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Cash Direct Express Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Cash Direct Express
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Waited a year and a half on the back pay and then this lame ** company goes and locks out my funds. What the hell is going on? Is this legal? I am missing rent and deposit now and have all my groceries canceling out on How the hell do you crooks get away with having your hand in all of our pockets? We don't have the damn money in the first place. That's why we had to come to you freaking idiots. God I hope the very very worst of all things God can do happens to each and every individual and their families who abuse those of us who are less fortunate and disabled. Must be like taking candy from a baby. Taking money from someone who is virtually homeless is sick. I hope the very ** worst for each and everyone of you. Nothing but the best of the worst.
Called to try to renew card for 2 days, was on hold for the longest time. The people there were very rude and not helpful at all. Request to speak with manager. Again put on hold for 20 minutes, still could not help me telling me it could take up to 48 hours to access my card. WTF here it is Saturday morning with no money for food or anything, been using the card for the past 3 years. I am totally disgusted.
I am Disabled and I had gone to get some gas and noticed that an extra $7.99 was being taken out of my account. I thought it was from my RedBox account but it was Netflix which I had cancelled almost a year ago so I contacted Netflix and they said they would credit my account for all those months but the gal lied to me. She just closed the account. Called after 3 days at Netflix and a nice gal said that THEY TOLD ME WRONG AND SHE SAID SHE COULD ONLY GIVE 1 MONTH'S FEE BACK AND TOLD ME TO dispute the charges with US Direct Express. Well I called, told them the matter and when they asked me to verify my information, I forgot to say JR at the end of my name so the guy told me I would have to answer some questions on my identity. I answered all the questions right but said that they were going to freeze my account and I needed to fax a photo ID and a SS Card. They said 24 to 48 hours. Well, I'm on almost 80 hours. I can't pay my rent, can't buy any food, gas for my car and my medicines. Some of the customer reps are rude. One gal said that she was giving me my first warning because I was getting very upset and she told me to be professional. I told her **. I told her, "How would you feel if you couldn't buy food, milk, gas for your car?" I asked her, "Wouldn't you be mad?" She shut her little mouth. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. THEY DO NOT GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT YOU. After they finally release my card, I'm withdrawing every cent of mine and calling the Social Security Administration to direct deposit into my BBA account. Best Wishes and DON'T get this card!!!!!!!!
I was never sent a replacement debit card. Even though my card expired at the beginning of this month I was never sent a card. I can now not even transfer my money using their online service and their customer service takes forever to talk to.
I agreed to a loan of $400. Like other payday loan company, I dealt with it since you can reduce your payments into 4 payments. However, this company took $100 for 4 paydays, began to take monies owed on the principal $40 at a time, and then charged interest on the balance. The first pay was $40 + $120, then $40 + $95. I called to check the balance; it was $354. So, on the $400 I borrowed, I paid $1,069. How does a company get away with this?
I borrowed 400.00 from them in Feb 2011 they flashed 150.00 as the fee over the 400.00. So, I took the loan. However, todate they have taken a total of 1,289.40
I was looking at payday loans online. When I saw how much they were going to charge, I decided not to get one. At first when I was looking I wanted to get $500, but they said I could only get $200. My computer was disconnected from May 29th to June 6th because of moving. Then next thing I knew, $106 was taken out of my bank account on 7 /13/12. So, I called my bank to find out what was going on. I found out there was money that I did not ask for and told all those companies before my computer went down and after it came back up that I was not interested in the payday loan. I saw that from the 15th of June, they had taken $106 every 2 weeks or every payday. It was $400 deposited into my bank account. So I thought that after they had taken $424, that the loan would be paid off. That was the idealist on my side. They took another $106 out of my account on the 10th. I called them up to see why they took it out since I paid the $400 that they claimed I agreed to. That made the total $530 that they took out of my account. Now, remember they put $400 in my bank account. I asked for a balance on the account and was given the runaround on that. Finally, they told me the balance is $506 on $400 payday loan. So they basically said that for a $400 payday loan, I owe them $1,036. I know that I would have never agreed to that. Yet there is no contract or terms and conditions produced to show me that I confirmed the payday loan. I have to go to my bank, police department and the local news stations to lodge a complaint against the company and tell them that I owe $1036 for a $400 payday loan. I am being charged 39% interest. I won't get a credit card because of interest rates on them and if I went to a dealership who told me that my interest rate on a car loan would be that, I would walk away.
