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Paxful Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Paxful
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 80 %
You can always trust them man. They are always ready to help at anytime. They are the best
I started my career as buyer and now i'm one of the top sellers @ paxful with over 1000 feedbacks. I've always liked the community behind the whole site. Without Paxful I would still be making pennies at my old job but now I'm actually making a living just trading bitcoins and gift cards. You never think about how fast life can change but it actually can!
We've had the pleasure of being PaxFul vendors for 2.5 years. Our experiences have been awesome. The Platform is very user friendly & pretty self explanatory . Wether your goal is to obtain BTC & or sell some crypto PaxFul is a safe place to conduct you're business.....
Yes 5 star, why ? paxful is the best site to buy and sell bitcoins, being a p2p site you're directly connected to bitcoins vendor for smooth communication and trade. Just like e-bay. moderators and support are quick to help when in need of any aid.
The online agents are wonderful and Paxful has really shown to be reliable and trust worthy
Really good website!!! Easy to use and there online staff are really good to talk to and help, 10/10 would highly recommend to a friend!
Great support guys,just try to deal with the scammers,they are bad for all of us
Really Great Service, Thanks for your Services.
i will recommend their trade security for sucessful trade. just follow paxful trade instruction and you will not regret trading.
I was scammed for the first time on Paxful about a year ago, typical mistake was to release escrow before i got my cash. It was my mistake for sure, but Paxful has a lot of scammers, so you guys need to be careful. I Went back to using Paxful about 2 month ago and my experience was great, support response time is now around one hour and they are banning scammers on the spot. Thumbs up for the improvement in support and banning scammers! Everyone should use it ! and be careful of scammers. Don't release unless u have the cash in hand!
very fast customer care and good response and assiatnce
Ive been using paxful for sometime now & neber once had an issue. But what i didnt know is that if you empty your funds completely it will be in the negative o.oooo8 which is almost 8-9$ & once you fund your account they deduct that 8-9$ from your account. So always leave some bitcoins in your wallet
An excellent site
Trust Worthy And Helpful This platform is great for rookie as well as professional traders. No need to worry about your btc just find suitable suppliers and start trading..!
This is a very good company. The people here are honest and trustworthy. If you want to trade a coin, please come to paxful. You will never be disappointed. It's a terrific platform. I've been here for a long time.
i am a btc coin seller, paxful help people deal with btc safe, i have been sell 50 btc in paxful. fast and safe
Customer support was right there to help me get through my first purchase i couldn't have done it without them hopefully there will be many more trades
Love this site, fastest transactions methods ever I've come across, secured and user friendly
Excellent system, very smooth service, helpful support staff, easy to use website... Paxful earned my trust and showed me how easy making a trade could be. I will definitely make more trades feeling safe and secure with Paxful. I can trade with no worries as long as it is via Paxful, I vouch for this site to be the best site for P2P bitcoin trading platform.
Trusted and safest place to trade your gift cards and bitcoin. I LOVE PAXFUL
Paxful is a very genuine and trusted website to buy Bitcoins... I have been dealing here for few months now... And I really appreciate the services they are providing..I had a case where I was getting scammed and they fixed my case in just minutes so I can say I trust paxful for my Bitcoins and will keep on trading on it .. and will recommend it to everyone ... Please if you want to buy or sell Bitcoins or any crypto currency you want to exchange you can create an account on paxful . There are lots of ways to deal or to buy and sell Bitcoins . Those guys have a really good and fast support
Be careful not like me, have been paxful robbed 4000 $ after deposic bitcon into account,
Excellent platform backed with a responsive customer support team. 'Trust me, Glory from Paxful' is a life saver
They’re the best to resolve issues wiht scammer on here
This is a great bitcoin trading website, I hope more people can pay attention to and use it.
Really glad for their support team which is always really helpful and quick to respond as well. After I haven't used my account in around six Months when I come back my account was locked and I needed to contact the support team, which for me was confusing because I could not see why my account would be locked but after further looking there were many logins from everywhere trying to login to my account so I'm actually grateful that they have such a secure network and business which resulted in my account being locked. Glory was the main help as she walked me through the process to get my account unlocked. Much appreciated!
totally ez, love paybis as my #1 trader, has a help chat where Cain thoroughly and in a way for me to understand all my questions... highly recommend
It's more than a year trading on paxful the really first time I had issue and was resolved professionally I was so mad initially because lots of money was involved yet the moderatorsame we so professional in all their responses I was really impressed. Thank you paxful team
Great site... I would recommend it to anyone
Good marketplace, a lot of offers, many different options
It was so great
Paxful is great .they walk new traders through buying and selling live ,thats awesome and they are really cool to talk with and they calm you down and you wont need to freak out over anything ...
very good .I use it everyday.although sometimes i met cheaters.Workers and moderator have helped me solved all problems.recommend more people to use paxful
Yeah, GIAN did it yet again and solved my paxful issue without delay and more understanding, Thank you Gian, PAXFUL needs more of people like you, infact the whole world does.
