their overall lending process was fine and took about thirty minutes. Then lending processor told me I needed to make sure I make my payments on time. I told her I had spoken to the guy that was in there. My last name is different now so she called him and made sure that was okay. And then, she explained to me the process that they would take my title and send it off to another city. And then I would have to pay the whole loan amount back plus interest before I could get my title back. She took pictures of my car, came back, and we just waited and talked. Then she got a reply and that was it. Working with TitleMax has been really good. I'm in my last semester in school and I'm about to graduate next Sunday. But I needed the money to help me pay daycare because I have two kids there. We were behind on that and so, we were able to catch up. I was able to pay my rent for the month without getting a late fee. It helped because I was able to avoid having the stress of trying to figure out how I was gonna borrow what from who and I ended up being able to have everything paid on time. It was really a blessing and I would have never thought that I could just go in so easily. It was a good, easy experience that really helped me in the long run.
I went in to get a Title Loan and was well received. Everything was going good and then the computers started messing up. It was not General Manger's fault. It took a little extra time and he was very gracious about the situation. I will definitely use your Company again when I need it.
DUSTIN **, is one honest, helpful, caring individual who takes care of people! We were strangers to him, never met him, out of state and he went above and beyond to help us recover our son's truck. In our time of need, Dustin was there to help perfect strangers with a dilemma! He revived our faith in human nature and we consider ourselves blessed to have found him! WAY TO GO DUSTIN, We are FOREVER GRATEFUL for your kindness!
This business offers loans when needed but charge a exuberant interest rate. Also will call every reference you list and tell all your business if you are a few days late on a payment (which is against the fair credit consumer laws). I wouldn't recommend this loan to anyone unless you are into owing 5x's more than you borrowed!
I had some important bills to pay within a week and I hate even doing a title loan altogether but I felt okay doing it with TitleMax because I’m gonna try to go get it out this next week. The process was quick too. It was like 20-30 minutes and the lending processor was very professional. She was awesome.
I was in need of some financial help and just went into TitleMax of Shelbyville,Tn The manager Brian helped me like I was family, respect and praise for his attitude and character...I am very happy I went there, and hope if you need help you go there too...
The lady in TitleMax was very nice with me. The only part that I don't like is in the commercial they promised to give you $3,000 or $4,000 and then they don't give you the money that you expect but that's okay. They also say the money is ready in 30 minutes, but it took me an hour and 30 minutes. Somebody was messing with the computers and I waited a long time and wasted my time right there in TitleMax. Overall, my experience was okay.
The neighborhood TitleMax in Phoenix Arizona located at 35th Ave and Union Hills has exceptional customer service and the Associate who helped me her name is "America" was so sweet and very knowledgeable of the title loan process. I would recommend her and TitleMax to anyone needing to get a title loan.
I have been a customer but I needed some additional funds. I was there a little longer than normal because they worked with me to ensure that I could obtain the maximum amount I needed. I appreciated that very much including the professional and courteous manner from the staff. This store was at 610 Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, Texas
They were very helpful, always there when I had questions. They know you by name which makes you feel like family. My husband and I really really needed the money after I had surgery and was struggling to pay the bills but they were there when I needed the help. Thank you TitleMax.
Great company to do business with. The associated were very friendly and helpful. The manager Patrick Tankersley was so helpful and explained everything to me. Answered all my questions and was willing to help me in any way that he can.
Some friends that used TitleMax before said they were really easy to deal with. The lending process was super flawless, simple, painless ,and pretty fast. From the time I walked in to the time they took pictures, everything they did took probably 30 minutes. It was awesome. It might have been a little longer but not much if it was. The lending processor was outstanding, too. He was very professional and personable. He carried on a conversation with me while we were going through the process, talking to me about other stuff than just the loan process. We just had a project come up that was a little unexpected, but he reassured me that I don't have to have the whole expected time. I can pay the loan off in 10 days if I wanted to.
It was a very easy process to get a loan from TitleMax. I got a car title loan from them and everybody that I dealt with was very nice. I started on the phone with them then I was only in the office for half an hour. It was very pleasant. They made everything very simple.
I was having a bad month and I really needed money. I went to TitleMax and they have a good lending process. I just had to present in a license and my title. The process took around 45 minutes and I had a great interaction with the loan officer. Working with TitleMax has been great and I would totally recommend them.
