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Payability Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Payability
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 646-494-8675
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 80 %
Clearly, its because of PAYABILITY that we were able to scale up our business four fold in the past one year. We were able to get handsome loan from Amazon because of our increased sales. We highly recommend Payability to all Amazon sellers who want to leverage the advantage of daily revenue stream over biweekly payments by Amazon. Our experience with PAYABILITY has been EXCELLENT and our account managers reach out was extraordinary. Best Regards, Aruna Shilagani President SB Distribution Ltd.
Ive been using their service for 2 months now and I'm glad i have. Been able to take advantage of quarter 4 getting the funding i need to invest in more product getting them into amazons wharehouse faster, instead of waiting for amazon to pay me in 2 weeks. In every business you have expenses, this is minimal if you want to scale faster. No problems so far and they are quick to respond to questions.
Food service one of a kind customer sevice a wave into future business ...
Absolutely fantastic Service! Wouldn't be able to have superb cash flow without them! I'm able to reorder inventory every few days!
I've had a wonderful experience with Payability. Everyone I've spoken to within the company has been extremely helpful and professional. Having the ability to access funds daily has helped me stay on top of inventory and my business has been growing faster than ever. I highly recommend this service to anyone interested in growing with Amazon.
I have been using them for almost a year and when the cash flow is heavy it is a convenience. But, if you have an amazon loan..DO NOT use them!!! They hold in reserve almost as much as amazon does. At this point is amazon...I would have my money free but they are still holding large reserves. UPDATE: I got a phone call from Keith Smith the CEO of payability. He was lovely and has addressed my issues. The support staff at least for me was severely lacking. But, the help I received after my review made it to the top of the food chain was amazing. He is active and following up. I suggest before you give up on the company due to support issues until they get more on the ball...that you ask to go up the ladder. Based on my interaction with Keith...I will not be closing my account and will still recommend them. If you are having an issue due to the excessive amazon loan need to get to the boss. They have to fix this issue for smaller may not affect the big ones but it can kill the little guy.
Helpful and straight forward to deal with.
Honest, good customer service.
The guy who helped me, Michael, was super helpful, the whole process was easy, took about ten minutes of my day and I had a couple grand in my bank account the next morning, easily worth the fee for my situation.
Instead of waiting 5 weeks for our amazon payment Payability was able to pay out next day. Setup was pretty simple. The rep was more than helpful and very easy to talk to.
Awesome, great customer service.
Payability is a great step between a line of credit, a loan and gaining access to capital. If waiting two weeks to access your money means you lose out on sales then Payability is your solution.
The app has been vital to the success of my business and their customer service team is the best. There are a few new ideas that once implemented will make the whole thing easily 5 stars.
A+ service ! Be sure to take advantage of the pre-funded Digital card to help offset the already low fees!!
Great service that really helped grow our business
Has made my company easier to manage
Payability has enabled us to scale much faster with the daily payouts rather than waiting for the bi-weekly payouts from Amazon. Fees are very reasonable, especially when you evaluate what you're able to do with the daily payouts in lieu of waiting two weeks. No more missed opportunities because of lack of capital!
Seriously, the awesomest. Before Payability, my business would grow a little bit, a month at a time. Being dangerously underfunded, i'd work and wait, work and wait. This is the difference between full time and part time. I'd like to shout out Mike, who has been helping my business grow from first contact. So much gratitude. the first month i started using Payability, my business grew 82%, and this month is on track for about the same. If you are an amazon seller, you need this service if you want to grow fast.
Great customer service. They called me when an account was having some issues so that we could work on getting it resolved the same day.
