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Spotlight Business Credit and Funding Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Spotlight Business Credit and Funding
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.991.3424
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 95 %
My Credit REP is AMAZINGLY fluent at what he does! He cuts no corners; gets straight to the point! Most importantly.... my companies success is just as important to him as it is to me. I'm excited about this venture!
I recently visited the Spotlight offices in Irvine, all the way from Nebraska. They are a great group of people and I recommend their services. Happy Client
I had been trying for years to find a true and legit way to further the financial resources of my company. I was very fortunate to discover Spotlight Funding. Both Ray and John were very helpful in getting my business financing that was sorely needed for expansion. Thanks again!
Spotlight Business Credit and Funding falls into the category of another waste of time..a scam. a ripoff....Like most of these companies, at the beginning they promise unique results. This company didn't provide the service as advertised, neither the results. There is a this guy they call "Ray" who supposedly is the expert in getting business funding without using one's social security number. Failed, failed failed. Some of the round one lenders require personal credit; they do not tell you this. When certain round one funders do not allow you to buy products without using your personal credit, Spotlight Funding sent a list of round lenders who do supposedly allow you to buy products without using your personal credit. But to date (as following instruction)..there is no paydex score. After couple months they refuse to answer the phone to address your concerns, and sending emails (they claim they will respond in 24 hours) gets absolutely no response. Several times a phone call to them does not get answered. They pay people to give testimonials. Like all time wasters, when things do not go as they say it will, they began to hide and avoid having a discussion. DnB says the only way to to get 80 paydex score is to use their credit builder program. This is probably true. Only pay this company with your credit card. So when they do no perform you can demand your money back. Another waste of time and ripoff!!!
They were both great in explaining and attentive in returning calls. Made you feel welcome!
The people at Spotlight are really informative and a great help for business owners faced with the many obstacles that come with building business. Great Job!
I've very fortunate to be introduced to Spotlight Funding. There services are such a value for my business. From the initial consultation, Ray was very detailed, spent quality time with me going over all aspects of there full suite of services. And throughout the end of the process, they are fully engaged in all aspects. We will be a customer for life!
I was a little skeptical when I first approached Spotlight Funding for help w/ establishing my business' credit. It seemed to good to be true. But I went through the steps any way since I had nothing to lose. Wells Fargo turned my business down for a line of credit. So, now I'm a few months in the process and everything that Ray said came true as far as what to expect. I'm a believer now and I'm working on a few more credit lines. I'm excited to take my company to the next level. Thanks Ray and Spotlight Funding!
Ray is the best, He knows exactly how to help your business grow. for new business owners I would totally recommend them !
Ray is awesome!!! Huge help! He went above and beyond today to make sure I got what I needed!! Spotlight is awesome !! Thank you Ray!!
Ray is an excellent representative. I look forward to continuing to work with Spotlight Funding!
Spotlight for us has been a blessing and a god send,not knowing how we could get our business credit going was a struggle. Yes I was skeptical when my business partner told me about them but we are both men who take risks and this is one I'm glad we took. I have no doubt Spotlight will take Allways Trucking to the next level. Thanks a million, Orlando Randall
Great product and service, thank you!
Rental property owner and entrepreneur
Spotlight has made it possible for my company to expand to the next level. Prior to their helping me build my business credit, I had everything under my personal. Now I can do things right.
This team will give it to you "straight". No sugarcoating anything. I appreciate the honesty and commitment this company brings.
Excellent work and support
I have started out building my business credit with spotlight funding. so let me start by saying I am from texas and to be honest I researched spotlight funding for about 3 weeks before I called them. yes I was a little sceptical to send money to a company I never heard of, but after research and talking with them I said what the heck and gave it a try. Now it's been 2 months almost 3 and spotlight has did everything that they have stated in our conversation, within almost 3 months I have 6 business trade lines that is active an open, so far i have had nothing but success following this program. Folks if you are shouldn't be, they are very trustworthy and reliable, they have always been there when I call them with questions. Alex, and Mike have been a pleasure to work with and I cant wait until I reach the end, and I will keep you guys posted! this have truly been the best money I've ever spent! thanks spotlight funding!!!...johnny butler...Allways Trucking
Ray has been a tremendous help through the process. He is very resourceful, and helps get the job done. Definitely happy with the excellent service I am receiving.
They were the only ones that trusted me even when my credit was bad
My name is Jason Rapoza, I own J Fox Antiques and Estate Jewelry LLC and I started the process with Spotlight Funding on 7/25/2018. Since then I have been working diligently through the step process with Michael and Ray to accomplish the necessary goals in order to achieve the proper credit to acquire the funds necessary for my companies expansion. I must admit, it does require some diligence, you must be conscious and aware of the process, follow the steps properly as stated in your account and follow through, if necessary, as I have had to do, contact the office with questions. It is imperative, I found to be timely in every step to reach your final goals in a reasonable amount of time. It doesn't happen overnight but it actually does happen. Reasonably, it will not happen without an effort put forth on your part though. I am very much satisfied as a skeptic, I am very much looking forward to my last phase of funding. I would recommend this company and program and investment if your interested in additional funding for your company or even establishing positive credit for your company which is imperative for the future. A worthwhile investment.
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