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Business Factors & Finance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Business Factors & Finance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 672-3844
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 80 %
Staff very informative and courteous. They genuinely made me feel like they cared about what I needed.
Excellent service. Quick response!!
Excellent response time with knowledgeable people who care about entrepreneurs financing needs.
Very Helpful, Amazing team Thank you
As a new client, I was expecting more hands-on personal training on the Roam system.
I had starting the factoring funding process with two other companies who COMPLETELY dropped the ball and virtually disappeared on me! One of the two had what I thought was exorbitant upfront fees. Riveria (via James Bellissimo) stayed in contact all the way through! They had my back, they funded me within hours of submitting all the required documentation! They are available to answers questions when I need them answered and I am more than happy with my decision to partner with Riveria Finance!
amazing service would recommend to all business looking for financial support.
Excellent service and attention to detail from start to finish! They offered quick turn around on all aspects of the process. The team at Riviera went out of their way to assure our needs were met in a professional and timely manner!
The staff at Riviera worked hard at getting our company approved for factoring. They are very personal by sending a representative to work with us face to face
Riviera Finance has been a relief for us! The process was very easy and the staff very friendly. Moreover, we got funding the same day all documents were submitted. Really, really appreciate!
Excellent service! They have been a great support and helped us out greatly. Would highly recommend them!
Great Experience...! Definitely recommend for A/R Cash Flow & Factoring Solutions! — Antonio Alejandro
I have used other companies in the past and they just don’t measure up great job Riviera
Thanks for great customer service and assistance!
Thank you guys your the best !!!
My name is Victor I been using Riviera Finance for almost 3yrs. now as my factoring company and all i can say is that they are great from there staff to there easy to use online service. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Was there when we needed them without a long term contract. Thanks
They work hard for their clients! Professional, responsive and experienced. I enjoy working with them! TomK
Great business
Very helpful people Thank you....
It is my pleasure to work with Peter Amundson and his team. They are professional, responsive, and have a comprehensive knowledge of the asset-based lending/ factoring industry.
Ashely was awesome. She even helped us on a Saturday when she was off work. Kim, was great for getting us to put together the info they needed. Wonderful Group to work with! If you need cash flow solutions, with highly service minded folks, this is the company for you. Dr. Bill Selkirk, PhD Animal Nutritionist
So far, all the people at Riviera have been great. It has really helped with our cash flow issues. Mark W. SML Packaging,LLC
Awesome service, great work!
The best and faster funding company that I ever seen, they take you like they own families thank you Riviera finance for help and take care my business. The #1 founding company
The people @ Riviera are GREAT! It's just as important to them that you get paid faster, as it is to you. They actually understand the process. I'm glad I went with Riviera. It's been life changing for me and my contractors.
Riviera provides exceptional service! Their professionalism and helpful support has gone well beyond our expectations. Always prompt, same day response. A pleasure to work with on all levels from our first introduction to our everyday needs. I would highly recommend Riviera Finance to any and all business professionals.
Started out ok but once the account was transferred to another office the communication when from 1 to none. One has to be on top of the invoices and billing or you will loose valuable time and effort and very upset end customers.
I have worked with Business Factors & Finance for 10 years and would recommend them to anyone looking to finance their business. They are very detailed and have a wide network of lenders to help small to medium sized businesses with their cash flow.
Very great group of people, Jim was fantastic at getting us set up, our company had some sizable invoices funded withing 3 business days of our first call to Riviera! Thanks so much!
Hi there , everyone was very helpful But,, the initial paperwork took too long It would have been easier if all paperwork came In the first 1-2 emails. Thanks. I would recommend to a friend
Great service, no problems whatsoever
I have worked with Riviera Finance since 2015. In every way the folks are excellent. I especially like the set-up for entering invoices. In the course of offering 59 invoices for business factoring, each was was purchased same day with payment happening same day as well. The personnel are easy the work with and most important they know their business. In one case I had a client that consistently paid invoices over 90 days late. With the help of RF I was able to get my money same day as invoiced and they worked with the client to improve their back office operations. The cost for this service is reasonable. I will use RF for all of my business dealings.
Barry made sure that we understood and completed all of the up front paperwork.
Would recommend with no hesitation!