I can't heap enough praise on Payability or the service they offer! We signed on like 6 weeks ago and last night my wife and I realized that neither one of us knew when our next Amazon payday was because for the last 6 weeks EVERY DAY has been payday! LOL! If you're an Amazon seller, you know what it's like only getting your sales money released to you twice a month. Payability puts an end to that! With Payability, you get access to 80% of your Amazon sales money right away and 20% on your usual Amazon 'payday'. The remaining 1% is paid to Payability as a one-time fee. The application process is a bit much to take in. If you're an untrusting person, you might be swayed by posts made by other people telling you to 'stay away'! I saw several posts dismissing Payability as a 'payday loan' or predatory lender of some sort. I'm assuming those are the same folks that scoff at everything or they just didn't even LOOK at the details. There is no 'lending' going on here. Here's how it works. Let's say 1. You do 1000 in sales on Amazon on Monday. 2. On tuesday morning, Payability logs into your Amazon account and downloads your sales. 80% of those monies are IMMEDIATELY available to you in your Payability account. The other 20% are held in reserve. You can initiate a transfer of the 800 available dollars right away. If you initiate that transfer by 3:30pm eastern, it will likely be in your bank by the NEXT DAY. The remaining 200 dollars of your sales for monday are placed into your 'reserve account' at Payability. 3. On Tuesday, you do 2000 dollars in sales on Amazon. So Wednesday morning (around 9am) Payability logs into your account, records your sales, places 1600 dollars into your 'available funds' account and another 400 dollars into your reserve account (which is now at 600 dollars). And so on, and so on, and so on. There are a few things that have to happen for this business model to work. You are going to have to create a user (a SUPER USER actually) for Payability in your Amazon account. You will need to give them FULL ACCESS to your Amazon account. They need this for several reasons. They need to be able to log in and see your sales numbers for one thing. How can they buy your receivables if they don't know how much you have in receivables? Also, you will need to set the bank account information at Amazon to reflect Payability's bank. Amazon will no longer be making payments to YOUR bank. Honestly, yeah, I was a little hesitant at first. But I took the plunge and I'm glad I did. It's a small company. Their support has been infinitely friendly and patient, and most importantly, when we crunched the numbers this week, they all seemed to be dead-on. The only difference was that we had access to our money the whole time. Well that, and the fact that our Amazon payday is now able to sneak up on us instead of us waiting for it!
The services Payability offers gives a young business the independence needed to grow on its own merits.
When I first started selling on Amazon, I had daily payouts. Then business grew and I had to switch to a ProMerch account, which pays bi-weekly. I have missed those daily payouts, especially in the fourth quarter when things are moving and selling so quickly, and it's easy to find yourself lacking available funds when you happen upon another hot item. Payability allows me to deposit funds daily and keep the flow going without any hiccups. So far, I've grown my business 300%+ over this time last year! And I expect that to continue through the busy holiday season. Thank you, Payability!
Best thing I ever did for my business was sign up for Payability. I highly recommend signing up!!!!!!!!!
Great Company- Wished I would have signed up sooner.
I was skeptical at first, wasn't sure if this would work or if it would be worth it. But this company has proven themselves to be not only trustworthy, also very good customer service, and providing a valuable asset - faster cash flow. This has allowed me to grow my business 20% in the last two months and I see it being exponential from here. Totally worth the small fee they charge.
Personal are total professionals and take reasonable time in making sure you understand everything. there here to help you grow, awesome.
Overall, I have been very satisified with Payability. The system updates daily and if I transfer funds in the morning, I usually have them in my account by that evening. The layout of the purchases, charges and fees is a bit hard to decipher. I try to leave enough in the reserve so I don't worry about not having enough. I am new to the whole system, so perhaps time explains how it all operates.
Where do I start? I applied about a month ago. I spoke with Michael Reiney. Even though I had to wait another month due to program policy, He explained every thing. I had a million questions and even though I wasn't approved yet, He answered all of them. You just don't see that with companies anymore. I didn't feel like I was just a number. Also, After I told him I was a 9/11 veteran, he thanked me for my service and I felt really honored with his kind words. I am sure Payability has a lot of awesome people but Michael Reiney is the one I want to talk about. After my time for waiting was over, I called Mike. He walked me through out the process of setting up my account he was always communicating Via-Email or phone. I called him around 930 AM ish and By 7 PM the SAME day, my account was up and running. If you are interested in this program, I would highly recommend the company! Thanks again Mike,
Payability is the current solution for me. It truly has been a lifesaver. Payability's professional staff has been a bonus!
