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NHcash Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: NHcash
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-NHCASH0
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 73 %
I was very pleased with the timely manner in which i received my loan
Fantastic customer service. No issues at all. I highly recommend.
Very easy low payment
Took a day to long for what I needed the funds for, however it came
Best experience, easy, simple
I didn't think id be approved because of my credit but I was!
I would have given 5 stars but they kept emailing me that the application was not completed and I had to the U.S. process several times but other that that love it
I just started so I don't really know how it been but y'all was right there when I needed it so I want to say thank you I was able to rent my car cuz you put the extra money in my account so so far so good
I needed help. The loan is gonna help with my situation.
Thank you for being there when I needed help I look forward to a long relationship and son increased credit line thanks again
The whole process from start to finish is fast. The interest rate and payments are very affordable.
I would highly recommend this company to anybody they are very prompt
I was very surprised how simple and quick the process was. I appreciate it.
My money was fast and on time. Just what i needed to do some last minute things i needed
I was not contacted in anyway that I was given the loan and the amount. Your company deposited the money into my account without giving me any information on how much was going to be taken out of my account. And not giving me the option to accept or decline the loan
Truthfully they came through at the right time and helped me. God bless you all.
Great Customer service hassle free
Friendly customer service, quickly response time and very respectable....
Great to work with & everything exactly when they said it would. Try it out, you have nothing to loose
Excellent customer service and money when you need it. Only downfall is interest rates are high but they are there when you need them good credit or bad. So overall id highly recommend to people i know.
Had to call three times in one week to get money cause someone wasn't doing their job. They approved me but it took almost a month to receive it.
Excellent choice
The only thing I find difficult is its always hard for you to find my account when I call but my payments are applied properly each month.
I have had a positive experience so far.
I was very pleased with the quick and easy way that I was able to receive a loan from your company. is one of the very best I have used. They're quick with responses and extremely easy to request the money you need!
Very polite and helpful. I would highly recommend this organization
Very fast and helpful. So happy it wasn't payday loan. only issue was I wished I knew what payment amount is going to be. Other than that I will use company again and will recommend to family and friends
It was easy and payments are affordable
I was approved for a small loan, signed the contract, but the deposit date came and went and zero funds were deposited in my account. I was counting on this short term loan, but never received anything. I was unable to get a hold of a live person after multiple calls. I'm very disappointed and have had to scramble to cover my expenses.
I never received the money now they sent me an email telling me how much money I told them and I just feel like it's not fair they sent me an email saying that I owed the money but they added an extra 4 onto my account number now I'm waiting for them to receive their money back if they don't receive their money back then I'm still responsible to pay it back well I don't know what to tell them about that part
I want to thank NHcash cause they look out when didn't no one else would, I'm so faithful to y'all in trusting me. God bless
Money was deposited very fast
Fast turn around time clear instructions
They are amazingly.
I would tell anyone how much I like the service
I would recommend them to anyone..... The service was great and they were very informative throughout the entire time.
I had the money in my account before I even knew I was approved. I have already helped my mother get a loan
Very easy to talk with , The people make you feel like family. They are honest and helpful and very respectful .
I think NH Cash is a great loan company to work with...I would like to thank them for their help and I hope I will be able to continue to work with them in needing additional funds...Thank You again for being there for me in my time of need. Masie Holmes
Taking forever to get the funds I was promised. Partially my fault, but when I corrected the error, they are still waiting to release the funds. Not a pleasant experience.
I have just started my account so I don't know Mich yet but so far great
It was very hard to get documents downloaded to site. Had to do it several times before it got accepted.
I was in dire need of some cash NH cash loans came through for me filled out application next day money was in my account the best
The service was fair and honest and at the same time speedy.
Great service fast deposit and very easy to use websites. Was very impressed being a lender for people with bad credit but great their customers great. Fees are a little high but hoping once I get that credit score up they will come down.
NHCash are awesome! They provided me with the funds I needed for a family emergency. They kept me informed with emails and text messaging. I highly recommend!!
The whole process was amazingly fast! Got the money I needed in such a short time! Thanks NHCash!!
This company is really good at getting you approved and getting your money in your account all within a couple days. Very impressed with the service.
I love the the fact you all work with bad credit, but why charge the extra fee of $100!? Overall, customer service is great! I do thank you very much for giving me a chance!!
My experience was wonderful NH CASH will always have my business...they helped me out when I really needed it and nobody else would thank you so much NHCASH....
they are pretty good..
