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One Click Cash Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: One Click Cash
Overall average rating of 0.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I intended to borrow $500.00 in which I only received $400.00. I agreed to pay back in 5 installments. My account is being debited since July and every two weeks, they are continue to charge my account. According to them I had to call and arrange payments online in order to pay off my loan. They have been paying only the interest and they are claiming I still owe $398.00. I have already paid them $900.00. They are a scam and take advantage of people in desperate need of temporary relief. Please help!
tried to call got voice mail were closed please call back in these hours you try same messages
They promised to send money into my checking account. Last week, Nov. 4, 2009, it came but they took more out or chuck out of my checking account. Help!
So I borrowed $350 in December 2012. I use online banking and I discovered that they took the original payment of $350 out. Fine. Then I start seeing more withdrawals. I went through online banking from the day the fund were deposited to the last withdrawal and I discovered that not only did they take the original amount borrowed, they also took an additional $400 out and claim that I still owe $325. I yelled, I screamed, I took action. I went to my bank, filed dispute charges and my bank is no longer accepting communication from them or allowing them to deduct payments. My account is frozen and I withdrew the $400 they stole from me. As a bonus, I have a new checking account and they don't have the numbers. I mentioned taking legal action against them and the customer service rep said, "Since you are threatening us, we won't help you." I responded with, "I didn't threaten you. I merely made known an option that I have as a consumer. By your statement about not helping me, you seem to be scared and people who are scared of legal action usually have something to hide. I wonder what One Click Cash is hiding? Maybe that they steal money from customers?" She had nothing to say.
I applied for my 1st loan over a year ago and paid like I agreed. They automatically took my payment out of my acct. After several weeks later they refused to give me another loan saying "not at this time". A couple or three months ago they called me and said I paid very prompt on the 1st one and now offered me another loan. I said "okay", filled out the app the same with my checking acct #. The following month the pymt was not taken out the day it should have been. They finally called after I called numerous times and said they could not automatically take it from my checking acct, but could now use my debit atm card. So I give it to them and they still did not take it out. I again got another call saying they had issues and asked me to mail them a check which I did. It still has not been cashed and now they are acting as though they never received my payment which are saying I promised to mail them a money order. I'm not going to do that unless I GET my check back. Something is not right and I feel that I'm going to be scammed or wiped out. Someone needs to call me as I can't pay this all at one time and don't know what to do. My number is **.
I applied with OneClickCash on June 15, 2008, and got a $300 loan the next day, with a $390 supposed payoff the following month. I guess I didn't clearly understand the entire agreement -- which was too lengthy to finish reading anyway, considering that I filed my application in a public library -- because the following month, only $90 was deducted each month till October. In November, apart from the $90, a finance charge of $50 was added. This January, they got $110 off my account. In December, it was $50 plus $75, and so on. The total so far that they had collected from my account was $735. I was able to call them at 1-800-230-3266 and was told that I still owe them $195! I made a STOP payment posthaste and I don't really care about them making calls or emailing me. For a $300 loan, getting back triple that amount is unconscionable, considering the tough economic times almost everyone is going through (perhaps except them loan sharks).
Do not use this rip-off company. I, too, have made payments at a rate of $90 per month for the past 5 months for a $300 loan and they think I still owe them $360. All the money I have given them has been stolen from my account under fraudulent pretenses. I thought I was paying back my loan and all they were doing was just stealing my money. I do not want an attorney to contact me unless they are actually going to do a class action suit against OneClickCash, in which case I would then be interested.
I took out a $300.00 loan. On the document, pay back was listed as $390. I was told by one of the reps that I could go online and request for a pay down on the loan, so I did. Every pay day, they took 75 dollars from my account. When I thought the loan should be paid off, they told me I had 5 more payments! I had already paid back 365 dollars. So they came up with some ** that I was supposed to request for a pay down every time they were going to debit money from my account. So all the money I was paying was not even going toward paying off the loan and they never told me I had to call every time because if they did, I would have; which makes me believe this is how they get people. I regret taking this loan out. $300.00 borrowed and now, they want me to pay back $840.00. Good luck with that one.
i never received a loan from u and u are trying to take money back from me i don't think so u are a scram and better stop it now i am having bounced fees now never got such money
I received my monthly bank statement back in June 08 and found that One Click Cash had been taking $45.00 out of my checking account. I immediately went to the bank accounting office at which time I filed a fraudulent withdrawal and was instructed to go to the local police station (we live in a small town) and file a fraud complaint. I did as instructed and the officer at the desk made a call to the One Click Cash office and after telling them about the complaint, we were instructed to send them a copy of the complaint. We did this and after numerous calls to resolve the issue One Click is still trying to withdraw funds from my account and as recent as 12-17-08 called my cell phone and demanded that I pay my loan. I told them that I received an email from them telling me that my account had been closed and that was that but the bank is still receiving statements from One Click to release funds from my account. I have since thrown away all correspondence with regards to this issue and they are still hounding me. The number I have is 1-800-233-6808.
I first got a loan for $300, which was paid. Then I got on their website to look at how much they would lend me because I was trying to buy a car. I never clicked on anything, I never asked for a loan, I was just looking. The next day I had an extra $200 in my account. They've been taking $95 out of my account every two weeks since, and say I still owe them $295. I was told the $95 was a renewal every two weeks on the loan, which I never asked for.I support myself, girlfriend, and two pets, on a $13 an hour budget. I have rent and bills to pay, not to mention food. We've really struggled these last couple of months.
No plan was taken out with this company. I have noticed on my bank statements where said company is taking out money twice in one day. The money they are taking out is not a consistent amount. I plan to cancel any transactions from my account to said account asap.
These people are rip off. I agreed to borrow $350.00. I agreed to pay off in 3 months. I am still paying $105.00 a month and won't have it paid off till June 2011 at $105.00 a month or service fees. This is not what I agreed to pay. I owe 455.00 at the present moment. If I chose today to pay off. These people are ripping people off. I did read my agreement and where did my short period to pay go? I know in their pocket!
These are bad people. I got an email from a Lori ** saying I was approved and I there was no money due upfront. When I called, I was informed of something totally different. I put a $132 on a Green Dot prepaid card and when I called back with the funds for verification, I was told I had to pay a $199 in taxes that I was never informed about. I was beyond livid. They still have my $132. I was told by "Henry" he would cancel my loan application and refund my $132 as I didn't have the extra $199. He then said that they can cut the $199 'taxes" in half. I said, "If you can do that, why can't you take the $132?" He said that is taxes and I said, "If they are taxes, how can a company cut it in half?" After being promised that my money would be refunded back to me, it has not been and we are on day number 5...... I said, "I'm not a dumb ** American in her 30s and not know a few things, not to mention I work in a multi-billion dollar single company. You can't cut taxes in half for anybody," and said, "If I have to pay the IRS, then why I am I paying your company the $199?" I told him I was reporting his company to the BBB and I was going to be taking legal actions against his company as I was lied to and that I have evidence via email that is in black and white that there is NO MONEY UP FRONT and that they stole $132.