Great business model. Free up receivables giving you the cash flow necessary to take the next steps in your business.
awesome company that helps you keep your inventory stocked by issuing your amazon payments early as the next day.kudos to payability for helping us grow 150% last year
I sell on Amazon and love that I can get paid out the next day instead of waiting the 2 and half weeks for Amazon to pay me out. Payability is Great!!!!!
Payability is a great company to work with. They have allowed me to have a great cash flow in my business and I appreciate the trust they have given to my business to add extra funds when I needed it. I no longer have to wait 2 weeks for my money, I can get paid daily with Payability. Thank you!!!
Obviously we all hate not being able to get our immediate money from amazon. Thankfully payability fixes this for a small fee. Some people have compared them to credit cards and have showed how a credit line would cost less in the long run but what people fail to realize is that payability is giving you your OWN money. There is no obligations to pay anyone back once you get it and since the transfers from amazon automatically go to them there is no way for you to accidentally get yourself in a pile of debt. I personally love them because I am not the most responsible person with credit cards and I know that is probably not most people but if you feel that you also don't do well with credit or just don't have a large enough credit limit then these guys are for you. When you think about it money wise, paying $20 for $1000 of my money today is worth it for me instead of waiting a potential 2 weeks and 3 days for the transfer.
I have appreciated having access to faster capital with Payability. My business is growing fast and they’ve been instrumental in that journey!
Payability: an invaluable tool for small business Amazon sellers. I've been using Payability for about 6 months now, and it has proved to be a one of a kind tool. Differently from eBay, where sellers are paid in advance, Amazon has its own payment cycles, and Payability provides helpful cash flow injections, on a timely manner and under reasonable costs. I can only hope they create new products and services, all developed towards small business (for instance, Payability Lending, perhaps an improved version of Amazon Lending, with better terms and conditions), among many other ideas. Regardless what may be in the pipeline, as of today, I'm a happy customer. Sincerely, Paulo Pereira Pan Import Export Corporation
Fantastic service and reasonable fees. Wish customer service hours were longer and would prefer it if the transactions/fees page were cleaner and easier to follow. Other than that-aces.
Payability is been very helpful over the last month since I started the program if you have a high turnover rate it allows you to buy more inventory faster because you have funds available within 24 hours after the transfer highly recommended for businesses was high inventory turnover.
5 stars good for amazon sellers
Great service for daily payment disbursement’s.
Great for keeping cash flow problems in check. Low fees, very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
I’ve always had good customer service with them. No major problems experienced and don’t have to worry about them being resolved if I do.
I gave it a try in the early stages when everything wasn't quite as refined as it is now which is understandable but the real problem is I stopped using the service and obviously paid whatever I owed but they wanted to keep charging me afterwards and now my account say's suspended or something like that.
Very happy with my experience
I like the philosophy of their idea, and the fact that I get paid everyday, well it moves my business forward. If all stays well, I will be very happy. Thank you.
Get paid fast, this is very simple ,!
A great resource for entrepreneurs that are running a scaling company that needs cash fast!
I found it very frustrating selling on Amazon and only getting paid for those sales every two weeks. That was my biggest single obstacle in growing my business. Payability solves that problem. It was super easy to get started, and I haven't had any issues. Their staff is very helpful and professional. Yes there is a fee (obviously) but trust me, you need this.
Sign up was quick and easy. Efficient organization. The interest rate may be high but it's nice to have cash flow.
