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Quicken Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Quicken Loans
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 251-9080
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 88 %
Myql and the team was very accesible, knowledgeable, and made the process amazing.
I’ve never settled as quick as I did with quicken loans they are the right name for there company if anyone needs to refinance or even purchase a home I would recommend this company hands down
Originally we had gone with another mortgage company (no names). 45 days later we were no closer to closing than when we started. Needless to say, we pulled out of that nightmare. We then proceeded to contact Quicken Loans. Best decision ever. 14 days later we were signing the closing documents for our refinance. The process could not have gone any smoother. I would highly recommend Quicken Loans to anyone looking to buy or refi.
I've been trying to get my property refinanced for over a year with a traditional mortgage broker...very frustrating when you know your credit is decent. Quicken Loans /Rocket Mortgage got it done and my interest rate is great! The staff was always a pleasure to work with and very helpful. I only regret I hadn't called them sooner.
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Justin Geibeg and his entire team! This was a very difficult and long process due to issues outside of our control and Quicken and Justin stuck with us through the whole process. Honest, up front, no hidden fees or tricks. Once we got through the rough patches the process flew by. Thank you Quicken and Thank you Justin!
Honestly couldn't have been any easier! They are so professional and have everything where you can access it at any time to know exactly where your loan stands. Communication is awesome! Won't work with anyone else!
I really didn't think they could close a re-finance loan in less than 30 days. I was wrong. Everything went smoothly, and I was kept up to date on the process of the loan by both phone, and e-mail. This company really is the real deal in my opinion.
Mr. Kyle Brunet should be taken out of his position. He told me I was gonna receive my escrow check from my old mortgage company and I didn't. I'm working with a specialist right to review this case. I hope to become whole again. We will see. He said he would get back to me this week.
Great people to work with. From the beginning to closing to funds transfer - smooth & clear - well done.
Excellent overall experience. Jamie L. was a an absolute delight to work with.
Excellent expedited process. Would highly recommend.
I would definitely recommend Quicken Loans to anyone interested in obtaining a loan.
These guys are great. They helped me every step of the way. It took months and they were very patient. My loan officer even dropped my down payment by half.
I was really impressed how easy the process is. Most of the paperwork was done online by uploading important documents. After all the documents and appraisal was in. A representitive showed up at my house and did the final signing.
We recently refinanced with quicken loans. Very easy process. Everyone was very helpful with all of my questions. Would recommend them to anyone!
So friendly and helpful. Kept me informed all along the process
Because we were buying a house in another state and made the offer while there on vacation, it was pretty easy to start our loan process online with Quicken.
I had a wonderful experience from the very beginning. Jeff Ferrari was my initial contact and he followed me all the way through the process. He was very knowledgeable and gave me a very real expectation about what will happen. I loved that a lot of stuff was done online. It really expedited the process. Everyone did exactly what they said they would and I closed in about 2 weeks.
From beginning to end, all of the quicken representatives involved in our home purchase were extremely professional and knowledgeable. If you leave a message they are very quick with a response. All in all I couldn't have asked for better service!
This is excellent company with excellent people very helpful
Everyone I worked with from Adam on was so helpful. This was the easiest loan and came right to my house to close and only took 30 min. QL is the BEST. I will use them ever time and recommend them to everyone
Working with QL was easy and the process was handled very quickly. Any questions I had during the process were quickly answered. i had a great team and I would recommend QL to anyone looking to refinance!
Ryan was great. The entire experience was very easy and fast. Start to finish in 3.5 weeks
Quicken Loans made it very easy and convenient. The whole process was a breeze and the people very easy to work with
Experience was awesome
The entire online Process was painless and made the closing faster.
Great experience. This was my 2nd transaction and I will recommend Quicken to others as well.
I am very happy and satisfied that I chose Quicken Loans to refinance my house
All of the staff was extremely professional. Nick, began the loan process with me and he was very patience and in no way pushy. The process was simple and fluid. Great company!
Refinancing with Quicken Loans was very easy! Thanks Quicken Loans for taking such good care of us!
It was an effortless journey ! Best experience I have had closing a loan.
I was constantly amazed and satisfied at every turn. Thank you Quicken Loans. You are the greatest!
Quick, easy and friendly
All of the people I worked with during this process were incredible. Moe and Tameka were friendly, knowledgable and efficient. I would send my family and friends to them for a mortgage, without hesitation.
Matt B did a great job with my mortgage - thank you.
Excellent experience. Easiest loan closing ever. All online...all easy! Thanks.
the Quicken Loan staffs are professional and they were responded to all my questions promptly with respect and polite.
Closing on a loan is usually a long and difficult process for people like me who may do it two or three times in a lifetime. Robert was excellent in taking me step by step to our closing. Keith was my first contact with your company, and it is in fact true, "first impressions, are lasting impressions."
They did there job very well. Any problem they did the best they could to make it as easy as possible. The people at quicken are great. I personally did not care for the two people you met in person to do business with. That would be the appraisal person and the notary person. Very cold and pushy. Had I not been talking to the great people at quicken it would have made the experience bad. Maybe they could coach the people who have to meet you in person to be better at people relating. Not asking for fuzzy just polite.