My friend told me about TitleMax. They earned my business because it was an emergency and they got me in and out there real quick. I got a car title loan and it took about 15 minutes. Also, the rep answered all my questions. They helped me out and stopped the stress out for a minute. If anyone asks about TitleMax, I would tell them to go there.
TITLEMAX IN TROY, MISSOURI. I got a title loan and the process was simple and easy, lowest rates around. The staff is awesome. These ladies go to Great Lengths to get you what you need, they're very professional and take their job seriously. Fast and friendly.
We obtained a car title loan with TitleMax. The loan processing was fast and easy and took less than 30 minutes. They checked the car and took pictures. We filled out a form after that. Then, they explained everything to us like the percentage and the interest and gave us a check. The loan processor was polite. However, I think the interest rate is high at 15%. Other than that it was a friendly and efficient service.
The lending process for a car loan at TitleMax was easy and the lending processors were professional, really nice and polite. The process took around 45 minutes. I had no stress at the time I was working with them because when I needed to borrow money they were there. Also they gave me a give-back of $25 for ATB or a Walmart card and that was really nice. TitleMax was excellent and they did good service.
Got what I ask for
The first gal I had from TitleMax ended up helping me with my motorcycle loan. She pretty much walked me down and talked to me about everything that was going to happen. I heard about them from a friend and it's the first time I ever had to do anything like that so I was kind of skeptic. But I needed to get it done because I had to send some money to my family. They were affected by the flooding and I wanted to help them out. When I was at the TitleMax office, the computer was down so I was there for almost an hour. But their lending processor was friendly and really good because she pretty much got everything done for me. The loan helped me in a major way and though I didn't get as much as I was trying to get, TitleMax still got me what I needed and everything went well.
My experience with TitleMax was very good from the people I spoke with on the phone and in the office. Spring Valley location. The process was easy as they said and the documents needed were as they said. Everything was quick and easy. My problem was that I had given my vehicle info online and was given a quote of possibly borrowing $5700 to $8700k. My blue book value was about $5400 on a good value. However they claimed my vehicle was only worth $1000k and since the min is $2600 in CA they were not able to help me. They valued my vehicle at the low end of the trade in value for a dealership. KBB said trade in value was $1000 to $2900. Had I known ahead of time, I wouldn't of wasted my time. So be aware. The quote you get in the office is the lowest end of a trade in. Check KBB before going in. I was disappointed because I had called and checked online for answers to my questions before going in so I wouldn't waste my time but I did regardless. So I recommend checking KBB first or calling and asking specifically about your vehicle's worth to know what you can borrow.
With TitleMax, the overall lending process was easy, fast, and convenient. It took about 30 minutes to be completed. It worked, and working with TitleMax was useful for what I have needed it for. Convenience led me to chose them over others. Also, the lending processor made me feel comfortable.
My sister told me about TitleMax, and they were quick to respond. I inquired about a title loan online and someone reached out to me the next morning. The lending process went well. It took over an hour, and I had to leave and go to work then come back. So, it took a while. The only negative thing I had was that I put it in my bank and it just took a while for the funds to be cleared. Nevertheless, the lending processor was very nice and knowledgeable. She made it pleasant, and they also had snacks that were so good. It's very convenient and easy if you ever needed funds in a hurry.
Very nice people. And was very helpful and didn't take long was n and out less than 45 minutes.
TitleMax seemed professional and the people I talked to on the phone were real helpful. I went in and talked to them face to face. I got the truck title loan and the process was great. I had to bring my car in. They looked over it and took pictures, looked over my title and made sure I had my paystub. They also required an ID and my title to the vehicle. It took 45 minutes.