If there phone lines are not disconnected to their internet is not working. There is always an issue. We turn in paper work at the appropriate time and out account reps tell us everything is fine. Then at 4pm they tell us there is something wrong so the deadline to fund is missed. they wait all day to tell us there is an error. Also 24 hour funding is available but at a fee. Another issue is we are told the pdfs are not light enough or too light to read. On our computer screen everything is legible. They say the pdf looses quality when it is emailed. i have never heard of that. The file is the same wither way its not an old xerox copy machine. I can't wait for my contract to end with this company
Business Factors & Finance is very good at analyzing any situation and finding the right solution for their clients. Their connections help business owners save time to focus on growing their business. They are extremely helpful, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone!
They were awesome in the beginning, but after the first month or two, they quit following up on invoices & we had to do all the work for them. It was not worth it to pay them to do the job they were suppose to be doing when we were doing all the work for them. Would not recommend them to ayone
We are a new client of Riviera Finance. They have guided us through every step of the applicatipn process and very responsive all the way through funding our receivable. Highly recommend this very professional and responsove staff.
used them in 2014 for the first time and had a great experience. setup and funded with first invoice in a week.
Great customer service and I have never had a problem with this company. Amazing people who work there and they have helped me so much in my business needs.
We have had some glitches along the way ... but with a little patience on both sides we have managed to do business for about 10 years
Great experience. Steve Morgan was amazing. Got me funded within a week from inception of application. All the other funding companies was going through so much 'red' tape and requesting too many documents. You'd think I was applying for a mortgage. But Prime Arc Capital made the process smooth, easy and seamless with less stress so I can focus on what's really important! And that is growing my client base. I see an enduring partnership that will help me sustain the phenomenal growth I am now experiencing in my company. Sincerely, Gladys President/CEO Above Talent Staffing, Inc.
Always receive excellent service and support from my account representatives, Rochel Ransom and Amy Ruef. I could not be more pleased with the relationship with Riviera.
I would highly recommend Riviera Finance for all you Factoring needs. Very Professional company the whole process was simple and efficient. The whole team involved was great!
Very helpful and fast. We look forward to working with them.
Poor service.
Very professional,quick results
Horrible experience. A mutual client accidently sent me 2 checks and not them. My client said they were mailing me an old invoice that was owed to me before i started with Riviera. It was an oversite on my part not noticing the invoice number was for Rivieras. Riviea demanded the money back the next morning after the mistake was noticed. I didnt have it, but my client said they would get what they owed me right out to them To even it out... was same amount of money. Instead of waiting Riviera sent an email out to all my clients. That had nothing to do with it" intent to foreclosure " my biggest client, which after the 1st 2 checks Riviera said they are out of the program. Because they failed to mail checks to Riviera... they were notified anyways. They sent threatening leters to all my clients. They all got spooked and dropped me, including my biggest client that Riviea wasnt working with anymore. I lost all my clients involved with Riviera .... and now i am going bankrupt.
excellent service very reliable.
We have been working with Riviera for the past 12 months. They have greatly assisted us to free up our cash flow and help us run our business more efficiently. They are easy to work with and will support you when issues arise.
I have been working with Peter and Betsy for almost 8 years. I have found them to be one of the most trustworthy and honest companies I have worked with.
They have helped us with our capital needs in our growing business for years. Highly recommended.
Rivera Finance has helped Sandustrial LLC with quick and easy invoice Factoring. From account set up to funding Rivera and its staff makes the process as simple as possible with friendly communication and professionalism. Thank you Rivera Finance
Right from the start, I felt comfortable and confident that Riviera was the right choice for us! Very professional and knowledgeable staff helped to ensure that our business was looked after.
Entire Riviera staff is always available to help. And at a moments notice! Their rates are very competitive.
At first it was difficult but after the initial sign up it was smooth sailing. Debbie was great!!!
Great company haven't had any issues and they are very helpful and professional.
they are great folks to work with !!!!!!
I have been using Riviera Finance since the beginning of January 2018. They make it very easy to factor my invoices. Funding has been within 24 hours or less on all occasions. My rep has been very helpful and easy to work with.
At the beginning I had some doubts with the information about this process, but I want to thanks to the employees at the Riviera Finance at the Miami office, they helped me with everything, I am very satisfied with Riviera Finance for their help and services, I recommend it them for all company that need invoices factoring services, thanks. Candido Jimenez ,Orchids World President.
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