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BizBloom Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: BizBloom
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-690-1176
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 91 %
Going through the whole process of getting funded was a wonderful and over abundantly friendly experience George Tsepetis was our solutions Expert and I Have to say that he was extremely kind and friendly made me laugh and explained things wonderfully so that there was no need for questions really I enjoyed every phone call because with each call he always managed to share a laugh!! The deal was so quick I was very impressed... THANKS SO MUCH, GEORGE AS WELL AS THE ENTIRE BIZ BLOOM STAFF
Marvin and George were great to deal with, got me what i wanted quick and easy.
Very personable professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone.
I've dealt with many funding agents and NON of them gave me the attention that Dave gave me throughout the whole process! Dave was there for ALL of my questions from beginning to end. Dave got me the funding I needed quickly and efficiently! I will always use BizBloom for all of my funding needs! BizBloom even contacted me after funding, Wow! I feel confident that I can continue to grow my business knowing I have BizBloom by my side! Thank You Dave & BizBloom!!!
This BizBloom scam of a company has repeatedly called my cellphone at all hours of the day and night and been very aggressive with both me and my wife as they have both of our cell phone numbers. This has been going on for many months and I have told each different person who calls to STOP CALLING ME and most hang up on me and one actually told me "we're going to call you everyday and you can't do anything about it." I have recently contacted the Better Business and Attorney General in New York. I can't believe a company like this can get away with harassing people at all hours of the day and night. Disgusting company and ethics.
Michael Guerrini was very helpful with understanding our business needs for additional Capitol. The timing was perfect due to our expansion plans now and in the future. He was upfront and actually got us more than expected as we all know extra cash on hand is key these days. I would recommend Biz bloom to others who are facing the challenges with banks lending policies and scrutiny this was a fast and easy process thank you again.
Tommy was clear, informative and a pleasure to work with
I was looking for a business loan to help fund a new website I am having built. Frank was very helpful went out of his way to answer any questions that I had. Awesome experience!
I had turned down several people that randomly claimed "You have been approved for a $250,000,00 loan." That was my signal to say goodbye. One day, a young woman with the most cheerful, upbeat voice called and actually took the time and energy to "speak to" me, as opposed to reading from a prewritten script. She very carefully described the importance of having, not just good personal FICO scores, but having strong business credit status as well. She helped me understand my low scores, and suggested a very intelligent way to borrow a smaller amount than I originally wanted, just to establish better credit. Once that is achieved it would allow her to find more substantial amounts of money (at lower interest rates.) She explained how regaining business credit is a "process." I feel completely comfortable working with Ms. Benyamini, who spent the time to take me step by step through the process of attaining my preliminary $3000 loan, I cannot speak with enough praise about Deena's calm, comforting voice in a situation where borrowing money is an absolute necessity for me to continue to grow my business. Needing to borrow money is a nerve-wracking, soul-defeating experience, but Deena actually made it enjoyable; keeping me calm; making sure I completed each part of the process in an orderly fashion. Although we have never met, I feel that I have made a new friend. In growing my business, I will continue to work with Deena until I have built my company grow back to its former glory. Thank you Deena.
BizBloom made the process of obtaining short-term business funding as easy as it could possibly be. George was an ideal point person, and was incredibly responsive and informative. This is the only place I will go if the need arises again.
We are a growing company with large volume rollout work. Jason was honest, thorough and timely and did exactly what he said he would do. He is my new hero! We have been contacted by many funding providers with false promises. Jason told it like it was from the beginning and never failed to communicate with each step. I highly recommend Jason and Biz Bloom!
So Grateful And Lucky to Find Such a Nice and Hard Working Women. So Happy To Been Able to work with you, Very Efficient, Fast Response Kind Personality!! I want To Thank you From the Bottom of My Heart for this opportunity. I will see the success of my company Thank's to You Deena Neuman. You Rock!! Such a Professional and Hard worker Thank you for putting your Heart in what you do.. It does Make a Difference!! Looking forward To Do more Business with you And more the Happy to Recommend you With Others!! Best, Doriana
Deena was a pleasure to work with. She has a great personality and is very efficient. I was very impressed with her professional ability to help our company get funded. She kept me informed right to the day of our deposit. I appreciated her straight forward answers with all my questions. If you work with Deena you will not be disappointed!
