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BlueVine Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: BlueVine
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-452-7805
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
I honestly believe the guys are fabulous. I will recommend my small business owners to contact them for working capitol....great customer service.
As a Bluevine customer, I would recommend Bluevine to any small business owner. A line of credit is an important piece to a successful business and Bluevine has proved to me that they are the best in the industry for business owners like me. They know what it takes for a small business to succeed and my business wouldn't be here today without their help. Thank you Bluevine!
Bluevine was a godsend for my company. We had a slow payer, and bluevine helped so they got on schedule with paying sooner. Any time I called Sewar was there to help. If she didn't know the answer she would find the answer. Thanks
This process was extremely amazing. Blue vine was able to verify all my banking accounts without having to print statements. I was approved within less than 10 minutes. Being in Banking and Finance for over 17 years I would highly recommend Blue Vine.
Great experience! Very efficient. Dr Zurmati
I have used Blue Vine for invoice advance processing & they were great to deal with. Thanks, David Anderson
Throughout the past three years my company has been on a good growth trajectory. Although ever exciting, growth is not all easy and comes with its fair share of challenges. As any humble business owner would tell you growth is hard, it can even be crippling if you are not hyper-aware of your finances. Overtime wages, increased energy costs, market volatility, and inflating accounts receivables to name a few. Accounts receivables is a beast that until you have experienced it you just don't know. When your payroll and fixed expenses surge because business is booming you need tangible cash. Short of having a cushy bank account you need financing options in place so you are ready to act when the big orders hit. Choosing lenders is difficult, it is not just about who will approve you for funding. If you make the mistake of ending your due diligence at approval you are at risk of paying dearly. I took the time, researched, asked a lot of questions, and I landed at BlueVine. Was I nervous when I took the leap? YES? How do I feel about the decision now? I made the right choice. Their technology is superior, customer support is top tier and current with high level service industry standards. Finance is still finance and there are perimeters and strict policies, that is not flexible and is going to be the case with all finance products. I highly recommend BlueVine Capital. To give a ‘shout out’ I would not be able to provide such a compelling review if it were not for all the dedication, eloquence, and hard work put forth by my rep Stephanie D., her experience and savvy helped me to circumnavigate A/R obstacles with major brands that had she not been so engaged and aware could have been very complicated situations for my business.
i highly recommend BlueVine to all business owners, particularly small businesses and vendors who must carry costs while waiting 45-60 days for payment from their clients. We work with Mitch & Tina, who do an excellent job of communicating with us and handling our transactions in an efficient process. Again, I can't recommend BlueVine enough. There are others in this space, but don't waste your time- BlueVine delivers.
This was the easiest process I had ever gone through. They were efficient in listening to my needs and helping me determine the best suitable product. My representative, Mitch, kept me informed every step of the way. I could reach him directly by phone (no automated systems or extra channels). I would recommend this organization to businesses with short and long term needs. It’s definitely a relationship worth having in this uncertain economy!
Great company, support was there to meet by business needs, and very efficient.
Took a little bit to get the ball rolling, but so far so good!
Very Impressed with BlueVine and their team, our account manager, Sewar, has been extremely helpful and collaborative.
We are a small trucking company and started using BlueVine to get advances on our invoicing...simple to set up and very helpful with any questions we set up and now only takes one day to get our money....just great.
Quick, easy and transparent. My account manager (Carlos Sanchez) is great!
Thank you for the simple manner in which you conduct business and the helpfulness of the staff. It has out my mind at ease with the willingness for helping companies and looking out for the best interest of the company.
Efficient online system and quick response. Interest rate is not competitive so I will wait for a better rate before using.
BlueVine has been a vital partner in managing cash flow in my rapid growth company. I love the ease of working with their site, and every time I've needed to speak with them, they've been accessible, helpful, flexible, and dedicated to my success. Further, they've steadily increased my credit line without my having to beg them to do it, and they've therefore made themselves indispensable. I intend to remain with them indefinitely.
The process was painless!
An all around AAA experience - which when it comes to lenders isn't common!
only had one issue so far, funding was quick on 2 of three times
I highly recommend BlueVine. Excellent customer service, fast and very reliable.
I tried them out expecting High Rates but was pleasantly surprised to find it was reasonable! I like the Flexibility of Blue Vine, Borrow and pay back and it is available again if needed! I wish I had discovered earlier before I locked in some longer term debt!! Blue Vine is Affordable and Convenient!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Johnny B.