I wish I would have looked up their reviews to this scam of the place! I was in between jobs my child's birthday came up and I needed the money for my power and his birthday, I'm a single mother with a full-time job & was having hard times like everybody else making a review for this place. My car is worth $10,000 and I borrowed $1,500 dollars from them 6 months ago. I am charged $250 a month and $50 a day "they never tell you about in the beginning" for being late. Just like everybody else on here I figured my car should have been paid off by now so I walk in the store to get my principal & pay for the month thinking that was probably going to be my last payment to find out I still owe them $1,500??? So for the last 6 months my $250 plus the few times I was late they charge me $50 a day all that money went to them!I understand charging a fee are making a reasonable interest rate but what they're doing is downright Savage. I doubt that the owner even gives a ** or ever reads these reviews but I really hope he/she one day does and knows that they will have to answer for all this one day! If their life's not already miserable from Karma. I've used other title loan companies and never has it been this bad where nothing goes to the principal or they do 90 days no interest. And when I walked in there and seeing that I still owed $1,500 of course I paid my $250. I got a receipt back that said I now owed $1,250 but 15 minutes later I got a text message saying that I owed 1,500 to get my title back. So they make you believe your money is going towards the principal when you pay them but when you leave it's really just a fee and they somehow always seem to "justify it".I wish I could go tell them to ** themselves but then again "they have my title" last month I paid $300. I was 1 day late so I owed $250 plus $50 for one day late fee. I didn't get a message until a couple weeks later saying my car is on the tow list because I owe them $2.38. Yes that's right "TWO DOLLARS & THIRTY-EIGHT CENT" for the previous month which makes me 1 month behind. I called and ask the girl from the Mobile, AL store (no names until I get my title back???). "Why do I owe $2.38 & why didn't you let me know when I paid" and she said "It was taxes!!!" If they'd had my right address they would have done towed my car even though I pay every month even if it's a couple days late but you can believe I'll be paying that bad boy off when I get my next check.Bottom line is there's NO WAY to get your title back unless you pay the ENTIRE amount that you borrowed all at one time. What's ** is that if you are in the situation where you have to borrow that amount of money? The chances of you accumulating that much again on your own is impossible. You would have to put back some money each month, which is also impossible to do if you owe them each month too. There's no payment plan! There's none of that. In order to get my car back I would have to walk in there with $1,500 and hand it to her as long as I'm going in there with $250 a month the principal will stay the same.There's other title loan companies that treat you better and charge you a moral price. So if you can't get the entire amount then try to go to another Title Company "a legit & moral one" (trust me there are few good ones) and make sure you ask all the guidelines and Maybe even have a lawyer present & then go get your title back from the HELL of a place TITLE MAX!!! Oh & FYI if there are any good reviews on here notice how they name names and locations! Because they are employers reviewing themselves. Trust me!
TitleMax is a great place to do service with, they are very experienced in the title loan business and they treat their customer great. You get the best rates at TitleMax period! I Recommend TitleMax.
I did business with TitleMax two years ago for a friend of mine. I was familiar with them so it was my first thought to go and do business with them again. I had to get some auto repairs and pay a few extra bills off so I went in there and got 80. It was easy to deal with them. The young lending processor was very nice and professional. It was great doing business with them. It worked out well and I always pay them off in a timely fashion. And by doing that, it allows me to be able to go back if I ever need future lending.
The person I worked with at TitleMax was nice. Everything went smoothly with the car title loan and I got the check immediately. The process took less than an hour.
My husband and I were having money troubles and one month we fell behind on the payment they called one of our references and told them that we owe money and that they were going to repo our car. It is against the law to do that.
I used TitleMax about five years ago. I was in a bind, so I just needed them quick. The process went smoothly for me. I paid the loan real quick and I didn’t have any trouble. So, I just went right back to them and they gave me a title loan on my motorcycle. They still have my information in the computer system and everything was the same. So, it was just like an in and out process. It was that easy which only took 20 minutes. Once you’ve done all the process and they have most of your information on the computer, it makes it a whole lot easier and faster. Their rep was great. Even though I really knew the process, she still explained everything to me and went over every document and every document I had to sign. And afterward, she recommended me what I should do, and everything was fine. She cut me a check and that was that. As long as you pay a little bit more than what you're supposed to pay, then you’ll get through the process fast. But if you only pay the minimum, I don’t think you’ll get anywhere. So, if you’re supposed to pay $100, I will recommend you pay about $125 to $150, whatever you can. So, it’ll eliminate some of the debt. Overall, I was satisfied and I will recommend them.
I used Title Max because I needed a short-term loan to pay my rent and monthly expenses. I borrowed $1615 and paid it off in 30 days. My payoff amount was $1808, which wasn't bad to me at a $193 finance charge. If I had taken two years to pay, I would have ended up paying over $5,000 for a $1600 loan. I was aware of this when I took out the loan that's why I made sure I paid it off in 30 days. If you do not have the means to pay off the loan quickly, do not do this. It’s not worth losing your vehicle over. I had a pleasant experience only because I had an emergency situation and had means to pay it off quickly. I would never use them as a long-term lender though. It is easy to get the money you need quickly, but it can definitely take advantage of people who are desperate for money and do not have the means to pay off the whole amount quickly.
