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Chrysler Capital Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Chrysler Capital
Phone: 855-563-5635
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 53 %
fairly easy to use.
Cryshler Capital helped me scratch an itch and become the owner of a Dodge Challenger! Thanks again!
My overall experience was seamless, fast and straightforward.
Easy and quick had a truck the next day. Got me good on the apr though 22% ouch. Didn't have any credit either though.
Chrysler Capital was able to finance me with a certified preown car despite Having bad credits also a forst time car buyer! The people that helped me, took time to get to know me and especially understand my credit situation. So instead of just lookig at my score, they used every resource they had to get me finance. I even got a good rate, and will definitely use this chance with them to build my credits.
Great help! I am very happy with my choice!
Chrysler Capital made the financial part of the car buying process so easy.
We handled our credit application and review online. It went quickly and the results were satisfying. It's a good way to "fly!"
I loved the service!! It was nothing less than excellent with a side of amazing! I have and will continue to recommend my friends and family to take advantage of its's excellent service and rates!
I just got started, if you will, but so far so good. The folks at the dealership were certainly very nice. The website is easy to use to make payments, too.
Easy to work with very smooth transaction.
First time user, not impressed. Can't change due date to accommodate, can only set up autopay to pay on the due date (which doesn't work for me). I can make a payment thru my bank, however they mail a check that takes 5 business days. Payment made online thru website costs.
The Pacifica I purchased was great. I was able to get the price I wanted. However, I did not like the fact there was a 4 inch scratch on the driver front bumper. This was found while I was picking up the keys, after we had filed the paperwork. We had to borrow another van from the dealer but it was a pain with 3 car seats. Everyone was professional and nice. My car salesman was good and they were very apologetic about the whole situation. I would recommend this dealer to anyone.
After owning a vehicle since 2015 Finance through Chrysler Capital I have argued with this Bank every month they refused to send payment information on time they lie on every call placed the payment information comes 10 to 14 days late it shows obviously being printed after the due date with late fees already assessed when you call in and ask Chrysler Capital where the payment information is they tell you just to make your payment without having any payment documentation from the lender they continuously add late fees to the account knowing that they're not sending the payment information the billing statement on time and have done so for over 30 months terrible Bank representatives are liars I will never accept a loan from this bank again if I ever am approached to sign docs with this bank I will get up and leave whatever institution I am at whatever deal is going on gets canceled immediately I will never involve myself with this lying cheating substandard a****** Bank
I will never deal with them again!! The automatic system does not work. The representatives lie to you and does not value you as a customer. I paid my car off and now they are giving me the run around for my release of lien. Is this how you are treated once you account is paid in full? I wouldn’t refer my worst enemy to them.
I was paying a car loan for over 4 years with this company. I went to trade in my car and they refused finance unless I had a co-signer. The loan was $5,000 less than what I had before and my credit score is over 800. It really did not make sense and even the car dealership said they were an awful company and don't know how to handle people with a good credit score. Ah well Chrysler I got a better interest rate somewhere else so I would not have re-financed with you anyway.
Went on the computer did everything myself got my approval went to the dealership picked out what I wanted delivery was easy process this Bank made it possible for me to have the truck of my dreams they also set my payment that worked for me and the date very happy all the way around
Company financed my car even though I have no credit.
By far one of the best Financing experiences I’ve encountered. I definitely desire to continue business with Chrysler Capital for yrs to come. Thank you:)!
I wish 0 stars was an option! Picking a vehicle financed by Chrysler Capital has been (Yes, I'm still dealing with it) worst decision of my life!! The amount of phone calls, wait times and having to repeat has been so astronomical I have their number unfortunately saved in my phone. Getting documents such as "power of attorney" or a "lien letter" so I can even register my vehicle has taken weeks and constant follow up. Only getting transferred and told they can put in the request and then someone in another department will be "taking care of it." I wish I had researched more on the financial side of leasing a vehicle (and read all the horrible reviews about Chrysler Capital has) than being so concentrated on the vehicle it's self. Stay away from this company!