Puxful is the most secured and user friendly cryptocurrency/ Fiat exchange market worldwide. The have 24/7 support team standby and good moderators. I love this market. Long life to this amazing platform.
Very good vetting tools/stats available for users.Great UI and pleasant staff.
Very good service when you reach the right people. Moderators actually listen to what you say usually.
Bought my first bitcoin here using $50 amazon gift card, glad it's easy, quick and not needing id etc. Bitcoins I keep on my wallet here have grown value, also sending and using bitcoins from here, great site to start, grow and make money on bitcoin!
Paxful has got my back since day one joining, best rate, very responsive and helpful customer service. Zero tolerance to fraudulent activities. 101% my best trading platform. The way i dont have stress with ads, put my offer out for me and i do my business and make my money. Thank you paxful.
Paxful is a very reliable site and an easy way for me to post my business ads. I deposit funds onto my Paxful account via bitcoin machine and I see my deposit within 20-30 minutes. Mind you, it actually could take up to 90 minutes...rapid and accurate. I also like the fact that an actual Paxful operator responds to any question I may have right away...Can't beat that!! Absolute love this site and will recommend Paxful to all my family and friends. Thanks again Paxful and Operator Dylan!
Best page ever
This is a very good trading platform. I have been here for a long time. I've traded on many platforms, but it's the best, fairest platform I've found so far, and there's the most public moderator. Thank you very much,
Very responsive customer service
My questions were a little dumb but Gian helped me answering them, thanks man!
Very good and simple to buy bitcoin! If you ever have an issue with any buyer just contact support and they help you resolve your issues like they did with me.
Best place to buy and sell bitcoin instantly.
Very perfect and smoothly place to trade Bitcoins with no lost. God bless Paxful. Also thanks to the Paxful Admin Support, Jen, Glory and Cain. God bless you. Tobastically
The safest place to buy/sell and Bitcoin.. Great customer support as well. Gina helped explained few things when needed. Thanks
Thanks to Cain my customer service representative He was quick and efficient on answering me Thanks
I am impressed with the support offered by this site, they literally took couple of minutes to answer my question when I first contacted them via chat support, nice job
this is true and safely. good trade with it
Paxful is the Greatest, always a good experience. Thumbs Up
Greatest place to sell and buy Bitcoin!
Perfect site with nice support team, Just Few things need to improve. Perfect Chat Support, Thanks Dylan for your help all the time. Great!
I used the site for a while with no problems. I felt secure since I was using Google Authenticator. One day I decided to withdraw my coins. I copied and pasted my wallet address on their withdraw form, and started the withdrawal. The bitcoins were sent to a different address than the one I have pasted. I am sure that someone from their employees did it, unless the whole thing is a scam. Do not use this platform. If u have to use it, always use Google Authenticator. And of course, when you withdraw your coins, make sure they are sent to correct address.
Paxful is really helpful! Shout out to an operator called Rex.Very fast in responding and helpful.I really appreciate.thank u so much
Awesome! The Best Bitcoin trading platform! Fair staff mostly Dylan! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow my Bitcoin efforts! Using Paxful for more than an year almost all day everyday! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Long live the Bitcoin!
they help their vendors well eough with disputesbig thanks to matha
My go to for 99% of my bitcoin purchases. Real secure site, tough on scammers, and exceptional customer service.
It feels safe to trade here, it’s great to deal with the problem.
safe and secure. genuine bitcoin trade option. highly recommend it for person of real interest.
Paxful is the best Bitcoin market place with highly efficient customer services especially if you're lucky to find "Glory" she's so bae:)
very easy service to use. customer service was really helpful when we had to deal with a dumb trader
Instant transfer of coin, Very helpful customer care services and Thanks to Gian who helped me when I was in a very sticky situation to get my bitcoin back. I recommend their services to all
This is definitely the best platform to buy bitcoins online. They accept over 300+ ways to pay, and the customer service is great. They will assist you with any inquiry you may have. Ask for Dylan from CS, he is the man!
Keyword "The Best for me"
Paxful is the safest and most convenient site to trade for bitcoin you can't be scam there and if you are scam you will surely get back your bitcoin.. Best trading site i have ever seen
Very easy to purchase cryptocurrency on Paxful especially if your new to buying! Customer support responds promptly and are very friendly no matter the problem you're having. I'd recommend Paxful for anyone wanting to buy cryptocurrency.
I just switched from Coinbase to Paxful and Paxful is much better!
