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Fig Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fig Loans
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 832-802-0344
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 95 %
Easy, fast and convenient
Very easy process. Lower interest rate than others.
Fig Loans has given me comforting experience with their service, understanding, and patience with my payments. I've mentioned Fig Loans to friends and coworkers and the awesome service they provide. I'm no longer forced to use payday loans because of Fig Loans. Thanks Fig Loans!
Fig Loans is low key one of the best loan companies out right now. Their service is top-notch and the process was simple and easy and they approved me quickly. Repaying is a breeze and they work with you in so many ways that there's no way you can't pay it back. I am extremely pleased.
Great company, they helped me even when I was having a hard time paying them. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Fig
Fig is the best thing that happened to me they great.
I would recomend this company. Its worked out great so far.
Amazing loan process ! Easy simple faster deposit then what they said !
Great customer service and quick response.
Absolute pleasure to work with, makes payments easy as pie. Thanks so much!!
Fig loans is an amazing company, they have come through when my babies and I really needed it on two occasions. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a fast loan.
When others turned me down, fig loans was there! The process online was easy! Low monthly payment, and they report your payment history to the credit bureaus! They help in more ways than one because I’m trying to rebuild my credit! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
No hustle really fast
Great experience, easy to apply, no hidden fees
Well they are fair and straightforward are in correctness
Wonderful! !!!
Yes I would recommend this loan company to anyone
They were very professional and help me when I needed the money.There pay back options were very reasonable , I recommend them to any body that needs financial help.
Fig loans is awesome. Always there when we have needed them. Always willing to work with you.
Offered a reasonable plan I could manage. I would recommend this company to a friend.
Love this company they will help you with anything you need keep up the good work
Very speedy reply. Money in my account the very next day
Fig Loans are there for you when no one else is, with everything you want in a loan company. No hassles, good rates and willing to help when no one else will. It's as though you're family instead of just another customer. I recommend them to everyone that has been denied help.
I was provided with a loan to pay off a debt! Awesome company.
Got my money literally in one day. THEY ARE LEGIT. FAST AND EASY!
The experience that i had received was excellent very fast services. Was approved when everyone else denied me.
Fig Loans were so nice and caring.i woul recommend this company
Very helpful.They worked with me if i wasnt able to male payment on time.
Fig is amazing! Always very helpful!
Was a great experience as a mom of two on one income I some times fall short and fig loans was there to compensate where I lacked .
Easy and fast! Great company!
Very please witty them.
My experience with fig loan has been easy when it comes to applying for a loan the the easy payment are affordable and the explanation to your payments. I have used them about 4 times for emergencies and am very pleased
Fig loans has truly been an awesome experience for me. It was extremely fast and easy to apply and my money was in my account in no time. Rates are fair, and I appreciate that most. I also love how this is an increase in my credit.
You gave me a loan and I'm hoping this will help my improve my credit score.
Honest and helpful people I would recommend them to everyone. They are truly a blessing too me !!!
Great experience, quick approvals/deposits, and a lot cheaper payments!! Would recommend to EVERYONE!!!
Fig loans made things easy and fast and great place to get a loan
Very quick and easy process. Fig Loans are very helpful and will work with you if you need additional time to make your payments, without penalty. Their fees are inexpensive. I received my money within 24 hours of completing my application. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a short term loan.
I initially needed a loan (about 2 years ago) because of car/driver's license issues and was quickly approved. I was excited because I had bad credit and a payday loan would have sent me into a spiral of debt. I paid the loan off monthly and it was affordable! Since then, Fig Loans started reporting loans to the credit agencies to help build credit for their clients. I decided I was going to continue to take small loans out and pay them back on time in hopes of raising my credit score a bit. But my credit score raised A LOT. It has gone up 44 points last I checked! Very exciting. I appreciate this company and highly recommend them as an alternative to payday loans and to help build your credit.
Fast and easy to apply. With affordable payback terms.
The loan process was super easy. I called and talked with customer service about paying off my loan early. Everything they told me was true. I hope I won't have to borrow money again, however life happens and I will borrow from fig loans again hands down.
I love this company. They are always there in my time of need, when my money is low. They've always had my back. Thanks Fig Loans
Fig Loans are simply AWSOME. I have been a customer for a while and I wouldn't go any other place but Fig. I highly recommend Fig
One of the most amazing group I ever worked with and plan to use them again. They work with you so that you have a great experience. I truly would recommend them to anyone and give Fig loans a hats off. What a great experience.
Very good payment options and schedules they are very reasonable and don't charge so much interest like a payday loan. Easy application process!
This company has been great! It was easy to get the loan and I've had no issues when I need to change my payment date or contact someone.
This was the easiest, safest and quickest loan experience! I felt secure and the repayments were so easy! Anytime I needed a little extra time to pay they made it super easy! Great company!
very easy process, the web site is very user friendly, and they are very accommodating
Love borrowing from here
I would recommend Fig Loans to family and friends. Although my credit is not the best, Fig Loans was willing to give me an opportunity to get a loan and help improve my credit score in the process.
they have giving me a chance to show that i can pay a loan back and bring up my credit
Fig have truly been wonderful in my time of need and my credit was not the best but because they lifted me up out of bad crisis I am also able to see progress to repair my credit. Means so much!
Good customer service when i was in a bind fig loans helped me
Excellent- Would recommend this company to anyone and definitely use it again if need be.
I love the customer service and might I add the fast service. When no one else said yes fig did with no hesitation. I'm one satisfied customer.
I really appreciate yall taking the time, and day to help me, and my family rebuild our lives. I lost everything i ever owned to harridan Harvey. Thanks for being in my life at a time of need. Im a single mother with 6 kids, and has started from the bottom, sleeping on the floor with no TVs. Today i have a full time job, i just paid off my 1 bed room trailer, and bettering my self every day.
Y'all awesome
I agree they are not like any standard pay day loan. They are much more willing to work with you and I would recommend them over any payday loan place.
The service has been great.
I really appreciate the service I received from Fig loans
Awesome! Easy to set up and use.
Services are great and the payments and amounts are pretty good. I look forward to seeing improvements for amounts to be paid with options of 4 to 6 month repayments. Still though, Fig Loans is a better option than other services taking larger percentages for loans.
Yes I would they gave me no problems
The best company ever. Thanks to Fig Loan my credit score has gone up.
You are a wonderful company!
Fig Loans is one of the best loan companies on the web I would recommend this company to anyone.
Thank you for understanding your customers financial needs and working towards helping us achieving our, the customers goals. The repay flexibility is an exceptional option for my circumstance. So, thank you again for your assistance during this matter. Respectfully Yours, Mg
Very easy process will let you rearrange due date no extra charge. Will definitely use again. Better opportunity then pay day loan
Good service. Best terms.
Great company, just make sure you pay on time. They are flexible if you need up to 14 days, but anything after that you're screwed. They'll report it to your credit as bad. When you try to fix it they'll say there's nothing they can do it's corporate office fault. So think before you act, but if you are responsible and looking to a great credit help. This is definitely the company to go to.
Awesome company and very easy to work with.
Communication is Great!!
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