I drove by TitleMax since I live down the street where they're at and they were all very helpful. I got a title loan for a van and a car and it was quick and easy and done in an hour. Also, the lending processor made sure he explained everything about the payments, and interests. He was a nice guy. Thanks to TitleMax I can now get my truck fixed.
I was in need of something and I was not familiar with the area so I went on Google and TitleMax popped up. Their lending process was easy and the fastest. I'm from Louisiana and they do payday loans out there which will run for 2 hours and some change depending on who runs the counter. But with TitleMax, they had everything in line. Their reps were even training new people while they were helping me. I could understand everything and the service was pretty good. But they were moving really fast and I was in there for 25 minutes. It was effective and effortless. My lending processor was also awesome and I plan on to go back and use them again.
TitleMax has a familiar name, so I got a car title loan from them. It was very pleasant and super easy with them. However, it was a little dodgy going in because the guy was busy doing the paperwork, so there was some waiting. Nevertheless, the time to process the loan was quite seamless and made nicely in favor for me. I brought my title in, went over some papers and signed them, and then they started the appraisal of my car. The whole process took about 45 minutes. My lending processor was super pleasant and funny, and he's cool. It's been nice working with TitleMax, especially since it's quite a small payment that I can do with them. They're pretty fair for what it was for a title loan.
I went in for an application for an employment at TitleMax, and I ended up doing a title pawn. They had to go out and look at the vehicle. I had to do the application, and they told me how much I’ll be receiving and my monthly payment. I like the payment. The process was completed in a little over 15 minutes, and I liked the overall customer service experience. The rep I dealt with was a new person but she seemed like she had been there for a while. She really knew what she was doing, and she didn’t really have to ask for any help. Getting the loan from TitleMax helped me a lot because I was short for my rent money.
I did title pawn with TitleMax years ago. They did good and I was satisfied with their customer service so I went with them recently for a car title loan. Everything was quick and easy. Their staff was friendly and tried to help the best way they can.
I've always dealt with TitleMax when I lived in South Carolina. They helped me a lot around the time that I really needed it and everything went by fast with them. They broke down each deal with me and explained each page thoroughly so I won't have any misunderstanding. If I ever had any problems, they worked with me. The last two times I went to them, I talked to the same lady rep. She seemed knowledgeable of what she was doing, and wanted to make sure that if I had any questions, I'll give her a call so we can work something out. Sometimes, the lending process is fast, but last time it wasn't, because a lot of stuff happened with me physically. But they still took their time and I never got harassing phone calls. So I recommend TitleMax. You will get your title back if you deal with them.
The lending process at TitleMax was very easy and convenient. It took a good hour 'cause they were busy, but it was reasonable considering that there was only one person there part of the time, and a second person came in maybe after 20 or 30 minutes that we were there. It was the first time we’d ever done it, so they answered all the questions that we had, and was very polite, helpful and nice. They had excellent customer service.
The lady from TitleMax that helped me out was very nice. She understood what I needed and tried her best to hurry up and give me the car loan. The lending process took half an hour. It was an excellent experience overall.
Very good service pleasantly surprised about the positive attitudes. Outstanding experience
Get a car title loan from TitleMax was convenient for me. They're very efficient and their loan processor was very courteous and polite. Their overall lending process was very easy and was done in less than 35 minutes. I would recommend to a friend.
Took a loan in 2004 for $500, paid every month for over 3 years. In 2007 I tried to payoff the loan, asked for a payoff balance, was told that I owed over $1200. I refused to pay that amount and fought with title max for the next year I was paying $125 a month. Asked why the balance never went down and with all their fees only $5 was going to pay on the loan then late fees were added because the total payment was not being paid. So I ended up owing more than I borrowed. Never got my title back and the vehicle no longer runs since it is 1998. However I cannot do anything with it because the lien is still on the title and title max will not release it.
I liked my experience with TitleMax. It was pretty good and they were awesome and professional. I went to their store and got a title loan for my truck. It was an easy process which took me about 30 minutes. The wait time was a little bit too much because there were people in front of me, but that’s normal. The lending processor was nice and quick but I wanted a little bit more than the appraisal I got. But that’s all they could give me and I don’t know if it was because of my credit history or the value of the car. My truck has a lot of mileage but it’s only one owner and it’s never been crashed. And that’s why I got like a Kelley Blue Book value and my truck was almost $4,000. When I did the quote online, I got $2,000 over but TitleMax only gave me $1,020. That was fine though since the loan helped me move into my new house because I needed to pay my deposit and the first month rent on the place I was going to get.
