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Big Picture Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Big Picture Loans
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1.800.584.4880
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 80 %
Prompt response time!!
I think it's a great company,it was a very easy process to apply for my loan Thank You Debra.
Good last option.
Great experience, this is s my 2nd loan!
Excellent easy process.
fast, accurate, and friendly
Easy online application. Great customer service. Multiple payment plans.
I have no complaints about the service. I am pleased.
Easy to get renewed. They went on mycredit historu of on-time payments and required no new documents. They will also allow am early payoff woth no early payoff penalty..
Greatest app to use
Great experience, courteous and friendly customer service.
I appreciate the fast response to my application. Thank you big picture loans
Not crazy about the interest rate, but desperate times and all. Customer service is great. Easy to pay off early when funds are available.
Eazy Process
Wonderful customer service experience - very helpful and polite!
I would recommend this come anyone
Loan as requested
They make it super easy for anyone to apply. No hassle
I needed some quick cash so hopefully it come's in time so i can get more next time?? use a a short time loan, pay back fast and your're ok!!
Fast, excellent, kind service.
I had an amazing experience! It was easy and fast. Thank you, I will use again in the future plans.
When I needed the extra money, they were right there for me.
It was quick and effortless! Fantastic!
The absolute best loan application process I have ever experienced.
Excellent and easy process
Quick, professional and accurate in every step of the application process.
Trustworthy and friendly
I made a loan. When I had enough to pay off, I called in to make an agreement. They had my banking information at first place. The agreement (accordingly to them) was not successfully and deleted. Why not successfully? I don't know. They proceed to pull funds from my account for monthly payment. THEY HAD MY BANKING INFORMATION IN SYSTEM AT FIRST PLACE AND NOT USED TO PAY OFF MY LOAN. I called again to make other agreement to pay off the balance. It was paid off. Their error cost me $100 more than I should have paid off. I kept telling customer services rep. about it and he or she wasn't proactive about getting it solved. I'm never going to use this service again! Anyone from Big Picture Loans reading this message, please pay me back what's originally belonged to me.
Very good coustomer service
Very nice and easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone that needs some short term help.
A total rip-off. Warning; do not do business with this company at all
Quick process and fast approval,will recommend.
They were always there to help me with a lending hand. They even changed the payment schedules so that it would be more affordable to repay the loan.
When I needed emergency funds. Big Picture was there for me.
I really like the amount Opportunities that are giving to choose from.
A good place to get a quick loan.
Fast and easy and most importantly there when needed in an emergency
Big picture has been there for me twice now and are great to work with they are a great company I will always come back to them
Everything was fast and easy this is my 5 time using them and every time is been the same they really help me when I needed the most thank you
The process what pretty simple, it is a little crazy for the interest/financial charges rate but if you’re in a desperate situation and can pay off the loan in full within a couple months it’s worth it for the help it provides.
Very helpful and gave me the money I needed I would definitely use them again.
Excellent customer service. Quick and new what they were doing.
Helpful and friendly
I was not sure about big pictures loan, was worried that I wouldn’t get approved, but I did! Thank you big picture loan you help me when no one else would
Money was in my bank the very next morning! Thank you!!!!!
I really appreciate your service. it seems that you concerned about customer are in need. And you there when a customer needs help. Thanks a lot to make my day easier and effective and wonderful. I definitely recommend it to everyone who need it.!
The have help me.
This is a very reputable Loan company. Their staff are very professional and courteous and go the extreme by explaining all details to the customer. I am very pleased with their performance and would not hesitate to recommend them!!
To be honest, I only took out this loan for a faster way of getting the funds I needed quickly. This is my second time of using them and I will say it was quick and easy.
Very easy company to deal with and no pushy customer service people to deal with.
It's higher than a regular loan but everything is upfront so you know what to expect. It's good in an emergency
Big picture loans is awsome
Fast but expensive. You are forewarned though and entirely up to you.
Easy application process!..With the no penalty to pay off early, the high interest rate is really not a factor!
Best in customer care service, Thank you!
Hi, Filling out the application was easy enough, but when I started getting phone calls as soon as I finished applying and getting approved, well, I got nervous. We get so many solicitations out here in real time that we feel as though we are being intruded upon quite often. It would be better for BPL if they waited at least 10 minutes after the loan application is submitted, for the public appreciates consideration. Thanks for asking.
Much appreciated help!
Fast, friendly and efficient!
Love how easy it is to use
What a quick and wonderful experience! Thanks
Fast approval. Funding expected in 1 day
Fast and courteous services
The process was fast and easy. Was very pleased with how fast I got approved. Thank you Big Picture Loans
Very easy Simple
Easy application always there when I need them. Thanks
Treated me with respect. The lady whom I talked with was knowledgeable and explained everything.
Up front and easy process.No reservations. Good to know there here to help.
The money came fast but making payments takes forever. I have been waiting 5 days for my first payment to clear. No one should ever get a loan with this company. I have gotten the run around over and over about trying to make payments. I even tried to pay off the loan and the suddenly cant find my account so they want to charge more interest. This company is a scam. Run!
Great customer service and fast. I would recommend it to anyone.
Very easy and extremely quick albeit it astronomical interest. I definitely will be paying off early
Great loan process! *****
Big Picture Loans has always been there when I needed some extra cash for unforeseen events. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little financial help!
The application process was fast and easy, their customer service representatives were excellent.
Very easy to apply. Friendly customer service reps. I will definitely do business with then again.
Easy peezy friendly people. Cost is very high, but for short term really great service.
The employees are very friendly. If you need a short term loan to get you through the month, try them. Interest rates are high so if you plan on paying them back long term, it could get expensive. Perfect for a short term cash flow problem.
Cots enough to keep you motivated to get the job done yet there when you need the cash the most right on time!
Expensive but if in a jam this is a quick extra each month and try to pay off early
Very easy transaction. Good customer service.
Pleasant experience. Quick and efficient, barely any turn around time for information or results...completed the entire process in minutes, cash received inside of 20 hours.
Overall great experience!!!
Speedy,easy application process. Good customer service.
Very helpful and courteous support.
Great installment loan websites for quick, fast services.
Fast and easy to work with. Thanks big picture
Every time I have got a loan the people are all friendly and if I have questions they answer them. It’s easy to file for the loan and get an answer right away I appreciate all the help
The process was swift and seamless
Easy, reliable and always willing to work with their customers.
It was a very easy process to get the money I needed.
thank you for the approval on my recent loan application. I called and spoke with one of your CSR very helpful I look forward to reaching out to you again thanks Darnell Baker
Applying and getting through the entire process was for easy and very reliable. The customer service rep was very friendly and extremely helpful and ensured the process was very seamless. Excellent service all the way around.
Emergency funds, quick approval and deposit
Fast and easy. Didn’t think I would get approved. Interest rate a little high. But that’s expected when your credit is fair
Very satisfied, funds in my account the next day. I'm fully aware of the interest and have no reservations. Read your documents and become familiar with the TIL, pay off early & you will be good !
Fast and ease of use.
Easy proces . Hope it is secure
Customer Service is excellent. Without a doubt you are a 5 star. Thank you
I been applying to get a loan in different companies and I haven't been approved so I took another chance and I apply on big picture loans and I got approved. Thank you
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