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Argon Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Argon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-414-0063
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 60 %
Your rates are better than many others, but 60+ % interest is still way too high. Dr Kay Davies
I want to say first and foremost as being a new customer, the process was extremely easy and efficient. The customer Service I received was also great. While I am still a new customer, and still waiting to see how the payments will take place in this process, I would recommend Argon.
This company was very easy to work with. They were very fast in getting the money needed.
Very long process and very high interest that's all with many issues customer service
I was approved for a loan 2167, then I hit submit to try and submit docs and my computer would not allow me to submit one of my docs, so they immediately declined my app said i have to wait 90 days to re apply. Plus, they didnt even have my bank listed whenever i was placing info for my card. This place sucks and do not recommend them to anyone..
I appreciate Argon for their assistance. But the only drawback was that on 3 occasions before approval was granted, I held on the line for at least 45 minutes to speak with a live person. I understand they were swamped with so many request, but overall, The staff was absolutely wonderful, once I got through!!
This loan company is an excellent company to borrow from. They were got me my loan quickly with no hassle. I would recommend this company to my friends and family and to anyone who needs to borrow money and have less than perfect credit. I will be using them in the future for my loan needs.
The application process was so easy. I received my funding in just a few days..
i was assisted quickly. It was a painless process and I received the help I needed.
Will I get a person loans which means that I hope and do the best of my lesson to pay the back to the company who trust me but I have same bad news of my loans subject I have been talking about someone have one been into my account at chas bank account went I thought my one of months. Check was in my check account and find out someone try to will then do write a check for some fund to come out of my account make me be own the bsnkmoney so I cannot pay the loans of 132 bollar in January but I will make it up in February in the amount of 260 dollars if the company have any questions call me at 7732176879. Thankyou every must okk
The customer service could've been better but overall I have no complaints.
Was easy to apply and get approved the only issue I had was sending the same information they needed to them multiple times. They said it was the wrong info when in fact it was the right info. Once that was taken care of it was easy sailing after .
Argon is committed to obtaining results by its commitment to its customers.
This was a very easy and quick process. If your thinking of trying Argon, STOP thinking and give it a's worth it, trust will be very happy with the results
I was denied originally, and I called to see why. After further review and sending in more documents I did get my loan for more than I thought. The staff is very professional in helping and assisting me, with my credit I'm glad that they took a chance with me. The only bad thing I would say is the wait time. It takes 30 mins to 1hour just to get someone on the phone, they really need to work on their call centers wait time. Or have it were someone call you and you don't have to wait so long.
the best loan program i have used so far
Service was quick and easy, int rest rate was a little high but the loan fit the needs.
I applied for this loan I think in October. I didn't receive any phone calls from anyone until 2 weeks later the phone service is horrible no one NEVER answers the phone, When I finally did get the loan I didn't need it I informed them not to put the money in my account they did anyways I had to call back for them to take the money right out then I get a call that they didn't process the paperwork saying I had to pay the monthly fee. I've called 10 times for them to make sure my paperwork was cancelled and still no answer. This was the worst experience I don't see myself dealing with this organization in the future.
I was initially approved for a comfortable loan four times larger than what it was reduced to, and it is disappointing that decent research to my qualification was not addressed before the company made its initial offer. I too am bothered by the hefty APR, but I will take it for a first loan with no credit history. Otherwise, customer service deserves 5 stars. Very responsive phone, email, online support.
I thought the process went really, really smoothly. It was not paper driven - asking for document after document. I was able to get you what you wanted and was quick after that. I have already recommended you to a few of my friends who are in need of your services.
Argon is great at taking each case on its merit. If you need a loan check with them first. They handle people with a current bad credit history with respect and work with you to get your loan approved. People with a current bad credit history is not all black and white. Bad things happen to good people that had good credit histories in the past, like a lost of a job for a long period of time. Argon will work with you to get your loan with a fair interest rate without trying to break you down when you are down.
By the time the funds hit my bank the first payment was due in 3 weeks. Very slow funding!
Baaes on delay in receiving funds it caused me loss and additional penalty. Wishing i has taken 2000 loan. Looking for loan to pay you off. Still have not received payment info either.
I tried to get in contact with someone aboutmy loan whether or not it was approved. It just showed up in my account without any other contact or anything.
this is a good place to do all your loan business in
At first there was skepticism however that soon changed when the few people I spoke to on the phone assured me otherwise. Yes, you do need to provide all your documents via email but just as they said I received my loan. No BS! I appreciate it, and well life isn't crazy anymore! Thank you Argon!