I used them for a payday advance. I got $400.00, they took the first installment out of my account. I went out of town for work due to tornadoes as I am in the Insurance business. When I got back, they hit my account for $790.00 twice as much as I was supposed to pay. These guys are crooks.
I never took out a payday loan with One Click Cash. They were taking out $50.00 and $60.00 out of my checking account every month. When I went to the bank to stop it, the FCC called, waiting for me to pay the payment. The lady got very nasty with me when I told her, "No, I am not paying it." And when I told her that I had other bills to pay, she said, "Well, this is a bill too and it needs to be paid too."
I never received any money from this company. I just asked for some information and now, they are taking money out of my account to pay for a loan that I never received. Please advise.
I went to Bank of Oklahoma and filed a dispute. The branch manager said I've been overpaying One Click Cash for these past couple of months. Then, I called One Click Cash to see how much I still owe them. They said I still owe them $270. My bank says that One Click Cash is ripping me off. Looking at my bank statement, One Click Cash should credit me back $350 because I have overpaid them. After a week battle with One Click, they finally credit some money back to my bank account, which is better than nothing. Then they tried to ruin my credit by calling the debt collection agency stating that I owe them $500 plus charges. I'm confused. If I owe them money, then why did they credit me back then turn around and say I owe them more money? Seriously, One Click Cash is not a trust-worthy company. This company should've gone out of business for good. I hope people who can read this will not be ripped off and scammed by One Click Cash. Now, I will close my bank account and open a new one so One Click Cash won't do that again.
I've had a couple of payday loans with this company over the past couple of years. Recently, they called and said they were having "processing" issues with withdrawing payments from my bank account and asked that I pay the remaining principal and they would not charge the fee. I told them I would have to check this out with my bank because this seemed strange. Anyway, I did some research and discovered that they are not licensed to make loans in Minnesota and for those companies that did, they were limited to 33% annual interest. I also discovered they are under investigation by the FTC. I e-mailed them and told them what I had discovered and guess what....I just checked my account on their website and the loan status is showing as "paid in full" as of October 9, 2013. I suggest anyone with a loan check to see if they are licensed in your state and what the max interest allowable is. Confront them with it and see what happens. Good luck!
Susan from Cary NC on 01/25/09 summed it up the best. This company is such a scam, they have had me in tears for weeks now. I tried to call and pay it off today and was told that I can not use a credit card. Is this true? I just want this nightmare over and I want to pay this bill. These people are rude and abrupt and when you ask for further info they become even ruder. How did they ever get a job in customer service?
This company overdrew our checking account to almost $500 with what they call pre-authorized charge. We had a stop payment on all ACH payments against this company who apparently has scammed many customers. We wanted to make payment arrangements, but we received no response from them, just the overdraft in our checking account of over 23 years. Please people beware. We were good customers until we had to pay our electric over the loan. We will still pay this bill but on our terms with money orders. They are being reported to the BBB and the Attorney General of NE and CA.
I was approved for a $400.00 loan, they told me it would cost me a total of $550.00. I was not told that they would be taking $120.00 service fee every payday, as I get paid every 2 weeks. After reading all the nightmares on this site for one click cash, I am going to close my checking account and send them a cashiers check for the $520.00 I owe them and no more.

I recieved 300 dollars in July, in Aug, through Feb. they deducted 90 dollars a month though I had tried to pay them off in full but they would not give me an address to send the money and they said I must fax papers that said they could deduct the 390 dollars. I paid 10 dollars for fax in Dec. they said it was too late, in Jan I faxed more they still did not take out the amount but 90 on the 1st and 50 on the second day of feb. I finally had to close my account because I already had paid them more than 800.00 dollars and they were going to charge me 140 for 4 more months. Out rages!!

Could not buy drugs needed for husband and cost several hundreds of dollars in returned checks.
This was the second time I borrowed money from this company. The first time, I was able to handle them in a moderate way. But as of today, I still feel like I got screwed. This second time, I borrowed $300, and the payment amount was supposed to be $390. They took out $90 four times from my account and said nothing has been paid except those fees, when I called to check up on it. Total amount they took from me was $360 already. I was tracking my bank activity, so I thought one more payment of $30 should be taken out. But when I spoke to someone to verify this, they said I still owe $495. So I argued with them, because from the first time I loaned from them, the rep told me it's $90 installment and then I should be done. Apparently, that's not true, so I get a harassment almost everyday and as many as 10 times a day. They call my cell phone, send me emails, call my work, and so on. This was beginning towards the end of 2008 until now, and they said that they should charge me fees from then up to now and that I owe a lot and they are willing to settle for $495 which was the amount that they said I owed originally. They are really scam artists!
Keep over drafting account. I'm 100% disable vet and get paid on the 1st every mouth, but they keep taking money on 30th and will not change it or give me any overdraft fees back. It's bad enough a $400 loan will cost me $997. I say never do business with them. I can't afford the overdraft every mouth.
I took a loan from them for $250 and they went into my bank and withdrew $475 and refused to pay it back.
I was out of work for 1 week due to my diabetes and hypertension and other medical problems. I received several emails from payday advances and went with Oneclick. I was contacted by the company because I never completed the application process. I talked to 5 different reps before I decided to go through with the pay day loan. I was told by all 5 reps that 90 dollars would be drafted from my account biweekly until the $390.00 ($90 was suppose to be the interest) was paid in full. Something just didn't feel right so I called on Jan 17th to reverify the info I was given and the rep stated She saw a payment of $90.00 that would draft out on Jan 18th that would reflect on my balance. I still had a unsettling feeling so I called on Jan 29th and spoke with a man and he stated I haven't even started paying towards my balance of the $390.00. I informed him of my 5 conversations with reps I spoke with before the transaction took place and he stated there were no notations showing I spoke with 5 reps. During this conversation I advised the rep that no funds should be from my account and I would mail in the $110.00 to payoff the account. He stated he couldn't stop the transaction and he would fax me a form. He then went on to say very rudely that he didn't show I spoke with a rep on Jan 17th. I ended the conversation due to my medical condition and called my cousin who is in law school. Thus on Jan 30, I called the company back and spoke to yet another rude lady that stated I hadn't paid a dime towards the $390.00 ($90 of it interest). She stated that the $270.00 that has already drafted was interest! By now everyone in my home was listening to this conversation or FLOORED. If I had known that One click Cash was so misleading, I could have paid them back in FULL the same week I borrowed the $300.00. Pay Day Advance Companies shouldn't be allowed to take advantage of the consumers with such bad practices. Thus I have decided to report the company and try to began a Class Action lawsuit. The Never Mentioned Service Fees and are Not licensed.