In terms of the payment schedule and the rate, TitleMax was more competitive than other places that I went to. Getting a title loan with them was easy. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Their reps were very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very forthcoming on the process and terms and conditions. TitleMax helped me relieve some stress. It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend them.
TitleMax was in close proximity to my home and I read the reviews online. I got a title loan from them and the process was pretty cool and it didn't take long at all. The rep wrote everything down for me and let me know step by step and when it came down to the actual loan, there's a key off the machine from another third party lender company, but he broke everything down from the procedures and then the key procedures and the decision to go with TitleMax sounded easy to make. I had a couple of bills I had to pay and I wasn't getting paid until the following week so working with TitleMax helped me out.
I drive by a TitleMax store when I go off to my job. It was convenient to go there so I went and pawned a title. The process was easy and was fairly quick, which was good as I tried to get the stuff done on my lunch break. It probably did not even take half an hour from start to actually getting the check. I thought they had to do direct deposit but they did everything and cut the check. The lending processor was very courteous and I had a pleasant experience. I was a little nervous because that was my first time ever having to do that, but it definitely wasn't scary at all.
We were a day late when the phone calls started happening. We have recently gotten custody of our three stepdaughters as their mom vanished two years ago to a life of men and drugs. She lives at the beach and she is having a great life or so she says on Facebook. Yeah, I snooped, but oh well, just can't understand a mother (which she isn't) walking away from their children and never calling, not on birthdays, Christmas, nothing. Not even a simple Happy Birthday on Facebook yet she can tell everyone else... Anyway, this post isn't about that. That's a whole other soap box. Okay, so we take out this loan, stupid as hell on our part... My husband gets paid this Tuesday. I tell them we are coming to pay. Last Thursday, well just so happens, he got a flat tire and had to call in. The job was supposed to be done and he would have gotten paid Thursday. Well, he had to call out Thursday, because he has low profile tires and they were hard as he** to find at a used tire shop. We finally found one 40 miles away, and after several incidents, we were good to go. Then we come home. Well, he does HVAC work and just got his first job since being laid off and starting his own company. He was to get paid when the job was finished. Granted we owe every bit of it out. Well, anyway, Friday it rained, and the units are outside, so he could not go that day. Now, last night, we have been hiding it in the woods and a tow truck has not been here since the first one did, a week ago. Well sure enough about 3am, in pulls a red wrecker. I went out there and talked to the man. He let us get all of our stuff out. However, I am wondering if I could not have just told him no, he could not have the car, since it was not on the roll back. Matter fact because of the way my husband's truck is, it is a low rider with air bags, if I could have just told them to leave since they are on private property?
Every time I come in or call, nothing matches. You call and they tell you your payment is one thing then you come in it's something else. You spend 20 minutes just to pay loan in cash. How hard is it to take money. You get them paperwork and they don't add it to your file. Disclose your loan info to whoever they call on your references!
I called about a small loan and the ladies were amazing. We scheduled an appointment time for me to come in. When I arrived, they were waiting for me. She remembered why I needed a loan and asked general questions about me. She took a genuine interest in me as a person, not just as a paycheck for her. The whole process lasted only about 30 minutes.
TitleMax's lending process took a while because we couldn't get proper pictures for the van because of the shadow from where we were standing and their processor helped me. We had to take a chair outside to my car and take a picture of the van. It was a team effort. We're both so short trying to get the picture but she was really sweet. The process was a lot easier than what I thought it would be. Even with the picture problem, it only took 20-25 minutes. TitleMax definitely helped me pay a couple of bills and get caught up with what I was behind on. And the layout that the loan processor gave me for the payment plan was very, very doable. Getting a loan from TitleMax is an easy process if you would just need a quick loan and planning on paying it back.
TitleMax was able to give me a small title loan of a 150 which helped me out because I was in a pinch for the exact amount that I needed. So, I was able to take care of business and I did not have to worry about it anymore. It also took them less than a half hour to process my loan. I brought in the notary forms, the title, ID, references' numbers, and the rep Ariel explained the requirements as well as the procedure on how the title loan works as far as the payment and repayment suggestions. Ariel was also pretty detailed and helpful as far as making sure I understood that in the event that something happens, I have to let them know first so they can work with me. He was very friendly too.TitleMax was also to the point. When I went there, I understood that I have to be cautious not to take too much than what I need because there is that risk that they won't hold up my end of the bargain and then, of course, there's a possibility of losing my car. But, they were very upfront with that unlike some that leave out details.