Best experience ever with a refinance. I had never done this primarily through online communications and was hesitant at first; however, this was the simplest process ever and a lightening-quick closing to boot. Kudo's to Quicken Loans!
Very convenient, no driving anywhere to sign anything, even closing docs were done at our home! As a matter of fact, I’ll be using them again this year!
There was some some confusion on how much was paid and why some were not paid. I spent a few hours getting this straightened out so I could understand what was going on. I was also given misinformation at the beginning which was corrected as I was transferred from one agent to another. This is our third financing with you and it was not as smooth as the other two by any means. It was frustrating.
Awesome customer service! Would recommend Quicken Loans to anyone.
I love working with Quicken Loans, simple, easy and always able to get a hold of someone to help me. I do have a recommendation regarding the notary. It would be great to use a local notary (within a 15 mile radius) from where that the client resides due to familiarity on how to get to the clients house.
The team went completely out of their way exhibiting a high level of competence and professionalism. I appreciate
Very professional and quick.
On the whole it was very good. Another very good experience with Quicken Loans
It was easy and quick from start to finish. All of the team members I dealt with were helpful and answered any questions I had. I got a good rate and a lower payment also. The biggest thing is they got it done with no hassle when the big banks wouldn't bother with me even though I'm good customer of there's. So thanks Quicken.
Excellent service and very fast. Love how you can do everything online.
This company is the WORST. We wasted a month waiting for somebody to know what they were doing. Got approved for 2 mortgages, then denied for even one mortgage. We are self employed and have a parent who is an accountant. She writes off everything. We were patient through a workers personal tragedy and then one call to tell us, never mind thanks for waiting 2 weeks for nothing. We were a returning customer. Never again.
We have found that every one we worked with is as stated in the title. Enjoyed every aspect of the process. Great group of people. To bad other places aren't as easy to deal with. We would like to wish every one there a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a very Happy New Year. Thanks to each and every one. Butch & Donna Leonard, 1303 Maple Dr. ,Blair , Ne. 68008.
Every person we "met" throughout the refinance process has been professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. The My QL account is a huge asset to the process--very time efficient. The best experience we had was with our Mortgage Banker Marty Smith--he was very knowledgeable about all the resources and continued to search all options to the final minute. He was friendly, honest, and very quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had.
Great experience and a good rate. They kept me informed through the entire process both personally and through their website. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
John was great help in getting me started. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and always quick with a reply. The entire team was great at sending my documents, letting me know what I needed to do, etc. And the app made it all super easy by keeping everything well organized in one place for fast easy access. Wonderful experience. Even my attorney said she prefers working with Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage clients above all other mortgage brokers. Thumbs up!
The entire process was handled professionally with no surprises! At every step, I was keep informed on the status of my loan. Every person I dealt with was polite, knowledgeable, and prompt in returning my calls. I cannot give a higher recommendation. Thank you.
Quicken loans made it easy to refinance. They were professional and courteous in all aspects of the process.
Their online service gets an A++ and the same for ALL of the client service reps.
Great personal service, easy to use website, follows through with answering questions promptly...would use them again!!!
From start to closing it couldn't have been smoother. Everyone was patient and friendly. I closed in 24 days without any worries.
Staff as knowledgeable and very professional. Responded quickly and a pleasure to work with!
From start to finish my refinance experience was fantastic! Chris Sabanosh was excellent. Truly appreciate his assistance in helping me thru the process and closing my transaction in record time. Thank you as well to Stefany A. Hernandez & Anthony in your Closing Dept., both were a pleasure to work with as well. Loved your website it was easy to navigate and it kept me informed every step of the way. I would be happy to refer Chris and your company Quicken Loans to anyone. Matter of fact how I was able to work with Chris was from a referral from my friend who just closed her refinance a few weeks earlier and she was very happy with her experience. Thank you!
Very smooth orocess. Julian Yaldo and Michael Lane were great !
This is my second loan through QL and I have used Scott Wirtanen both times. He was easy to work with and very prompt! I had a different underwriter this time, but she was also very courteous and responsive to messages. Her name is Natoya Marsh. QL has some loan options that other smaller providers don't offer, so I would definitely recommend it.
I had the greatest experience with my loan thanks.
It took a little work on my part more so than other people, but Quicken loans help me obtain a mortgage even being self-employed. Self-employed is not an easy. Everybody else I talk to and told them I was self-employed looked at me like I was crazy to try and get a mortgage. The customer service was fantastic to let me know what I needed to do.
Everything went smoothly
your TEAM was AMAZING!!!! we had to do and redo what felt as unnecessary paperwork but the people we worked with went so far above and beyond to help me get my home it was worth it. i would have never been able to do it without all their effort!!
I used Quickenloans for my refinance and it couldn't have been any easier and pleasurable. Everyone I worked with from beginning to end was helpful, knowledgeable and eager to help. Thanks again for the great experience!!
This was my second refinance with Quicken Loans. Mr Brandon Gibson has handled both of them. He has been very professional and on top of things from the beginning. When steps were completed, he followed up to make sure we were on the same page. The lady that helped him, Mrs. Brown was a great asset in helping me move things along. She stayed in contact with me by phone and e-mail to keep me up to date on the steps of the process. I have to rate them both with a 5 Star.