I used the above company, borrowed $550 in two loans. I paid back almost 3 times that amount. I read the fine print but their interest rates are worse than a loan shark. I believe they should be banned in every state. I wrote them that I am no longer paying the monthly payments because checking account was closed. I have been trying to write them but can not find their mailing address. When they called me, I told them I'm not paying you anymore and I will not do business with them over the phone. Not only One Click Cash, but everyone, be aware of any payday loans on the internet. They are just loan sharks.
I went online to apply for a payday loan for $300. I had to pay back $300 plus the interest rate of $90. They started taking out $90 dollars immediately every two weeks. I received the money on 5-19-08 and have been paying $90 since then. When I checked my account balance it keep showing $300, then I called to see why my account have not decrease I was told that was only the past due interest rate. I did not understand because they were receiving payments every other week. I have paid $320 for a $390 bill that I still have owe #390 on.I'm getting behind on may bills. $90 coming out of my check hard enough,but not like this
I have paid these people so much money you would not believe it. I think a law should be made to do away with these companies, just like in some states they have made laws to do away with payday loans because of the interest rates. Please somebody put a stop to this. I think all the payday loan companies should reimburse their customers. We all were stupid to go there the first place. They are not there to help us, they are there to scam us. I don't even call them to renew my loan. They just automatically do it. I have turned my payday loans over to Langhorne Debt Solutions. Thank God, I will get these payday loans paid off by August. This company has put me back plenty. I stopped keeping up with the transactions. They have made me a nervous wreck. They are still calling my home, my references. My God, haven't they already gotten enough money from me? I am thinking about changing my phone number. Is there some way to stop them from calling my references even after I told them to talk to Langhorne Debt Solutions. I have given Langhorne power of attorney over all my accounts. This doesn't stop them from calling me. I will never get another payday loan after getting out of this mess in August.
I was in need of a cash loan and saw Montel Williams on the TV. I went to the website and gave all information they required. They have now taken out $395.00 for a $390.00 loan. I faxed them on 6/15/10 and requested them to take the full amount of $390.00 to make it paid in full. They have not done as I requested, They again took out $75.00 on 7/9/10. I now have to close my checking account and reopen a new one. I contacted my bank and Cathy a banker told me she has had four other bank customers with the same problem. So I will stop payment on them and go from there. Don't trust them it is a money scam. They take interest payments and won't take paid in full payment! The fax # is 1-888-553-6477.
I took out a loan with OneClickCash on 8/9/11 for $400. At the time of the loan I was informed through email that I would be charged $120 for service fees and interest and that $120 would be automatically withdrawn from my account on each pay period. Well, they withdrew in August, September, October, November, and December. As of December 31st they have withdrawn $650 out of my account. Today they had the nerve to send me another bill saying I owed $155. When I went to check my account online with them, it says I still owe $455. When I calculate this I told one of their representatives that they are charging me $1105 for a $400 loan. I asked to speak with a manager when I was on the phone. The lady hung up with me and told me one would have to call back. I have never seen such horrible customer service. I will be changing my bank account immediately and stopping payment. This is ridiculous and I am getting a lawyer and my area news company involved.
I took loan of $150.00, and have been paying for it for 4 months. The payments were $45.00 a month. They say I still owe $195.00. They took funds from me that could have been allocated to doctors' fees.

Well I been trying to resolve my bill and explained to them that the account was under investigation because there was information stolen and they had to freeze my account been trying to resolve this account since day one. All I get is rude and harassing agents calling and they often hang up on me,they do not let me speak and say there are going to keep calling until they get an amount of 505.00 but they also gave me this address and my money order came back said address Unknown . They will not give there Names. And I feel that this could be a damage on my credit report.The Company mentioned above will not work with me they would not put there supervisor on and said there was not one on the floor. They also said they where going to garnish my wages which I know it is illegal. As a credit Collector in the past I know that they have to give you there name and they refuse to do so. So I would like them to stop calling and harassing me if you could help it would be gladly appreciated

i am plaining to purchase a house, and by them not cooperating will possibly damage that. i have had to change my number, they call 2 to 3 times a day
They took 120 dollars from my checking account. One Click Cash is no good. Didn't authorize to take my money. I need my money back, I'm overdraft in my bank.
I too took a $350.00 loan out through OneClickCash on June 15, 2009. I was kindly offered a repayment plan and agreed. It is September 23, 2009 and OneClickCash has collected $1,120 from my account. I called today and "Lisa" with OneClickCash stated if I would have read my agreement, I would have seen the first 4 payments of $105.00 were for set up fees. The actual principal won't get on till the 9-15-09 payment. My balance is still $325.00. I am shocked, how could they do this? It is ridiculous! I have overdraft fees caused by this ridiculous payoff plan. I am in real trouble and can't seem to get out. I won't have money for gas or food on the first. This is just terrible and way too costly.
I just got back from my bank (Bank of Oklahoma). I got a loan from OneClickCash. For $300, I have been paying them over a thousand. The branch manager who filed my affidavit dispute said I have been over-paying OneClickCash for several months now. My bank tried to credit some money to my new accounts. Trust, me OneClickCash should be out of business and the owner should be in jail for good - they’re scamming so many people. Wonder how they got so many negative feedbacks? I wouldn’t recommend anyone to get a loan from them. Screw OneClickCash. They suck. Hopefully, there’s a lawyer out there who would sue their ** and shut down their business.
I went to the website and filled out the application. I tried to opt out and in the end, funds were placed in my account. I thought, no big deal, they can take the $390 and that will be the end of it. I am on medical leave so I have not kept up with my finances. I just made sure I had enough money in my account to cover my bills. One Click Cash put $300 in my account! Instead of taking the full amount, they took $90. They continued to take funds out of my bank account! I stopped payment on the transaction! I contacted the company and asked for a copy of the agreement so we could resolve the issue. The young lady said she would email it to me, but she never did!
I've used this company a few times. Despite the exorbitant fees, I really needed the money and signed the agreement. But this last time made me feel very uncomfortable. They withdrew money on two separate occasions that were unauthorized causing all of my payments for other bills to be returned. I spoke with a representative who agreed to use my credit card to make a final payment due to the mix up and leave my account alone. But of course they did not commit to that agreement and made two more attempts to withdraw the money from my primary checking account. I finally had to notify the bank who blocked the withdrawals. Now I’m getting calls daily from this number ** claiming they are attorneys from law firm Gibson and Gibson. They are threatening to have me arrested and all I could think about was "Are these people crazy? All of this for $500?"

I owed $390.00 and the debited my checking account a total of $420.00.
They drafted my account so many times that they over drafted my account for $800.00 I had to shut my account down and now I cannot afford to pay the bank. Because of this my credit score is horrible and they still continue to hassle me everyday at my job. This is making me literally sick.
I need a telephone so I can call you as you continue to debit my account. My records shows that I have paid. Also at this time, there is no money in the account you are debiting. So, I am incurring overdraft fees.
All these are scam artists. They have racked my account to over 700.00 overdraft and I am ticked now. I am on disability and they totally took advantage of us all. Don't get payday loans on here yall, it ain't worth it.
