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Company Name: Amscot
Overall average rating of 0.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I paid FPL total bill of $72.58 on 6/12/10 at 9:12 am at the above business address of complaint. As of 6/18/10, payment still was not received by FPL. I called Amscot over the telephone and they told me that FPL's transmitters to receive money were down. That was a lie. I called FPL and spoke to Ms. **, a supervisor, and she verified the Amscot statement was untrue. Amscot has brochures they hand out to customers listing FPL as one the clients they receive payment for. I was told by FPL that Amscot is not one of their certified representatives. They have been depositing my money in their account and sending them a 3rd party check for my payments from their account. She suggested I ask for my money back from Amscot. Karen who helped me at the Rockledge Office gave me their main office number upon my request. I spoke to Joyce, who referred me to Meagan who stated the problem was from their own transmitter and many other of their customers had the same thing happen to them, but she re-transmitted the payment for my FPL payment on 6/17/10 to FPL. This was our last conversation of 6/18/10, whereby I did request for my money back, but Meagan said they (Amscot) could not to this. Then she said the money should get there from one to three days. I would have a disconnect notice by then including a request from FPL for additional deposit, plus late charges are already started for my next bill. Meagan did not know, but I had already spoken to FPL that morning of 6/18/10, so I already knew that no transmission for their company was received from Amscot. She told me to have a good day, but I told her I wasn't having one.I am being treated for cancer, and I have a family member just diagnosed as well. I have a senior plan with FPL that I can possibly lose arrangements with because of Amscot. My family is losing gas and time. And I am emotionally and physically distressed which is not good for my health. Karen was very nice and kept apologizing for what happened, but I told her I just want this situation to be resolved a soon as possible since I am a senior and do not have money for extra spending. I told them they make me feel they are juggling me around. I want they to pay for any penalties because of this matter, like deposit, late charges, or damages to loss of food, etc. if my lights are shut off. I pray this doesn't happen. I prefer them just taking care of this before it is too late. I just received $14.82 CR for an offset given to me by FPL to all its customer. I have paid my bill on time in the past. Possible consequences, additional larger deposit. My credit history with FPL can change for the bad, no fault of my own. Economically, it could cause me to own hundreds of dollars and additional cause, and I have much pain, not sleep.
After being told repeatedly they had wrong number, they continued to call!! We have been customers at a different address many years. Employees should be trained to check numbers before they call & never call again after being told it is wrong number!
I recently visited an Amscot in my town and was very unhappy with their services. I have used them in the past and besides the ridiculous fees they charge they cashed my checks without issues. Recently I have had issues. Every time I cash a check, my mother has written on an account that we are both on they were unable to cash or give me an explanation. The funds are available and we have never passed a bad check with them but still they won't cash. Needless to say I am done with them and will make sure I make it to the bank in time from now on. They need to remove their logos that state they cash any check anytime because that isn't the case. Obviously I am not alone, and I can only hope that the horrible customer service they offer will ultimately end their business practices nationwide.
I took out a payday loan and used 85$ to pay my water bill. In 3 days the payment didn't post, my water was turned off and I had to pay fees to reinstate it. I went to Amscot with my receipt and they said, "Give it the full 5 days to post and then come back if it doesn't work." I came back with the receipt again and they said it was "in process " as reported from corporate. I received a water bill recently and the payment wasn't posted. I called today and was told that nothing was showing in the system and I must have my receipt in order to get anything done. This is over 1 1/2 weeks since I started this and I cleaned out my car since, assuming all was ok. Now I'm told I'm basically screwed! I will never use their bill pay! That is very poor customer service!!
Why does it take 2 dummies to cash a money order? Both are telling me that it will cost $10 to cash. Questioning who sent it to me. Huh??? They got upset when I asked for it back. I told them I can deposit the $200 money order in my bank account. I guess they didn't expect that because they both hesitated... I said, "please give me my money order back." They prey on the less fortunate, it is very sad.
Not only are they crooks but their customer service sucks. I spoke to a Ryan who claimed he was a call center manager located in Tampa Florida. I had an issue with my Amscot card. He refused to help me and when I asked to speak to someone above him he told me I could keep calling back because no one was there. I asked for his supervisor name. Believe me I will be reporting him.
Our company hired someone to complete a job installing tile. The employee was paid in advance for work that would be done over the weekend. Come to find out, the employee took off without completing the job. We immediately put a stop payment on the check, and paid the fee. In the meantime he cashed the check at an Amscot and was given the full amount of $1400. Since the check was rejected when deposited by Amscot due to the stop payment, they came after us for the money, along with their ridiculous return check fees. We had an attorney review our case, but they are protected as a third party agency. So we had to pay Amscot for their stupid mistake. My argument is that they should verify all checks prior to cashing them by making a quick phone call to the check writer. I made this point to them, but their response was that they don't have to because it's not their policy. They are getting rich with their cheesy commercials promising to cash any and all checks, and they get away with it by coming after the check writer. We need to get the word out so this comes to a stop. They are scam artists!!
Got a money order and come to find out the company in which I got the money order for stated they didn't accept money orders. So when I called Amscot in Tampa Florida they stated "just bring it in and it's free". So I arrive. I wait 45 minutes with only two employees and one customer. They didn't even acknowledge my presence. So finally I take it up to the window and they state "it will be $7 to get your money back." I said "that is not what was told over the phone", they wanted to argue with me. I then started to get irritated. And just walked out not only because they were rude but because they wasted almost a hr of my life and I was late to a appt that I had to be at. Needless to say I'm taking my business elsewhere.