I had purchase a vehicle once before through chrysler capital. Instead of going back once my car got totaled, i went to 5 other places and no one helped me at all. I decided to go back with chrysler and walked off with a 2015 volkwagen. My credit was horrible but im glad they took into consideration my on time payments for three years i had with them.
Dempsey dodge was really helpful special mention Jim our salesman made it a worthwhile, easy and enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the friendly family.
Quick approval from time of application Easy to sign up on website Variety of payment options Updated balance shown The only drawback for me, was the $2,000 limit for a payment.
This is our 2nd Chrysler Capital loan. This one we applied for online for pre-approval. It was quick and could not have been easier.
Overall it was a smooth transaction, dealer did need to call and get my teir changed but thats the only complaint. Ive been using Chrysler capital for years so that was kind of a shock for me the dealer had to call.
Excellent customer service everyone friendly polite
I have had a previous loan through Santander and when I found that Chrysler Capital was operated by them, I could not pass them by. So far I have nothing but a very positive experience with these wonderful folks and I would highly recommend them. They do not sugar coat or hide anything, just the way I like it.
where a big help, even with my credit score to get a car
Garbage payment systems. The only company that doesnt seem to want to take my money. My online account constantly "disappears" i get late fees for not paying on the due date of the next month. Never missed a payment but thanks to their brilliant team, however, they've had to waive numerous late fees for refusing to just take my money. Dont set up autopay thinking itll solve your problem. Every so often theyll skip a month for no reason, then charge more late fees, then ill call and they fix it, then it happens again. Pay manually and youll find yourself every so often without an online account with them.
Excellent understandable explanation of details, advise and a great deal!
This loan application process was easy and quick!
Very accurate fast and friendly!!
HORRIFIC I leased a 2014 Chrysler 200 and previously had a 2001 Chrysler 300M, and while the cars were fine, I will absolutely NEVER be giving Chrysler CRAPital my business again. The number of HOURS I've spent on the phone with their untrained, uninformed customer service representatives over the SAME ISSUES REPEATEDLY was asinine. - Their customer facing accounting/billing was sketchy, provided no transparency, and frequently included charges that were unwarranted - Every bill (not exaggerating...EVERY BILL) I received had an unclear/unexpected charge or an error; there was absolutely ZERO transparency into what I was being charged for - Every time I called a customer service representative, they would put me on hold for an absurd amount of time to research my seemingly simple questions - They provide NO means of keeping records of calls (no reference number, no email, nothing) for future reference, so when I had to call back later to discuss the same problems, I had to start all over again Thinking about dealing with Chrysler Capital makes me sick to my stomach. Absolutely horrendous company and I will never, ever be giving them my, or anyone else I know, business again.
We had a great experience using Chrysler Capital!
The majority of the other reviews are regarding a customer's experience at a dealership. Not sure why people are reviewing the dealership vs. the "Chrysler Capital" financial institution, but here is my basis story: Your loan is $450, you pay $500 every month in an effort to pay down your loan and save yourself long-term interest charges. The application of the extra $50 to your principle balance IS NOT AN OPTION with Chrysler Capital. Never experienced, never heard of such a simple failure with a major financial institution. Stay away, if this option is not available, it demonstrates the true intention of the company to nickel and dime their customers. Their answer is to physically call in every month and request the over-payment be applied to principle. Embarrassingly awful...
Wish they did not charge you for internet payment
Just became a customer but they seem like the others.
I had an answer quickly!
Great !very helpful. Made car buying experience easy.
Went online, got my approval and picked up my car.’
Nick Banta is one of the most helpful and professional salesmen out there. Communicates well and in a timely manner and made the process so easy. Thank you!
Shopping and leasing experience was great, especially working with Louis, but I am still waiting on the Service Manager to contact me about some outstanding upgrades.
Absolute Trash of an auto loan company. I went from 2 months behind in a payment to 4 months. I have provided documented proof and every time they tell me no I have not. We have never received it. I went from owing 520$ to over 800$ in one missing months payment. This loan company is complete and utter frauds. Some days I want to just say screw it come take my car but I need it to get to and from work.