I received an email from you the morning of September 16, 2015 stating that my loan had been funded, and to expect funds in my account within 24 to 48 hours. Going on that assurance, I made certain financial decisions knowing that I would have funds by the morning of September 18, 2015. To my chagrin and horror, I did not receive funds in my account until the morning of September 23, 2015. As a result, I had over $200 dollars in NSF fees charged to my account by my bank, and also several returned item charges from merchants. I took it on the chin!!!
Process was smooth an easy! Will keep doing business with this company. Had great customer service also.
I received prompt, professional service from the Argon staff.
Having been put in a position of needing some cash very quickly, Argon Credit was great. From the online application to the representative of theirs, to the funding. The whole process was seamless. Thank you, Argon for your help.
I have been able to consolidate the bills and pay lots of cards off. Argon Credit has been a blessing to me. Thanks so much
Easy application process, Funds in the bank 5 days after applying. The only downside is the high interest rate, I am paying 19% with a credit score of 750.
The service was fast, friendly, and convenient to access. Would recommend this Company
They were very helpful and courteous. Thanks
I have to say I did not expect to get approved but I did... It just took a little time once I was approved to get my funds. It took about 3 days to get the funds. But, overall I am impressed.
The process was easy and simple. The representatives were thorough in their communication and keeps you informed every step of the way.
The application process was easy. Did it in less than 20 mins. Received a phone call the following business day. Took about 2 business days to get approved. Received funds 1 business day after I was approved. Fast! Customer service did a great job following up.
I received to the money very quickly after I got the highest interest rate I have ever received on a loan of any type. Thank God I was able to repay the loan in just one payment.
I JUST READ AN ARTICLE ABOUT ARGON FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION: In the beginning they were great, and processed my debt consolidation application immediately. Then last year they switched how the accounts were handled, and every since then it's been a nightmare. You can never reach anyone in customer service. When you call you get vm and asked to leave a message for what that is worth. NO ONE ever returns your call. The phone number to call them has changed 3 times since I have been with them. I have to call every month to find out why the funds are not being pulled and this has been going on since last year October of 2016. I just got off the phone with them again, and again was told some line of BS that their system is down. I told them to take me off of ACH and I'll make the payments, and now after reading comments I fear they will pull funds and overdraw my account. I wish I had the funds to pay this off and not deal with this company anymore. THEY ARE SO UNPROFESSIONAL. Does anyone have any suggestions
I waited for my loan for 3 weeks and continued calling! Finally I got a call from a representative saying my loan was approved but I would be getting less than I thought which was fine with me. I signed the e-signature form and the next day saw my loan was denied!
I know I am capable of paying the monthly payments, but they were unwilling to offer more money. It was disappointing because I have had to go through other channels to obtain the money I needed. I appreciate the small amount that was given, but I really needed more. I am now paying a much higher amount for three different loans when I could have one reasonable amount for one loan.
The customer services is great but I don't like the review and approval process. You instantly get approved or denied for a set amount during the initial online application. Once your application is approved the underwriters review the application, documents and credit history to determine if the initial approval is accurate. At this point your application can get denied or the approval amount can change. I'm not sure how that is good business. Then it takes two to three days fir an official approval and three to five business days to receive the money after that. I understand the caution but the process is too long.
I applied for my loan b/c of an unexpected family member passing away, I applied for my loan online and was pre-approved, sent in my document by email and was approved the very next day. They called me once to verify my info and not the many calls and emails you get from of other loan companies. The rates are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend Argon for anyone that is looking for a no hassle, fast, low fee loan.
Your people where so easy to work with. They did just as they said. They really helped me out in a time of crisis. Thank you
Argon was very pleasant to work with. I gave them the necessary paper work and within a day received my approval and a few days later the funds were in my account, just like they advertised. I would recommend them to anyone who is in a financial pickle and needs a little help.
The loan process was easy and I received my funds quickly
I applied for $1,000.00 and was approved for more, which I was thankful for. However, I was told that I was approved and even signed a contract with terms and schedule of payment dates. Yet I was being asked for more documents, and was told my income was being verified. Also, the funding and asking for additional documents and uploading those additional documents after the loan was marked approved was a nightmare. I emailed numerous times to the info, and verification email and what not and no one would respond in a timely manner. Calling the 800 number was USELESS because the recording hangs up on you or prompts you to leave messages. Long story short I did get the loan and am glad that I got the loan but the process to get the loan, and their customer service is AWFUL.
The experience with argon was fast but it should have been reviewed on what I qualified for which was 3,700 and not the minimum of 2,600.