I love Payability, and it's so awesome to be able to get daily payments. If I request the payment to be made before 12:00 PM, I usually get the deposit in my bank account around 9:00 PM that same day. I didn't even know ACH could happen that fast. The service is fantastic. I always get fast responses from my account manager, Brent, and he's very knowledgeable about the entire process. Signup took a few days, and he was with me every step of the way. It's only been a week or so, but I can already see my business scaling to new heights because of the instant access to my funds. I've had my first $10k month this month! I love Payability.
When I was considering using Payability's services, I searched online for reviews so I thought I would share mine to help others make an informed decision. I gave the service a 5 star rating because in just 2 months, I've been able to grow my monthly sales from $1,500 to $6,800. I've done this previously without the help of Payability, however it took me a much longer period of time to see this kind of growth in my own. Life got in the way and I had to start over. Payability has helped me to greatly accelerate what I would have done eventually, and I am very grateful. I thought the fee was a little high for a smaller seller, but to be 100% honest, it hasn't been an issue at all and very soon I expect to be in the bracket where I only pay 1% instead of the flat rate fee. I had an issue with my account, one that I accept full responsibility for. It took some time to get it resolved. It was frustrating but as I said, it was my fault so I couldn't be too upset. And I was still able to withdraw payment a few times while it was being resolved. Overall I am extremely happy with the service....being able to get paid almost every day rather than every 2 weeks has been crucial to increasing my sales volume, and their customer service has been excellent. There is a chat feature, a support ticket feature, and I even spoke to Nina on the telephone. Keep up the great work guys!! Samantha
Outstanding service extremely helpful Michael Reiney is very helpful and very professional. through out the process of setting up my account he was always communicating Via-Email or phone.
Excellent tool. Makes things much easier. Now only if they did loans.
I have recommended to other seller
It's a great way to get paid when you want! Alex, that works as a Growth Account Manager, is who you need to contact when starting out. His reliability is legendary and his efficiency is just as impressive Great person and a great company.
I've been using Payability several months now and have nothing but god things to say about this service! Having daily deposits based on my Amazon sales allows me to turn my inventory over much faster, which, in turn, increases income potential. And all for the same cost as typical PayPal charge fee of 2.9%. Second, their customer service people are extremely responsive and helpful. What more could you ask for?
Working with Payability has been great. The service they provide is perfect, it has helped our cash flow and has given us a new tool as we continue to grow in e-commerce. We are especially grateful to Alison and Susan from the Payability team, they were great about follow-up. I highly recommend Payability, and am happy that we are working with them.
I'd like to share my experience as it may help you decide if you want to move forward. Unlike most Amazon stores, I keep very little inventory on hand. Instead, I list the inventory my supplier has on hand (over 24,000 items) via their inventory feed and as it sells daily, I am able to make purchase orders with my suppliers to be shipped to be the next day. I then ship the items out to the customers. This allows me to have almost no risk in buying inventory that won't sell. Because of my business model, and increased sales, my working capital was thinning. You know if for some fluke I then have 4 to 5 times the sales I did the previous payout, was causing me to dish out the money from my pocket and pay myself back. Payability allowed me to cash in the $$ I had already accumulated for a small fee. Yes, there is a reserve, but and a fee. The reserve is lifted once the disbursement is made. And with the fee, they offer options to earn 2% cash back. Overall this helped me stretch cash flow and grow my business at an even faster rate than it was growing before. The sales team is very nice and fast to answer questions.
Payability continues to be the "key to success" with selling on Amazon, and partnering with a company that takes the pain away of selling with Amazon so as an owner/operator you can grow, and know that you'll have daily cash flow with Payability.
Awesome Serice, highly recommend
Huge changes in my business thanks to Payability! It is great to wake up every morning with a email showing the money deposited into our account!!!
Payability is a great team of people to have on your side as a entrepreneur. The company understands the needs of business owners, especially beginners. It’s not easy however payability resources help a great deal.