Very good service. Great.
reliable, thank you very much
I've had the worst problem which wasn't paxful fault at all they had no obligation to help me at all but after emailing support a guy named Ken sent a guy name Dylan to the rescue after 3 days silence once he started emailing me he never stopped untill everything was fixed and it took awhile although I didn't expect it to be easy because he was very secure but after I verified everything and it all checked out this guy fixed my issue within moments!
Paxful is a better place to trade and I also love the administration I give kudos to them
I truly loved my experience Paxful. They helped within seconds to resolve a problem.
Great place to Buy or Sell Bitcoins! Support is great!
They are the best They attend to issues very quick
Full of scammers! Moderators also support scammers. Its all rigged and modded for scamsters to loot money
Well paxful is the best to buy btc and you can ,talk to them anytime you have problem so is great ,,please just try banned scammers and allow Nigeria to verified on paxful
The paxful support team are awesome.
I love this site especially the people behind it, the staff, the live chat support and moderators, The customer service is awesome and fair and that what makes this site the best bitcoin buy and sell escrow website i have used. I have used other sites before and paxful is way way better than the others. If you’re an experienced bitcoin trader I highly recommend that you switch and just use paxful instead and I’m 100% sure that you’ll notice how paxful is better than the other sites. This is the safest site for people to buy and sell bitcoins. Its true that scammers are everywhere but I have proven that scammers will not have a chance to scam as long as you follow the paxful buyer/seller tips. ** Special thanks to the live support Llyanna and Martha for acting fast and prevented me on getting scammed. I hope both of you gets a bonus. “For Llyanna and Martha’s supervisor - They did an awesome job helping me it really means a lot to me” Long live paxful!
Support Was Helpful and Had my problem resolved in Minutes...
A useless scammer locked my coins and demanding for 40$ before he could release my coins thanks to the quick response of Rex one of the Customer care who see into the matter with fairness, if this were other trading site, I bet it will take more than 48hrs if not more to resolved.
You guys are truly professional. I really appreciate the way you guys get back with your customers when there is a issue or concern ... I look forward to doing business with you guys repeatedly... Thanks alot. You guys are so awesome
Paxful have excellent customer service. I can trade with no worries as long as I know paxful support is fast and fair
Was hoping to make money trading at coinbase but was disappointed by countless issues. A gleaming BSOD "Service Unavailable" will greet you and when you contact coinbase they'll respond in 6-7 days! Which is different with Paxful. They have Escrow and 24/7 support & Moderators as well.(responds in a matter of minutes, sometimes longer but not 6 days) They have guides on how to buy bitcoin as well:
The teams are great, they assisted in making sure that ripper done go away with peoples funds once due process are followed.
I trade 2 times and it was all cleaned and process was very fast. Thanks!
Very good company, they sorted out a problem for me straight away, good communication and easy to use if your a first timer, good traders and buyers on this site. Very well trusted only site i use and feel safe with.
You can buy coins quickly on the paxful. Their support group is very powerful. They can help you to solve a variety of problems,they can make sure your money is safe from fraud. very reliable !! Thanks to everyone who has helped me! the Dylan,Kali,Darcy,Lyanna,Belle,Faith,Cain... A good team, thank you ! !
Don't sell/buy your bitcoins on paxful. Support are a bunch of idiots acting like they busy scammed multiple times a dispute takes up to 10 days. They aren't willing to help you out they are just telling you it takes some "time".
Paxful is best site on net, sell smarter and by smarter, the handle everything perfect, but how I wish Paxful it self can buy gift cards direct not vendors, that would have been the best bitcion site in the world, but they are fine and great thanks to paxful
My husband is in the military and uses bitcoin to get discount vape pen refills. I always thought the whole bitcoin thing was just down right confusing lol. Especially when my husband would actually go and meet someone in person to buy them, there's just no way that's safe for most woman. One of his co-workers suggested that while he was on deployment I could use paxful to easily get bitcoins with amazon gift cards. I couldn't believe how simple it was and the support team was awesome! My 'little' bitcoin hobby has turned into a real source of income in just a few months. I even signed up some of the other military wives via the affiliate program so soon I will make money off of them. I hope none of them see this haha. Thanks paxful!!
Paxful has been a very good place to invest your Bitcoin, its save, relaible also Cain who works there is a great guy he responds to my question anytime I needed answers Thanks to paxful please just keep it up we love you
Good deals ,just follow the rules ana policy and yous would be good
Prompt customer service
I just bought a 20$ gift card & i only used it once yesterday now i cant pist today i dont know y is that
I really love this site, because there always helping customers, imagine if not you guys they could scam me yesterday thank you
I swear They are really Impressive and I love to use them. Effective and their moderators are the best. I had two attempted fraud banned and got my coin back. Kudos Paxful. Keep it up
Paxful has a lot of security. good support. just be careful of Nigeria traders.
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