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Installment Loans, LLC Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Installment Loans, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-855-544-5363
Overall average rating of 2.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 32 %
All around complete professionals. I applied online, and within in minutes I was approved for the requested amount. I can't tell you how grateful that I was to be able to receive the money within 24 hour from applying.
Well, it should be better!
The website sent me to a connection page and then just sat there. They said someone would call within the next 30 minutes but no one called until the next day. When the rep called there was horrible static on the line and the background was so loud that the agent was barely audible. After verifying some information the agent then asked me to tell her my banking information (which I am not comfortable doing) especially since all that should have been right in front of her as I had entered it on the website. I relented and gave the requested information which the agent proceeded to repeat out loud. When the process was finished (I was not approved) I tried to ask a question and the rep proceeded to talk over me to the point that I just said forget it and hung up.
Could not get a loan from them so I don't know how they are.
Really really need help & because I'm far from perfect, & no one is you know, that because I've been refused (yes sure bad credit is OK!), now I will be homeless w/my husband we will be living in our 13 year old car.
My experience with this company is the best gift God blessed me with. I am able to provide a head stone in Honor of my Mother... Mary Ann Jones Rest in peace. She is truly missed. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jacqueline E.Belim
I didn't think I could ever get a loan and I was approved for a $1K loan!!! I had been turned down everywhere! Great site! Quick approval. I am so thankful!!!! Thank you Installment Loans!!!!!
Very very helpful !!! Great service.
They are fake, will not approve a loan I need. And sends me to another website. They are worthless.
waste of time promised al ot and never came through
I was looking forward to being presented to Loan Companies who specifically offered Installment Loans not Pay Day. Well I got Pay Day Loan people so it was dissappointing
Best place to get the loan,they ask to make the insurance ,and once I made it I got my loan with in 30 minutes
I applied to a lot of sites that stated "you can get a loan even with bad credit", but no one has given me a loan yet. If they are not going to give out loans to people with bad credit, they should not put in their offer.
Presentation of application was good easy to follow. I was looking for an installment loan and I was routed to I think a pay day loan site and that is not what I was looking for but when my credit is in better standing I will contact them again.
Paying outrages interest on small loans is forbidden for those that need an installment loan at low payments.
You say bad credit ok, but that isn't the case. Yes, I have bad credit and need a loan and was turned down because of my credit. All I wanted to do was to consolidate my debts into one payment. That would lower what I pay out each month with one payment and if any was left over, fix a few things that need fixing. That would bring my credit score up and my payments down.
I was provided a list of lenders right away, that quickly met my needs. They were thorough and explicit.
I thought I was dealing with an honest, ethical corporation in the lender I was referred to. Then I came to this site. I have to refuse to deal any further with the lender. They told me I had to complete an application and accept a loan before they would tell me what the monthly payments on that loan would be. I'm pretty sure that is an illegal practice.If not it should be.
Worst place ever. Try someone else.
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