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Silver Cloud Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Silver Cloud Financial
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
The most courteous, professional company I've ever experienced.
Great customer service! Love these guys!
Fast easy no problems.
Highly recommend that you choose them over anyone else
Truly fast and easy no fluff. Got my loan the next day! THANKS!!! You’re awesome!
Great & fast customer service!!! I needed money instantly and Silver Cloud Financial was not only able to provide me with most of the amount I needed I received it by the end of business day. I will definitely be using their service again if needed.
customer service person Michael was excellent. rates could be a little less but overall service was excellent.
Trustworthy....Will Work With You!,Treat You With Respect
Very upfront and quick service
If you need money quickly SilverCloud Financial is a good company to assist with your needs. The loan is not cheap and may not be an option for each person, however the customer service team can answer all of your questions and assist you in your decision.
The interest is a little high and o prefer not to get phone calls about renewing or getting another from your company .
Easy and fast approval.
Silver Cloud Financial has been a huge help to me when I was in a financial bind. Even though the interest is higher than regular loans, Silver Cloud makes the repayment easy. There is always someone there to answer any questions and provide excellent customer service.
I’m happy they were able to help me and they are very nice and patient and very speedy to get me approved and the money reaches my bank the same day I’ve been approved. only down fall is the interest is heck of high but other than that I’m happy to keep using them when I’m in a bind
Quick and easy. Very friendly & efficient customer service
15 minute wait to return a call and still no funds in bank account.
Excellent customer service give me alot information about the loan
Easy approval process and excellent customer service! I had my loan deposited into my account a little over 24 hours! A++
I was looking for a place to get a loan that was fast and when I talked to the Silver Cloud Financial person, it felt like the thing was gonna go through quickly. And indeed it was quick. The process only took about two days. I gave them the information and it was in effect that evening. They were very nice and professional about it. I would tell a friend to go for Silver Cloud Financial too. If you look at it, you'd be afraid because you'd see the long payment history but if you just go in and pay what you can, you can get it done.
They were nice not judgemental and their approval process is easy I have borrowed from them more than once and it was always pleasurable
I made a search on the Google machine and went with Silver Cloud due to the ease of their process. They were able to walk me through it and it was a pretty smooth transition. You submit your information online, they call you and they go through it. They're pretty clear and transparent. Also, the processor was nice. He introduced himself, went through the required questions and then confirmed all my information. It was initially approved and the information had to go to the underwriter, and then once the underwriter approved it, it was good. The experience was great and I would use them again.
My experience was quick and easy and friendly.
very good job
So very helpful and accommodating to my needs!
The representatives were very nice and did their jobs very well.
They are amazing, efficient and fast.
GReat customer service
Very fast response, I like the payment schedule
Good timely service
Easy to work with. No issues.
The people was very helpful and polite.
Great experience. Easy access and even better customer service!
I am not to familiar with applying for loans but they made it easy. They called me on my cell & walked me through the process & got me approved & I had my funds the next day. Thank you
Good customer service. The person I worked with was great! He was knowledgeable and courteous.
Such an easy and quick process. Very friendly employees as well.
Real easy to get and pay back!
My experience was very professional I was treated very well
Every payment is to high will never use this place again, Next time I'm desperate I rather have my Bill's late then pay these outrageous payments now I'm stuck.
I liked Silver Cloud Financial's rates and they offered a special VIP rate on the first payment and what I do is I pay everything off in full. The lending process was very simple, easy, and convenient. It was a matter of going online and submitting all of my information. It was completed in less than five minutes and everyone was friendly and considerate. Working with Silver Cloud relieved me from a lot of stress. They've always come through for me and I can always depend on them.
If you know that you’re going to pay your loan back ASAP, then go with silver cloud
I talked to somebody from Silver Cloud and he was so nice and he explained stuff so well. Their application process was easy and quick, and the lending processor who helped me was good and patient. I would tell other people about them from the experience that I had.
it was excellent great help would to use them again specialy before Christmas Stephen hill
It’s the best one out here exspecially with interest
Very easy process, friendly and professional.
Silver Cloud Financial was able to help me during the time when I needed them. I filled out an online application, and within 10 minutes, they called me back and said I was approved. Although they have a high interest rate, they’ve been easy to work with and everybody has been nice.
I applied for a loan at Silver Cloud like one evening and they approved the money and I got it the next business day. It was very easy and fast. Their rep explained in detail how the fee worked. I borrowed $300 and the fee was supposed to be $90. It was so expensive and he gave me a half of discount. If I pay off, the fee would be $45. They gave me quick money whenever I needed it but when I needed more, they didn’t give it. My credit limit is $800 but they gave me only $300. If I want to request more, they said that I have to pay up first. Like for example, you can request up to $800 even when you don’t need to pay up right away, and then they divide it into 10 payments. Overall, everything is good but the thing with the fee is so expensive..