Looking for alternative financing is always a "challenging experience" to say the least. It is hard to know who can really help you and who "says" they can really help you. Working with these guys has been a great experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for any type of business loan to fit your particular business model. As a business owner I appreciated the straight forward answers in all of the questions I had. I have had horrible experiences other places. Nutshell recommendation??? Don't waste your valuable time anywhere else. Excellent group to work with. You will not be disappointed!!
Egregious TCPA and DNC Law violators. They fail to scrub databases for personal cell phones and pound people with unwanted calls and text messages to their personal cell phones in violation of the law. When you tell them to stop, they just taunt you and continue to call. They fail to scrub for National Do Not Call Lists Numbers and Fail to scrub for State Level Do Not Call Lists. These guys have no regard for ethical business practices. RUN FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!
At first I was a bit aprehensive because I did not go researching for business funding. The call came through from an automated system. But unknowing to Biz Bloom they contacted me right in time! I actually was wondering how I could pay the final 3.2K for some restaurant equipment I needed for the expansion of my new restaurant location. My speacialist ended up being George T. I couldnt have asked for greater help! George was so thorough in helping me understand the loan process, verification, and final funding stages. He coached me through, answered all of my questions, and definitely put my mind at ease being this is the first time that I ever borrowed additional funding for my business needs. Not only did I get funded, I received more than what I needed with terms that give me the short period of time I needed to quickly repay all while building busines credit! I would highly reccommend the terms offered to me for any business owner that is currently generating income, but in need of that extra boost to expand!
I have to say Deena was very thorough and professional in explaining and guiding me through the procces of getting a Loan for my Busiiness, I appreciate all she has done and look forward to building a long term Business Relationship.
Great and friendly customer service. The process is incredible fast and hassle free. I would definitely recommend to any business owner that is trying to move on to the next level! Arthur
I am very pleased with Biz Bloom in obtaining funds for my company Zacc and Deena are very professional and helpful I would recommend Biz Bloom for they are a true answer for small business in these times
I would recommend Biz Bloom to everyone who needs a little help financially. Anne is very good at what she does and is so kind and caring. I will call on her to help me in the future. I cannot express how much she worked to get me what I needed and right away. it was quick and easy. Nothing but great things to say about Anne and her customer service and very friendly attitude.
Deena got the money quicker than I thought I would get it.
George made the impossible happen for my company! He came through for us when no one else could! Thanks to his skills we got funded and are able to grow our business with confidence and CASH! Thanks bro!
We recently needed to expand to keep up with our best customer. We needed capital and Bizbloom and Joe Pelegrino and Daman Lazar rode in like white knights and got us exactly what we needed. The process was easy and they made it feel like they were helping out a friend. I would highly recommend Bizbloom and Joe and Daman. Thanks for being there when we needed you.
Dave went the extra mile to help answer all my questions and get the job done. thanks Dean
My name is James Jones, I'm a business owner who was in need of some cash capital I came in contact with a Ms. or Mrs. Deena Neuman who was a life saver. She was able to help me attain cash capital in less than a week and provided me with excellent customer service.
I worked with 2 wonderful people, Anne and Dena, who helped my business to get funded. They walked me through the entire process and helped my business to get the funds in needs in order to grow. I can not say enough wonderful things about these Anne and Dena and I thank them for their patience and work in helping me to expand my business.
George worked with me through out the entire process. He has was professional honest and thorough. He made the entire process much easier on me communication was excellent I highly recommend working with George. Thank you!
Michael Guerrini took good care of me and was able to get me fully funded with an actual business loan not a cash advance!!!! Thanks Mike
Throughout the process of acquiring a loan for our business Deena was absolutely amazing. She kept us informed every step of the way and at no time was there any confusion in what the process was going to be. She made sure we knew what was happening right down to the second we got our deposit. Speaking with Deena was always a joy, her attitude, helpfulness, and caring are incomparable!! Thank you so much.
George did a great job with his follow-up. He also did a wonderful job explaining the funding process. His assistance in helping me acquire a business loan will help me take my business to through the next phase of growth. Much appreciation. Perry
I was amazed at how quick and easy the whole process was. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful - and went the extra mile to answer all my questions - and to provide me with a competitive loan. This process is much easier and less time consuming than a conventional bank loan. I would recommend this company to every business owner. I will be back! Thank you all!
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