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Pacific Debt Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Pacific Debt
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8777223328
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
When I called right off the person I spoke with (Ryan) was caring and made me feel like we can do this. He walked me through things and explained things wonderful. Made me feel very comfortable with the company and its history. Just starting the process and have a lot of hope for a brighter future. Thanks !
Good communication and follow-up
So far so good. The staff member I spoke with was thorough & efficient- he explained everything in detail without belaboring any of the points.
Very professional and courteous. I was given all information and all was explained very clearly. I would definitely recommend
People were very helpful and kind. Never judgmental. They explained every step and how things go. Also offered more reading material.
They made the sign-up process painless and worry-free. Very comfortable knowing how everything will work!!
Very helpful in explaining what they would do and how the program works. Willing to explain anything I had questions about.
Great customer service. Explanation was very good any questions I had were answered. I got a payment according to my budget.
the person was nice
Very helpful and even received help around the holidays thanks
just getting started, so far so good
Jeremy Sellers made me feel comfortable throughout the couldn't have gone any smoother. Thank you.
Amazing !!!! ... Eva was a pure blessing. She was kind, honest , and very helpful. I am looking forward to starting this process.
This company helped me to understand the process itself and it was very crystal clear! You'll see what I mean when you decide to be part of this family!
Dustin was great working with me on the paperwork and understanding on the whole process.
Very helpful and detailed and the follow up is awesome
We are very satisfied so far.
Already did this, but here goes again. Victor Gonzales was very helpful guiding me through the beginning process. I'm not really through the first part so cannot rate anything.
Very nice and friendly people.
They were super friendly. Quick at taking care of my issues and got me on a great plan. I would reccomend them to anyone needing help with debt consolidation.
I'm very happy. Richard Wilkins was very kind and patient. I'm excited to finally see the end to a very long tunnel. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to pay the program off in less then the 36 months of the contract. I slept very good last night!!
I am currently in the first stage of the program and so far it has been a great experience. Everyone I have talked to has been very professional and empathetic to our situation. I can only hope that the rest of this process goes as well and I can be free of debt with no regrets.
Pacific Debt provides a quick, easy way to consolidate debt into one easy payment on whatever day of the month you choose. I wont regret this. Great customer service too!
Everyone has been wonderful to work with
Easy to work with. The two i talked to, Ashley was extremely helpful and answered my questions with eade
Was told that creditors would be contacted within a couple weeks, ^ months later at least 2 of the creditors have not been contacted. No settlements have been made even tho there is enough in the account to pay one creditor off. Looks to me like the holding company is the only one getting paid since they get paid $9.85 for drafting my account and $9.85 for depositing it. Really feel like I would have been better off filing bankruptcy since nothing is being done and my credit rating is ruined anyway.
We have just started this process but my enrollment specialist Kathie B. was awesome!
I'm just starting the program so the only opinion I have, right now, is how professional, kind and helpful the two (2) individuals I spoke with have been.
So far great ...I am just beginning this process however
Jeremy was excellent helping me see all aside of consolidating my debt he was good about being patient as well I am still new in this venture so I will be able to review more later But so far so good Samantha Nunez
We are both so eager to be getting out of debt, as far as several of our bills are concerned.
I have been in debt for how many years and as I researched online,I came across Pacific Debt. I was in doubt at first then when I turned in my online inquiry. I was contacted immediately. Everything was explained to me clearly. I just started with the process and hoping for a successful settlement for all my debts as soon as possible! Highly- recommended!
Very Professional. the process went vert smoothly. I had some questions but they were answered very quickly.
I am very pleaes with customer service and all that I have spoken with.they are very nice and polite .I would rate it # 5
Todate, my experience with Pacific Debt has been quite positive. I very much appreciate your representative (Mr. Jeremy Sellers) who did an excellent job of explaining the process of the program. Everything seems to be proceeding in an orderly and professional manner. I am very much looking forward to eliminating my financial obligations at the end of the three year period. I look forward to working with my Customer Service Representative, Cindy Bolyard, of DMB Financial.
It was clear that each person I spoke with was reading from a script, kept repeating my name over and over. I felt a little like I was getting a sales pitch while trying to decide on something very personal and very emotional. Leave the script out of it and be more personal. On the other hand, each individual was very courteous, patient and kind.