Great Service quick response!!
The process was fast and easy, however it’s been 2 days and I’m still waiting for the funds to be deposited. Once I spoke to a representative about the issue I was having she was able to help me out. She was very nice and corrected the issues.
I absolutely love this place . Super quick and friendly
They are here to help which is a very good thing thank you
They are fast and efficient. I would recommend them to family and friends.
Since I've become a customer, the total process has been seamless.
Fast approval and answered my question
The experience was very effecient and professional.
Your professionalisms and timely when the money goes in to my account is AWESOME !!!!
Very friendly and able to help me in a loan.
Always polite friendly easy to talk to website is easy to navigate
Very friendly and fast service.
I got my money the same day
This company is quick to provide a decision and offers various amounts to loan. You get all of the fee info up front so you can make an informed decision. I would recommend this company.
Direct and to the point. Clear and effective communication.
Made it fast and easy
Courtesy and fast.....thank you
They are very kind and works with you through anything.
Very fast, helpful, easy
Been back to Silvercloud many times. Very good customer service !!
We had an emergency come up and my wife mentioned Silver Cloud to me. They were quick and they seemed to be nice. Also, they answered all my questions and they seemed to be professional. The lending process was completed in 30 minutes. We went back and forth a few times and it went really quickly. And the rep that helped us did a good job. If I ever had the need again, I would use them again.
Great customer service I just wish they would fund the faster
Brent was great!
Easy and hassle free.
Super fast, hassle-free results. 5 stars.
Provided cash in a hurry.
They are so easy to work with and approval is fast. The only thing I would like is return customer benefits such as lower interest rate and a longer period to pay back so the payments are not quite so steep.
Awesome! Quick! Easy! Very low interest rates!
i think they should make the payments lower and make the repayment longer. that is the only thing i think would be better.
Very helpful. Site was easy to use. Representative was very knowledgeable and helpful.
it came when I need it the most, and least expected. thank you...
Their customer service is great and fast. They were very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
3 very easy and convenient
The service was excellent the funding was immediate highly recommend for anyone
The Service was easy and very helpful. Would recommend
They are nice and try help a person
I looked at different lenders and Silver Cloud Financial had the lowest APR. The first time, I applied for an online loan and it was better than the payday loan. The lending process was okay and it was completed in less than 24 hours. Also, everybody was accommodating and nice. Working with them helped it me out for the moment and I don't pay them by installments, I make one payment.
always easy process
My experience was hassle free & prompt.
There for me when no one else was! Extremely Thankful!
I was needing a payday loan. I've utilized various service before. I called a gathered a healthy list of the items I would have to take for a review. Silver Cloud was ALL online. I never left my seat. Verified the information required. Request immediate funds. It happened so proficiently. Highly recommend vs the conventional walk-up payday loans. Thanks!
I looked this company up online before I would attempt to do business with them. When I was accepted for a loan, I was upset about the finance charges, but I called them and worked out a much shorter payment plan with much lower interest costs. They were fantastic and willing to work with me!
Your very helpful and easy to deal with and understand how the program works
The representatives were exceptionally courteous and helpful. The application process for receiving my loan, which included: an online form to complete, a call from their representative, then an approval decision, was less than 10 minutes. I received my loan the next morning. So far, I'm satisfied with Silver Cloud Financial.
I have 25yrs of Customer Service experience and yesterday from the banking account and submission verification to the account specialists! Both Tammy and unfortunately I have forgotten the Loan Specialist name were OUTSTANDING!!!
Good service, knowledgeable and honest.
Great company to make business with, however the interest is really hi. but hey, no credits? you have to pay the consequences.
great service but prices are a bit high
Silver Cloud Financial do their job quickly and they help you when you need money and they understand.
Great customer service! Very professional
Fast, excellent customer service!
The Rep was very knowledgeable and explain the loan process well.
The representatives are always professional and polite
I was surfing the web for a small personal loan and I found Silver Cloud. They were the first company to reach out to me, and the online application process was easy. They were very well-informed, and they let me know what was gonna take place and how the process was gonna go. That was the first time I ever took a personal loan online, and I didn’t know how the process was gonna go, but it went well. The process was solely on me and it took a day to complete it. Silver Cloud helped me get out of the jam that I was in, and I had a wonderful experience with them. They are very professional and they do the plan. They're here to help whoever needs assistance.
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