These people call me at work, and I asked them, along with my supervisor, to quit calling and they still do. The first time they called me, they told me that I owe $748 on a $400 loan. I tried to ask them if I can pay it out, and they were rude and did not want to work with me. I told them that my account was closed and they ignored me and hung up on me. They called me over and over at work to the point it's interfering with my job. After numerous times asking them not to call my place of business, they called on my phone and I answered. This was 5-1-09. I told the guy that I would pay him $150 on 5-8-09. He refused it and told me he was going to put me down as refusal to pay. He also told me he was going to fax all my information to my work and start Collections. At that time, he hung up on me. I have tried to do a payout with them from the start and they refused. With all that I have seen on my statement, they have taken out about $700 since this 400 dollar loan. It was $106 every two weeks for interest charges. You could not pay down on your loan at the website. They just kept on taking interest out time after time.
I spent 2.5 hours trying to get into my account today I used a Smart phone, and computer, and finally spent the majority of that trying to get Customer Service by the phone they provide on their site. I could not enter in the usual manner, nor with the password I customarily use. They said I would have to get a new password. Even after two "temporary" passwords from DE.... absolutely no success. When I called Customer Service, as directed, they had an assortment of options. NOT ONE OF THESE OPTIONS inferred that it was the option for customer service. I methodically went through each and every option, by now only hoping I would get a human voice. No success again.I did this scrupulously: TWO MORE ROUNDS OF EACH extension. I had not pushed "stolen card" up to this point, because my card was not stolen. FINALLY, someone answered... By now I could barely recall those which I had tried vs. those I had not. The only person I finally spoke to was highly petulant. I asked him why there was no "customer service" option, either include with another option, or as a "stand-alone". He said there simply is none, and that one had to call "lost card". I queried why and how a customer (I don't think he had ever heard that word before) would possibly know how to reach customer service which was identified on their site, with the number I had just called. He did not know, he said.I also said that I could not get into my account for two days. "Oh, sorry" was how he responded. I asked to speak to the supervisor, who had no knowledge. They could call me a tech, they said; however, that would take 5 days. This is my account for my Social Security. Outside of that, I have no other money. Somehow, I need this issue addressed as soon as possible.
I called the customer service line 10/22/15 to report a lost card. The person I spoke with confirmed that the card was cancelled well 10/29/15 I called back to see why I haven't received my card. Well this person informed me that the card was never cancelled. The customer services rep puts me on hold & then hangs up when I asked to speak to a supervisor (such bad service). Then I call back but for me to receive my card in 2 days I should pay which I feel is a bunch of crap when it was clearly their fault. I hope in the near future all calls are recorded!
Back in 2008, I was told a loan was taken out with my social security number at my current address. Weeks later, money was taken out of my account and when I checked on it, that's when I found out. When I told them I didn't do it, they of course did not investigate it. they assumed I just didn't want to pay for the loan. When I filed a complaint to BBB and I hadn't heard from them, I thought that was the end of it. Today, in 2011, I got a call from someone claiming to be from the Marshall's office filing a federal litigation against me for an enormous amount of money. I called my lawyer to find that the scare tactics they put on me was illegal first of all and second, they never followed through with an investigation. So here I am trying to resolve an issue that I didn't incur in the first place. Whoever this company is, they can't be good. My advice is for you to lock up your computers and take a loan at your local bank.
Sadly, my via pension is on a direct express card...for now. I told them that I was going to visit Europe, but somebody didn't do their job. Theoretically, I can use my card in any country, but when they found that I used it here, they considered my transactions as 'suspicious activity' and they froze it and my pension wasn't deposited nor could I use my card. It's all well and good for them to freeze it without my permission or the Va's permission, but to get my money put back on it, I must contact the via...the problem is that I do not have the money to call internationally and be put on I am stuck in Bulgaria without any money, through no fault of my own. NEVER, NEVER use Direct Express.
I was forced to go to this company for my social checks. I didn't have bank account. Don't go to them. The first lady lied to me. I asked for super and I asked him help me and it was a kid. I of course called company twice. They said get a work order. 5 days pass. I feel bad for everyone on social and they have to deal with company.
We faxed what you need twice. Our printout said the status was ok but it was never received on your end. How does that happen? How many times are we to do this? I want my money! It should be $141.90. Help!
