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Magnum Cash Advance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Magnum Cash Advance
Overall average rating of 0.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I did a search to find a payday loan. I did find 2 legit payday loan websites. Ace Cash Advance was a good one and I got a loan that was not a ripoff. Moreover, they did not sell my info to others. I will use them again. The other one is Magnum Cash Advance. I will use them again. Neither one sold my info and I got the loan.All the rest of the so-called payday lenders plan **. They are not lenders but matching sites. They claim to match you with a lender. However, they just keep bouncing you from one matching site to another. You never get to a lender! And your phone will even ring for a month! Also, they will fill up your email inbox with emails that tells you that your loan is approved. claim now.or just a few more g;s and claim your $1000 loan. every one is a matching site! Some one needs to check into those loan matching sites. 95% of the so-called lenders are not lenders, but are matching websites! With them, you never get to a lender. That is why I Googled lenders only, but I still just get mostly matching websites. They trick you into filling out their loan app. then sell all your info to someone else and your phone will ring for a month with telemarketers. They need to be sued!
I had a payday advance from Magnum cash advance. They withdraw the payments from my bank account. But due to unauthorized activity in my bank account, I had to close the account. I called Magnum and explained what happened and at that point, they were very understanding and said we would resume payments next pay period. Several days later, I got a call from them, stating they have tried many times to contact me by phone and or e-mail and I failed to respond. (they never contacted me except for one time and I called them right back.)They stated I failed to make my payments, I said I already made arrangements with one of their reps. Of course. they have no record of this phone call and spoke to me like I was lying. After many conversations, I faxed to them my phone records, showing I contacted them and that phone call lasted 10 minutes. And asked them to please give this information to the manager as payment arrangements have been made. Well, I just looked at my account online and they turned me over to a collection agency called NSB. Shame on these people. These loans should be against the law, they are set up to make you fail. And that is a real shame. They are going to have a huge negative impact on my credit for something I had no control.
I called Magnum Cash Advance to file for another payday loan. MCA indicated that my account is in collection and stated to call NSB. The customer service representative initially stated that my account is paid off and then placed me on hold. She returned to the phone line and stated that I still owe $132.43. I then asked the representative to verify my contact information and the date of the loan. She verified my contact information and that the loan originated in 2008. I then questioned why I wasn’t contacted provided that they have my contact information, in addition to the fact that it has been 2 years since the loan was made. The customer representative said, “I didn’t handle your account and it probably just "fell through the cracks." I was livid at this point and asked to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor was of no help. He claimed I still have to pay the balance regardless. I reminded him that it’s not the balance I am concerned with yet, the lack of communication on their part. I was even more heated and began cursing. He reminded me that the phone conversation is being recorded and eventually hung up on me. I pursued this case strongly and effectively. Today is day one and tomorrow is day two. Damage to my credit, anger, anxiety and additional stress; based on how I was spoken to, I feel as if my logic was questioned and belittled. I was screamed at by the customer service representative and the supervisor hung up on me.
Long time customer. Took out loan on 8/21/13. Paid-off 10/15/13. Applied for new loan months later and website stated due to "temporary" disruption in our ACH Processing no new loans for new or existing customers can be processed. Contacted them several times and was fed the same line. They will not admit they are out of business or shut-down. When you go on their website and act like you are applying for new loan you don't get the “no new loans accepted” message but when you log-in as repeat customer you do? Sounds very fishy to me.
Well I was looking to get a payday loan from them and received an alert from Credit Karma about a hard inquiry on my credit report. That was red flag enough for me so I chose not to proceed with the loan. After further review of the company, they are not allowed to do business in certain states.
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