They did not explain the payment plan at all in the very beginning of the loan process. And now I am left with a huge percentage rate which is really high.. which is not right for people on fixed income. I know it is a business so they get their MONEY! back but this is really CRAZY... I WILL NEVER GET MONEY FROM THESE PEOPLE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I borrowed $300.00 from One click cash. I immediately sent them $390.00 via mail money certified. They received the money on 12-29-07 I have a tracked my money and I have the return receipt stating they received my money order. Spoke to Kelsey she stated they don't take money orders but she couldn't find who cashed the money order.Since my last phone converstaion I cannot get in contact with Kelsey they tell me she is on a extended vacation.

Since I already sent them $390.00 they keep on deducting money from my checking account $480.00 more since I sent them the $390.00. I have cancelled my checking account,but now they are trying to ruin my credit sometimes needs to be done with this company,I already paid the them and I have the proof.
I received a voicemail from John on my home phone which stated that I needed to return his call immediately regarding my account. He referred to my husband and me by our first and last names. John said he was in a position to help us solve our account issue. I immediately called him back. I have never heard of this company. I have no debt, and instantly thought of identity theft.I called the number but got no answer. They wanted me to leave a message along with the last four digits of my social security number so they can access my file and better assist me. I hung up. I called again on Monday, December 14. I looked the company up online and got another number, and spoke to a nice gentleman. He tried to find my "account" but could not by just my name. He needed my social, but I refused.
I had been contacted about making payment because they tried to take out payment from my bank too early and payment was rejected. Then come pay day, they ended taking out the whole total amount instead of the amount agreed upon, which was to be half of $650.00 on a $400 loan. I stayed without a pay check, but I am glad that I don’t have to deal with them any longer. This company is breaking laws I am sure! I couldn’t pay my house payment due to most of my pay check being withdrawn by this company. If not for relatives, I would have been homeless!
Apparently, several years ago, I inquired about borrowing money from OneClickCash. As I vaguely recall, I paid them off but they kept trying to deduct money from my checking account. The bank finally had to close the account and reopen a new account for me. Now 2 to 3 years later, I am getting calls from those ** again!
I took a payday loan from One Click Cash and put in that my pay day is on the 10th of the month. They took the interest check out on 5/8 and messed up my checking account. I have informed my bank to no longer ACH to this company and would like a bill to be sent so I can pay it off. Please mail to Kelley ** at the address placed above. I received over the limit fees, and this was one of three internet loan companies that did this. The other two are Payday Yes and Solomon Financial.
I borrowed $500 from One Click Cash. I was supposed to repay $650 on the 27th of October. I saw a withdrawal for $150 on the 27th, assumed it was the interest, and they would deduct the principal, the following payday. They deducted $150 the following payday ,and when I called they said it was a "service charge" Service charge for what? I still owe $650! They are not going to rip me off anymore. I am closing my account, and will see them in court. They can call my job all they want! What a bunch of crooks. I am instructing the SC AG to investigate.
What happened to me is not unique. I asked for $200, they were supposed to get $260 back and they have so far taken out $350 out of my account and told me I still owe $195. They have even taken two payments in one month out of my account. I don't believe that this is part of the contract. Now I have to change my checking account number so they can't take any more money out. There are so many complaints about this company and with the same complaints. Is there a lawyer out there that is looking into this? I would love to join a class action suit.
I applied and was approved for a $300 loan over the internet in November 2008. From December to March 2, 2009, I've repaid $390. I received an e-mail two days ago stating that effective 4/2/09, my payment to be debited from my checking account is going to increase from $90 to $140. I called to try to get an understanding of why I still have a balance of $390. I was told that the $90 that I've been paying for the last 4 months was interest and finance charges and nothing was going towards the principle. In 6 more months I will have paid out approximately $1240 on a $300 loan which calculates about 400% repayment plan.
I had taken payday loans with this company since 2010. Never had any issues, I made all my payments on time. After paying off each loan, 20 days or so later I would receive an email stating I was eligible for another loan with a higher loan amount. My final loan with One Click Cash was to be paid off March 2014. In September 2013 I noticed my loan payment hadn't withdrawn from my checking account. The first week of October I received a phone call from a One Click Cash representative explaining there were issues between them and my bank and could I call them back. They requested a payment through my bank card and all interest would be waived. So I took them up on the offer, and my payments were completed in December 2013. I have checked on their website, and it shows I paid my account in full in December 2013, but I am unable to request any further loans, every time I try and submit my info, it tells me there is an issue. I assume they are shut down from doing business. While every payday loan makes a killing on their fees, I never had issues with this company at all.
I applied for a loan for 250.00 and they charged me 75.00 for the loan. That was fine and I have learned a lesson. My complaint is that they sold my information to a Phishing scam and my bank account was emptied. I am on a fixed income, so that placed me in a real mess. I had to close all my accounts and start from scratch until these people pay me back. 248.99 was taken out of my account and now the bank gave me a new account, however, the balance is 0.00 until I get my next pension check. I am left with absolutely no money at all. They not only ruined Thanksgiving. They ruined my bank account. I feel so violated and I am handicapped. What animals do this?
I read through a series of loan papers with conflicting information on as to how I would be paying One Click Cash back. Tomorrow, my loan will be deposited into my account from One Click Cash and I have tried over and over on their website to cancel this loan before it even hits my account. There is no option on the site and I have seen people be charged 2 to 3 times what they borrowed and I can't stop this. I can't afford to lose this much. I'm going to have to cancel my checking account.
All of you that are upset about the charges for taking out a loan are just plain stupid. You are given a document that spells out everything. In order to get the money you sign for it. Therefore if you can't read it's not OneClick Cash that has done you wrong. I know what I sign for and have never had a problem. If you can't pay it back, plus interested all at one time, you will end up paying more. This only makes sense. Wake up, people!!
I applied for an online payday loan. They deposited $300.00 into my checking account on 1/19/2010. They have since taken $90.00 on 02/05/10, $90.00 on 02/19/10, $90.00 on 03/05/10, $90.00 on 03/19/10, $140.00 on 04/02/10. I called them this morning and they said I still owe them $325.00. They plan on taking $125.00 electronically tomorrow on my next check and continue until June 11th, 2010. This has to be illegal.They told me that the only way I can pay off the loan is to mail them a request by postal service along with a money order or cashiers check and it must be at least three days before a deduction. How can this be legal? Doesn't this also take the state of WA limits over the maximum of 8 loans per year? I need help. I would like some of the money back.Since, I have searched on the internet and there are thousands of people in the same boat with I wouldn't have required a loan if things were financially sound for me and this just makes it impossible to pay off with these payments and never paying on the principal.