I inquired about TitleMax and found that they had the best rates, hands down. The application process was great too. The lady rep explained it very well, and went above and beyond. She made me feel comfortable and totally at home. She and all of the staff, even the store manager, were very good. Their whole system and process are really good. I'd definitely recommend them.
TitleMax has a branch close by and got a car title loan from them. Their loan processors were very professional and just wanted to get the loan approval. Their overall process went pretty clear and fast. With TitleMax, it doesn't take time to get a way if you need a quick cash.
It's great to know there are still some businesses with common sense and professional courtesy in the US. I encountered one this week in Clinton SC. My dealings with Barbara and Destiny were extremely professional. Most of all was their air of friendliness. I was treated almost like a family member in need. I highly recommend that you stop by and visit with Destiny or Barbara to see if they can help you, or just drop in for coffee and a friendly hello from some super hometown folks.
I went to TitleMax on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington Delaware and had the worst experience. I called the company from Reading PA where I live to explain the distance I would have to travel just to get a title loan. I explain to him that my car had some damages in detail just to see if he would be interested before I even wasted my time traveling there. He explain to me that it was OK and I could get a loan approved from anywhere between 800 to 1200 dollars which my asking price was only a 1000 so naturally he complied. When I got there finally and they seen my car I was denied completely. I was furious. I told them "Why did you give me a price then tell me you can't do nothing for me. That is false advertising." His response was to me "You didn't tell me it was that bad" and he was suppose to be the general manager.Then I asked for the corporate number it was given to me where I explain what happen to a representative where he wrote down my information and sent it in a email to the corporate boss and told me he would get back to me. A few mins later I receive a phone call where he told me that he couldn't do anything for me and just gave me a bunch of apologies and that he would train his staff better. Never go here especially if anything goes wrong. There is no backup for assistance except your own as far as legal expenses.
My wife and I needed cash quick for a dental procedure that my wife needed. We had seen their ads and thought we would give them a shot, BIG MISTAKE. You get to keep your car as long as you pay for their outrageous interest rates and terms. A loan shark would have given us a better deal. We made the payments until we had supposedly 5 payments left and I got laid off for 3 weeks. I explained to them that we could not pay the full amount but we could pay half of the payments. Next thing we know is they are calling us 3 to 4 times a day plus calling our family and references. I borrowed the money to pay them off from family and they said we owed them nearly triple what they originally told us. I didn't have that and said I would pay them what I had. They gladly accepted it and then 2 days later they took our car and told us we had 10 days to pay the remaining cost plus towing, repo charges and fees. Long story short, our loan turned into a loan almost 4 times what we got from them.
My experience with TitleMax wasn't really good. I went to them because I needed help with household payments and my friend was telling me about them. But, they made me feel as though my car wasn't worth anything. I did the online application before I went in. They told me one amount, then they acted like it was something totally different when I got there. My lending processor was okay, however I believe he told me a bunch of lies. The process took 1 hour. After that, I called another loan company and they offered me a lot more. So I'm waiting for my title to come in, and I'm going to pay it off. Working with TitleMax really didn't do anything.
Got 1 month behind my payroll - check delayed, having car issues, spent money obviously on car so could work. Guess they thought it was in top shape should come repo it. On 2nd payment called, advised would be in on Thursday, not one word except ok. Repo car on Wednesday. Never ever will I go here or do a car loan again. Never notified me to come get contents in car. Repo man wouldn't tell me where it would be.
I had a few bills that I had to catch up with. TitleMax is just right there in Alcazar where I live which was convenient for me so I got a car title loan from them. The process and customer service were good. The rep, Teresa, was really sweet. I didn’t know anything about the title loan before that day and she explained everything thoroughly even though she was really busy. I was there for about 45 minutes to an hour because she was right by herself and there was a lot people coming in. But it was okay. Everything was good and working with TitleMax has helped me out.
TitleMax's lending process was good which only took about 15, 20 minutes. They wrote me a check and the funds were available as soon as the application got approved. Their customer service team informed me everything that was going on in a timely matter. Everybody was awesome. I’m satisfied.
