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Uphold Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Uphold
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 3.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 53 %
Debit cards option please. No minimum deposit limit would be great.
If I can do direct transfer more per day I will give you 5 stars!
I had an issue, after some pressure they resolved that issue (after suspending my account they un-suspended it, they resolved the issue, keep in mind this was an account with assets on it) After 2 days it seems they had a new support bot review the hole thing and re-suspended my account for the exact same reason I contacted them in the first place. And now my account is again suspended and they are telling me its the same reason it was in the first place when we were resolving the issue.. it feels like they are a joke not a company.
Easy to set up, easy and fast to buy my favorite digital asset!
Uphold is very user friendly and has many assets that I like such as XRP and Gold just to name a few.
I have been my better experience with cryptocurrencies in your platform, thanks uphold because it's easy to obtain and exchange every currency
I have never had a problem with uphold have used them since they launched. Easy to withdraw coins, they gave me BTC fork coins. What's not to like?
Good review for you
Very useful app if you want to enter the crypto world
I don't like that they do transactions very slowly and they act not In good faith and I will explain why. They take money and wait all announced 5 working days which in practice may be 7 days and then at the last moment they perform the transaction. I understand that they published their rules " the funds will arrive into your Uphold account typically within 5 business days" So legally it seems ok. But when I asked them when my money had arrived to their bank account, they told me that money had arrived the next day after my bank transfer. But then they waited for 7 days (because of the weekend) and showed my money on the account. And they cannot give a clear explanation. So what I think, that is my guess, that they accumulate client's money and keep as long as it possible while doing speculations on the market having extra profit. SO when they say WITHIN 5 days, it means that they should do it as far as possible - In good faith, otherwise they use money without my client's consent for other purposes which we didn't agreed. And I think indeed it is illegal
Uphold is right here in the U.S.A., and as far as I'm concerned, not hearing much about this exchange on the news feeds is a good thing considering the current wild west crypto environment. No complaints here...
It took forever to finally get an approved membership ! And it takes days to get my bank transfers added to my account
Easy sign up! Fast, secure and flexible. Move your crypto/fiat out and in with ease.
Joined Uphold 4-5 weeks ago. Was approved for Verified Account 4 weeks ago. I can still only deposit $500. I have emailed them several times and only a computer responds. Their email keeps telling me the same things "click here to become Verified" or "make sure there is a green check by your name". I continue to email back and let them know that there is in fact a green check mark by my name, and yet I can only access $500 per day. I keep getting only computer messages. Where are the human beings?
Very good experience so far. Best regards Miguel Ginez
excellent expirience
I have locked out of my account for over a month now. Have chatted with dozens of customer service guys, followed instructions to the letter. Finally, at their request, I changed my email but am still unable to log in because I told them I needed a new password. My requests seem to fall on deaf ears. It’s bren over a month!!! Back and forth. I’m told it’s going to an elevated department for review, but I don’t seem to be kept in the loop. Also, it takes 10-15 hours for their email to reach yahoo, sand by the time I get it, it’s invalid (and I need to be sent another email from them). A month. MY INVESTMENT. This is maddening.
The best ever!
User friendly. Fees are low. I recommend for all.
My account was suspended and now is closed and I cannot get a response from Uphold. My ID number is 130137, it has been over a week and no one is getting back to me. I have added money to my account and now I don't have access to anything. Please respond to me.
Mobile App and site has a lot of missing functionalities of the full website. Need to be able to see average price for each coin or currency. Needs a button to use max funds. Need to be able to see funds available on the same screen that you use to confirm the purchase so that I'm not asked to memorize the available funds. That way I can see the funds and immediately input the value.
Add founds to my USD Card take more than 7 days. Impossible to add founds using credit card due to errors
The best exchanger is known to me. The site always works. Everything is updated in real time. They work with large European banks.
There are lots of online wallets and exchanges out there, but Uphold works exactly the way I want it to. In fact, I'm not entirely positive there are any other companies that are doing what Uphold is doing by offering multiple cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and even precious metal funds like gold and silver as wallet/exchange options. They are also, by their own volition, a reserve, which makes me feel better as a customer. I highly recommend them.
love the service, would like to see some kind of insurance implemented though to cover the crypto wallet just encase of a hack
Great service
very good 100% recommendable
@Uphold... You guys are truly a hidden gem in the Crypto world! With so many other companies out there that are obviously more worried about their profits, than customers... It's absolutely refreshing to have you in my pocket (Literally! On my phone, in my pocket!). I wish that every crypto investor knew about you. If for no other reason, just to have the options you offer. I love being able to use my bank account to buy Crypto, cheaply! Some may prefer to use their cards on Uphold for instant purchases, but I'm patient. I mean, come on... I'll wait a few days for my $XRP at only a 1.4% fee!!! Especially since you lock in the price at the moment of purchase! I only deal in Crypto, but the fact that you have other Fiat and Precious Metals available is pretty amazing. If the proverbial crap hit the fan, I could switch to gold very quickly. I simply like having that option, by just having an Uphold account. Don't ever change! Keep replying to your fans on Twitter. Keep listening to your customers. Keep up the super quick support responses. Just keep being you!!! Neo of Crypto @Crypto__Daz AKA Kevin
This is an easy to use site and you can quickly buy xrp or bitcoin from your computer or phone. Thanks Uphold team!!!!