Interesting rate on loan higher then what hard on previous loan,
Dear Sirs and Mams, My name is Thomas Spoon from Pennsylvania (Aliquippa ). I had a follow up with my purchase at Firkins. I was just hoping that they would acually detail the vehicle like they said they where going too. Still the Dust remains. Through the the whole truck..I even wiped more of the heart of the truck to make it cleaner even...I'm a very clean and speak my mind kind of kinds. I love the jeep itself, nice ride, smooth even. Much props for the designer of the vehicle...Carrie was my salesperson from the mitubishi side of the main building....Spoke with the manager briefly, the other gentlemen from across the street brought me over to that side first...Carrie had split the sale with the original guy that I met first...I truly wanted the Ford Escape they had there, $10,444. Couldn't find anyone to finance me..312 a month iasked, I get 423 a month for half the car that I traded for it, 2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Turbo Sport...They paid it off but, I didn't get what I was set out to get.....Windows need tinted as the dealer offered to pay for the service and u haven't gotten an email since I changed my number recently. They never went above and beyond. ....I'll take a trailer hitch, windows tinted (50% darker then legal all the way around ) Gotta have the upgraded latitude. Sticker in back.-Touch screen in front (Gps,CD,DVD,Etc.)m)) Detailed in and out,inside of the inside, people who are supposed to treat the customer as a aquantaince., not a problem you might have to deal me 9415244696. Thomas Spoon a.k.a. Spoonman
I can't thank them credit was not so good they took there time to get me the best rates. My sales person was Doug and he was amazing. The customer care excellent and made me feel good as walked in. Thanks to the manager that also to care of me. I would highly recommend friends and family to Hudson Valley Dealer.
Well next I want a better apr , I'm grateful to them being on my I want to use them for all my fin. Opi like a RV
I really had a great experience buying my car I didn’t think that I was gonna walk out of there with the car but thank you Chrysler capital
This is my second car that this company financed. When I had to call about any issues they have always been understanding and very helpful! If I get another car I will finance through them again!
Chrysler Capital made the loan process very easy. I got pre-approved over the Internet and walked into the dealership and picked my vehicle. Left the same day in my new truck.
I didn't get the car I really wanted and have a high interest rate
So easy streamline process!!!!!
Chrysler capital made mistakes throughout my entire lease process - I turned in 1 Jeep (under my husband and I's names) ,I leased a new jeep under just my name - Chrysler continued to send us bills for remaining balances on the loan (even though those were paid off by the dealer when we bought the new jeep lease) and Chrysler attempted to charge us a Disposition fee (even after we just leased a new jeep!). Took 3 phone calls to try and correct it. Unacceptable. Additionally, website difficult to navigate, unable to link accounts from one leased vehicle to another - had to delete accounts to reuse my same email address. Also difficult to make changes to my account settings. Chat personnel were helpful and attempted to solve problems.