Hey, my name is ** and I had a title pawn with Title Max for 4 years at 380.00 a month. Yes, it's hard to get a loan when you're poor but that doesn't mean you need to be rip off. I have a great news for people who have been with this company for a while and want their title back -- Demand or get a lawyer. I did and they let me out of my title. If they tell you some bs don't believe. I have proof. If anyone is interested and hearing my story please email me at **.
I walked in there feeling negative that i wouldn't get a car title loan. The people their went out of there way so I could. Kind courteous lovely staff. Ty Jesus for TitleMax.
Just as advertised!!
TitleMax does title loans. So, I called and talked to them on the phone, and they got my name and information, and I told them I would go there that day. Getting a car title loan was really easy. I was already in the system when I was in Savannah, and I just had to update some stuff and fill out the information. And I wasn't even there that long. Their reps were very nice and polite, and I understood everything they said and they explained to me. So, overall, I was satisfied with the service I had. The person who helped me get the loan helped me understand the payments and what I would have to pay and she let me know that if I had any questions, I could call her. She also explained that if I'm not able to pay at times, I just have to call ahead of time and they'll work something out. I would recommend them.
I got a loan for an automobile processed almost thirty days ago from TitleMax. The process was very smooth and not intimidating at all. Everybody was warm and very accommodating as well. I am happy with them.
TitleMax seemed like it was more commercialized. I've seen others and their buildings look like rundown. I went online and researched and Titlemax seemed more established. I had talked to one of the representatives over the forms. He was expecting me when I walked in and he called me by first name. He went over the process with me then he took pictures of my vehicle and got my keys and all the speedometer readings. He seemed very knowledgeable, running the detail about everything, and went over all the flyers. It was about 30 minutes for everything to be completed. It took a bit to put the money in 'cause I had to go to a bank and the bank near them closed down so I had to go all the way across town. But it was a very good experience with Titlemax. It kept some bill collectors off my back for a while. I would suggest this company to anybody who needed money and had the means to pay it back.
The gentleman was very thorough and explained the entire loan process well and clear. My questions were answered and I walked out of there feeling all was OK. It didn't take long for all my questions to be answered. I truly recommend TitleMax to anyone in need of a quick title loan... It wasn't difficult at all :)
When I decided to get a loan, I went with TitleMax. I obtained a title loan on my car from them, and the lending process was fast and it was easy. The lady who helped me was very nice and polite, and she explained everything to me in detail, too. Also, I was a returning customer, and when I went in there the first time, the process took 15 minutes at the most. TitleMax has affected my life, and I would recommend them. Go ahead!
I applied for a title loan, very easy process, but unfortunately my payment had gotten to behind and they sent for a repo. Titlemax sent me a letter in the mail to pay my remaining balance of my first bill by 11/21/2014. Please note, the next day after receiving that letter, they sent the assist manager to my door, 12/21/2014 had not even come. TitleMax called everyday at least 2 times a day, to pursue a payment. Even after I made arrangements to pay them. Overall, the store manager had my car repossessed on 12/29/2014, by Nationwide Recovery, telephone number 312-309-3559. My problem is with both parties, Titlemax said I need to pay $1000, for my car and I can go back to the scheduled payments and they would send a release to Nationwide Recovery so I could recover the vehicle. I then asked the store manager if he could put that in writing and he said no, he could not do that. One of my concerns with Nationwide is, once they received the release, they says I need an appointment to pick up my vehicle. A few other problems were, the staff was nasty to me, she hung up on me 4-5 times, accused me of being another customer, told me her boss is Barack Obama, and then said she was closed and to call Friday, Jan 2, 2014. I just do not feel safe paying TitleMax the money, and still have to received an appointment from Nationwide. I really feel like it was a scam all the way around. Now, titlemax has sent my car for repossession and I have no idea who has my car because the Nationwide is not disclosing information to me.
The truck title loan from TitleMax came very handy when I needed it. I would definitely refer them. The overall lending process was simple and it went pretty smooth. It was completed in about an hour. And the rep who helped me was very good, nice and polite. He was easy to talk to.
TitleMax's overall lending process was quick, it only took 30 minutes. Their people were very friendly and helpful, and they explained the stuff to me. The only problem is the location I went to where I can only do a 30-day payback, whereas the other TitleMax locations gave seven months which was more convenient because I am able to break the payment down with a monthly plan to pay them back. However, the rep did tip me that if I needed an extension I can get one on it. I would definitely recommend TitleMax.
A friend got TitleMax before. I got a car title loan and it was easy. It will take you 15 minutes. I liked everybody. I can recommend TitleMax to everybody.
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