I received a $300.00 loan in December 2010. When I received my loan, I requested that my loan be paid off in one month. The payback was supposed to be $390.00. Six months later, I'm still paying back on this loan. After 4 months, I called and spoke with Will. Will told me he would extend my loan and the full amount was going to be withdrawn in June. I called back to speak with Will because on June 2, only a portion of the money was taken out. I have called everyday requesting to speak with a manager. They would always put a team leader on.Either, one with a smart mouth, or one who doesn't know what is going on. The last team leader said she was going to call me back after she listened to the call. There was no call back. I called in to talk to a manager again today; the representative guy had a smart mouth. All I wanted for the company to do is take the remainder, $250.00 out my account to pay my loan off. They are refusing to take my money. I will not pay them a dime over the $250.00 I owe them.
This company is a complete rip off! I applied for a loan of $300 and was approved. I thought I had 3 payments and was done. In the end, I ended up paying $690 for a $90 loan. I would never use this loan company again or recommend it to anyone ever!
They keep harrasing me at work by calling me for payments when they have my cell phone number and could call me there. I have notified them by writing not to call me at work and that I am filing for bankruptcy and they continue to call stating they can until they have a case # or I make payment arrangements.
One Click Cash stop withdrawing funds on the $455 balance in 09/13 for some reason. Soon after, I received an email stating they would resume on schedule in 10/13. Not so. They have my email address and home address but will not contact me through either but want me to give them debit or credit card info over phone which I refuse. They have the necessary info to continue with drawing the remaining balance of the loan as per loan agreement (which has worked out fine until now) or contact me using the USPS so there is written documentation.
For two weeks, they have been calling me everyday at work and I'm not allowed personal phone calls and I informed them the first day when they called. I tell them they have my cell phone, email and mailing address. They never send me letters or leave a message.
This company is telling me that I have to pay $490 on a $150 loan. They went in to my account back in December 2009. and took out $75. Then in January 2010, I noticed on my bank statement that they took out $50 and the same day took out $75. So I went to my bank to stop payment. and the company still continues to take money out. I think this company should be punished to the extent of the law for false information they give about their company. I feel so sorry about other people in my situation.I could not find a number to call this company nor was it printed on my bank statement. I finally got a number when my bank sent back the NSF check they presented to my bank. Just a friendly reminder, you will waste your time trying to talk to them. They don't care what they have done. The lady I talked to ** to tell me that my loan is $490 from a $150 loan I borrowed. Come on now, get a grip. Now exactly what do I have to pay them? Can someone please hep me out about this situation? I will be closing my account for this so called company to stop robbing the people of America. Isn't that called fraud?
I borrowed $200 from them and they gave me an extended 3-month payment plan. After I agreed to their payment plan, I received an email from them telling me they changed my 3-month payment plan to a 6-month one. I called them and told them HELL NO because after all is said and done, a 6-month plan would have cost me $765 with all their finance fees and interest. They told me I had no choice. Well I live in Mass. and I found out "Payday" loans in Mass. are prohibited and any loan under $6,000 cannot have any more than a 23% interest rate and no higher than a $20 finance fee... I spoke to the Massachusetts division of Consumer and Business Affairs and they told me because of what they TRIED to do to me, I get to keep the money. And they advised me to stop payment on any transactions with through my bank. My bank complied.

I paid them off in oct 2007. They claimed I owed them 75.00 more I said no check your records. I saw the infalted charges and just paid them. The calls stopped after oct and I received one email right after that last call in oct 2007. To which I responded to and there was no correspondence until June 2008. My ex husband and friend was called almost daily asking where I was now living as well as my sister shortly there after. I haven't heard from them since
Oct. I moved May 11th from my old address so my number changed. But if there was issue with them why wait until June to reach me plus my email address has not ever changed which they have. One night since I am list a numbet popped which looked like an old one click cash number . They called 5 times from 1AM to 3AM my time in CA. I closed my acct in NOv I believe because I didn't trust them now my bank think I am an idiot. I am a RN so naive but not dumb and single with 1 child with autism and with with another delay so I am not part of the rich and famous. please helpstress. took a day off in sept so upset when I had just started a new clinical coordinator position as a RN. I have 2 special needs children and a RN so I can handle alot but between them and debit from moving and medical expenses for special kids etc this was it.
The payment should be $50.00 each month; however, this company has charged $105.00 and a $30.00 fee several times to my account causing hundreds of dollars in fees.
I received a phone call from some guy at One Click Cash. He stated that I owe them money. I asked when was this from because it was unfamiliar to me. He said it was from 2006! I said 2006?! I asked him to fax me over what documents he has and he was very rude to me. I gave the jerk my fax number, but have not received any information yet. I have no phone number to call, no address to write to. He told me that I would be getting more calls and then he hung up on me! Isn't that supposed to be the other way around? I have since researched this company online and I know my rights as a consumer. I will try to get their number from the next person who will call me. I will send a letter (if I can get a fax or address) to tell them that they can't call me at work. Then if they ignore that, then I will log all the calls and sue them (if I can get to the One!). It just sounds like they are con artists and I wonder just how much of a leg they have to stand on. I mean if this was from 2006, why haven't they contacted me sooner? They obviously had my work number this whole time. Is that because they don't have a leg to stand on? I thought I heard somewhere that charging 300% interest was illegal? Whatever, I'm just going to give them the runaround just like they do to us! I will never give them any money. I vaguely remember them and if I felt I was done with them in 2006, then I'm definitely done with them in 2009.
I took out a loan from One Click Cash. I also had several other loans and everyone was wanting money at same time so I went to American General and consolidated to do one monthly payment. I called and got my payoff balance. American General mailed One Click Cash a check on Oct. 21. I got a call on Nov. 9 saying that I still owed money and I asked how, when they were supposed to have a $532 check to pay off. They told me they never received a check for that amount and that pay off should have been $520. Well I faxed over a copy of the $532 check, then One Click changed the amount and said it was $760 that was supposed to be the pay off. They keep ripping me off and changing the amount owed.
A $450 loan turned into disaster. They are taking $135 from my account every month. They say it is only going to interest and not the principal. They had sent me yellow and black cards with numbers to activate the loan. Help!
I took out a $500 loan from these people where the contract states they will deduct $150 each payday until the loan is repaid. I'm paid twice a month, on the 10th and the 25th. Well they deducted $150 and $50 on November 23rd. This caused me to incur $70 in overdraft fees. When I called them, they stated that if my payday falls on a weekend, they deduct the money from my account on the last business day. However, in my case, if the payday falls on a Saturday, then I get paid on that Friday. If my payday falls on a Sunday, then the money is deposited on a Saturday. The 25th was a Sunday. I called them, and like all the other complaints here, the lady said it was in my contract where they could do that. It's not in my contract! Do not use this service!
I loaned $200 from one click cash and having to pay back $435.00 not even on top of the $200. This is criminal and should be stoped!