Uphold makes converting fiat to crypto very easy!
I can see the future with you guys, its not just a site its not some business its something that can make a comunity work to rool the world . Thanks.
Hands down the easiest way to invest in crypto, move fiat, and be safe.
They got one star because I wanted write a review. Uphold is a waste of time and money. It takes 10 days to get deposits accepted. don't believe the 5-7 days which turns into 7 working days. I was limited to $500 deposit. OH boy. You are not allowed to invest until the deposit is accepted. that alone cost me a 33% profit. At least with the other BS sites like Coinbase you can buy crypto and it is held forever until they verify. I use Trnsferwise to send money form Chase to Bangkok Bank. It takes two days to withdraw and send to Transferwise and they deposit it in their account then exchange my dollars for Baht and I receive it in my Thai account in two days. Uphold is joke. Try to find a full service exchange to deposit money buy crypto and sell and transfer money out. Uphold is way too small time for anyone who wants to get into crypto
I've tried to add my bank account and I keep receiving the same answer by mail. Do you have phone numbers that I can call to work things out? I've sent my bank account by mail for you to verify but haven't received an answer. I would like to add my bank account as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you ASAP. Alexander Fincheltub
If you got into crypto over 2 years ago and remember the chaos of it all. Websites not running efficiently, apps unable to connect to the blockchain without having to download the entire cache. Uphold has changed all that. With very minimal Copying and Pasting being done; depending on, what and how you're transferring your assets QR coding is used. Right now, for a formal first review and introduction to their app, I wrote the review as such, from that perspective, remembering my first experience with Uphold. Easy and simple!
Uphold has proven to be a reliable, simple and useful platform to manage my investments
I am just starting to understand the whole cryptocurrency thing and since I am doing this for fun (and hopefully to get rich someday) I am having a fun time learning about this through Uphold. They did take a long time to verify my account but everything else is working great.
Great site and app, it's a shame they disabled the option to create a virtual card for e-shoppings.
Awesome project, everything is smooth and soft. You are always integrating new features.
Very easy to use once it is all set up. It can be a bit frustrating waiting for a few days to money to go into the account but other than that the experience I’ve had has been five star all the way
Having just travelled extensively in China, it was notable that a QR based payment system based around their equivalent of WhatsApp was almost universally accepted. Introduction of such a feature, if only in China, would add significantly to the offering.
Things Uphold should be better : - Tiime the money we send to you should and must be faster to the client be abble to use it - Its not easy for the clients to sell alll the amount of a crypto they have - When would be possible for the clients to use Uphold lixe a real Exchange site?
I have not had any issues with Uphold! I like the ease of transferring from card to card. I gave them 3 stars because of lack of live phone support, It takes to long to add funds, 5-7 business days ~ bank transfers They would not except my bank debit card I would like to see more Cryptos listed, XRP, Golem, ADA
Easy to use, fee low, support on time
Uphold holds funds for 10 days (eight business days). This is an average never once did it take less then nine days. Uphold is the site for you if you want to have your money held for a ridiculously amount of time. Thumbs down.
I am really satisfied with uphold and I consider that it is the best crypto wallet and I hope uphold continues improving
Registration was fast - less than 30 minutes. Purchases have been flawless so far.
The plattform Uphold is very cold and regarding the fees are according with marketplace.
Can't seem to buy as many cryptos as I want - I assume there's a limit. I believe there's a limit to deposits ($500?) but not sure on the exact - I assume there's also a limit to how much one could buy and this isn't clear (if there are limits, they should be visible on the homepage). Instead, I predominantly use other exchanges.
Almost perfect, unless for a bit expensive fees.
