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Fora Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fora Financial
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 877-514-8062
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
Everything went really well getting my loan and so on. However now that is close to being time to renew I'm unable to get a hold of the my contact and set up the loan. I was trying to get some information on how to change the loan conditions that he promised upon signing. I called 3 times with no call back. Yesterday I finally received a call back with him being somewhat Curt saying I'd have to call renewal specialist and he would email me someone's contact. I still have not received that. I hope that everything goes well when it's time to renew in less than 30 days.
The loan process was quick and straight forward. We got the money very quickly. This company is very nice to do business with. The loan officer was very helpful and nice also.
U guys are not good to make business with u not good for small business loans
Very helpful bunch!
So far, so good. Service and funding is as advertised!
Was very happy with this company for the last two years
Kyle was very helpful and understanding. I had my funding right away. Thanks
The broker I dealt with through the approval process was excellent. Polite and helpful. The actual Fora Financial staff has been rude and difficult.
They have been very well to work with straight to the point of all descisions
Instant approval, payback option convenient.
Very helpful and seamless process.
Fora's operation has expanded significantly since I began working with them, and I've been impressed with the way they've handled the growth. Staff has always been friendly, approachable and, most importantly, ethical. Breath of fresh air in the MCA space!
Did exactly what they said. No double talk. Craig delivered on his word
Quick and easy with a straightforward process. No surprises and very fast turnaround.
The process was very easy and everything was explained upfront so there were no surprises. They were very helpful doing the time of disaster with giving us repayment options.
Thank your for you real help in my business
Fora has been very helpful through my loan process. They have been patient and kind. ‘‘This will be my third time getting a loan! And I’m looking forward to future business with them. I can’t say how happy I am with this company. Thanks again!
I have had good experience with Fora financial so far. And it is my believe to recommend friends.
Did their job. Only issue was that we were up against a 5pm deadline to get funded on a certain day - all paperwork was submitted by 4pm and we still did not make it. Everything else was fantastic.
Great guys to work with, very helpful and transparent.
Quick and easy! Interest rate is what you would expect.
Tried to make me take a loan for 8 months deducting daily from my bank account and costing $10000.00. I refused loan and they sending info to their subsidiaries and my credit was ruined.
Positive experience overall. I would recommend Fora to others.
Decent rate, great service. Very pleased. They've been there when we needed them. Second approval was within 24 hours!
I like customer service, honest every thing on the time easy to Lon
Always quick and hassle free.
Having been in business since 1994, and partnering with a Franchise Titan, the Mighty GNC. I opened several stores. The recession came and went, if you want to call that a "recovery" ? By Obama's standards. 2010-2013 sales were great, double digit BLY. With tall residential towers to house the well healed popping up all around my locations the future looking more then profitable! Then came AMAZON and smart phones.Both decimated brick and mortar. Social Media became the norm and more relevant then just cat videos. I did'nt see it coming. I watched sales and customer counts drop! In denial and under a haze of pain pills and alcohol things got worse. Three years of declining sales, a pitiful lack of vision and leadership now places GNC right there with Radio Shack. 2017, time to sober up personally and professionally. This business model is obsolete, but I need to make it work for the term of my lease. Having used all other options, I turned to the Devil and made a deal. I got the money in 2 days.
At first im scared .anyway im bad credit i think i will not be approved and i might not pay the loan. Thanks to michael greese he help me . he never give up on me.he find a lot of ways how i can i be approved. Thank god the payment do affordable.
I had one of the best experiences, having Mark following up at all times and making sure I was able to get started on this investment for my business. Simply one of the best services I've ever had!!! Thank you!!!!
Very professional, very painless process
Nice, trust worthy, professional, and they get the job done. They have always been there when I needed them.
I reached out to Fora Financial for financial support on an equipment project that I was working on and they approved and deposited the money in my account within 48 hours. They are my financial resource of choice! Thank again Fora...
Great service fair on rates easy to apply and approved quickly. I would recommend to my friends in need of there services!
The process, service, and friendly staff help is fabulous. I will recommend Fora to my friends.
Excellent customer service, excellent program, easy way of payment.
Excellent company very good service very Professional They held the customers In a professional way
Fora Financial really does offer more for less, our company had checked with other lenders and we've been offered the best by Fora Financial
Was told two different things by two different people, thank God the second person, (Eric) knew what was going on and straightened things out.
As a small business owner, I never needed to take a single bank loan in 8 years. For expansion, I decided to use Fora Financial and it is by far the best way to borrow money in a way that allows you to pay back as the money comes in.
Roman was very helpful and got me funded with a few days great service
Very smooth and fast transactions, I would highly recommend this company
I didn't get approved by other companies so I was pleasantly surprised getting the funds from fora. The loan process was fairly quick.
I called in to inquire and the staff from the customer rep to the sales person were all polite and guided me through the loan process in a patient manner. Everything was great. I will recommend Fora to others.
I have used Fora Financial twice now and they have been very pleasant and friendly to work with. The process is efficient and quick. Communication is very open and professional. I have been fortunate to have found such a great company that has been there to help me out on my financial issues.
very helpful and quick response
My experience was great. No problems getting the loan amount u wanted. Rates can be a bit high but it's part of the convenience of getting a loan through fora vs. a bank.
Easy to communicate with. Simple process and no fuss. Great experience!
The company has great customer service. The people are courteous and helpful.
I applied online without any high expectations but the turnaround time from applying to getting funded was very impressive, less than a week. This was my first time getting a loan outside of a major bank. Certainly won't be my last. Thank you fora!
