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SenecaOne Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: SenecaOne
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.513.1394
Overall average rating of 3.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 31 %
Although everyone was friendly and we loved Kris, there was too much waiting and disorganized issues. Such as filing in the wrong county. Always needing 1 more paper to sign. Always saying just 2 more weeks. It took over 6 months, had to resign everything a couple times. If it wasn't for being in a bind and really needing it, then we would have pulled out. Always had our hopes up and crushed. Will never go through this headache again.
My first time was good. This time it started out good,then it went kind of off. Getting paper work started out ok, then when it was summited to the insurance company it was not what they wanted. The insurance company said that they needed the wording done different, Oaky we did that. We got our court date,no problem . Went to court,but while we were in court the person that was with us said that they could have had a quicker order to get things done sooner but he did not have that paper. The insurance company took its time getting their paper work done. About 1 1/2 months later finally got sent to get the orders all singed. The judge already approved the transfer,we were just waiting for the insurance company so we were told. When all the paper work was done the way the insurance company wanted it. I singed it on my end faxed it back, judge got it and it sat on his desk for a week. In the mean time I had to call the clerk of courts with no answer. A week later we had to go to the court house to see if the order was signed and it was not. Had to call Seneca one lawer to get things moving, got voice mail. Finally about hour later order was signed and back to your office. Then finally a few days later the money got to our bank. We had to get more papers notarized this time then the last time. I think the lack of communication between Seneca One and insurance company was a problem this time. I hope that this dosn't happen again, or to any one else,because you do have good people working for you. I think a good training section is in order here. To make sure this dose not happen again to anyone. Thank You.
the people that work for this company need to be fired this company is crooks, they talk to you like your stupid they rip you off and my favorite they are to busy to talk to you when you have questions. they do not return calls, and I have emails to prove all this. This company is terrible to people
I would love to give 5, but sending advances once a day arms certain hour..ridiculous
Probably could have gotten more elsewhere but my rep is a good guy. The company treats me ok. Only issue i ever had with them ios when a supervisor called and made it sound like i was in some sort of trouble because i was missing calls from my rep. I didnt read in the contract where it said i must answer calls from anyone at seneca. Other than that they are a decent company.
Their process takes a long time. They had to postpone court 5 times because they didn't have there paper work together. I started my transaction in April and Now it's November still not fully funded. I did one with another company that only took 6 weeks from the day I talked to them on the phone to start the process till it was funded. I will never use Seneca One again. I feel like they are a large corporation of crooks.
A while back I called senaca one and I needed help . they put me threw to this man named ari, first thing I thought was that they just want my money and will say anything to get it. But that wasn't the case this time. Ari and I have became great friends over the years. He is honest and a very helpful with anything you need help with. Me and him have an awesome friendship and I would trust my life to this guy. I now have a son and if it wasn't for him we would have froze last winter. If anyone goes threw senaca one I hope that they can get in touch with him cuz he is hands down the best agent I have had the pleasure of working with and now I also have a great friend. Thank you ari giberman you are the man my brothaa lol
I applied for a settlement from you and you took a few hundred thousand dollars from my insurance money and never gave me any money. I have been waiting for over three months and no one returns my calls or will speak to me. All I get is that it takes time for the transaction which I don't believe since you already received my funds. Where is my money. It seems other people received theirs but I guess I am one of the misfortunate one who you can take advantage of since you don't even return my calls.
A good company to work with, to be sure. My account rep was both very knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. I am pleased with the results I received, and would recommend them to a friend.
At first I was told I could get everything done and was made promises which they did up hold the only bump in the road was the amount of waiting I had to do with no phone call or update ... but they made it right and still keep in touch with me ... I would recommend people to use Seneca for any of there needs keep up the good work Seneca One
Honestly, I thought the company as a whole would have their clients best interest in mind. That was not the case though. To fully complete my transaction it took about 5 months. This was not the fault of the agents helping me but the people who head the company. The 2 agents helping me through this whole fiasco were great and I consider them to be friends, but I will think twice before considering Seneca One for financial assistance.
Seneca One is by far the best company ive ever worked with. They definitely get the job done and in a timely manner. They helped my family out more than they will probably ever know. I will recomend this company to anyone. My representative was the best! Big shout out to my life saver Ari G. Your truly the best at what you do and you should be promoted!! Lol. Thanks for everything Seneca One and last but not least Ari your the best!☺
From the first day I called, my service rep was friendly, polite, informative, & was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. My transaction ran smoothly & I would use Seneca One again if I needed to.
I've worked with Seneca One three times and I've always been satisified and my agent Ernie has been terrific !!! (even in the middle of having a baby!!!)
Extremely helpful. Answered all questions i had and didn't feel like a number!
In the beginning everything was good. Once everything was processed and all the paperwork was signed and completed it became a different story. I'll just say this. I'm still waiting to receive the balance of my money. Guess I should've believed the newsletter I received back in March.
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