You helped me out when I needed it, thank you! !
Even though I had paid my account in full in Feburary, they still are taking payments. I even finally received an email saying its paid in full but they still took a payment today.
I needed a loan for home repairs & had nearly given up, based on all the ads I get. But Argon came through with the needed funds & after a neighbor's non-maintenance for years, soon my bathroom will look civilized again!
i couldnt got this loan and was very happy about it. i was offered more than i expect but i do wish i get alittle more but that ok...glad i got this one
This is my first time using Argon Credit. My credit just met there minimum. I am thankful to them for such quick service, this loan will do wonders for my credit. I appreciate the great customer service and painless application and document submission. I will be using Argon Credit in the future,,
I had no issues with it. It was easy and the people i interacted with were very pleasant and helpful. My only complaint is that the phone system is terrible. It takes forever for someone to finally pick up.
Very pleased with Argon. They were very professional and quick to assist in time of need.
I am grateful that we were approved for a loan with this company. but I had to renegotiate the interest rate a few times and still find it to be extremely high. People are nice and are willing to work with you. But underwriting are hard as nails
This is a good company. Would of been 5 stars but their rates are a bit high. 33% would be great.
I don't like to have to borrow money or have the need to borrow money. So when it is necessary I won't straight facts and I were given them by this company without having to jumping to hoops.
I ordered a pair of heated gloves from this shabby company. It took over 3 weeks to get them. One cover on the battery case doesn't stay closed, and when I go to contact them via email, it takes weeks to get a response. I then find out that their warranty is 30 days from the date of PURCHASE, not shipment! Pure BS! I will never purchase another item from this back alley ran company and they should be shut down for mis-representation of a company! Close the doors!
All that one can ask as a loan provider
I applied for a small loan. I got approved for 5333. I turned in everything that was needed, I even spoke with customer service they also informed me that I had the loan. Recieved an email at the end of the day stating that I wasn't approve. Worse company ever.
Applied online for 12k. Was immediately APPROVED for 20k and received a contract which I signed and returned along with all the requested documents. I was not surprised I was approved since my lowest score is 640 and income is 130k a year. I also just bought a home. I get approved for most consumer credit items. I wait a day and call Aragon to check my loan status and was informed they have everything the need however the loan has to go through verification and then underwriting. I was confused so asked the rep to clarify. Why was I APPROVED and it was not verified? She became a robot and recited policy. I get off the phone to discover an email containing a new contract with a loan amount of $2600. I was confused again. I called back only to have my calls auto routed to a company with a voice recording of Am Financial or something. I triple checked the number and tried calling over 20 times with the same result. Then I tried on a different phone and was connected in 15 min. I politely explained my qualifications and confusion to the rep and requested a higher loan amount. She placed me on hold and returned to state this is the highest amount they can qualify me for. So if I sign this agreement when will I receive my money? I asked. She then explained that I still was not approved until the $2600 contract I was about to sign and agree to pay went through verification and underwriting which can take up to 5 days. Not the 24-48 hours as advertised all over their site. I read other customer review of this happening to them and decided to apply anyways. I cannot express my complete dissatisfaction and distrust of this company. Why approve me for more than I ask make me sign for the loan and THEN reduce it and still not approve you but require you sign a contract and agree to pay it back. In all my years as an active consumer this is a first. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!
Helped in a professional manner.
I was afraid at first because i was approved for such a high amount. After I called in and talked with a repre they were able to get me a lower rate and apprevoed for the amount that i needed. I was funded 5 days later. I highly recommend Argon.
First off they tell you that you're approved for a loan that can be declined without telling you via email or phone. They will have you waiting for days on an answer. I made plans to go see my parents for the Holidays and now it tells me my loan was declined and I don't see how because I have good credit and great income. So now I have to break the news to my mom that I won't be able to fly home and see her. The company should really be upfront with customers instead of leading them on thinking they have a guaranteed loan. I will definitely not refer Argon Credit to any of my friends or family members. They're just scammers. All the people approving this company should be ashamed giving them 4-5 stars knowing their service isn't guaranteed in 24 hours.
Thanks to your help I was able to get something that I needed wish I could have gotten more but either way great service.
Everyone was nice and professional
They don't just look at your credit score to make their decision they look at your past credit history so that they see your history to see you have had a good credit history and are just having a little trouble right now
The process to obtain an installment loan was quite easy. The people in that I worked with were professional and friendly. The terms on repayment of the loan are not onerous in the least. Thankfully, however, I'll be able to pay off my loan in one or perhaps two payments. I'd recommend Argon Credit.