Have had the opportunity to use Fora a few times and always had rapid and very satisfactory service. They always do what they say and are reliable.
Excellent Company for investor. They work fast and efficiently Thank you very much fora financial.
I was pleasantly surprised with my experience with ForaFinancial. I had read a few negative reviews online but I always take them with a grain of salt and wanted to find out for myself. After a week of communicating via phone and email and getting the funds in my account, I can say these guys are good at what they do and they care about their customers
Excellent the process is fast
With an easy process and quick responses we where we get a loan quickly and efficiently and a good rate highly recommend this company
Very fast process..they were there when I needed help.
Rob made it easy and simple. It was straight forward
Fora financial made the process simple and easy. They funded within 24 hrs once they received the required documentation. The initial call was professional and left me with the impression that I was dealing with a trustworthy lender. They followed up twice before they funded and then after they funded to see if everything was satisfactory. I will definitely use them in the future when I need quick funding .
We had a positive experience and fora was helpful throughout.
Great experience with Fora! Quick response that helped with my cash flow
Always do a great job getting loans done. Everyone I have ever worked with at Fora has always helped to get me to get the best loan possible for my company.
It is simple to fill out and easy to understand. The interest is a little high for the initial cost but will get you the working capital you need when your in a tight spot. I think if the loan option was for 12 months the payments would be more suitable or if they had a cheaper payoff amount. If you need a short term loan they are very helpful but at almost 30% of the loan it's not a good long term solution.
I thought that the process was easy and the staff went above and beyond to ensure us getting a loan!
This is our second time obtaining financing from Fora. Very easy to work with and very knowledgeable and helpful.
good very good
Easy to work with and fast funding!
Super fast application process & Funding!! Just what I needed for my business & right on time!!
The Customer service here is superb. The process was easy and the funding was quickly in place. I highly recommend working with FORA financial.
I have a very good experience very professional thank you.
Fora is a good company because of their help I was able to revitalize my company and get to a higher level. I will recommend it to any small business who need advancement. Star Careers
Never fail to lend me money for business.
Fora Financial is always professional. There speed to get you funded as fast as possible is unmatched by other lenders. I have had several loans by fora and never have i had any problems. I will always go to Fora for my Financial needs.
No complaints Highly recommended
Always fast and easy to communicate with.
Would recommend to anyone who start with new business!!
This was an easy process and I would go with Flora again if needed. I was hesitant at first but now have confidence in recommending them to others.
Be prepared to deliver multiple pacakages of financial information.
John was awesome to work with. He was patient with me as I was researching other firms as to the best value. He understood and continued to develop a working relationship and made things easy for me to make the decision. I will definitely use Fora Financial again if needed.
quick, friendly and much less work for busy companies
I was happy with the way Fora handled my application. Very professional Thanks again
fast and easy way to get the money you need it ...
Not the most affordable form of financing but it is quick and easy to get working capital. The folks at Fora do a great job.
Great treatment and easy to get along with. Although I was approved for more funds than I needed I was not pressured to get the max only what I needed which meant a lot to me.
The process was very simple and pretty seamless.
Fora was there for us when the bank was not! It was a quick straight forward process. A way to build business credit, we are thankful they worked with us.
Had a great experience. Would recommend to all small business owners
numerous hidden fees as well as actually requiring a $250 'deposit to guarantee funds' after they've already attached themselves to your credit card/bank account. have had 3 separate conversations about where the receipt for that money is. i have my bank receipt even though its not on the paid timeline. essentially if your looking into a loan at fora its because you havent been in business long enough to warrant an actual loan so you already understand your working with a modern loan shark and your gonna pay an astronomical percentage to utilize their assistance.
The only issue that I had was with how long it took to get funding into my bank account. I was first told we would have funding the day I applied then it took too long to get the contracts to me so I was told next day we could have same day funding and so I asked 3 times if they were for sure that I could have my funding that day and each time I was told yes. Then I got a call saying it would have to be next day and given no reason as to why. So I was upset because I felt I was lied to just so that I would sign the contract. I did get the money on day 3 but it caused me a bit of hassle since I needed the money the day I was promised to get it. Other than that, it was smooth, no hassle and this is my third loan with Fora.
What a true pleasure working with Fora Financials team. They answered all of my questions and held my hand through my first loan.
No doubt it is much more pleasant when you can work with the same group of professionals, but it makes a world of difference when they remember you as an individual and not a file or account #. Everyone has always been super fast with responding and addressing any of our questions or concerns. John Donoghue has definitely been great to work with!
Extremely easy streamline process. Had funds in 24 hours.
My experience at Fora Financial was great. I would definitely go back for additional funding. Staff was super patient, the application process was very easy/efficient, and we got funded in a couple of days.
I recommend Fira Financial because it has helped my company establish credit it has helped me purchase equipment to expand my business. I would if gave it a 5 star review however the only issue I have is that everytime entry I get a new load everyone ii need to send all paperwork when you have it already on file.
Great experience. They do what they say.
When all others wanted to charge more and give less. Fora a was reasonable
They were quick to review my application and provide necessary funding
I have no complaints. Very straightforward and simple process, thank you fora finance!
Very simple and straightforward. Had a few communication hiccups at first but nothing major. Rep was super helpful. Will definitely go back.
The entire process was very simple and it took less a week from applying online to funds being made available. I have to say though, that my rep understood my needs and the time sensitive nature of it and went above and beyond to make it all work out. I would definitely recommend Fora to others, and will go back again.
Everyone was very helpful and forthright. A very good experience
Fora Financial, and in particular, Matthew Gross, was easy to work with, attentive to my needs and I will use them in the future should the need arise.
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