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TMG Loan Processing Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: TMG Loan Processing
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 2015
Address: 1843 E Southern Ave Suite 101
City: Tempe
State/Province: AZ
Postal Code: 85282
Country: United States
Phone: 855-263-5544
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 64 %
For the most part it was very good experience. The communication could have been a little better but other than that I would highly recommend their service.
My experience with TMG Loan Processing was worse than the others I've contacted. The application process took a whole day and the lady that talked to me told me one thing, then it was another. She didn't tell the truth to me. I'm very dissatisfied.
It only took about two days in order to get it done. I had a lot better customer service from TMG Loan Processing. They answered my question and I was able to talk to them a little more. Then I did more research on them and then felt a bit more comfortable with them than the other company. The application process was very easy, and the personal loan processor was very helpful. It was a simple and fast experience with TMG Loan Processing.
I got a title loan from TMG. The whole process took three days because I had all of my information and the documentation, so it was very efficient. The application process was pretty straightforward and simple, as well. The guy I spoke with helped me with any other information that may have been left out. I took time with one of the representatives to go through the contract word by word, just to get certainty on every detail of it so that there would not be an issue where I'm concerned as I am quite aware of how certain organizations prey on people in situations where they do need these types of loans. And they were very helpful in that process and that was very much appreciated. It was an overall a very good experience and I would recommend TMG to other people.
I needed to get a loan on my card to cover some expenses for my son's wedding. I went to my bank, but the credit unit was very strict about certain things and so that didn't work. I looked into several loan companies and TMG Loan Processing seemed to be the best. I contacted TMG and I had the money within a day.The application process was very easy and the gentleman that helped me was very good. He always accessible and able to answer my questions. They were very efficient, effective and helpful.
I totally enjoyed dealing with TMG. I got along great with the representative, Mark, and my interactions with him made me made up my mind. It was a short application process and the only issue I had was that they only have two offices so I had to go such a distance to the actual office. But beyond that, it was great going into the place and filling out the paperwork. The woman who assisted me was very helpful and took her time in explaining everything to me. She has great customer service.
TMG Loan Processing got back to me the same day I first made contact with them about my loan inquiry. The people that contacted me were fine and the application process was alright. However, there were more things that they needed than they originally had told me which did arise so it was a bit on the difficult side. It wasn't too bad though. The loan processor was good and overall the experience was fine.
The loan process with TMG was really easy and very understandable. They got in touch with me a few hours after I inquired about the loan. Their employee was very, very friendly and helpful. They went over the details and the process with you and let you know what you should do. Keep the line of communication open with them if you needed help and wasn't able to make yourself on time. If people needed some extra help, I would refer them to TMG because they're very reasonable and everything made sense.
I contacted TMG Loan Processing after I found them online. They contacted me right away and they were very nice, friendly, and were more helpful than other companies. On the other hand, it took three days for everything to get done. One guy had car problems so he got in too late and then he left early, but they were very apologetic about the car situation. Then another guy on my case left early, too. Everything was aggravated. I wish I could have dealt with one or two reps, but when I got there, there were three or four people. Also, they sent things repeatedly. The application process was difficult and so I told them to tell me whether or not I could do it with them so that I would not waste time anymore. In spite of all that, they were good and I would still recommend them.
TMG was the one that responded the quickest when we did an online search for a company that would assist us in getting our loan. They also seemed to follow through. I had no problem with them and they’re very courteous. It was an efficient experience.
I’ve had other companies contact me but I already set up with TMG Loan Processing. After my loan inquiry, they contacted me the next morning and their loan officers were awesome. They answered my questions, put the information in front of me quickly and I felt everything was on the table. If they didn’t have the answer, they find it then get back to me. Their application process was simple, too. They gave me a list of what they needed and what they can do if I had everything proper. They did what they said they were going to do and did it in a timely manner. It was a quick and painless experience and I’d recommend them. They also said there was some kind of payment book and other stuff that’s supposed to be coming in but I hadn’t received anything yet.
I looked online, called two loan companies, and they said my car didn’t qualify for a title loan. When Dale from TMG Loan Processing company called me, he said he was going to look at some other things. He was amazing. He checked my car out and went a step further to have the car qualified. Isaac and the other gentlemen who called me were great too. The process was good and very smooth, and I had the check at about 5 o’clock that day. The only thing that took me a while was because I had to drive all the way to Riverside in the traffic. But I was home and done, so I would recommend them.
It took a short time for TMG Loan Processing to contact us from the time we inquired about loan. We went with them because of the amount of time that they have to pay back. Their application process was easy. They were friendly, helpful and good in explaining so there were no hang-ups and I knew exactly what they wanted. I'm very happy with my personal loan processor as well. Everybody was nice and it was fast and smooth.
I had a better experience with TMG Loan Processing than other loan companies. TMG contacted me after a day or so regarding my loan inquiry. The guy that I worked with out in California was very good. He was nice and he worked with me with communication. The application process was a little difficult, but we got it done. It was a good experience on the whole.