Payability has been an integral part of the expansion and growth of my business specifically on Amazon. With the constant looming concerns about cash flow the concept that payability has been able to manifest has allowed me to better plan for my inventory, better plan for my payables, better plan for just about everything pertaining to finances with my business. The staff is excellent extremely responsive and quite honestly some of the friendliest people out there. This has been a godsend to my business.
Payability has helped my business immensely. Allows me to order more product and keep sales flowing. I really love having the Virtual Debit/Credit card which gives back the 2%.
The fees are okay, but the platform works like magic. Best
Great service enhanced by wonderful, attentive, caring customer support.
The best solution for amazon seller, I'm really improve my bussiness. I'm boost my bussiness almost 300% the sales per day, I'm really, really thanksful with payability to help me!
The bank deposits are great, but the credit card has been too frustrating, I stopped using it. Overall I like the service, but the hours ( business hours east Coat US) are too limited for tech support , which was needed often for the credit card, and response times too slow ( even after I spoke with support it could take days to get my needed answer.
Payability is a great resource for new, cash-strapped sellers. It is easy to setup and use. The next day access to funds really makes it easier to pay for expenses and purchase new inventory.
Providing access to my funds within 24 hrs has helped our business grow!
Thanks to Payability I have increased my sales by 70% from December 6th, 2016 to November 18, 2017!!! The service is seamless and the customer service is top notch!!!
I was going through life with Amazon in an endless cycle of : #1. We're broke #2. We have some money 2 weeks later #3. repeat 1 and 2 NOT ANYMORE! With Payability THERE ARE NO MORE BROKE CYCLES! cash flow is predictable and manageable. What a load off of the bookkeeping department.
We wanted to start using this service long time ago, but Payability had this $250 minimum fee. Once minimum fee was removed we immediately signed up. We been using this service for about a month and we love it! It works exactly as it supposed to, funds are available same business day if you transfer it before noon. Now it easy not to run out of stock because daily cash flow makes life much easier. Would strongly recommend using this tool in your Amazon business. Im working with Alex, so far only positive experience, if something needs to be done he is on top of things. Pleasure to work with people who don't put things away for tomorrow. We really appreciate working with this company, thank you guys! Bottom line great, fast service, definitely worth 2%.
I am happy with service. It serves a need that Amazon simply could not meet. The one thing I do not like is the double charge of 2% if Amazon holds back funds. I'm a smaller seller (books) so 2% of gross rather than net does hurt slightly especially being charged it twice. It is however allowing me to scale my business with access to my capital faster which is nice. It would be awesome if Payability gave me a reward for connecting them with radio show they are being interviewed June 30th. I'm grateful to be using this service. Great business idea to help sellers. My business is growing because of Payability.
I resell a product line on Amazon which I drop ship, so Payability has been of really good value for our company since we have to use a credit card with our drop ship vendor. It would have made it very challenging if we had to wait for the bi-weekly Amazon payment before paying the credit card. It is also great that you have the option of using their credit card which will just about cancel out your fee. I highly recommend Payability!
The customers support teams they sleep. Contact 3 4 days already but can't talk with them. Beware this company. I'm lost a lot money from this company. They never paid correctly your money.
It was awesome with interacting with payability.