Don't buy a Chrysler product ever! They will not treat you fairly. Fair warning. If you are those that were approved for financing and feel that Chrysler helped you......face reality. They made money off of you. Plain and simple. The bottom line is Chrysler came out with a horrible line of vehicles and is now refusing to stand behind them. It is now my mission to try and help everyone avoid the mistake that I made - to trust this company to do the right thing. I won't go into the entire story, just know that I decided to lease a new 2015 Chrysler 200. Since I've had the car, it's had two recalls and more than 12 things wrote with it to include the replacement of a transmission!!!! The first recall notice we received earned immediate response from us so we called the dealership and we were told that they didn't even have the part. Over a month later, the vehicle stalled at an intersection and I almost got him. Miraculously when I called the dealership, they had just received the part in so I had the vehicle towed. They kept the vehicle for about a month because they fixed the recall, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with it past that point. Turned out to be several electrical issues. I was very upset about feeling as if Chrysler leased me a bad model so I requested of them to either exchange the Chrysler for a new one or take it back and terminate the agreement without penalty. Fair enough, right? I went back and forth with a horrible representative who showed zero empathy and claimed that all he wanted to do was resolve the matter. All they gave me was a month worth of my lease payment back to me!! The story doesn't end there!! The next recall I got came at a time when the check engine light came on. I brought it in for the recall service and was told that the check engine light was most likely due to software updates. There happened to be 4 or 5 of them, PLUS the recall!! When I picked up the car it wasn't, but a couple of miles before the check engine light went back on! So I called them up and told them they need to arrange for transportation of the vehicle back to the dealership. It was over a week later when they told me that they had to replace the transmission!! Now keep in mind people, this car had LESS THAN 15,000 miles on it!! So, I once again called Chrysler Corporate and started the ridiculous "jump through hoops" process that they have and who did I get as my rep?? The same non caring, non empathetic person, Kean (If that's his name) He started to immediately give me the run around by telling me it'll take time to find the original service records. (Took a week.) I told him that I had them in front of me and I could email them to him. He said he doesn't have an email to give, but that he would contact the dealership and get them. He claimed that Chrysler doesn't keep the records that far back in their system. (It was only a year ago since the last service issues!!) So, what did I request of Chrysler for a resolution? I wanted them to take this piece of garbage car back and terminate the remaining 10 months left on my 3 year lease. Wanna know what they agreed to give me??........ Drum roll please..... They said that I could trade the lease in for a new Chrysler at employee pricing! As if I would be thrilled to sign my life away for another number of years to a company that treats their customers like garbage!! Moral of this story? Don't buy/lease a Chrysler. Even if you love the car! The company behind the vehicle doesn't care about you!! Chrysler, watch out......EVERYONE will know how horrible you are. I promise you!
Awesome service and communication.
The experience I have with Chrysler Capital so far has been a good one. The online approval process, the communication, and the process was very seamless, with no challenges. My concern is with my new car purchase. I have yet to experience the new car as within 14 miles of driving out of the dealership, the engine dumped it's oil, and has been in the shop since, waiting on a backordered part. So my dealing has not been stellar, first payment is coming up soon, with no car. I realize it's not Chrysler Capitals Fault in this,
See above! Had to have a co-signed after my precious lease payment was rediculois!
I don't have anything good to say about my loan cause u have me such a HIGH interest Rate.. I will be taking my loan else where here soon..I just paid my payment 2 weeks early and that's what I get.
not thrilled with the dealership,and was told that rates were from 3.1-5.9.ours is 5.3 and my credit score 850.and all this from a fast talking money guy at the dealership
Got approved quickly and got a new truck pleasurable experience
Was offered deceiving interest rate with one car dealer but 6.5% financing through a different dealer. They are very bias when it comes to who they finance. I can guarantee they take advantage of certain individuals and give them bad deals even tho they have excellent pay history with their previously financed vehicles.
With a 768 credit score, and the market's low interest rates, 4.40% APR is too high. Strongly considering refinancing the entire loan with my credit union. I feel like I was slightly taken advantage of considering my great credit history (less than 10% of credit used, credit cards paid in full every month, 100% on time payments, tons of available credit, 10 - 12+ year credit lines, one inquiry and new account in the last 2 years, etc) I talked to my uncle after the fact, (who is a regional bank manager) and he told me I should have gotten a much more competitive rate. Partiality my fault for not shopping around. I'll split the difference on the rating and leave 3 stars.
Chrysler capital made it an easy smooth transaction for me to purchase my new car when I was having issues elsewhere. They are the best.
5 stars all the way from the pre approval process online within seconds to the leasing of my vehicle
i had a great experience at grand junction dodge
They were excellent in helping to get my loan and was fast in doing so
Aprouval was quick and easy. I was in and out within minutes
This was a very friendly and easy process
Love Chrysler capital. Didn't think I could get approved with no money down. But I did. Thank you so much!!!!!
Terrible company!! They took total advantage of my 21 year old son. He was approved for a $600 car note on a basic model Jeep Renegade. He works at Walmart for Pete’s sake. Plus he has rent and other bills. Not only was he approved but they gave him a high interest rate. My son has excellent credit so it’s no need for the high interest rate. My son didn’t take anyone with him to buy the car and didn’t know any better. Now he is stuck with a car that he can’t even refinance because of the high interest rate! It’s a shame how the take advantage of young naive people and possibly ruin their credit early in life.
