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Lencred Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Lencred
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1.888.783.1503
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 95 %
I would like to refer Joel Wilson as a contact person to discuss your financial needs. He was very professional and interested in to find the best solution for our needs. Congrats Lencred of having Joel in your Staff.
Joel was amazing with the first initial phone call. I hope that the rest of the interactions that I have are the same. Thank you, Joel!
Constantly thinking of my best interest. Never negative attitude but gave me the facts. Pleasant customer service. Thank you Sandy
LedCred offered good advice and did what they told me they would do. They were friendly and available whenever I needed to get more info or advice. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Joel offered helpful information in a friendly and unhurried manner. He was never pushy, and even when he realized he may not be able to help me, he spent a couple minutes offering advice on how to check my credit and keep myself financially safe. Superb customer service!
I had a very pleasant experience working with LenCred in order to secure open lines of credit both business and personal. The results far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know.
I can't believe I'm the only one who's writing a review like this. Trust me, I looked. If you think you're applying for business financing, you're going to be disappointed. I was referred to this service by Lendio. On my initial Lendio application I indicated I was looking for an SBA Veterans Advantage Loan. We also spoke about SBA Veterans Advantage Lines of Credit. I was repeatedly assured that my personal credit was stellar and I was a perfect candidate for small business financing. After going of the details of my business and our growth trend, I was told my business was also promising and that I should be a prime candidate. Again, this entire time I thought I was applying for a Government subsidized SBA Veterans Advantage Loan or Line of Credit, or a non-SBA Line of Credit through a BANK. I spoke with a lender, no scratch that, a Sales Rep named Jimmy. He's good, I'll give him that. I've been in sales for the past 10 years, so I know good technique when I hear it. After speaking with Jimmy about the business and getting him excited about our future sales and vision, he curtain parted. Oh no, you wont get a line of credit, but instead well sign you up for 1215 CREDIT CARDS. LenCred is NOT a bank, lender, or anyone affiliated with the SBA. No, they are a CREDIT CARD Affiliate. On top of their healthy commissions they will receive from the credit card companies for signing me up, they want an 8% "Loan origination fee". Don't know why I'm paying for a loan origination for NOT A LOAN. They also said they have a company they work with to gain access to cash from the cards, where they charge the Credit Cards and then wire the money to me or my vendors. This sounds pretty shady and I'm not sure the IRS would be a fan of this. But I'm not a CPA so I don't know. Long story short. If you are reading this and wondering "Am I being referred to a legitimate lending institution?" No, no you're not. You're working with a credit card sales agency. If you're in desperate need of capital for your business and everyone else has turned you down, and you don't mind frying your personal credit, then LenCred may be your last option. Do yourself a favor, talk to a bank first.
My review for Sandy First, Sandy was awesome. She was very friendly and kind. I love here honesty she did everything she promise. Sandy is the one person everyone should follower. Charlie Mitchell
I am thrilled by the information I have received. It's provided optimal education I look forward to a long relationship with great growth with Lencred
Joel was excellent on the phone with us and discussed his thoughts and opinions on how we could reach our funding target. He then kindly transferred us to a small business financial advisor where we have had top not service. Our advisor is coming up with a pretty comprehensive business strategy for us to hit our target. Thanks Joel and Lend Cred!
Kattie Hirsch was very helpful and determined to help me obtain the credit that I needed to start my business. Will definitely love to work with Lencred in the future
I will recommend it to my group of investor, for sure
Greetings to All Funding Seekers. This service and it's team of professionals delivered on everything it said it could do, and those who have had funding problems know to find a group that keep it's stated promises to help you obtain funding is rare indeed. If you meet the requirement your owe it to your success to engage this service group and allow them to help you with your funding needs!!!! I look forward to continuing my relationship with them. Peace and Success To All Larry Randolph
Randy Julien Was very helpful. He explained the process to the letter. Thanks a lot
He was a world full of knowledge.
The entire process was painless, and Laura was a complete pleasure to work with, she was personal and professional. She provided all the information l needed to understand the process and I would recommend Laura to anyone who needed financing assistance. I am looking forward yo continue to work with LenCred.
She was very nice on the phone talking very nice very respect I love the conversation she did the perfect job very good question and very onerous Hundred store
It was a pleasure to talk to Joel. He was extremely honest and helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. -Jason
Joe listened to me and is helping my client. Getting my clients the money they need for business is my number one focus.
I worked with Joel and he was personable, easy to talk to, and seemed to genuinely care about helping me fund my business. It is my pleasure to recommend this company to fellow entrepreneurs!
Fast, reliable and Excellent service!