The information was well explained
Think that if a said amount is to be paid in a loan..then said loan amiunt shouldnt be reduced at loan
All questions and returned call or follow ups were handled in timely manner making experience worth conducting future business with.
Thanks for helping me in my time of need
I don't understand how this company operates as it charges a fee of $38.00 a month for just doing business with them, then a finance charge, a small amount towards the principal, and then on top of that a dollar per day goes off your available credit. It is like triple-dipping to keep customers on the hook for ever, and on top of that when you request funds it takes almost three week to receive your money when you should get it the very next business day or at the latest the day after that. Someone should have the FTC, and the Banking commission look into this as something is awry with company. Natalie
Fast and easy to ger my love!
This is a great loan place help me out a lot in a low down spot in my life
Fast service, affordable better than a payday loan, would most definitely recommend
I didmt get the money it was sent to an invalid acctount So when i really needed the money i didnt get it
I had a very easy time, and the application was understandable,
Company came right through when I needed help.
They were awesome! Extremely polite and accommodating when asking about my reason for the personal loan. I can't wait to continue my current business with this company!
i am really glad that they helped me cause if not then i would have been living on the street
Your chat time is to slow responses on chatting should be faster but overall five stars
Easy process...
They were great in helping me
Very organize and timely
I had excellent service and would recommend it to anyone looking to rebuild there credit!
Be honest & up front.
There was a technical glitch but the loan went thru. All info was given and all '?'s answered.
Very nice to talk to wish it was more money to borrow
Quick n easy only took a day n i had 375 in my bank
Very real genuine company and recievrd my funds exactly on the day expect. Now have a line of credit I can maintain to help offset the funds I normally wouldn't have. Thanks
BY Cash was excellent and very fast in approving my line of credit with them. I have recommended them to several people I know.
Very quick and easy service. Customer service was good as well. They answered all my questions and payments are responsible.
This was the easiest loan co that I have ever delt with. They actually didn't make you fell like a lowlife applying for a loan when you needed it asap! I would recommend this again.
Love the service it helped me in a crunch. I would definitely refer them to a friend and use agin if necessary
When things were tough this company was there to help. The convenience of them doing auto pay keeps my stress down of remembering to make a payment Therefore my payments are never late coincide with my pay dates it is wonderful. I wish more of the payment went towards the principle but when in need they were there
I applied was told I was approved for the loan I have now been trying to get in contact with someone over a week and no one will answer my calls or email me back I feel this is all a scam I was also told my money would be deposited the next day in which it was not its been a week and I have still been waiting for a response and asked when my money would be deposited and it never has beware is all I can say
I am so grateful for discovering NHCash! I was really in a financial bind and I needed cash badly. I didn't want a payday loan, their high rates and fees. NHCash came up in my google search. Their application process is fast! I had my credit score and a decision in seconds. I'm sticking with NHCash for all my short-term cash needs!
I would recommend nhcash again and again. I thought my credit would stop me from getting a loan until nhcash.
Looked to borrow a little and I was cautious and hesitant if they were real as there are alot of posers of loan companies out there. But after I verified the text and sent a copy of my ID then the money was in there the next day.
It was an easy process and I would recommend this company to anyone.
Well so far so good... They were quick at getting me my loan..THANK YOU NH CASH FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE TO REBUILD MY CREDIT....
Just a little confusion with the additional information.
The loan was done quick and it was fast. Thank you so much for working quick on it.
The person I worked with was kind, courteous, and respectful.
Fast and easy application with out any hassles.
I was really surprised how fast and easy the approval process was! I was so surprised at how easy it was that I recommended Nhcash to my friend. Unfortunately..she didnt have such the great experience as I did, as she was not approved.
Applying with NHCash was very fast and easy. I received a decision the same day and received the money the next day. So far so good. I appreciate NHCash for giving me a second chance where a lot of others would not. I also appreciate their fairness on the interest rate. I will definitely continue to do business with NHCash.
No noyice that you charge absolutely ridiculous start up fees until after docs are signed. Completely ridiculous and absolutely unethical.
It's was fast, easy, no hassle and simple. I recommend them to anyone that need extra money for anything.
I was approved for my loan almost immediately.
They helped when no one else would...
Excellent service and supportsupportive they're a life savers.
No red tape. I would recommend to everyone.
Needed cash fast and I received it with no questions asked. Thanks
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