I had a good experience with TMG Loan Processing. When I inquired about a loan, I was contacted within the same day. The application process was easy. They were helpful and got things done speedily and efficiently.
I contacted TMG first and then they called me in the morning. They're excellent, courteous and knowledgeable. They got me through the process and it was very easy and seamless. I was confused when I was doing the loan because they sent me to so many different people so I didn't know exactly which one I was talking to, but everybody I talked to was really nice. If I ever was given the situation again, I would hope to have someone like them who guides me through so easily to make the process go quickly.
TMG was professional, fast, and friendly. The application process was simple and easy. My loan processor was really courteous, however, I am having an issue with the actual LoanMart itself. I still haven’t been contacted. But other than that, everything went great. I would recommend TMG.
TMG was the first one I saw on Google and it was legit. I made a loan inquiry and they contacted me within 24 hours, the other companies didn't contact me. The application process was very quick. It only took me 10 mins to fill up everything out. Someone called me shortly after and the person that I talked to was good with text messaging which made it easy for me because I'm often busy during the day. That made it possible to get everything over and things going.
I had already gotten a loan and then I got a call out of nowhere from TMG Loan Processing. The rate they gave me and their customer service was a little bit better than the other ones. The process started out great and it kind of went down. I couldn't get my money and TMG couldn't find it anywhere. So it was a little annoying. I was disappointed because it's a long process. The loan processor and I called to get the amount to pay off the other loan. The lady there was really rude and the loan processor was totally unavailable when I needed him. They wouldn't even let me talk to the accounting department. I have heard five different stories that morning. I ended up speaking to the senior level management and he took care of it. He made sure he followed through and he called me back. The next day he made sure things were taken care of, so I was impressed with him and it's probably why he was senior level. TMG messed up for a couple of days, but they got it straightened out.
I contacted TMG Loan Processing last October. I put in an inquiry and they reached out to me that same day. I looked them up on Google and they had good reviews, which is why I chose them. This is my first time applying for a loan and their process was easy. The request that they made was reasonable and it was easy to get done quickly. It was a good experience. I was a little hesitant about this situation because I had heard there are other places that may scam people so, I was cautious going into this situation. But everyone was very agreeable and very helpful. The only thing that I was a little tepid about was the office that we visited here in Tempe seemed not as professional. It seemed like they hadn’t been in there long like they were a fly-by-night kind of thing. Also, I wasn’t too happy with the loan amount. They had told me several different amounts. They said that they were able to do $1900. Then they called me back and said that they were only going to approve $1300. I pushed it a little bit with them and they approved $1500. That part was a little frustrating. They had said one amount and then they undershot me a lot, and then went up a little bit. If they were able to do the amount that they had set from the beginning, then that would have made it more pleasant. They gave me an impression that I had to haggle with them in order to get closer to the amount that they originally had said. Which, I thought this was a straightforward process. Other than that, the process was very quick and I got the check later that day. TMG Loan Processing is a good option if you needed money quickly. The interest rates of 190 something can be difficult for a lot of people. I wouldn’t recommend that a lot of people do that avenue unless they were able to pay it off quickly.
Customer service is an investment. My title was sent to a company (TitleMax) that is not located in my state which is Pennsylvania. TitleMax is located in Delaware. Stephanie told me TitleMax is in Pennsylvania and that was the best she could do. TitleMax is not part of the Consumer Affairs accredited program and their average rating is a one star. I'm disappointed and frustrated with my experience.
I was very pleased with how I was treated. Courteous and knowledgeable people that helped me navigate through the application process. I have no complaints with the service or the people. If you need help quick, this is the place.
I went back and forth with TMG for about a week. However, I'm still trying to get the contract which was supposed to be sent to me through email. I got to call back the lady down in Fort Mill so I can get the actual contract that I need and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get it. Other than that, my experience with them during the application process was pleasant.
Very pleased with customer service & knowledge. Mario was a great help!
TMG Loan was better than other loan companies we dealt with because they seem to work with us more than the others did. My husband took care of the process and I think it all went pretty quick. However, there was a lot of information that we had to resend several times because somebody wasn't getting it. There were a few issues that were more on communication. Perhaps, they can keep us updated and to follow through with what they're doing. Working with them was a little chaotic, but it worked in the end.
I looked at a couple of loan companies but they were shady. TMG Loan Processing was in a complex and had an office that was set up. It was nice compared to how the rest are. I brought my title and talked to the guy on-site, then he called the broker who took my information and said I was approved. I went back to the first guy and he finished up everything. They were nice and everything went smoothly. I had my check in hand in two hours.
I was looking on the internet, and I saw TMG and I applied. I needed help paying some of my bills. They called me within the same day I filled out the application, and then they lent me the money on the following Monday. The application process was easy and the loan processor was nice. He helped me out a lot. Everything was good. I was able to pay off some of my bills. It gave me some kind of a breathing room. I’d recommend TMG to a friend if they needed help.