A Very Resourceful Company. I’ve interacted with LenCred, in particular Dustin Weitzell and his support staff throughout the years. And my experience with LenCred has been very positive and productive. They’re a very resourceful group of individuals that are here to help when you’re in need of financial support for your business. A very professional organization.
Joel Wilson was very helpful and got back to me in a very timely manner. I would recommend this company to anybody looking for financial assistance.
I'm only talk to this weekend lady a few times and I'm already convinced that I made the right choice I truly hope you keep her she is all and a whole lot more of everything I said above it's a pleasure to talk with someone who treat you as a person
Very communicative and did everything they said they were going to do.
Everything on the level.... excellent company to do business with... Laura Hendricks was very helpful....
A great professional, Austin Peppers. Austin was a blessing to me at a time that is very stressful when an individual is trying to obtain funds to start up a small business. He was very knowledgeable and helpful concerning my situation. Highly recommendable!
Service was good, I suppose I wish I knew what the service entailed before signing up. I feel as though I could have applied for these cards myself and avoided the 8% fee. Although this did take the hassle out of it for me I still could have done this service myself for free.
Fantastic company, with a number of opportunities for Small Business success. Excellent financial advisors to point you in the right direction.
Randy Julian has been great to work with, and excellent going through the entire loan process from start to finish! I would recommend LenCred to any start-up business!!!
I've been searching for loans for the past few weeks and I feel more comfortable with LendCred than I do with the other lenders I've spoken to. They are very transparent about their program and seem more knowledgeable and credible than the others.
Very informative with a one on one type of friendliness.
Excellent job by Joel. I will recommend to anyone.
I worked with Jerry Engert and he was very knowledgable. They got me $46,000 worth of credit in just a few weeks. I tried to do it the traditional way and was turned down almost every time even though my credit score was over 700. They showed me what needed to be done to maximize my credit potential and not only did they get me the funding, but my credit score also jumped 30 points. Would recommend Lencred to any small business that needs funding or credit. Ray B Greenbelt, MD
When trying to begin the process of trying to obtain funding that journey is not an easy task. So having a knowledgeable team behind you is of the uttermost importance. This is why I was pleased to work with Lend Cred! Jerry Engert and Genese Stufflebeam were the winning combination to help everything run smoothly and their expertise guided me to obtain the funding needed. I would recommend Lend Cred to everyone that I come in contact with.
Gary was very nice and informative
Sandi was very easy to work with and was very knowledgeable.
The best customer service I ever experienced, Very Fast Answers.
Dealing with Sandra today was very easy. I am pleased with our interactions so far. I hope we are able to build a long term business relationship. Hopefully they will be able to help me attain my dream charter fishing business goals.
To be honest, my first experience with the company was a negative one. I felt the salesman talked me into something that I should have never have agreed to. After leaving a negative review, the owner of the company reached our directly and since has worked with me one on one to help improve my credit score and formulate a plan for funding. I'm very impressed! This is a company you can trust!
I had the pleasure of speaking with Sandra Sifers, she is awesome, and very helpful and understanding. she got me an appointment with an advisor for the following day because they take a large volume of calls a day, but from the information she gave me after she soft pulled my credit, I’m almost certain they will work with me to keep my business open.
I've just talked to Joel Wilson but he was very nice and helpful. He explained information clearly and answered my questions. if things workout for me with Lencred, I will be able to grow my very small business just as planned. I will be very pleased.
That's exactly what Jerry and Kattie of LenCred did for me! From the first call with Jerry I knew I was in good hands. He never oversold the service and was always realistic with what I could expect to see from the 1st round of funding. Kattie executed the program with excellent communication. All in all I exceeded my goal of and landed right around $100k in new funding. Worth every penny. Not only did I get the funding I was looking for, but also the education I knew I needed. Now I am in a much better financial picture on all accounts.
Worked with Randy Julien from LenCred today. Very easy and understandable service he provided at LenCred to help me get a line of credit set up. Good Company. Thanks Randy, Mike B.
LenCred is not like any other financial institution. What I learned in working with them is an incredible amount of passion and care for their clients. Most others just don't help out and leave you on your own. Many of the upper management follow up with you and guide you through the process. Again, we all need to take care of our financial goals but LenCred can help you build your business goals.
My coach Jerry Engert is patient with carefully explaining the process to use credit. I was able to obtain credit for the first time with his assistance. I will continue to work with Jerry for round two of the funding process. Ruth - Ft Worth Tx
I want give Jerry a Special THANK YOU! This guy is Awesome! He make every step through the process very easy. I recommend you ask for Jerry! Good Luck!
I have started the process of getting a line of credit from Lencred. I spoke to a gentleman named Joel Wilson who was helpful, personable, and kind. He obviously loves what he does. He provided me with his name and number and told me if I need anything to give him a call. I’m a Hairstylist who has become a small business owner and am working on establishing business credit- an anxious experience for me. He took the fear out of the situation.