Payability is a long overdue solution for Amazon sellers to be able to grow their businesses and alleviate cash flow constraints from slow disbursement periods. I have been involved in ecommerce since the late 90s. Back before eBay as even really a think. Back when Yahoo had auctions and Amazon had Zshops. Of course, the lead times back then were much greater as there were were a lot of mail in payments such as Money orders and such before other payment solutions entered the playing field. I am an expert in Amazon 3rd Party merchant solutions and have done 9 figure revenue with them. Our business is seasonality, so 50% of revenue is in the months of November and December. As most small business owners, we have less than stellar credit. Suppliers want payment up front before goods are even shipped, so there is the lead time to even get product, then the lead time to either send to FBA or do a merchant fulfilled sale. Then we have to send the product and get paid every two weeks, after paying substantial fees. It limits our growth because we simply can't keep inventory levels that match buyer demand. Combining the factors mentioned above, your cash flow cycle can easily be extended out 90 days. Banks don't give loans. Other companies offer RIDICULOUS interest rates with he explosion of some of these factoring companies. If you take out a $100k loan and you are starting to pay it back via a daily ACH withdrawal the day after the cash is received, realistically your funds you have to work with become closer to $65k-75k. These have to be paid back within 3 months or so, and on that initial $100k loan you are often paying back $120k+. I am afraid to even do the math to see what that looks like as an annualized APR. Payability gives me funds from my sales daily, and at a rate that is on par with conventional lending methods. Payability fees are so low that it is ZERO concern that it will affect my margins or product selection. Customer support is great to deal with as well. Since being with Payability, I have had a LOT less stress. Blood pressure is down, and I can actually grow my business. And best part of this is that they WANT to work with you and help you out. It is a symbiotic relationship that is working out great. I hope to continue to grow with Payability and work on my relationship with them to further my business ventures,
Payability has been awesome. Quick same day deposits and helpful always. The credit card is excellent. Ty ! Cindy
Since starting with Payability, this has been a great help with managing my cash flow.
Had a security issue with my Payability card over the weekend when I was sourcing at target. I went sourcing and spent $80. Then I went to get food later that night and my Payability card was ringing up insufficient. I was just sourcing, I know exactly how many funds were available. I check my Payability transactions and a Target store in Pennsylvania has charged my card over $5,000 in charges all $99.99 and $999.99. Over a dozen charges. It was Martin kuther kind bday wknd and I had no customer service until Monday. And I had no money as well. Next day comes around and I’m calling target and Payability. Target says they have no record and Payability said the issue is with the card service not them. I’m still sitting in limbo hoping I may write a good review once this is over with. Hope I can.
I began using Payability about a month ago to help with my cash flow for my Amazon business. All I can say is THANK YOU PAYABILITY! It has taken the stress of having to wait two weeks to reload my cash flow and has given me an opportunity to increase my business from 30k to 50k in a month. I highly recommend this service to any small business owner trying to grow their business.
While no business person would really want to drop 2% of their gross revenue simply to access their own funds in a reliable fashion, I do feel the flexibility that Payability can add to my routine will enable me to focus on my business, instead of worrying over the rigid disbursement schedules and delays I have been having to cope with recently. I am impressed with the simple layout and ease of navigation their website offers as well. My account manager who I spoke with today appears knowlegeable, pleasant to speak with and quite professional indeed. I look forward to a long and productive business relationship.
Excellent communication and convenient money transfer.
A great company to work with, great customer service
New to this process, but everything seems to be working well.
So far, no complaints... easy to use interface, friendly staff, essential service to be able to access and use our Amazon funds immediately.
Good experience, excellent product / service. The issue in my case was not having explained how the start of the service worked during / after the trial, as well as the fee structure when it came down to the harder questions. Account rep seemed to be more interested in landing the account (even just the trial), than spending the time to stick around and answer questions. Still a client though - solid service.
Excellent service from the support team.
What are the fees
Mike from Payability has been awesome to work with! This company is going to open the doors for so many small businesses to succeed! Funds really do come in within 1 business day at the rates they tell you. The saying "too good to be true" is not the case for this service. Payability is truly too good to be true! Thank you Mike and the Payability staff!
I'm happy to be able to get my money much faster than Amazon releases it. This allows me to keep my inventory in stock without worry. The only issue I have to not be a five star rating is I have not been able to figure out how to see exactly what is going on with my funds.
After receiving a phone call we were able to get the issues straightened out.
I truly appreciate having payments come daily. Having those payments is allowing us to grow our company at an accelerated rate.
This is a very good company and they have helped improve my cash flow for a reasonable price.
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