I noticed last month that my bank account was debited $45.00 at the end of the month, unfortunately I reconcile my account every week or two by calling the automated system and I just figured that I missed something. Today I went to reconcile again and I notice another debit of $45.00. This time I called the bank to inquire what it was for and they gave me the name One Click Cash. I immediatly went to the web site and could not find a phone #. I am on a fixed income of social security disability and I have never recieved any cash deposited into my account by these people. I will admit that several months ago, I did look in these payday loans, but when I read the terms I cancelled and never went through with anything. And like I said, I never had anything deposited. I went to the better business web site and put in the information and somehow it lead me to this page, to which I found a phone # in one of the complaint letters (thank you). I called them up and low and behold the have no record of me at all. Not by Name, SS #, or phone #. They dont know me but yet they are robbing a poor old woman blind. I spoke with my bank branch, and I have to go in tomorrow to file an affidavit of fraud, and open a new account. This means on top of everything else I have to change all of my banking information to the Social Security Administration, and all of my other creditors such as insurance that I have directly deposited and credited from my account. These crooks have to be stopped. How can these people rob unsuspecting people like this and get away with it. They have no morals, scruples and dont care about the consequences it has on peoples lives. They should be ashamed of themselves.
This site is a major scam. I applied for a loan with One Click Cash at their website for $200 and ended up paying them $560. I demanded they give me a reason, and they gave me all these fancy words with no legitimate reason. As a result, my account was over-drafted three times on one payment day in three different transactions in the amounts of $30, $50, and $60, giving me three overdraft fees and putting me another $90 n debt. It got worse. They withdrew from my account again the following week in four different transactions, and yes, more overdraft fees that put me over $600 in debt in a month.
They got into my account and withdrew funds for a loan which I never received any money three times for $45 and I want to be aware of this situation when people start scamming the elderly.
I lost access to my bank account information due to a recent ID theft activity. I do not use electronic payments, cash everything, and I wanted to send my remaining balance by mail to One Click Cash. I was informed that they will not accept my payment by mail but by electronic payments. If my information was already compromised, I do not want to put myself in a situation where I may be compromised again. I will note that they refused the way I wanted to make my payment and tried to pressure me into paying. They do not even want to make their corporate address public if people want to make a payment. Their policy does not provide any concession if an alternative method of payment is requested. Do not do business with them. They are not fair and very rude about the policies. I hope that companies like this are outlawed because it goes against the basic principle of business-to-consumer relationships.
I have done a few payroll advances at a local shop in Miami and have had good experiences. I decided to get a $500 loan from OneClickCash due to the convenience of getting it done online. It was a big mistake. Just like everyone here, this company has been charging me $150 every two weeks as service fee to keep the account open. I did look over the contract, and it does state that there will be a minimal service charge until the account is paid in full on a monthly basis. The funny thing was I paid the load of $650.00 two weeks after I received the funds yet I am still being charged. I looked at my account online, and it showed that I had a balance due of $50 and that was the reason why I was being charged $300.00 every month. I called OneClickCash, and amazingly, the girl on the phone was an absolute **, who told me that I needed to read the contract. I asked her to read the part to me where it was all explained. But she said no, it was not her responsibility. I asked for her supervisor and the supervisor was a true gem. She said she would e-mail me a copy of the contract where everything was spelled out for normal folk to understand. This never happened of course, so I asked to speak with a manager, which I actually got. As it turns out, OneClickCash looks into how much money your gross income is (mine was $88k per year) and decides how much the service charge should be and how frequent the charges would run. Imagine, I am in the middle of a divorce, maintaining 3 households, and I get hit with this nonsense monthly. The best part is OneClickCash refuses my final $50 payment for the next 2 months. Does this company need to have their day in court? Do you doubt it will happen? Not likely. This company is owned by a gaming reserve where they have the freedom to run things as they please, with the added bonus of paying no taxes. So, enjoy the raping everyone!
I took out a payday loan from One Click Cash online. They took out the amount they were supposed to on my payday and that paid the loan off on time which was the agreement. They then took the same amount out of my checking account for the next 4 paydays. I borrowed $200 and the payback total was $245. They took out $245 from my bank 4 extra times and will not return calls, etc. I spoke with a lawyer about this and he said payday loans are highly illegal in my state and not to pay them one cent. He went on to show me the laws written that they cannot take me to court because it would end in them being arrested for illegal activities. I was given a letter to type and email them. It's been a year and I haven't heard a word! They know they cannot legally do anything other than call and harass people. They don't even have collection departments like you may get calls from. It's their office feeding us all a line of ** to get us to pay when we legally don't have to. Google to see "is it illegal to do a payday loan in ?". If it is illegal, email them and state "the A.G. office has instructed me to tell you I will only pay you if you can send me a copy of your business license that allows you to do payday loans in my state". If google says your state is illegal to do them, then they will never call you or harass you again! I lost 3 checking accounts and now, I can't even live like a normal person in this world. Due to them taking more than they said from our bank, our account was closed and we owe the banks in return fees, which we don't have to pay. This was not our fault, I feel like I've been a victim of ID theft or something. I can't even live normal with a visa/check card/bank account.
I had an unknown person from an unknown company call and tell me that One Click Cash has filed a lawsuit against me for not paying them. I have paid them and I am current on my payments. I told the gentleman that I had no idea how he got all of my personal information, social security number, date of birth, address, etc. It scared me how much information he had about me. I had to ask him 5 times what company it was that has filed suit against me for not paying. When he finally told me One Click Cash, I told him that I was current on my payments and they had taken $170 out of my account last week. He told me that I was not telling him the truth and that I have not paid. I said I am looking at my bank account right now and they have taken $410 out of my account to date with no problem. He again said I was lying to him. Then he proceeded to threaten me and told me that if I did not tell him how I planned on resolving this issue, there would be an IMPD officer at my house at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow (4/20/2012). I told him that he had no case against me and that they could not arrest me for not paying a bill. He said, "Yes we can and you will spend time behind bars." At that point I was fed up and said, "Okay, when I hang up this phone, I will be calling the police department to let them know that you are harassing me and threatening me and then I am calling my attorney and filing a counter suit against your company and One Click Cash." He then said, "Oh, okay, bye." This company is a total scam. They have already collected $410 from me and they are saying I haven't paid them a penny when I have. When I checked my account after the call, they are claiming I still owe $455. For what? I understand paying to renew the loan, but I only did that twice and then notified them that I did not want to renew the loan. Why do I still owe $455 and why am I being threatened to be arrested?