Awful service, one would have to call this company a scam! I became a member of Uphold last May. I had issues with them from day one which has cost me over £10000 in lost conversions due to their lack of clearing money efficiently and the days lost in waiting for actual helpful responses to my queries & help requests (when all they do is send a generic answer which i can find on their FAQs myself). They somehow managed to leave a small amount of bitcoin in my Uphold account when i arranged a transfer of the whole of my account to an external source. I raised this with them in two emails and heard nothing back. This meant that because of the small negligible amount that it is and due to their minimum transfer policies, i cannot take this amount out of my Uphold account without transferring more money into it and then transferring it out again (which means they charge me their fees twice - which will cost me more than the small amount i have in my Uphold account.) What makes this even more ridiculous and points to calling them a scam outfit, is that now they are charging dorment accounts with money in a monthly fee if no transactions take place over a 90 day period. What is frustrating is that i cannot close my account because i cannot transfer the bitcoin i have in it due to their minimum transfer policies so i am stuck with an Uphold account, and potential monthly charges which will cost me more than the amount in my account in a couple of months. I have emailed them in detail on several occasions and once again just get a copy and paste answer from their FAQs sent to me. This is not acceptable. They are not addressing my points nor explaining and taking ownership of their mistake. Whats more there is no direct contact number or person to deal with. Do not use them! There are better service providers out there. Case number(#85003)
Uphold is my best favorite Exchanger. Im member since one year and I m very happy with uphold. One thing I do not like in Uphold is the high number of dissatisfied members. Otman Ben Aboud
Great company great opportunity to make extra income.
I really find my compliments to the company
Great experience to date. Attractive and effective app and website. Funding of accounts worked well. Transactions quick with full audit trail and communication. Downside is that Helium is not as effective as expected and costs could be lower.
I like: I can trade between fiat and crypto currency fast. I can receive euros from crypto wallet. I dislike: you lost airtm service, and sometimes you have troubles with “buying with card” service.
My account was blocked 9 days ago, still no response, please someone help me unlock it, Uphold is the app the I want to keep using, my Request #129531
UPHOLD are a bunch of cowboys!!!! I’ve sent 2 transactions to my bank within a day of each other , one transfer of £1000 went though within a day. 8 days and counting for the second transaction of £1000 All correspondence from UPHOLD are just automated responses!
My bank hates UK ANYTHING... but this company doesn’t make me wait weeks for transfers and it now accepts my card instantly and let me take my ‘coins’ instantly
Modern, secure with a dual simplicity and user friendly interface! Proactive support staff with accurate and timely responsiveness. Couldn't ask for any better experience. The brand promise is truly Upheld!
The only thing I would suggest is to better explain on your site that you can buy XRP directly from a bank account without having to transfer fiat in first. Once I realized that it was a game changer!!! Will your volume for XRP ever show up on any of the exchanges
Uphold is the best option in currency portfolio, simple, safe and efficient
Simple to use.
Very great so far!
Again having issues here. I am in the banking business and it does not take 7 work days for an ACH to clear. It's usually 2 days and allow 3 to be safe. Made two transfers to my uphold account one on Thursday, Dec 20th and the other on Dec 24. Fidelity transferred the 20th funds on Monday Dec 24th to Uphold, which is actually 2+ full work days from when I requested but that's not the issue, I understand the delay on Fidelity's side. It's now Friday the 28th and I don't have access to $1 of my funds nor the ability to make a trade. Thursday the 28th, the funds should have been available at the outside. It's not like this is an International transfer. The other issue is that responses are canned directly from their website, which I had previously read and there's zero way to speak to a live person. So, I really can't wait until real brokers can trade crypto as these guys will then have a problem with little in the way of customer service. I was also promised on my last post that if I referenced the specific transaction number, someone would get back to me and adequately provide a response. I did that and never heard anything. Guess I'm not surprised!!
No help from customer service! I have not been able to link my bank account, but i have followed every detail in the instructions. Every time I send in an email to support they reply with the same generic, automated message and a link to "How to link my U.S. bank account." I have been at this for almost 2 weeks now and I am beginning to lose hope in Uphold. All I ask is that i get a reply by an actual human that can help me with my issue. ***UPDATE: Uphold has contacted me and resolved the issue!
Super very good
All good so far. One of the best.
I am happy using Uphold but it takes much time to debit money from de banking account. 7 days. It would be better
Very nice and easy.
For me there's any problem so far. Great. I appreciate the company and all the people in the company. I wish there will be no problems on my account in the future as well. Thank you!!
I keep my bitcoin in here. I find it easy, which is great. Hope you will get more coins soon. Romola
Uphold provides a first class service and they are doing things properly with full transparency. You can even see their full reserve published on the internet in real time. The customer service is excellent and they are very responsive. One of the few names in the crypto space that you can really trust.
Great platforms, no comissions, android app, easy to use, and easy account verification, everyone need to use Uphold!
Like any crypto exchange and crypto businesses in there early stages. Will suffer growing pain. Some extreme: it's how the company comes out on the other side, Of those growing pains that separates them from the weak hands. Uphold is one of those companys that will thrive in this internet of money and things technology.
Excelent wallet and exchange!
