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Rocket Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Rocket Loans
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 333-7625
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 87 %
Very Straightforward Website. Helpful Employees. Overall a Great Experience!
I wish I would have gotten emails if a document wasn't accepted and why. I chatted with a rep who couldn't explain why a paystub was invalid and said I would get an email later on with an explanation but never did. But it was a fast process!
The process was simple. All online. And a quick response. Thank you Rocket Loans!
Super fast! The application process was very easy. If doing this on iPhone the application process for reviewing the loan docs was a little klunky but managed to work through it. Would recommend and do it again in the future.
Great Site and easy to apply.
I was introduced to rocket loans through my mortgage company quicken loans. I have so much trust & faith in both of these companies. I always receive great service. I will recommend then to anyone. Thank you so much for your hard work.
What do you have to do to get a loan give up your first born, you stink, or make 1 million a year.
Every staff member that I had to speak with were very reassuring and answered every question that I had. Great! :)
Simple process from the beginning to the end
Site was very easy to navigate and directions clear and easy to follow. Very satisfied with my experience.
excellent service. Fast and reliable. Thx
Shamira before making fake reviews about yourself, make the profiles a little bit more believable and not just have one review lol. Both of them.
This was the easiest loan I ever applied for. Quick and painless. I would recommend Rocket loans to everyone.
Very easy to work with. Danielle was helpful and patient getting us through the process.Thank you
I was very satisfied with the and would recommend it to anyone.
The ease with which this process flowed was amazing. I applied for the loan and was approved the same day. I also have a mortgage loan with quicken and i just can't say enough good things about this company.
Rocketloans is an outstanding loan provider. They have competitive APR rates, (based on your credit score) their website is easy to use, and there is no prepayment penalty !! I needed a quick loan to start a renovation project at my home. I applied for a loan at 2PM and received the money on the following day. Talk about convenient!!! Granted, I know it all depends on how fast your bank can clear it... but Rocketloans must have a great reputation based on the speed and timeliness. They waste no time getting money to individuals who need it !
Unbelievably fast and easy. After submitting for loan I was expecting to get phone calls before getting approval but this is a no hassle process. Received money in my account the next day. Awesome!
Process was very clear and convenient. Shamira was really helpful to finalize the loan.
Really painless going through the process.
I have had a good experience with Rocketloans. I was approved for my loan offer and received my money all in two days. I recommend them!
This was a very easy process and super quick.
Fast and Easy to you. Would not hesitate to use again!! Thank you
Convient, fast amd simple! Had my money in a few days!
Super easy experience!
I wanted to consolidate my credit card loans and saw an attractive offer today from Rocket Loans. One call with Alaina proved to be a painless and efficient way to do that. She was extremely patient and helpful, expediting the process and clearly explaining everything I needed to know. Good experience, overall.
I recommend people to go with Marcus by Golmas in 3 minutes you have your money rocketloans no good . Good luck
Very helpful staff, made process easy
My loan was all done online and was very fast and easy and I got my loan very quick!!!
Not good they went up on my Apr after I was promised a lower amount..NOT GOOD
In 5 minutes I was able to get through the entire process.. and even got a call within minutes of starting my application to help me with any questions.
Fast approval and excellent service.
The Customer experience was excellent!
Quick easy and able to reduce My debitconsolidation loan
Was easy and very professional highly recommend.
It was fast and easy for the approval process. Definitely recommend :)
It's great to get quick cash. The process is super quick and easy. The money was deposited into my account within 24hrs.
I am very anxious when it comes to borrowing money. I was very pleased with the courtesy and no judgement with this experience. If I had questions it was answered. I did have trouble with my computer but was taken through the process easily. All in all this was a great experience. Let's see how it goes.
Very fast service, rocket is in their name for a reason. Funds were in my account the same day I picked my terms. Very happy with the service and will be using it again in the future
Shamira was so wonderful assisting with the process over the phone! Easy to navigate process online as well.
Very easy process and fast transaction
Whst can i say it was phenomenal! Representatives were so friendly professional and easy to talk to. My monthly payments are very affordable, and now i know why its called rocket loans. I received my cash the next day. Thank you so much you guys "Rock"!
So simply to use and funds where available fast, would refer to friends and family.
Quick, simple an d fast...All banking company's should be this east to use
Excellent couldn't be easier love this company
It was a simple and easy process. They called and followed up and showed great customer service. Would recommend to anyone trying to consolidate and looking for lower monthly payments.
great experience, quick results
Rocket is correct. This is the quickest and secure way to get a personal loan. The process to register and complete the required information is simple; just 20 minutes. Within two days you have your money posted directly to you bank account. And the automatic monthly payments make it easy to pay off your loan. I recommend this service highly.
Best and fastest way to receive a loan you can afford.
No need to try and apply for a loan at Rocketloans, you will need to be rich to even apply. You must have a income of 24000 a year. If I made that much a year I would not need a loan. What a joke, Sad excuse for a lending institution.
Easy, efficient and fast. Thank you for a great experience!
Fast and easy!! GREAT!!
my experience getting the loan ,was that it was very easy and simple if I did not have to pay it back I would do it again just to talk to the great girls working there they were wonderful
RocketLoans helped me save an abundance of money. I was paying minimums for everything and getting no where. I felt stuck. My credit score was also not that great. RocketLoans helped me consolidate and now I only have one payment once a month. Thanks so much guys for helping me out, not only do I want to thank you but my future thanks you for being the only who took the time to help me out.
