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LoanAtLast Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: LoanAtLast
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 72 %
It was easy and quick. I was able to processes my request all online while I was working. No hassle or struggle having to speak with someone for an hour. LoanAtLast is Amazing.
Great help easy process
Good it helped when needed
Man they charge crazy interest rates horrible
Great and he Agent was extremely patient
Very impressed with overall experience. The service was professional, quick application, and fast service.
easy and convenient.
They gave me my Mo way instanstly they are great no time to wait they make their decision right then and there and give u the money I’m sooo happy!
Easy process, rep was friendly and cash was received quickly on the next business day
Sylvia was very professional she went above and beyond to help me, thank Loan At Last for helping me during a time in need...
Every representative has always been friendly.
Quick, easy approval! Thank you
Very nice lady i worked with. Pretty fast too. Stupid expensive loan if you go full term. Recommend pay it off on next payday. But was overall pleased with the process.
Excellent and fast services. Just in time for when I needed it!
So easy and everyone is so friendly and helpful.
The service was fast and very easy And the agent was very respectful and professional.
excellent service and fast action
Quick and easy with no unnecessary phone calls. Money available instantly
Easy and efficient, THE BEST!!
They were able to help me when I truly needed
Yes, I’m happy with my loan request and it’s accommodations. Keep coming back.
This company was there when I needed help. They funded my loan without a hitch and have already offered future assistance if I need it. Will keep them in my back pocket in the event I need them again.
I would truly recommend this company because it was simple and quick. The only thing is that its so much to pay back. Only use if your back is truly against the wall. Its highway robbery the amount for payback. Its truly a loan shark! Over all great service.
Great experience. Thank you
Very first a little rocky because app was approved but associate did not complete process so I had to call and have them redo the process but after that.. very satisfied.
People on the phone are very friendly and helpful.
I'm very pleased with loanAtlast I'll always do business with y'all!!
Thankyou very much
The agents made me feel like family. They made me for comfortable while on the phone and didn't question why I wanted a loan.
The interest rate is insane, over 700%. Most of the monthly payment is applied to the principle. Of my $136 bi-monthly payment only a little more than one dollar went to the principle. I needed to change my due dates for payment from every other friday to the 15th and 31st and thay had to redo the whole loan which extended the length i would pay back and gave me higher monthly payments. Needless to say i paid off as soon as i could to be done with them. Would not recommend them to others.
Interest to to to high
I don’t have the best credit but was approved for a loan with the deposit being done the next day. I must admit that the fees are kind of hefty but this loan helped me out when i needed it most. Thanks again.
Thanks for the quick response. The money came in handy during the Government shutdown.
Very very high interest loan . Use as a a temporary last and I do mean last resort option.
They was so nice and helpful and the application was simple and easy for
Love the way they assist customer and fast fund release.. thank you
It was easy to apply and very fair in paying off. They work with you and can get additional money at certain times.
Jermane was very nice and got me threw the steps and it was easy to do i would recommend to a friend
I was told being approved for higher amount, it was less than expected.
The customer service is excellent and helpful
Very professional and response very fast.
Good rates on loans
Fast, easy, and convenient, friendly customer service. I will recommend it to my friends.
Offered money when I needed it. Only down fall is the rates.
Pleasant, knowledgeable phone representatives. Unbelievably speedy uncomplicated transaction. First Rate Experience!!
The reps I spoke to were all very nice and helpful. Tanx for your help!
Intrest too high but thanks for the loan
When I had a change in income, LoanAtLast had answers!! They worked with me and I was able to continue paying at a lower amount. Without them, I don't know what I would have done!
I had a great experience with the loan process and it was fairly quick
Tamika was very helpful and quickly took care of my request. Thank you!!
Fast & easy to get approved but the interest rate are stupid high!!!
Very fast on the approval process.
Good Company
I was very Pleased with the professional service my agent Shawday provided. She help me negotiate terms that helped me tremendously. With some financial emergencies. I was called on to assist. I look forward to keeping my promise to pay. I will recommend you to friends I think are worthy and trust worthy. Thank you again. Sincerely, Ronald Lance Jr
results are fast and great!!
The first person I talk to was the lady, she was very difficult and very confrontational. The gentleman who called me back was extremely professional and made everything smooths .I give him five stars. Because I was going to go somewhere else,Because of rudeness of the lady, but he change my mind.