My mother passed away last January 2011. After receiving $750 on her Direct Express MasterCard debit card for the month of December, Direct Express canceled her card 3 days after she died with that money still on it. I've been trying for 14 months to get them to release those funds. I've sent them the death certificate and a probate court order authorizing them to release the funds to me, her daughter (from the Springfield Mo Probate Court, which is where my mother lived). They keep asking for more documentation which doesn't exist. The court order is all they need (it's a court order for heaven's sake). She died penniless. She had no will, rented (did not own), did not own a car, and did not have life insurance. All she had was the $750 on the debit card. I paid for her funeral and burial. If you can help me resolve this, I'd be most appreciative.
Won't let me get my money off, keep saying can't make transaction. Why is this happening to me? I have bills that are due.
The issue I am facing is that the available funds do not match up with my transactions. I draw $766.00 and my transactions add up to $186.73. I went to an ATM and got out $500.00 ($3.00 fee) and the receipt shows available balance of $11.69. $67.58 has vanished. I am deaf so I asked my fiance to call my card just to double check the transactions and the $67.58 isn't mentioned. I then asked her to call customer service but they refused to allow her to translate and were told that they would have to talk to the cardholder only. I let them know that I am the cardholder and that I'm deaf but they still refused. I understand the privacy law, but I feel the experience falls under violation of civil rights.
Someone sent a card to Florida and I live in Tenn. They stole all of my money from the card on the 2nd of July. Direct Express said they would send packet to fill out. Never received and want refund my money and now I'm about to be put out. And they hang up in your face when you ask them about what's going on and how to be reimbursed so you can satisfy your bills. Still no packet or no money as of July 16.
I applied for a $300 payday loan a few weeks ago. There was no information on the website about what the fees were or anything. I received an email saying that my loan was being processed. The next day, I found out that $500 had been deposited into my account. At that point, I was able to access my account on the website and found out that I would be charged $132.50 in two weeks for the loan. After a little bit of digging, I found out that they charge you $132.50 every two weeks five times and then they charge you that amount plus 10% of the loan amount and that 10% goes on the principle until it's paid off. I did not ask for $500, I asked for $300. I was never given the opportunity to agree to the loan once I found out what the fees were. The money was just given to me.
They charged my bank account a fee for clip and save coupons that I didn't agree to, then proceeded to tell me it was in the terms and conditions of applying online for information about payday loans. Now my account is overdrawn. Not only did it cost me $19.95, it looks like I will have to pay an NSF fee too.
US Direct Express prepaid GOVERNMENT card-I have had an outstanding issue with US Direct Express since 2/14/17. $1,900.00 was taken from my account unauthorized. Plus (2) IVR transfer fees. I have been going back and forth with them since that date, putting up with exceedingly long waits on hold and horrible customer service. To make matters worse they recently answered my dispute in writing stating "the transaction did not occur." That is the most observed response. In the meantime I am out $1900.00. I keep calling back and when they transfer my call to the level 2 department I keep getting disconnected. Clearly their network security is laughable and their customer service is horrid. I say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!
Hi, I am disabled and on social security. I was bedridden and couldn't get to the bank to get direct deposit. I called social security one day and they had a recording about getting direct deposit in a bank. I then gave them my information and got a debit card with my account. However, I had gotten ripped off by a company and by a person that was a so called friend. That is how I found out what the real story was on this service. I had called direct express to tell them that I wanted to report a fraud. They then took the information, and by the way, I had also reported this to the police because the person was actually seen by myself, another witness who was with me and also the owner of the store. I filed a police report and gave this to Direct Express, and never got a dime back, which was when all counted almost a thousand dollars, over several months, that I hadn't realized because he had rented a room where I live that someone else owns the house. I knew this person. I had never authorized him to ever use my card. He literally stole it when I wasn't looking. I was so sick, that I hadn't realized that I was being stolen from because Direct Express/Comerica bank never sent me statements. And the more I called, the more I was actually being hung up on. When I finally realized that this company was a rip off is when I called Comerica bank. Nobody would tell of admit to me, what was really going on with this company. First of all, they misled me by making me think that my money was in the bank, and it wasn't. The bank finally admitted that they weren't holding my money at all. Even though the bank's name is on the right top hand corner of the card. I had to find out where Comerica bank was located. Now mind you, this is on Social Security's website. Anyone would have trusted it, because of that fact. I was out of my mind with anger because the bank ended up telling me that they made the cards. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I have never in my life. This is a dead up scam. Even social security has no idea of this. Now this started two years ago when I originally got direct deposit. I never got my money back. I was also ripped off by companies that I had no knowledge of, and they weren't taken off of my card. And I had never, nor had anyone else had my card, so I knew it was fraudulent. I called again and nothing was done. Every fraud report that I have filled out so far, they have all come up with being denied. Now here is the kicker. I did some research only to find out that Comerica bank is only affiliated with Direct Express by using their bank to fool other into thinking that their money is being held in the bank. Why would one even question that, if they heard it right from social security? I want to file a lawsuit against them for their fraudulent practices. Also, master card is listed on the card, and I called MasterCard, and they've told me that they had never heard of Direct Express ever. And Comerica bank is located in Austin, Texas. The manager of that branch actually got scared when I called him, and told him what I knew. A bank that is listed on a card as being the bank of choice from social security is supposed to abide by banking laws, and they are not abiding by any federal banking laws at all. President Bush or the Treasury department gave them the bid in 1995 for social security recipients to have direct deposit, in their so called bank. There is no bank. I found out that Comerica bank is just a cover up for direct express to send you a preloaded card. Now, that is against all banking laws and that is a Federal Offense. I've called my state and federal rep and senators and nothing so far has been done. I guess because they don't want to be involved in what the government is doing as far as a scam. Now imagine this, how about an old woman who has Alzheimer' disease and thinks that her money is being held in the bank and say for instance she has a visiting nurse who comes by and just take her card to swipe it through any machine and then basically just steal her money.Direct Express is the actual company that is pre-loading these cards and keeping people under the impression that their money is in the bank. I made such a squawk that sometimes you may hear them say after they have been caught that it isn't a bank at all. But, because the bank is listed on the top of the card, is fraud through and through. Banking laws are there for a reason and that is to hold your money, not just make a piece of plastic and the money is really loaded up in your card, without anyone's knowledge? This has to be one of the worst scams that I have ever heard of. I never got my money back. Nothing even though I filed this with the police department and why? Because they don't have my money, my card is pre loaded. That is not right and is downright illegal for a bank to be listed on a card and not even holding your money and social security had no idea that this was being taken place? I've called them numerous times. They still think that it is a bank and it isn't. It is like one of those scams that you now see on TV for poor people who don't have ID's or are immigrants and pre-load your card for you to carry. That is against all federal and banking laws. I've checked all of it. Can you get back to me on this.
I was looking at all the payday loans online and I had filled this particular one out. But when they had called to verify everything, I told them I didn't want it. So I assumed everything was okay, then come to find out it wasn't. They had put $400 into my account and I did not know this. I went to the bank to check my account and I had noticed most of money was gone. They had been taking money out of my account since April. They would take a little here and there and starts taking a lot more. They have taken $560 so far. This has to stop. I want my money back.
Direct Express security is laughable; of 16 digits on the card, the first eight are standard per the program. All a hacker need do is match a common American name with eight digits and ping that against a website that performs credit card transactions requiring neither PIN nor secret number. Such hackers exists as do such websites. Is Direct Express colluding with them? That happened to me in September. An overseas hacker drained my SSI account with charges in Singapore and Osaka.Direct Express now refuses me a provisional credit while they 'investigate' these disputed charges. They ignore my House representative. They constantly hang up on me. Direct Express as constituted is neither up to the task nor worthy of our trust. Write & call your House Rep & Senators. Call the inspector General of the Dept of Treasury. Take this business away from Comerica. Let a Bank local to you handle this business. They at least are more accessible and trustworthy than any Texas Bank.
Inability to access account through computer and no notification that card was potentially compromised which resulted in card not being accepted various places. As a retired person on limited income, I depend on being able to purchase money orders to pay bills, pay for direct purchases such as gas and food with my card. It is not only frustrating but embarrassing to have a card declined when I know there are funds available. Also when attempting to access the online information which serves as my "check register" it is a continual catch 22 of entering user name, password, having the password rejected, following the directions to reset password, being sent a temporary one through email and having that one rejected also. And so it goes over and over and over. I simply get the runaround from so called customer service with the excuses that it takes 5 days for someone to respond via email to my issues regarding the inability to access computer information on my account and 5 business days before a new card can be sent unless I was willing to pay $13+ to get it in 2 days.
I get my SSI check the day before the first and last time I got my check I was able to only get around 450/5hundred and my check is 721.00 and ATM saying there's not enough money in my account. This really hurt me because this is my only income and I am a single parent with rectal cancer. Just paying for my medicine alone is torture.
Called day before deposit was to hit the books to find out the amount I would be receiving. When I called to make sure that monies were deposited the account was short 77 dollars. Called again to trace the withdrawal and found out who was responsible for the transaction. So, I deducted that amount off of my bill. That didn't work. I am still fighting with the company to get this matter solved.
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