It should not take so long to pay off the previous debt I closed 0n 1/24 and my loans still have not been paid today is 2/4 it is causing me problems
Every thing was handled in a professional many and I was very pleased
very smooth and trouble free, hassle free
I would like to thank my entire QL team for this very streamlined painless process. Every step was communicated along the way. Access to all of my loan information at any time. Periodic updates throughout, Access to real people if I had any question or concern. Thank you
From the beginning of the refinance process to the end of the closing the staff that I spoke with at Quicken Loans was excellent They were patient with me doing the online stuff as I am kind of computer illiterate and they walked me thru the process with patience and understanding Thank you to all of them. Mike Beierschmitt
If there was an option to rate this higher I would totally give Quicken Loans at 10. We had a balloon note on our home from 2012 to 2013. In 2013 we decided we did not want to have a balloon note through the bank and would rather have a fixed rate. We had seen many good reviews about Quicken Loans advertised, so we decided we would give them a shot. In 2013 we were able to get our home refinanced at a fixed rate. Everyone with Quicken Loans has been wonderful. Then the opportunity came up for us to sell that home and to buy a home in a more country type setting. We were able to sell our house and ease into the purchase of our new home. Everything was conveniently done online and they would call and talk to us frequently. We have had nothing but the best experiences with Quicken which is why we went with them a second time. We definitely refer them to everyone and anyone we know that is either wanting to refinance or to purchase a home. If you like good quality, quick, easy and convenient this is the company to choose for your home loan needs.
This was a great process, so quick and simple.
Process was lengthy but was not difficult. At times, charges and fees were hard to understand on the documents, but were explained if questioned. The charge to get a better interest rate was not fully explained upfront. This would be helpful if done at the beginning of the loan process.
We were nervous at the beginning of the process for no obvious reasons, Our first contact Garth Charbeneau really helped to calm things down. He was very professional and respectful as he explained the steps in a way that calmed down our fears. As we go through the process the other agents were also very helpful and very encouraging. Everyone at Quicken Loan displayed superior level of professionalism. This is our second time refinancing with Quicken Loans and I assure you not only will we return but will also tell others. Thank you.
Enjoyed the whole process. Most everything was done online and the message board was a great way to communicate. The to do list made it easy to get the documents required from me to be sent and follow the loan process. Little hiccup during the closing but was resolved in a timely fashion.
Quick closing (two weeks) and good support. One portion of my income was "rejected" by Underwriting for a nonsensical reason, so I spoke specialist who addressed and resolved the issue immediately.
Everyone I dealt with were professional friendly and polite. Especially Amanda and charlie
It was excellent! Fast with extreme courtesy and helpfulness from from the get go...I appreciated Brian and JaNae
I from the very beginning to closing the finest loan experience I've ever had !
I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking to refinance or gain a mortgage. Their communication is top notch and I was always aware of the status of my loan. The website is so easy to use and you can get documents to them easily. I would have no hesitation in using Quicken again if I needed to. Thanks Quicken for a great experience!!
I was very pleased with my experience. Everyone was knowledgeable, and answered all questions or inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone
Title says it all!
Great Service. I would recommend Quicken Loan to anyone purchasing home. They honor their word, give you great feed back, and their for all questions or concerns during the process.
Moved with little problems, which was my fault, did not have a bank in Hawaii which caused some problems. Quicken Loans was patient with 65 year old with marginal computer skills.
We, my husband and I, received a call from Ali Hashem. We received at least a dozen calls about refinancing our home. I didn't think we would get any better interest rates and we weren't hurting financially. We weren't saving money, and I really wanted to continue to update our house. Thanks to the whole team, they did get us a lower rate! The best example of top shelf, dedicated individuals of whom all are very pleasant to work with. Every one of you made the whole experience awesome. Every thing happened so smoothly and so quickly Thanks for your excellent care, and for making us members of the Quicken family!
I got the loan closed ahead of proposed date!!!!
We've been with Quicken for many years and saw no reason to change when it came time to refi.
Since I had been in the mortgage business for 25 plus years until my retirement, I still find that the underwriting requirements are politically un-correct. Glad I retired from all the new Dodd/Frank BS.
I would recommend Quicken Loans to anyone everything goes really smooth and the next thing your done.We were very blessed and more than happy with their help. Respectfully, Colleen Smith
Quick and easy . Very helpful throughout the process.
My experience was very good. The people I dealt with were very patient and professional. Given the opportunity I wouls recommend them without hesitation.
Very satisfied with the service. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They worked hard in securing my loan.
They did what was expected of them. They worked in a very professional and courteous way.
Everything was handled outstandingly!
My agent has been so patient and professional. All the succeeding people who took over the whole processing did a wonderful job. The estimated date of approval of the loan has been earlier. I was impressed with the updates through "my QL "; my messages have been read and responded so quick. My experience was really great!!!!!!
From start to finish everything was completed very quickly, everyone was very friendly and helpful. We were kept update throughout the whole process. Would definitely use them again.
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