I was in a bind and needed quick cash, my credit isn't great but I was able to the money I needed direct deposited the next business day. Payment plan is great, affordable. Love the ease of communication, you can call, email or text. It's good to know they 'got my back if I ever am strapped for cash again. Excellent company, wish my bank was as nice as they are.
They were fine to deal with if you can stomach 800+% interest on a short loan lol
They got me money when I needed it, were super friendly, and the process was really easy. If anyone needs money fast this is the way to go.
They really help me when i need it
Very caring staff members wish I could have gotten more money as I'm trying to catch up on my bills and only have 1 or 2 monthly of these days I'll catch up.i thought owning a home would help but it doesn't.
It’s been three days and I still don’t have my money if I had know this I would not have gotten the loan cause I’m two days I’ll have the money I needed plus interest is ridiculous
I tried many companies to get a loan and Loan at Last has been the easiest and friendliest to work with. It doesn't take long to get higher loan amounts once you have paid back prior loan timely.
Absolutely yes it’s was what I needed at the perfect time I’m gonna recommend this company to all my associates.
Wonderful communication! Everyone is great! I cannot get over how you treat me like family. Great business!!!
Although the interest rate is very high, this is a great loan! You can pay off early to avoid so much interest which is always a great thing without any penalities.
Interest is way to high for low amount loans just horrible. Was told one amount for payoff and then it was more then that
My loan officer was extremely nice and customer friendly.
excellent provider
I was at first apprehensive to apply for a loan of this kind. I was in a pinch! I called, and from start to finish, it was Great! I received my funds very quickly. If you find yourself in a pinch, as I was, I would recommend LoanAtLast to anyone!
Loan at Last was very helpful and they made sure I got the loan that I needed
Very helpful!fast easy application.
Advised that funds would be available sent deposit to wrong account
Getting a loan through loan at last was a very easy process. The representative was very helpful and answered all my questions.
Always there to help when I need the cash
Comes through when needed the most.
Had a problem in the beginning getting my funds because someone type my banking information in incorrectly. Overall it did get taken care of quickly.
I’m thankful I can qualify for a loan, but as a returning customer the APR is ridiculous!! All I’m doing is trying to help my credit. I’ve never missed a payment or been late, but my APR is well over 100!!
The representative that I had was very nice, helpful, and professionally. He also answered all of the many questions that I had. Thank you
Great conversation but the wait on the phone is too long
trusting, fast efficient
The gentleman who handled the transaction via phone was friendly, helpful and made me feel grateful.
Very easy to apply for a loan. I even was able to ask questions via a chat session. I highly recommend this company
Charging triple on a 200 dollar payday loan is outrages dont show you until after you sign
They have been a lifesaver. Fast, easy process. Great customer service !
I have been using Loan at last for the last 2years.... I had nothing but a great experience this is the first time I have had so much confusion one person told me I was approved for $900.00 call back to confirm as they were unable to get through to my Bank. Called back it was a mistake could only approve for $200.00 could not process as it was the close of business on Saturday. That’s understood. Called back Monday I was told only can be approved for $180.... I am still thankful! But I am used to a smooth transition, this experience was not.
Best experience I could hope for!
This is ridiculous! I'd rather just suffer it out than to ever do something like this. After paying this loan it will be triple. Need to be reported to the better business bureau. When people really need help they are putting you into a deeper hole. For 500 it turns into 2000-2500. A shame.
The customer service rep was friendly and processed my application quickly!
Great quick service.. Best I have experienced ever!
super easy and funds delivered next day !!!
No hassle at all. Very satisfied.
Rates are a little high but customer service is great!!
I found LoanatLast to be very helpful and very professional. They went out of their way to get me my loan even though it was less than what I asked for. I would recommend them to my friends.
Got the loan the next day. I made a mistake of accusing them for a scam and realized thay after they replied to me, i wrote the wrong company. Thank you for them loan and I’m sorry! They are easy and fast!
Always there when I need it, friendly and helpful customer service reps.
The representative was awesome. He was very understanding and clear. He also were very helpful. The loan process were fast and easy. Thank you I needed the money.
I felt the representatives was very helpful and understanding and most of very courteous
Very easy process and right to the point. I would definitely recommended. 5 stars from me!!
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