this company fraudulantly went into my account recently trying to take $555.00. I borrowed $300 months ago. But they tried to take $900.00 so i had that reversed. usually the bank wouldnt let them back in my account but they did and i am [upset]. i am going to complain to attorney general
I took out a $200 loan from One Click Cash on 6/7/2010. The payback amount agreed upon is $320, which will be debited from my checking account every two weeks for total of 5 times (4 X $60 and 1 X $80), but so far they have already taken $475 from my bank account and said will take another $125 more. Here are the details of the electronic debits they have taken out from my account: 6/25/10 for $60; 7/9/10 for $60; 7/23/10 for $60; 8/6/10, they tried to withdraw $60, but was unsuccessful due to my account was overdrawn so it was returned by the bank. On 8/11/10 for $90 ($60 plus $30 fee for the returned payment on 8/6/10). On 8/20/10 for $110 (2 debits for $50 and $60). On 9/3/10 for $95 (there are 2 debits for $50 and $45, which I have no idea what that was for). I never authorized them to keep debiting my checking account. When I called One Click Cash today at 1-800-230-3266, the representative told me that there is still a balance of $220 on my account, and since we put a stop payment on the $95 debit, they tried to withdraw today, they will take that amount again from my account on Thursday 9/9/10, plus 2 X $30 fees for the returned payments. And even after that they said we still owe them another $225, which they will take out from our account in another 2 weeks from now. They said all those charges are for the loan service fees that they are going to keep taking out from my account. So far they have already debited $475 from my account and will take another $225 for the total amount of $700! $700 payback amount for the $200 loan is beyond ridiculous! I have never agreed to pay back such amount! That is a rip-off! According to them all those outrageous fees are due because when I first got the loan, I didn't request for a payment arrangement that has to be set up online through their website. They said on 6/4/10, they emailed me the username and password to login on the account so I can arrange the payment arrangement to avoid being charged all those service fees. I didn't know that I have to login to the account to arrange a payment option. When I read the email, it didn't even mention that I have to set up the payment options online, otherwise, I will be charged all those outrageous fees. My account is already almost $400 overdrafted and I was charged overdraft fees (2 x $30) by my bank for the debits they withdrawn which were unaccounted for. Currently, my account is almost $400 overdrawn, and today they are trying to debit another $95 from my checking account. The transaction is still pending as of today on the checking account, so I called the bank to put stop payment on the 2 debits ($45 and $50) that they were going to take out today. The bank charged $25 fee for the stop payment.
Before I agreed to accept the loan, I asked, “Will this help my credit score?” I was told yes by a OneClickCash operator. After 4 payments of $90.00 every two weeks, I called back because total balance had not gone down. I was told I was just paying a service fee and they don't report to any credit agency. I was lied to and taken advantage of by this scum bags.
I took out a $300 loan with one click cash last year. I thought I knew what I was getting into. Just needed it long enough to cover living expenses to cover until a refund for money paid out for an auto accident was sent to me. Tme money was received 12 days after taking out the loan, and I contacted, emailed, and faxed Oneclick to take out the full amount and pay it off. Easy? Not quite. It took a lawyer and numerous calls to get them to stop debiting the renewal amount. And now the Illinois Att. General is investigating them becouse of other complaints. And I still get calls.$540 in fees were taken out, though my bank has credited me for $360 since my bank rep listened on the phone when I told them to debit the full amount and end the loan. The bank issued me another account and closed my first one. And there is a notation on my account that if someone tries to locate my new account, that I or my lawyer have to be contacted. Plus the fact that electronic debits are banned on my account except for my debit card and online bill pay, If their collection agency calls, I just refer them to my lawyers number. The original amount of the loan hasn't been payed, but they messed up when they didn't pull the loan out as asked. I don't count the first 2 fee's in my total becouse those I consider valid (1 for the first renewal, and one that was supposed to be on when they were supposed to pull the entire amount) Illinois is a state where there are only 3 renewals.
I borrowed $300.00 from this company and so far have been debited $500.00. This company said that the total payback would be $390.00, yet they continue to take money from my account, anywhere from $90.00 to $140.00 a month. There is no disclosure online telling consumers the fees, interest rate, or amount of time to be paid. I have paid every month on a loan that should have been paid off two months ago. This has put an economic hardship on me and my family being that they continue to debit my account.
Arranged a loan for $300. Finance fee is $90, and I assumed the loan would be paid off after 30 days, per the contract. Instead, OneClickCash took $90 out of my checking account. I still owe them $390. I have requested eight times that they debit my account, called them several times, and sent emails. Turns out I have to arrange with them three business days in advance of the loan due date that I want to pay off the entire loan, with the $90 fee. Certainly, I am at fault because I didn't read the contract thoroughly and see the fine print on page four that requires contacting them in advance in case of a payoff. But I still think this is a shady practice; misleading, and certainly akin to stealing. I will try to get them to debit my account and pay off the total amount in the next three days. I tried talking with them but they say it's too late and they can do nothing until they receive their first $90 finance fee. My bank says they took their $90 last week; OneClickCash says they haven't received any confirmation from my bank, that they will receive the $90, which was forwarded to them a week ago. These people are nothing but loan sharks. I will try paying them off this week and pay the extra $90 fee.
Well, I went to CashLoanNetwork and was thinking about loan. Then, I went to a cash lender that gave me the money. Called USFastCash. Then, about one week later, I noticed the other company gave cash that I never needed. When they OneClickCash was found taking deposited money a day before I got paid on my disability paperwork, I was checking into why all this cash was missing. Then it was the bank who told me that USFastCash and Cash Loans and OneClickCash gather information and sell the information to each other. This made me furious. I ought a stop payment because they are scammers. It would make more sense if you have a checkbook do this locally and stop the scammers. Put up blogs and tell people, everyone you know, that they scam. That’s why they do it online. In the long run, it’s cheaper to get the overdraft fee from the bank or stop payment cause there are too many scams now to use internet sites!Well, I’m on the lowest disability income and have to borrow money from my 90-year old grandparent. They don’t care. They are just losers who think that making a dollar is all they want. Hopefully, the president shuts them all down like they did the online doctor who gets narcotic places!
I took a loan on Sept. 25, 2009 for $400.00. I started making what was supposed to be minimum payments of $120.00 and I paid four times Oct. 16, Oct. 30, Nov. 13 and Nov. 27 for a total of $480.00. On Dec. 12, 2009, I logged in to see how much I have to pay to finish this loan and I found out that I owe $520.00. I called the same day and they stated that those payments were only extension and not going to the principal. I replied, "I wish someone would advise me about that" and they replied that it's in the contract, I was supposed to read it because they don't go over the account with the customers. I paid the amount of $520.00 to pay off the loan. From $400.00 to $1,000.00 in this economic recession is hard. I simply wish someone would have advised me about that and to be clear about the payments. It's simply not fair and I'm trying to do the right thing. In order to keep my good credit, I was forced to pay this, in my opinion, ridiculous amount.
I asked for a loan of $150 months ago. My interest was $49. For the past four months, the company has been deducting the $49 from my debit card. I called today assuming that my account had been paid in full. I was told that for the past months, I had only paid a recurring interest and that I still owed the full amount of the loan. This is a clear case of fraud and I want to report this company.
They keep calling my phone and work phone. They started taking all kinds of money out of my bank account. Now, my account is overdrawn. And I have to close it out. How can people do this to hard working people?