TMG Loan Processing contacted me within an hour of my loan inquiry. They were better because they were able to assist me unlike the other company that wasn't able to. TMG was more understanding of different situations like missing documents or making exceptions on certain things I didn't have. The loan officer was definitely courteous. The application process was super easy and though there were a lot of steps, that's understandable because it's a sizeable loan. If I had any questions, they walked me through it because I like to take things step-by-step. They didn't make me feel overwhelmed, so that was good. If I have to refer them, I definitely would. For a stressful situation, they made everything easy for me.
I searched on the internet for a company that's closest to my place and it was TMG Loan Processing. When I called them, I asked them what documents they need and they told me what to bring. Then I went to the local office here in Arizona, handed them all the documents and they inspected them. Afterwards, they called the company in California and dealt with them. I just waited in a room for about an hour and a half and they had everything done within that time. They were very friendly and offered me water while I was in that private room, and I chilled there. They told me I was approved for $7,000, which I just needed $2,500. They made a check there and gave it to me. I would recommend TMG if somebody is in need of cash right away and can pay it off within a month.
I looked at everything on the web to see who has a better rating and TMG Loan Processing was highly rated and was second on the list. They also had a good percentage rate. Their representatives were very thorough and explained everything to me. They make it very easy to get everything taken care of.
TMG Loan Processing approved me so I signed up with them. The whole application process was easy and didn't take that long. Their loan processor walked me through everything. He was really good and was very patient.
I got an auto title loan and TMG Loan Processing contacted me quickly from the time of my loan inquiry. The loan processor was very polite and timely. I had to email and send photos of the registration to the loan processor. I also had to verify my employment with them. The application process was easy, simple and everything went smooth. I would refer TMG Loan Processing to anybody. There were no complications. The only thing that I thought about after the fact is that it says no credit check or anything like that. But yet here I am at a high interest rate so I'm assuming that there was a credit check.
I had a truck that was in perfect condition. It had no miles and I have a clean title for it. But every other person that I went to denied me because of my credit even though the truck is the collateral and if I don't pay it, they take the truck, sell it and get their money back. TMG Loan Processing accepted my request but at first they declined me too. My rep, Mario, asked me a couple of questions to verify everything, told me that everything sounded and looked good then he emailed and texted me a list of the things he needed like the pictures of the truck. I got all those sent to him and two hours later, I got a call back from somebody else. Mario was at lunch so they called and walked me through the rest of the process. Then they called me back one last time and a lady told me I was denied. After that, Mario texted me and told me he had another way. He talked to the owner and the owner called me. They had it all worked out and they were going to do the loan if I could make it down to their location in Fullerton.It took me 40 minutes to get over to the office but the gentleman wasn't there yet. He got there 20 minutes later and he had the check ready on the computer. He printed it out for me and I was good to go after I signed some papers. I sat down with the owner and he told me that if I ever needed anything else again, to feel free to call them and he gave me his card. Other than the first denial, everything was really good. Mario did a great job and they took care of everything that same day that I needed the loan. They were very fast, efficient and courteous.
Do not waste your time! These people are not upfront with you about the process and after spending all day sending documents, I did not receive anything! When I could've gone to a business locally and got what I needed within an hour! AND they sell your info, so you get annoying calls ALL DAY!!! The worst experience I've ever had!!!!
TMG Loan Processing contacted me in 10 minutes or so from the time I inquired from them. It was a quick process with them and they were better compared with other loan companies. The application process was quick and easy because I had done it before. TMG had all the information and all I had to do was to redo some of the paperwork, take a few photos and make copy to stuff then send it to them. It was straightforward with the loan processor too. He asked a few questions since I was a second time customer. I didn’t do anything much. Overall, TMG has been efficient.
I talked to TMG Loan Processing and they were good and professional. The application process was super easy and fast. They took my information, told me I qualified and they had someone meet me the following day. We finished the paperwork, it was notarized and I went and picked them up. It was a painless experience. They worked and walked me through the process and they explained everything in detail. Moreover, the loan processor was perfect. She worked with me and it was done over a week and some people had to help me. We also had to add myself to the title and they were flexible with getting the actual work done for me.
Excellent customer service. I dealt with Mario mostly and he was very helpful and took the time to walk me through anything I didn't understand.
It was not too long before TMG Loan contacted us after our loan inquiry. I had a better experience with them than with other loan companies. The application process was okay and my personal loan processor did a good job. They helped me and there was no problem
We got an email of the approval right away but when we got the first phone call, there was a computer glitch in the software accepting my husband's signing of the documents. That actually took almost six days. The loan process was easy in our hands but it was frustrating once it's gotten to TMG's hands. Although the loan processors were very good, we had to call into the call center all the time. They were not calling us to keep us abreast of where it was. Their take was that they would have to find out what the problem was and then they would get back to us. But my husband told them that we needed the money in two days so them telling him what was wrong was not helping us.
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