They made this the simplest thing ever. It's great no headaches at all
Borrowed 20K, paid it back early, then wouldn't renew for another 20K later on because 1 month our deposits were low. Lowered limit to 6K even with same average. Also, when I was paying it off early they refused to send me a pay off letter and if they did they said they would close my account. In terms of money lending, it's a good company and reasonable rates. In terms of customer service and business practices, they suck.
I spoke with Jake Fryer to get help resolving an issue. overall I have been pretty satisfied with them. I only wish you could just expand your existing line of credit instead of always having to have a new line. Otherwise I think they are great.
Our customer a Fortune 500 Company had undefined issues with the payment paperwork. Payment was held up Bluevine stepped in to make it right, Thank you Bluevine
The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the interest rates are sooooo high. But, if you need money fast and can pay off quickly than I would recommend BlueVine to anyone.
In my opinion, BlueVine is by far the fastest, most time efficient way to borrow money on a revolving credit line that I've experienced.
Very quick. Excellent
No one likes to call you back!
good company to finance with. no hoops to jump through. interest adds up quickly, but funding is quick and hassle-free. would use again.
Jacob Fryer assisted me today. I attempted to get help yesterday and the person had me so stressed out I literally could not sleep last night. I spoke with Jacob Fryer today and he was able to help me with my problem and put my mind at ease. I was extremely grateful and pleased by his knowledge, professionalism and courtesy. Five star service! Thank you Jacob.
Quick, easy and timely process.
We’ve been working with BlueVine for almost a year and they were able to put together a 7 figure factoring product for our growing company. Ashley Hayden has worked with us from the beginning and has been exceptional in understanding our business, working through any bumps that we’ve encountered and superb at providing service. Aside from Ashley, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sewar Nasser and her prompt responsiveness and professionalism have shown me that BlueVine has invested heavily in their personnel, something unique in today’s digital age. I would highly recommend the company to both large and small business that are looking for a streamlined experience that easily integrates with their online accounting software, removing the headaches of traditional factoring products. It’s a company I would have personally invested in, had such an opportunity arisen, because I could see it growing and dominating this industry space.
BlueVine has been an excellent partner that has helped finance our growth over the past few years. Our account manager, Claire, has been incredibly helpful and prompt. I have nothing but good things to say about working with BlueVine.
Bluevine has great service fair rates and quick on funding!!!
Awesome, wonderful experience! Great venue for small businesses. Saved my project!
This process was so much easier than I ever imagined! As a new business, we needed some cash to get us over a small cash flow crisis. Eugene was incredibly honest, professional and very knowledgeable about the process. He was patient and understanding when I needed a few days to make up my mind. When we decided to accept the offer, the money was available so much faster than I ever imagined! I would definitely recommend them.
When my company need cash to contiuned operation. Bluvevine gave my company an opportunity to grow.
Good customer services.!
Fast, Efficient Service
Great job in all aspects!
Great company to start out building your business credit profile with.
We have worked with BlueVine for short term funding needs and they have been great to work with. Simple process, account managers who are a pleasure to work with when needed. We could not have asked for a better partner.
We have used Bluevine for invoice factoring now for 3 years, and they have allowed us to take on larger customers who insist on NET60 payment of invoices.
Wonderful support, easy to work with and fantastic app.
Blue Vine was simple , submit the financial data, and approval. No red tape, or hurtles to jump.
Super functional, not the least bit scary - AND cheerful. I'm so happy I got introduced to Blue Vine, never had as good a relationship with a factor as this. Gives me hope.
I was truly in need of financial help and Roy at bluevine helped me every step of the way.Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!
Excellent company, their financial support is extremely helpful to any small to medium sized business looking for cash flow solutions. I highly recommend.
I had a technical issue syncing in the signup process and Bluevine worked non-stop to investigate the problem until it was resolved. So far they are a great partner.
Our support professional, Zach, calls us back and has been very helpful. Would recommend Blue Vine. Fast, efficient service.
I experienced great service. Rachel, rep, was very patient, professional and I felt comfortable with her. Great personality and very knowledgeable. Thank you.
My partnership has been a very good experience and look forward to more business in the future .
This company has helped my company grow in the last year! I don't know what I would do with out having them a part of my business!
I'm fully satisfied with their services and they are great people to work with.
Had a great experience with Roy Nuyda and he helped me through the process quickly. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and available to me whenever I called. Excellent service and product. Would do it again in a heartbeat!