Jeremy Sellers was very helpful & knowledgeable. He made me feel confident with my decision to move forward with Pacific Debt,
Thanks to Ashley for being so professional, helpful and ubderstanding.
They are very responsive and offer a tried and true LOGICAL solution to help you get out of debt. Their staff is fabulous and very friendly!!!
Honestly, I have not felt better! So much weight was lifted off of my shoulders this morning after speaking with Victor! He was extremely helpful, caring, and Informative. After reading the great positive reviews, I decided to give it a go because I really needed help with my credit card obsessions. I will have my debt paid off in 42 months instead of 8 years! This company was also able to help me save $500 a month!! My payments were chopped in half, and my debt will be paid off extremely quicker. I will be saving so much money and time! So glad I contacted them. On my way to a fresh start! Fast and easy process, outstanding customer service, fantastic results! I will be recommending this company! Thank you Victor and Pacific Debt for your help!
Patient and very helpful!
The supervisor residing at the office in San Diego was very, very polite and professional, and he made my day. His name is Alex and I recommend anyone who has any questions to go forth and ask for him.
Rian was great to work with, as he answered all of my questions and concerns. Looking forward to the results.
The representatives are very courteous, patient and swift. They aren't hesitant to answer any question and feel that you understand each step.
I spoke to Richard Wilkins. He explained everything to me so that I understood what would be going on. He was very polite and personable, he did not talk "down to me". He made me feel very comfortable with my choice to use you.
I can't tell you how much I appreciated the professional help I received from Nick Howes. He immediately put me totally at ease. He was very knowledgeable about how to help me with my particular problem and he was very professional. Tiffany was great as the first person with whom I spoke . She connected me with Nick and from there all my questions were answered and my anxiety abated. I thank you for it all.
From the beginning of the call to the end of it, my first impressions of Pacific Debt are they professional and ready to help. I never felt intimidated but reassured during the consultancy that my concerns matter. The onboarding process was efficient, clear, and easy. I'm looking forward to have Pacific Debt help me reduce my debt load significantly. I would recommend anyone to give them a call!
Thank you for the help in a desperate time of need!
I was so stressed out when applying at this place! But once I did and talked to a great representative, I was at ease. He talked me through the whole process and I felt that they had my best interests. It’s stoll in the early process but so far so good.
They were very professional and honest
The Pacific Debt rep was attentive, reassuring and very helpful. I'm just in the beginning stages of this process but I'm already feeling so much better about my decision to do this. Which as I'm sure if you're reading this, you're feeling the same way I was, apprehensive and more than a little afraid of what future financial consequences might lie ahead. Each day further into this process though I feel less stressed out and not thinking about my financial situation 24/7.
Being so far in debt is embarrassing. The rep that I spoke didn’t make me feel ashamed she let me know that she was there to help, not judge.
Just joined and like what i see
The process was not the best. My customer service representative had other matters that inferred with my experience. The gentleman did apologize and I was eventually able to complete the process. I was turned off and almost selected another company's assistance. I also am not pleased with the calls from my credit agencies. I was not told of this prior to signing my contact. I am currently receiving about 20 calls a day because I am was in good standing with all my credit agencies. I would like more transparency on this matter. I was also irritated when I had to call Pacific Debt because my representative had not completed the paperwork correctly. I had to then pay my creditors more money while this was being handled. When calling to inquire about this matter, my representative acted as if we hadn't signed a contract 2 weeks prior, stating he had marked it incorrect on his end. Needles to say against my better judgement, I have Pacific Debt my business, hoping it lives up to it's reputation.
Thank you Eric and Ashley for understanding me and getting my debt situation resolved
Fantastic initial signup period. Very thorough, transparent agreement. I would have preferred to see a sample contract earlier on, but I could read all the fine print before signing via Docusign. Client Care jumps right in with friendly, thorough support and explanations. I have not started payments yet, but so far so good; I have full confidence in PDI.
This company has been real informative this so far. Can't wait to finish this program.