Financing...Easy to apply for and get approval for financing. A lower interest rate would be nice. Getting an interest rate in line with other car Co. would of made things much better.
great lease deal
Our family had financing through Chrysler Capital for purchase of the car. The account was open for the name of husband, but we've called right away to put my (wife) name on the account, because I'm always taking care of bills and payments. To make my life easier, because usually I have to specific dates for payments every month, I have changed the due date of the payments to Chrysler Capital. And it seemed everything was Okey. But in half year my husband has changed that new car on the bigger one (was needed for business) right at the dealership and drove home on the other car. It was happen before the payment due date. We were hopping that dealership would take care the whole situation, like they said, but the next month we've received a new bill from new financial company and from Chrysler Capital which declare double amount of regular payment, as we've not pay the previews bill... I'm, as wife, called to the Chrysler Capital to clear up and resolve the situation, but no one wanted me to help, until my husband would give his approval for giving out some account information! Besides, that earlier we've put my name on the account for things like that, I still can't understand what kind of "conspiracy" it is?! What harm could be done from my side?! I believe that Chrysler Capital trying to stretch the time to get as much as possible money from people under the excuse of that type of "conspiracy"! I can't explain such a behave in any other way. I hope it will be resolved without any lost from our site and I would recommend to search for other financial institute instead Chrysler Capital.
You guys are great just one thing I haven't received my statement for payment need to set up my bank account for withdrawal
Easy to work with and easy to set-up auto-payments.
Easy application, exemplary customer service.
Applying for a loan with a pre-approval I got in the mail was super easy! No forms needed shown and the process was the smoothest ever in all my times applying for a car loan. Thank you Chrysler Capital!
Went smooth nice salesman
One of the worst companies I've every dealt with. Had a loan for a new Ram truck. Paid if off early, and paid via the same method I had been paying. In the end they held the title for 15 days, claiming it was state law, it wasn't I checked with the state and my bank. I tried to expidite the lein release and finally after 4 calls I got a supervisior who repeated all the lies about it being a state thing etc. said that if my bank would fax them a letter saying the funds I paid would not be withdrawn they would release the title that day. Another lie, they did not! To add insult to injury about 10 days after paying off the loan in total they took another payment out of my checking account! I'm still fighting to get the money they stole from me back. Work with a loan shark in your neightborhood if you buy a Chrysler product I can assure you the service will be better!
I had no problems with the financing, that's been fine. I did however have a huge problem with them calling me at work, telling me it was an attempt to collect a debt, but actually calling to welcome me. I guess they had to give that disclaimer due to the state I live in but it was extremely embarrassing for me. Bad bad practice.
The worst. I work for Chrysler and in my time of need. They were not willing to help me out. Sold me a car with a blown engine and they still making me pay for a car im not even using.
Tried to get on site and pay my bill. Asked me to update security questions. I did that but it just stalled. Their website sucks
I would recommend!
My car was totaled and it was an owner retained total loss. After sending them the check from my insurance company to pay off the loan, and I was able to confirm the delivery of the check via USPS tracking, I had to call them every day for over a month to even get them to admit that they received the check. And during this time, their collections department called me every day asking my to pay my bill, which was now past due (even though they had all the money they needed to pay off the loan and close the account). Furthermore, it took me calling them daily for an additional 3 weeks to finally get someone within their organization to apply the check to my remaining balance (still getting regular calls from their collections department during this time). So it took them nearly 2 months after they received the check to even apply it to my account. But it didn't end there, and it's not even over yet. The check from my insurance company was $700 OVER the remaining balance on my car loan, $700 which they're supposed to send back to me. And it's been 2 weeks since my account was paid and closed, so naturally I called customer service to get an ETA on the title and the $700 they owe me. And they told me that they won't be "releasing" the money to me for another month. They were unable to tell me what "release" actually means. But based on my experience so far, I highly doubt it means it'll be mailed out by then. It's been nearly 3 months since they received the check from my insurance company, and I still don't have the extra $700 they owe me. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where Chrysler Capital is listed as a lien holder on your title, and you receive a check from your insurance company that's worth more than the remaining balance on your loan, expect more than 3 months of constant babysitting of their incompetent, rude, and unhelpful staff that will give you either inaccurate or inconsistent information every time you call them. There's an obvious lack of visibility and communication between departments. Nobody knows what's going on.