I had the same trouble of disclosure of interest and additional fees. Afterwards, whenever I did borrow from them, I arranged to have my payments deducted all at once each time I borrowed money thereafter. I too had the experience of "unexplained additional fees." So the next time I had an emergency and tried to use the service again, I was denied. Denied because I had refused all of their many offers for me to borrow more money and also to extend my payback days. In other words I was denied for failure to comply with the scam. I'm advising anyone and everyone if you can find another way to satisfy your debt or emergency then by all means make every effort possible to satisfy the need before you go to this One Click Cash. And did I mention how RUDE some of the customer service reps can be? Oh boy.....
I owed One Click Cash a remaining balance of $250.00, one payment for October and November. The company called me to get authorization for payment in September because they said they were having a payment processing problem with the ACH payment through my bank. When I talked to the agent, I also agreed to have the October and November payments set up to be paid as well. On November 6, 2013, I received an e-mail asking about the October payment. I stated to them that I had already set payment authorization by credit card and that they need to check their phone records. At this point, they have never billed for the October or November payments and they have not e-mailed or called me either. Also, the funds were in the bank both months and nothing has been processed. I hope they are not trying to send me through collections or trying to get this money now because those funds are now gone. Any suggestions would help.
I received a $300 loan in October 2012. One Click Cash took the bi-weekly payments out of my checking account. I thought I was done. Rude awakening. My bank account became negative and remained that way until I was able to have my income taxes direct deposited into my account (Feb 2013). I did this so I would be able to pay my bank and One Click Cash and be done. When I went to put gas in my car this morning, my bank card was declined. I went online this morning to find that One Click Cash has taken yet another $585 out of my account. My $300 loan has turned into a $1,400 loan. My bank account is negative (again) and there is going to be no way for me to pay this. I'm screwed, but for anyone reading this and needing a loan, find another company!
I came across a loan company that takes money from you but does not give you loans. I faxed proof to the fax number they gave me to show them that they did not give me money. Every day they call me telling me I owe them 600,400. They told me they have several accts of mine that they sent money to. Now they will not stop calling since I faxed the proof. They get other companies calling me offering to send me 300 and wanting my acct number to get it processed. I changed my checking acct because they were taking $70 and $75 every two weeks from me.
I processed an application for a loan. I was never notified there would be a loan. I was never told the requirements of the loan. One day about two months ago, there was a deposit made for $400 to my checking account by One Click Cash. I did not know when it was due or the cost to make the loan. There was no word by them about the details of the loan. In September, there was charge for $120.00 processed to my checking account. I have sent emails to them asking for the full details of the loan. They have not answered that memo. I have sent them several more but I got no response. I sent a mail to them on 8/24/10 asking for the pay off amount, because they sent me an email telling me they would charge my debit card (checking account) $120.00 on September 9, 2010. I told them if I did not hear from them by 08/30/10, I would contact the Florida Attorney General’s Office. I have received no response that they should not accept the debit card charge on 08/09/10.I think it is time our federal and state representatives should put some kind of rules on this type of loan sharking or stop it entirely. When I was younger, we were very concise about usury. The banks and credit card companies lobbied our government representatives and let them charge what they wanted to charge. They have over $4,000.00 of my money. To open a business within a result, it cannot happen till I receive my equipment.
I got an email saying I owe the first installment payment, when I applied. They said they could not grant my request. So now, I am going to be short on paying my bills. I do not think I should pay for something I was never approved for. This company should be out of business.
Please do not use this company. It is a scam and it’s dangerous (fraudulent activity with banking accounts). This company will charge your card continuously regardless if loan is paid in full. Please contact the Better Business Bureau to extend already made complaints and to voice wrongdoing of this company! My account was debited $75 for four weeks and $105 for two weeks and then a lump sum of $460 on the 6th week with biweekly debits. The loan was only $250 with a $75 interest fee - total payout was supposed to be $325. I’m closing my bank account.
They have debited hundreds of dollars out of my checking account for a 300 loan! I need to find their phone number, but cannot! If anyone can help me, I would very much appreciated it. Thank you!
I applied online and was approved for a $300 loan. Someone from OneClickCash called me at work and verified it is my valid work number. I asked how much money I will owe OneClickCash including the interest. The amount was $500 and I agreed on that. My next payday, only $90 was taken out of my account and the same on the following 3 paydays. On the 5th payday $90 AND $50, which made a total of $500. I was relieved because I thought my loan was finally paid off in full on 10Jan08. On 24Jan08 my account was charged $50 and $75. On 07Feb08 my account was charged $60 and $50. I did not notice the charges until 11Feb08 when my account was overdrawn with outragesous insufficeint fund fees. I disputed any charges that exceeded $500 through my bank. I got my money back and blocked OneClickCash from charging my account. After that I received a phone call from OneClickCash saying I owe them $500+ and they need to collect the funds from me. I did not want to hear it; for one, the amount I appearently owed was high and second, I had insufficient fund fees on my account. I went into it with the lady that called and hung up on her. She did not explain anything and only said you owe us $XXX and I am trying to help you. Before disputing the charges, I tried contacting OneClickCash by phone but whenever I called they were closed. I tried different numbers which I would get from recordings when I called them with the original number I had for OneClickCash. On 31Mar08, there was a preauthorized check charge in the amount of $525 on my account. Since it was a check unauthorized charges was not an option and check fraud is also not an option because I did give them my account number. I called OneClickCash (got the number for them from my bank) and tried to get my money back. I was nice about it and ended it with You owed us that money. Your account is now paid in full. On 01May08, I had a voicemail from an unclear name from OneClickCash. When I returned the call, the extention did not exist. I spoke with another representative telling me that I owe them $500+ again. I do not know what to do, I refuse to send/fax anything to OneClickCash to prove, I already paid the $525 on 31Mar08. I do not know how to prove that I spoke with someone who said that my account was paid in full. This was crazy! My account is overdrawn still and I cannot close it until I pay the money back. Insufficient funds that lead to late payments for my other bills. Time consumed during work hours to try to get a hold of a OneClickCash representative almost got me fired. I do not know how OneClickCash influences my credit history but obviously not in any good way. I am stressed out AGAIN over this OneClickCash.
One Click Cash gave me a loan of $200 with a payback of $260 (documented). They took $60 for four months, which gave me a remainder of $20. The following months, they took $110 ($50 plus $60), $95 ($50 plus $45), $80 ($50 plus $30) then $65 ($50 plus $15) totaling and excess of $330. I have tried to call but to no avail. Can you help me? These excess fees have resulted in overdrafts which at $37.50 plus $8 per day have created financial hardship and my inability to successfully pay utilities, auto loan and other valid payments.
On 6/28/2011, I received a $600.00 loan from One Click Cash. I supposed to repay $782.00, but they have taking $1020.00 from my account. I called and the person I spoke with told me that I was paying on the principle and the amount. I still owe $650.00 and the next pay is $200.00. I will be paying three times the amount.
They took too much money out of my account. They took $425 instead of the $300 that I owed them. So, they ripped me off!
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