I am very displeased with Amscot. I have been a customer for YEARS. They have a ton of my money. It's ridiculous to put a check through KNOWING it will bounce and then charging a late fee. Things happen. And sometimes you don't have the money to pay back right away. The ONE time you don't they put the check through even though you tell them it will bounce.... they say.... "Too bad your check will bounce.... we are going to put it through anyways". You get stuck in an ENDLESS cycle of fees. Amscot makes more money that MOST businesses and they STILL make the customer pay more fees. It's PRICE GOUGING. Amscot is a good place to get a loan when you need it. But you are stuck in an endless cycle of paying HUGE fees to them. I can't get out and they keep taking my money. They will not wait even 1 extra day. They HOPE you are late so they can take more money.
We manage various properties in Florida. In one of our properties money orders were stolen from our lock box. From the process to stop payment at Amscot you need to get an application from Amscot, mail to the main office with another payment of $12.00. By the time they receive the information, it's days later and the money orders were changed and cashed. All that money lost. There is no reason they can't stop payment faster so this doesn't happen. Terrible company for this reason. This happened in Clearwater Florida on N. Lady Mary Dr.
I paid a person for yard work with a check. This person came to my yard and asked if he could do yard work for me. It was a Sunday. He showed me everything he would do, and asked for $75. I refused to pay this much, and we agreed on $50. I supplied bags of leaves a new roll and food, and a gallon of water. Then, I had to leave. He had worked some already. I said I would bring the money when I come back. He convinced me to give him a check. I gave him some cash as a tip. He looked poor and these are bad times. Now, I came back about 1 and 1/2 hours later, and he had cut my bushes in the front, and half filled one bag with weeds, but nothing else was done. Also, half of my $10 roll of leave bags had disappeared with food and drink, but that was fine. I was upset, and thought that the tip of $10 was enough for the work done, and stopped payment on the check. In the middle of the week, I received a letter from my Credit Union, charging me $15 for stopping payment. I wasn't happy, but thought that was enough payment for my stupidity. Then, a day or two later, I received a phone call from Amscot telling me that they cashed the check, and had to give the money to my bank, and that I was now responsible to give them $50 back. I told them to go after the person that cashed the check, and that it was not my responsibility. After that, I received a letter in the mail from Amscot, asking me to pay $50 and $25 canceled check fee. I have not paid anything, and refused to talk to them, unless they have good news and receive the money from the person that cashed the check. If they cash checks without keeping a record of the person, then they should be liable, if they lose money because of a canceled check. What are my rights in this?
I hope a responsible response can still contain thinly veiled disparaging remarks, the sense of which can be readily ascertained by most 10-year olds, but will probably have to be explained to AMSCOT personnel. I would have given them 0 stars except it wasn't an option. Their usurious rates are only exceeded by their blatantly obvious lack of morality and common sense... probably die-hard Trump sympathizers... and their patently false advertising that should fall under the purview of some regulatory agency empowered to make them live up to the misleading ads that serve as wallpaper in their well-lit dens of iniquity.They advertise that they, among other types of checks also, cash personal checks. Now that seems to be a pretty straight forward, unambiguous ad statement... and it remains such right up to the time you attempt to accomplish that at a window, undoubtedly manned by an undocumented individual that presumably knows more about how to say "no" than understand their own false advertising. A... Ads not truthful. M... Monetary greed surrounds their practices. S... Sorry outfit that preys on the disadvantaged. C... Can't believe they can get away with this. O... OMG... look at and see usury in action. T... Truth in advertising just eludes us. I think they should get their name out there so anyone contemplating using their (dis)services will know to look elsewhere.I have been paying exorbitant fees to transfer funds via Western Union through Amscot for well over a year now. I promise I will not make that mistake again after today's refusal to honor and cash my check, drawn on my personal account valued at **. Smart move AMSCOT, smart move. I wonder if you pay for your bogus advertising with counterfeit bills? The penalty should be the same. Maybe you will eventually be tried in the court of public opinion unless the criminal court system strikes first. I will use every method at my disposal, and the platforms afforded me through social media, to influence people who are considering conducting business with you nabobs to exercise due diligence in their research leading to doing business with legitimately deserving companies.Sadly, it is enterprises such as AMSCOT that force the financially disadvantaged individuals deeper into the quagmire of more debt through their predatory practices. There should be open season on such tactics. Do the population at large a big favor... close these biblical money changer operations and turn the properties into thrift stores.
Several times I've received Western Union and gone to Amscot and returned home with no money and no believable explanation. My husband's aunt sent me two checks and they refused to cash them. From this minute on I will never do business with them. It doesn't matter which location - the employees are rude and judgemental. Done.
I'm a long time customer since they open their first stores in Kissimmee. I had been going every month to them. Today I had to go but because I couldn't print the bank statement they needed, I had to email them a screenshot. My cell was disconnected so I couldn't do it. I needed the money asap so I paid my cell and brought my acct overdraft by $43. I didn't worry because I was going to pay it right away. They denied my loan because was O.D. I explained but they didn't care. They told me to wait 3 days or bring the acct positive and I did by using the money I had for gas but they still say "no". I always paid on time. Never missed a month. They made thousands of $$ with me and they decline to help me even if I did what they told me to do. Now I have no $$ for gas, can't go to work tomorrow, thanks to them. They just lost this faithful customer. Not only me but lost my husband too. Use my cell number to find me.
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