Marybeth approach me with no intent of helping me ,she show me a vehicle I did not choose. I chose a 2017 Jeep Latude $23,185 I did not test drive but I like the interior and the way I enter the vehicle without having a problem on the show room floor. I do not know how I test drove the Renegade I believe it was the cash back incentive from manafacturer and dealership over $6000.00 that cheated me out of , and still had to put $500.00 down . Why I was in distress and just need a vehicle with good features. After arriving @ 9:30am and leaving @ 3:30 pm six hours I took what they offered. The Jeep drives as if it is pulling two vehicles . The listed equipment on the window sticker does not compare , the APR is not what was quote 1.925 entered as 19.25 payments hoger than what I expected. The market is at allow of 4.25 up to 5.75 not limited. secondary lenders are allow to exceed the market rate up 10%. Overall my experience was stressed and not good.
Quick and easy online payment option. Very good percentage rates. Why choose any other lender.
Very fast and easy approval process. The web interface is intuitive, and payments couldn't be simpler. I like the "paper-free" option!!
NEVER NEVER NEVER deal with this lease company!! We bought out our lease and THREE TIMES given the wrong information regarding state taxes. We were told repeatedly that the taxes were included in the final pay out. NOT. To top it off, once we finally got the title that Chrysler Capital had prepared, it was WRONG. There was NO NAME listed on the title - and no odometer mileage. Oh yeah... and it was signed and NOTARIZED ... to no one! It was basically useless and then required multiple phone calls to our lender and trips to the BMV to figure out what to do and who could do it. Finally our lender gave us some documentation that the BMV would accept. But again!!! Why didn't Chrysler Capital do their job right the first time!!! When we finally called them about the state tax issue to confirm again that it was not included in the buy out and complained that this was NOT what we were told... all we got was a "I'm sorry for the miscommunication" -- really, the same miscommunication by 3 different people!! These are incompetent people who really don't give a crap about you. We had 8 hours of lost work time and spent $1800+ that we were not planning. All because someone from Chrysler Capital doesn't know what they are doing or lied! This is about our personal time and money. And the long and short of it is... there is absolutely no one held accountable!! Agree with a previous poster - wish I could give them a big FAT O - NO STARS They were much worse than rude - they DON'T CARE and are only in it for the short run. Our next truck or auto lease will NOT BE FROM CHRSYLER!!
My interest rate in unbelievably high. The dealership that sold me my Dodge Challenger was a nightmare. Worst experience of my life. The second I can get refinanced I will. I wonder how you rapists sleep at night.
I honestly don't have one thing to say bad about Port Jefferson Jeep Dodge ram Chrysler. They're absolutely amazing Jeff Bell straightforward, very honest guy get you what you want and put you in the car were want to be at in terms of numbers Scott is absolutely amazing it's like they work for the people which you don't see anymore in this day and age.
I was pre-approved and the dealership helped with the rest of the sale
Great experience. Everyone was awesome to deal with. Best new car experience I have had. New Country Auto, good people.
I have had a few loans with Chrysler. They are easy to work with and I would recommend them to everyone.
Had no paperwork but was still able to sign up. Awesome.
Easy to use, easy to log on, questions answered quickly and efficiently.
They gave me three loans in the past six years Outstanding service With a decent interest rate
So far, it has been straight forward and simple. My only concern was the initial phone call from Chrysler Capital person (I think) asked who else would be driving the car, which is not appropriate or relevant question. It immediately caused me to conclude that this could possibly be a "scam" phone call.
My experience has been a positive one.
Very easy to get approved and great customer service.
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