Lencred is the real deal thanks Katie
Joel did a fast and efficient job of getting our information and scheduling us with an advisor.
Excellent experience! My initial call with Randy was smooth sailing and Randy was very knowledgeable about the program. I am trying my hand at a startup venture and since I don’t have revenues, I was in a bit of a bind! I spoke with my advisor Dustin who helped me feel at ease and worked with me on how best to use my new credit lines! I got more than enough funding for what I needed to do, AND learned a lot in the process! Great Company! Five Stars!
Informative and very helpful!
I spoke to Jessica today and she was very helpful. She was polite and very informative. Thanks
Joel Wilson worked with me on my request for funding and was easy to work with. Willing to go the extra mile for his customers
Sandra did a fine job and was very kind and sensitive to my business needs.
Joel was beyond helpful in explaining the options available. At first I was very hesitant but I felt a lot more comfortable after speaking with Joel about the options available for business funding. I look forward to building a relationship with them moving forward. Awesome option for leveraging capital! Thanks again Joel!
Meaghan was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was highly informative and had a very positive attitude. Definitely looking forward to a great relationship with LenCred!
Very helpfull staff. Prompt response and easy transaction.
I love me some Joel! Can't wait to see how much credit I can get. Terms seem awesome but I'm still so new to this, I guess we'll see. Hoping my gut feeling is right!
Up to this point the experience has been positive and encouraging. I am looking forward to continuing the process
Austin was totally engaged and excited about my movie in development, The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. He was clear about my options with business credit card companies and heard my concerns.
Gary was very clear and understanding with explaining to me my situation with regards to getting a loan. I appreciate his honesty regarding his experience, which honesty is very important to someone like me, especially when it comes to loans.He told me what he could and then set up an appointment with an adviser to take me to the next level. I am hoping to develop a long-term relationship with Gary and be able to fund my business with no complications or underlying agendas.
Sandra provided me with prompt, A+ customer service, with good follow-up and a cheery disposition.
Randy was patient with my schedule and very straight forward on the phone. I appreciate the level of professionalism.
LenCred is not like any other financial institution. What I learned in working with them is an incredible amount on passion and care for their clients. Most others just don't help out and leave you on your own. Many of the upper management followup with you and guide you through the process. Again, we all need to take care of our financial goals but LenCred can help you build your business goals.
Joel Wilson was absolutely amazing, i will definitely recommend Lencred to my associates. Regards: Jennison Nunez
If my conversation with Joel Wilson is any indication as to how pleased I will be with Lencred, then I will be very pleased and satisfied that my business needs will be met. Looking forward to the partnership.
Up to this stage of the application process Mr. Wilson has displayed professionalism and very knowledgeable explaining how the process entailed.
Meghan did a fantastic job helping me navigate through the loan process. She helped me understand my options while taking the time to explain every facet of the program. She did this without being robotic and scripted. She was authentic and genuine. Great job!
Worked with Randy Julien, he was very helpful in offering information on how the line of credit processed works and what the next steps would be. He followed up with informational emails and a phone call. Very pleasant to work with! Thank you Randy for your help!
I had a great experience consulting with Joel! He's very personable and was diligent identifying viable options for our small business expansion. Definitely one of the best I've had the pleasure to do business with.
Joel was very polite, friendly and professional. I felt at ease speaking with him.
I've been at a standstill and wasting time while sitting on a goldmine. I figured if I pinch the pennies over the next couple of years I'll be able to make something happen... but nothing happened. I thought about cashing out 401k or even entertaining the idea of tapping into "Shark Tank". But then it happened, I was browsing through the net and came across another lending company. I researched, went through the motions and decided to go through the very simple 3 step process. Within less than 24hrs, Gary Adams calls. Very professional, friendly and quickly found common ground that made feel more comfortable engaging in conversation. He is knowledgeable and spoke facts. I thought at one point (Sorry Gary), this is not going to work and I just wasted more time. That was not the case, not only did he tell me what I wanted to hear but also what I didn't want to hear. He kept it real and honest, this is not another company based out of India somewhere, it's here in the Great US of A! And with that being said, I may be on the road to finally starting my US based company and sell products with a proud stamp "Made in USA". And even better, we will help create jobs for fellow Americans during a historic time for us. Stop wasting time, if you read this far your next step is contact Lencred now!
Joel was the greatest to talk to. Helped explain a ton of things and was very informative. I am so happy I got him!
Lencred made the application and pre qualification process a breeze. Joel Wilson the small buisness resource specialist assigned to my account went out of his way to make the process as comfortable as possible and really listened to the potential of funding my startup real estate buisness. Thanks lencred for looking out for the little guy!