5 stars isn't enough , highly recommend very satisfied . I'd like to add a fireworks display to that 5 star rating. Couldn't be happier with my experience.
The associates tha helped with my loan were very helpful. I would highly recommend Rocket Mortage personal loans.
Absolutely the easiest most straightforward process. Instead of gathering lots of documents to mail or fax, the electronic interface with my bank made things so much easier. The approval process was incredibly fast!
I appreciate Carrie and her patience. She was awesome!
Hello, I'd like to commend this young lady, Shamira, for her extremely kind, helpful and patient service. She remained attentive to all my needs as a customer, followed up with me as I asked and made a speedy process in acquiring the personal loan possible. I recommend her services to any client or potential client; I encourage RocketLoans to contact her specifically to handle cases as she will surely dazzle more clients and thus promote more referrals to increase the number of clientele for your company. Thank you, and I thank Shamira once again. Have a great day!
You folks were nothing short of "awesome!" I've worked at a Bank as the Operations Manager-II and after 50 years of dealing with banks, I always thought that "a loan was something a bank would give you only after you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't need it!" Today I logged onto and immediately I had responses asking for documents that I was happy to supply, then a representative called me and gave me feedback...and here it is 7:45 PM and they are still there working on it and I got the call "approving the loan!" I logged on and completed the paperwork in less than 5 minutes! The funds will be direct-deposited into my bank in 1-3 days. Wow! Thank you!
Rocket Loans provided a process for my loan and it was available the next day. I recommend them 100%
Getting a loan through Rocket Loans was such a smooth process. Theses guys are quick and easy to work with. Made my request for a loan pleasurable. I would definitely use them again for any future loans.
This was the easiest loan ever! I answered a few questions online & uploaded a few documents on a Friday night, & the $ was in my account Monday afternoon!
Great experience, very easy to apply and quick, I had the money the next day. So from that aspect I would give 5 stars. My only complaint is that there was over a $100 fee in addition to the interest that will be accrued on the loan and it was deducted from the loan amount automatically. So I ended up getting less money than I had actually borrowed. Overall, I was extremely satisfied other than the fee.
Fast very nice when we needed to call for help on the loan
Our experience with Rocket Loans online was quick and easy thanks to Steve!
RocketLoans is a fast an efficient loan business. All applications are completed on line. I highly recommend them for a 5-10K loan, esp. for eliminating credit card debt.
Rocket really was a streamline process. Applied online on a Sunday submitted request information received funds 2-3 days later.
I'm still in Shock! It was so easy, I had great doubts that this was real... The next thing I know Real Money shows up in my checking account. This is going to be a Great Christmas
Everything went smooth with the loan. The only thing I had a problem with is not being able to get through on your customer service lines. It was next to impossible to get a live person on the line . After holding on for what seems like forever, you’re then told to leave a phone number and someone would call you back the next business day. After being transferred the agent was very apologetic and professional. Overall I would definitely refer you to my friends.
Quick and fast! Saved me in a time of need. Thank you!
Thank you so much Rocket Loans for your ability to help me perform debt consolidation. Your service was super user friendly, FAST, & is going to help my family in the long run. We appreciate you! We have our home mortgage through Quicken Loans so we knew being a sister company to them was a great sign! Thank you!
Quick, easy, and financially smart. Why WOULDN'T you want a Rocketloan?
Quick and easy to use!
Online application easy and quick.
Very easy. Had a computer glitch that I had to call in for help and the rep was very calm, polite and helpful. I have my mortgage with their sister company and would recommend both.
Easy to do and quick. As promised
Was very easy process. Representative was absolutely great.
The application and transaction as a whole went very smooth. The interest rate and payments were exactly as what I prequalified for.
I got the money I needed and the process was quick and painless. Thank you, Quicken Loans!
Great quick, easy application and fast response.
Great job with this. I wanted a lower IR than what my credit card offered. It was an easy decision and a no brainier. Simplicity is Genius. Making the process as simple as possible lowers the probability of someone changing their mind. Nice job.
That was the fastest and most simple loan I have received. 10 out of 10 would use them again.
Amazing ease and speed for the entire process. when I did need to speak with a representative, everyone was professional, courteous, and friendly.
This company is amazing, it truly helps people like mer that need cash right away and process is very quick and efficient. I would highly recommend to anybody with 100% satisfaction regarding service, punctuality and professionalism. Thank you for helping a lot of people like me. Best regards, JMD
Fast and painless, Had our money the next day!
honestly it was very simple and quick. money in bank next day...definitely should be your first stop when looking for a loan...
Cecelia was very friendly and patient. She described and explained what needed to be done very well.
Phenomenal! I started the procedure online and by the following business day, my loan was approved.
When the app for the quick loan came across my Gmail I was very apprehensive as to how truthful and how valuable this could be or is it another scam so decided at the last minute to go through with it and to my surprise unlike any other type of experience I've ever done for a loan, this was great. Certainly will pass this on to other friends and so forth Big Ups to Quicken Loans.
This was a very good experience. Biondi was exceptional as she closed the deal. Thanks to Rocket Loans!
The process could not be easier! Thanks RocketLoans!
Great experience. As long as you have the information requested the process is seamless and quick.
Great experience and friendly customer service. If you need a loan, Rocketloans delivers. Thank you!
Very fast and easy
Great service and fast replies.
Very easy and clear information.
very helpful and patient
It was a pleasure working with you. No problems.Thank you. Edward
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