Quick and easy process. Would recommend.
I had a project that would have taken an additional 6 weeks it not for a team like Argon .
I found making contact a difficult proposition. Phone calls and emails not answered.
My honest experience with Argon is just great I had with them loan last year and I have also this year too!. They approved me the next day and funded money to my account in the next three business days!. What else to say except if you financially stuck get the Argon Credit!!
I was needing a consolidation loan to alleviate paying multiple loans through out the month. After getting in contact with Argon the process was task easy and approval was within a couple of hours. Even though I didn't get the full amount of what was needed the monies received was appreciated. Your company was professional during the entire loan process.
Argon was great, They gave me a loan when I couldn't get one because I had bad credit. They kept in touch with you so you knew what was happening and where they were with you loan. GREAT COMPANY
this company is amazing, from start to finish, I have 5 five stars.
Very reasonable and easy transaction, Thank You!
I was very unsure at first being this was a online application,there are some many scams out there. Argon Credit is Affiliated with Lending Tree and Lending Tree is Affiliated with the BBB, once I saw that I kind of felt better but still I was unsure. When the process started things went slow at first (I must admit it was the weekend ) but after that everything went as plan, there service was very timely and professional. I hope to do a lot of business with Argon Credit again. Thanks alot
Dear Sirs thank you
Argon are easy to work with and they process your application very uickly. Andrew Longstreth
The rates were way too high. Like waaaaaaay too high. Only do this if you can it all back FAST. They give you the money QUICK!
My money was in my account in just a couple of day and after paying off several bills I even had enough left over for Christmas.
They assisted with a personal loan on iffy credit. Took a week to get my funds. When I called asking the girl answering the phone why I could not get through for two days she merely replied, "sorry we're just busy". Customer service should be higher for charging me 69% interest. Thanks
This was the easiest, friendliest and fastest transaction I have ever done. Well done Argon Credit!
Your company provided excellent & fast service.
With my so so credit I was easily approved for more than I needed .
Its the only site I have found that is real ! one stop does it all ~
I was in a 200% loan which I didn't obviously do the math of how much interest I was paying at the moment whe got the loan w/ Netcredit because I was in a desperate need of money for a down payment to purchase my car which I purchased in November of 2014. My BK was discharged in September of 2014 and have been re-establishing my credit since then. I now recently paid that loan off thanks to Argon. The balance had stayed the same on the other loan w/ Netcredit from the day I got the loan. I lost so much money just to borrow $2600 from Netcredit. I payed off $2600 w/ my new loan w/ Argon. I was making $500 payments every month w/ Netcredit. Never ever would I put myself in that predictment. On happy note Argon really helped me save money. My interest rate is 45% which is still high but better than 200% and it's actually going towards principle. Im hoping I can pay Argon off pretty soon just so I can be debt free. Again, I'm very grateful for Argon helping me. The process was fast and easy. I would definitely recommend this company to a friend.
Process was easy and everything handled in a timely manner.
Argon Credit people were very professional & real effective. I got my approved loan within a few days & no hassle whatsoever. And also their rates are better than some other shark loans. I recommend this loan company if you're in a market for one.
I am grateful for the loan to help pay off my high interest credit card and great service!
would like customer service to wrk with the clients better, if they are unable to pay full amt they need to try to work with them, but they need not to be rude, its happen couple if times
Excellent customer service, quick, straight forward and convenient!
Apply for my loan on Sunday wasn't to sure if I would even get approved due to credit score. The process was simple and very direct on what was needed. I was approved on Monday and funds showed up on Thursday. Yes the interest is high but that is why Argon looks at the whole individual picture. I would give them a try you have nothing to loose.
I recently applied for loan on this company and was pre approved for $15,000. Although i know that their rates and interest were sky rocketed, i still go on with the application. They were very persuasive to make a call, email me and call my phone everyday asking me to submit all the necessary documents. After i submitted all the documents that their asking me, they said that my application would be under review. After two days i log in to my account that i made for them which they called the dashboard, and it said that i was declined. And heck they did not even call me or email why i was declined. And after a day or two i was trying to log on again to my account and i can't log in. I thought i just forgot my password and i am trying to reset it and it said it's not allowed. I thought i can trust this company because it was recommended by me through Credit Carma and i research on the internet but this company is a total heck!! Scary!!
I would definitely recommend this company!! They were very helpful and returning calls. Keeping me updated. On my loan. Very nice employees. Good job! Thanks A Million
So fast easy to get
All the persons that helped me did a wonderful job.
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