Very helpful and always followed up with everything. She also provided very clear instructions.
Joel Wilson was very helpful and very attentive. He called back exactly when he said he would, and advised me how to make my credit attractive for the application. The speed of LenCred's process is the best part for me; I'm trying to start my business in a tight time frame, and traditional lending times of 90 days plus wouldn't help me at all.
Joel was great !!! very patient compassionate and concerned very well informed and professional I will recommend him to my friends .
Very easy, well informed ..
I want to thank Joel Wilson for addressing my concerns and getting me back on the right path. Both professional and knowledgeable. Thanks Joel. I believe together we can get this accomplished. Thank you for the follow up. I am looking forward to us working together again in the future to address any further needs I may have.
Joel was very helpful. We are looking to grow and improve our business credit and he was very knowledgeable on how things work and how lencred could help us. He patiently answered all our questions and we truly felt he gave us all the assistance he could to get us through the 1st step. Now we are waiting for the next steps of our process. Joel was easy and pleasant to work with.
I have to say that I looked around for a while and trying to do research on all lending companies out there, I was able to find Lendcred through Lendio and it was really nice to speak with Joel Wilson and he was very helpful and was able to answer all questions we had. He was able to review our credit and go over our needs, so far its been a great experience and we have our meeting to go over what they can offer us, terms etc. We are hoping that they are the answer to our prayers to start our business. We'll find out soon. Service its been great overall. Keep up the excellent work you are doing Joel. We'll keep in touch.
So far I have received a great service from Austin, relative to our evaluation process to fund our small business. All questions from our side Austin could answer and he provided good guidance to the next steps in the process. Thanks You Ronald
I was very impressed with Laura's professionalism, kindness, understanding and all together helpfulness. People like Laura and Lu are perfect example of kindness when you are in need. I really appreciate her and would recommend this company to family and friends.
Sandra Sifers was exceptional with getting all my questions answered upfront which means everything to me. She was patient, professional, prompt and I didn't feel pressured. I would recommend my colleagues to her for future business. Thanks
Joel at Lencred was fantastic! They are very helpful getting working capital for my new furniture business
My initial contact with Randy Julien was quite informative. Randy was clear and concise in his explanation of Lencred guidelines and the benefits and business goals I could possibly obtain .
Randy Julien was very helpful - answered questions in a easy comprehensible way. Very personable and made the process of applying easy!
Great experience, very timely service, open communications, great results
We have a partnership relationship with Anthony and our clients have been very impressed with his knowledge and service. We hold no hesitation in referring clients to Anthony and to LenCred.
Austin was very sincere, straightforward, and easy to deal with. They know what they're doing and how to get you where you need to be.
Very pleased with the prompt service I received from Randy, very courtess and informative.
Lencred has been great so far!! I have a phone meeting today to see what I can do to progress my business forward. Randy Julien has been exceptional as we played phone tag for almost a week. He stayed true to his follow up and was always polite, mannerly, and informative as we moved forward setting up my consultation.
I will thank you Joel help me a lot with all of information you gave me .
Joel Wilson was super professional and gave me a service beyond imagination. My company is producing alkaline vodka = first in the world. www.titomirovvodka dot com I am delighted to become Joel's client long term. I would recommend Joel Wilson to other clients with the highest recommendation level...
I am difficult to reach because I work three jobs at the moment. Sandra was diligent in contacting me until I was able to talk. I appreciated her persistence.
Randy Julian did an excellent job yesterday talking with me on figuring out what is best for my business. He expressed several times that if I run it into any kind of difficulties get ahold of him. That was comforting to hear and with the options that was given to me I'm sure we will be able to do business here in the near future. Thank you Randy!
Informative, friendly and respectful.
Our rep, Austin, was absolutely polite, professional, and accommodating. We completed the application and heard from him immediately, and he was thorough and comprehensive, and saw us through to the very end, mindful of each and every detail. In addition, he was personal and easy to relate to - we shared stories and experiences and had an extremely productive business conversation. Couldn't be more pleased with the comprehensive approach - made us feel like people, not just clients - took the time to listen and personalized our service to precisely match our needs. Overall: outstanding.
Jerry and Kattie helped me aquire the financing I was looking for to start my own fitness gym. Kattie kept my profile updated and made a nice spreadsheet of all of my credit lines so I can manage them better. Kattie kept in touch with me throughout the entire process even over the busy holidays. It was really nice to have them in my corner and I recommend lencred team to anyone seeking funding. They know how to get you what you need and will help you every step of the way and even after you get funded they are still available to help you with other areas of your business and offer very helpful services. Thank You so much Kattie and Jerry and lencred!
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