I am really satisfied with your work, for me they are the best !! And I know that they will continue with their good work, thanks for your services!
Easy to use and transfer between cards. I wish there were price charts available and under activity if there was a way to easily see how much money had been put in without having to add each transaction
This site might even work well for all your average bitcoin puchases and sales (I havent tested it though), but it's privacy policy is somewhat shady. Maybe I didn't read "the small letters on the contract", and got "upheld". I don't know exactly how legal it is for a company to keep your personal information, for an unspecified ammount of time(indefinately), even if you explicitly state that you want to close your account, and stop having any conection whatsoever with their site and the services by them provided. The option to "Delete account" on their site is completely non-existent, and you are forced to contact their customer service for this. When you do so, you will then get a reply like: quote: "Currently, we don't support the ability to completely delete an account. What we can do is change the state of your account to "blocked." ..." This means all of your sensitive and personal information provided to them, (Names, DocumentScans, addresses, etc..) is bound to be stored forever on their database. And whatever use they make of it will most likely go unreported to you, of course. I have seen cases where it was difficult/bothersome/impratical to unsubscribe/delete account&data, but on this one is assumedly impossible, and this functionality is most likely never going to be implemented. Real persons's personal info and documents has a monetary value. There might be a non-zero probability you find a scan of your driver's license for sale somewhere. Beware.
I signed up, provided all info and verification, but was told they could not verify who I was. I provided social, address, email, phone, drivers license, and selfie photo, but was denied. First, I don’t like to give out my info, but to be denied when every other organization has always been able to verify me is strange. Now they have my info like I was scammed by someone.
Great exchange with no issues.
for transparency and speed is my valuation with five stars
General Review fast, intuitive maybe it could be a litle more specific, when you try to make a transaction it is not allowed, pointing clearly the reason you can not make it
This company is doing everything right. What do people expect, this is the 'wild west' for currency regulation, some countries don't even consider it a monetary instrument. Pay to play, don't use what you can't lose, whatever cliche you want. Haven't had any problems with deposits of BTC, USD, or ETH. All BTC withdrawals have been prompt. I'm a US customer.
better than others ...
Never had any issues. Great experiance.
It works perfect flawless; but it can get even better if you could use some tools like in the big exchanges of Stop/Loss
Really enjoyed my first couple of experiences using Uphold, very user friendly and easy to use platform.
Excelent, i just wish you activate again the virtual Mastercad Service or something similar
Excellent, but drop down the tax
Keep up the great job!
Good response once money is recognized.
Good treatment and transactions with no problems
I made an Uphold account on the 8th of December 2017 after which I noticed the following rule on their website: Inactive Accounts on Uphold are charged fees: - 90 - 180 days: 1 USD per month - 180 - 365 days: 5 USD per month - 365+ days: 10 USD per month Since I was not going to be an active trader, rather exchange for LT purposes I immediatly wanted to cancel my account with Uphold. There is no function to delete/cancel your Uphold account in self-service. You have to make a request to the support team to cancel your account. I did open my first ticket on 08/12 and got reponse that my account would be deleted: (see below email from Uphold Support) " Hi, We are sorry to hear that you'd like to close your account. As per your request, your account has been marked for inactivation and once inactivated you will be notified. In order to proceed with disabling your account you shouldn’t have any balance on your account, so you must withdraw any existing amount if that's the case. Note: You may receive a notification saying that your account has been disabled for security reasons, please ignore this message. We're sorry you don't want to be a part of Uphold, but please let us know if we can help you in the future. Regards, Sam and the Uphold Team " We are now 18/01/2018 and my account has still not been deactivated/canceled or deleted. Support team did not reply to any of my 2 follow-up tickets ever since 08/12 and I am still able to log-in to my account on both the Uphold website and application. Is this a set-up to rip off people who did not notice the inactive account rules on their website? Even if you read them and want to cancel your account, Uphold will not respond to your ticket or tell you they will in fact delete your account without acting upon. I can only assume this is an unprofessional (feels even like a scam) way of getting money in from unsuspecting inactive users. And users like me, who did suspect the inactivity fees would be charged anyways since they will not delete your account. EVEN AFTER 3 tickets with EXPLICIT request for a deletion of my account. I wonder what excuse Uphold could have to delay my account deletion. Get me to be inactive for more then 90 days? Tickets: #102766 #127784
The only problem I have, is waiting a couple days for the money I deposit to be available. Other then that I do like the app and the ease of the web page.
Fast, efficient, user friendly
Very good but only got 4 stars because of the lack of descriptive help on the site I have had to Google it's use to move forward and found it confusing as to whether I am making a purchase deposit or where it is from and to, as a beginner to crypto it took a few attempts to get my Bitcoin. Having said that I would recommend it to my friends and then help them with the initial process.
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