We highly recommend Blue Vine. They are very thorough, attentive and as customer oriented as organizations come. We feel valued and enjoy working together. They have helped our business grow exponentially. Also, Tony is awesome to work with. He is diligent and very responsive to our needs. We look forward to working with him and the Blue Vine team for many years to come!
It was an easy experience. Got the money needed Fast.
Everyone was awesome and I really like their new program. They followed up when I asked and were not pushy or rude like some other companies. Am excited to continue this great business relationship.
We were unable to secure any financing due to only being in business for a little over six months. BlueVine came through for us. I really like the ability to use my funding as a revolving credit option.
They were quick and the service was excellent.
So far you guys have been honest and generous with the line request and for increasing my line. Your withdraw process is easy and simple. Thanks!
My customer service rep. Sandi has been great to work for.
Excellent communications. Timely actions as promised.
I am completely satisfied with my funding the availability of my funding am completely satisfied with the speed of the deposit
The experience has been great! I just wish the interest rate was cheaper, so I am still looking for a better rate!
Very nice to work with.
I like how simple and quick the process is. The money is there within hours. It helps to have a little emergency backup in case payments don't come in as quickly as expected.
service is great, trustworthy and quick in responding to your need
Your company has been great in helping us grow our business. You gave us the line of credit we needed to cover our expenses when cash flow was a bit weak! THANK YOU!
As a new small business waiting on invoicing with NET30 invoicing was a bummer to my cash-flow. BlueVine has been an extremely valuable service to ensure needed cash-flow. I also work remotely and the ability to have all snail-mail client checks send to them for processing is another added benefit of not having to receive and deposit checks.
I was very impressed with the speed at which BlueVine went through for this process. I helped the process along by being very responsive, getting back to Iris at BlueVine within an hour of any requests. I was also available to take their phone call which also helped speed things along. That phone call was very thorough. They wanted to know all the standard information such as data of birth, address, social security and a current outstanding Invoice. Overall they asked at least a 1/2 dozen questions, any funding was final.
Bluevine helps the cash flow of my business.
BlueVine easy & seamlessly does what the business owner needs. Advances the cash at a press of the button and instantaneously gives you access to cash without even speaking to anybody.
We have had a great experience. You can get the money quick if you keep up with what they ask for and the people were very nice
BlueVine, made the process simple and quick. they helped our company find the extra funding needed for seasonal growth. the staff was responsive and effective though out the process.
BlueVine is more than a 3rd party lender... they're more like a partner! Everything from quick turn-arounds, no more than 24 hours, to their stellar customer service, BlueVine continues to exceed my expectations! And Sewar Nasser, my account manager, always provides a level of service that is top-shelf - she returns calls immediately, picks up the phone regularly and keeps an open line of communication at all times.
Not my favorite
everything was Excellent with hole transaction
Absolutely fantastic. Easy to work with and efficient.
Straightforward and uncomplicated process.
Service very fast
It was easy to apply for and easy to use after the credit line was approved.
Very professional,helpful & timely in setting up a bankline for our company. I highly recommend them..
The service was excellent and Rachel was very helpful for us.
The loan processing is seamless and no upfront costs.
Mary Eid was a pleasure to deal with. I like the fast service of having money in the account also. The only thing I'd say is the amount taken off as a fee is higher than thought. Generally though, it's a good service and Mary made it a good experience. Regards, Mark Coulter
Excellent Service with a Fair Pricing Model and most importantly flexible enough to help your business grow! I have been dealing with Sewar Nasser in case you are looking for perfection!
Quick and good
Awesome service, courteous and professional staff who make you feel like you matter and that you are not just a number. I highly recommend them!
Easy and fast processing.
A friend recommended this company to me! BlueVine has been amazing so far. Easy to contact, very helpful staff. Thank you guys as this is the best deal yet for small company invoicing!!!! Thanks:))
Quick process without the headache
Easy process, will recommend to other business owners
We had a cash crunch, and we needed to make payroll. Blue Vine turned around super quick funding on an invoice, and had the money in our bank before we knew it. Great rates and solid people. Will definitely do business again. Thanks for the help, and making it simple and fast.
The ability to share my Quickbooks account directly with BlueVine made it really easy to get approved and get funding quickly. The website where I manage my account is very user friendly and funding is literally a couple of clicks away. My only negative experience was trying to get a payoff amount when I wanted to consolidate some of my bills.
Very easy and fast process. Very professional.
Very quick and easy to work with
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