Rian T is the person I spoke to initially Very helpful and informative. I felt quite relieved after entering into an agreement to not only get relief from much debt but knowing that over a short period of three years I would be saving several thousands from what I owe at this time. This savings even includes the fee that Pacific Debt charges. Yes, I know it will impact my credit score but not as much as bankruptcy and I still feel like I am paying for what I bought which to me is an obligation where bankruptcy would eliminate debt but leave me feeling guilty!
Made it easy. Great job
Nice, clear and detailed service.
Eva Luz was terrific, made the process understandable and was very patient. I was very distraught regarding my situation and she was very helpful and made it easy. I appreciate this great customer service!!
I would refer this company to anyone that is having financial problems. At first I was a little scared, but ended up being very happy with the program. I won't allow myself to get in that much debt again, but I would call on you again.
The agent was so specific and he answered all my questions very clear.He's helpful until the end of our conversation.
Just started the program. So far so good. We'll see how it goes.
I am in a lot of credit card debt and Pacific Debt gave me the hope I needed to survive this. More importantly, they will give me a second chance at making things better. I hope I can afford everything because this sounds like an amazing deal.
I was very impressed for PD to get back to me the same day when I posted some questions in the portal. Very very patient. I usually ask the same questions a time or two.
Very professional. The agent was also very respectful and was not pushy or demanding.
Very good experience..was very satisfied with Eric..Thanks so much!!!
Real I never imagine how satif . I am after I was enroll ,to Pacific debt with eva . she is very profesional.. I will recommend to enyone
All Representatives were knowledgeable and courteous! All program information was concise and understandable, with no hidden info!
The representatives I spoke with were kind and helpful as they assisted me with the enrollment process. I appreciated their kindness.
So far everyone has been a blessing , great and helpful. Thank you for making my experience less stressful.
A true professional experience
Ashley was very informative and helpful. She answered many of my questions before I could get to asking them. She gave her phone # in case I needed more information. I really appreciated her kindness.
I am looking forward to be debt free...will not have to bankrupt...thanks to Eva for her compassion and explanation of everthing...
They really walk you to the debt
They were friendly & made me feel there was hope.
My experience was great and Kimberly Becker was awesome! I'm grateful for the experience to help me repair my credit.
It was a great experience from start to beginning thanks to Nick H. I would recomend Pacific to my family and friends
Thank you so much for saving me in my hard times. You really helped me in improving my credit score. I am glad service like this do exist. Keep serving us. I loved the rep who helped me understand your concept.
People were very helpful, and gave me some good advice.
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient.
I was a little hesitant to proceed with this process until this very nice man on the other end of the line Rian explained to me that this was the real deal and convinced me that this would be an answer to my prayers. I have complete trust that this will be the answer for me with the debt dilemma .. I do not think I would have proceeded if it was not explained to me as well as it was and I was treated with the utmost respect.. !
My rating is my review. Thanks guys.
Could not have asked for a better experience! Victor was a wonderful first point of contact! Impressed with the entire process! Highest recommendation!!
I really felt comfortable talking with the debt specialist,she was understanding and patient with my questions.
I am still early in the process, but so far they have responded quickly to my questions and have responded to every email or fax I send them. Looking forward to the resolution of my debt!
My initial contact and thus far correspondence has been very reassuring that my debt situation will be dealt with in the most professional manner.
Definitely would and whoever needs to settle their credit debt(s). Means what a relief out of your shoulders. This has been a wonderful experience knowing how each debt company works for all.
Straightforward, honest, constant and comprehensive communication
Everyone involved in setting us up have been wonderful. THANK YOU. This has been an easy process. We will be out of debt in 32 months. That's wonderful. Your Customer Service so far has been great. Callbacks to us were handled in the utmost respect and nonjudgemental. Thank You very much.
Provide good advices, quick and easy solution to our problem. Excellent follow up works. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Painless process. Reps are knowledgeable and understanding to your specific needs. Answers every concern without talking your ears off. I really like the fact that they will make every effort to help with your financial concerns.
Thanks. It was helpful.
Only time will tell if the program works. So far the customer service has been excellent.
They are very friendly and helpful. They make you feel at ease.
Friendly, helpfully and reassured me.
I was hesitant to start the program and the more I spoke to the representative the more it made sense and became easier.
Honest and upfront about the process and costs. No surprises, just diligent staff. I'm happy to have switched from another debt relief company to Pacific Debt.
More communication before contract is signed
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