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36 Month Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: 36 Month Loans
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 78 %
i would recommend you to those who arte looking for a loan
At first I was kinda werry about getting my loan through Spring leaf but that all changed when I got there. These people were so nice and explained everything I needed to know about my loan. It was so quick and easy and actually got to loan more then I needed. Thanks to these great people I can go to my in laws wedding and have my own honeymoon that my wife and I couldn't have before. Thanks again for all your help with my loan.
DO YOU NEED FINANCIAL HELP? 5000$ to 100,000,000.00$ No credit check Repaid over 1 year to maximum of 25 years at a low interest rate of 3%. Approval in 15-30 minutes Open 7 days a week from 24/7 Service available nationwide Whatsapp:+16469025821 E-MAIL - hamzakumarfinance@gmail. com
A place that provides a better alternative for a loan with less than perfect credit.
There is a lot of trash out there. I was lucky to run into this site. Don't get me wrong, the personal loan rates are still high (because of my credit), but not nearly the "highway robbery" level I had seen on other sites. The process was relatively easy.
A smooth experience that made it simple for me to find what i was looking for. And it took me no time!
I would use this loan company again.
I went to the website and within minutes it directed my information to the suitable lender. After a few questions on that site I received my answer. I was Approved!! I received my funds in my bank account the next day! operates a lead generation service, it is not a loan company. If the company disclosed this it would not be an issue. However, once we applied for a loan we immediately got a "pre-approved" for a loan. We were told that a lender would be in touch with us to gather income verification documents and sign paperwork. This turned out to be patently false. The loan was not pre-approved at all, but rather "pre-qualified." What's more is that we then got three more referrals to other lenders. This means that is not a loan company at all, but rather a lead referral site which generates its revenue from "leads" sent to loan companies. The fake pre-approval information is just an enticement to get us to actually do the application and thus generate a payment for, the owner of Hope this notice warns other people away from this scam.
it was a great experence i had not trouble they were nice and did not judge me or anything it was nice for once
This company did exactly what it promised in a efficient and timely manner. Great to find companies like this online that follow through on their promises. I was fortunate to find them!
It was easy and the results are quick
I place all my information ch or congrats approve place bank information then transfer avant that wants my password to bank account then denied and my credit is great
Thanks for the loan! I invested in a home based business and now I'm ready to live my dreams and hit the stars!
I was recently at sapulpa location. A gentleman named Chris was wonderful and very friendly.
36 month loan help me choose a better creditor. Thanks!!!
I want to thanks Avant for funding the money that I desperately need!! Although I hate the interest rate, I am so thankful that they help me in this time of crisis in my life! Thank you so much!!!!
I was thoroughly satisfied with the professional way in which I was treated in dealing with my loan. Will and the staff at Greenleaf were exceptional. Every detail was explained and everything moved quickly.
Perfect Timing, I needed cash fast as I had a few emergency bills that arrived unfortunately. I tried a couple of loans through my credit union, but was declined. So I turned to Avant Credit and hopes this would work. I hesitated about the whole idea at first, but decided to fall through. Sure enough, it all worked out and received the amount I was asking for. I teach, so my summer pay is also low, as I had to use part of it for those bill. This extra cash will help me get through the month and once I saw the money in my account, I could feel this cloud over my head disappear. Thank You Avant Credit.
It was a very quick and non intrusive process, I applied and within minutes I was approved.
This was the fastest loan I've ever received!! I was seriously skeptical, until I saw the money in my account the very next day! And, the interest rate is very reasonable. HIGHLY recommend 36 Month Loan!
They have good rates and easy to do!
I was just giving it a shoot theyworked fast and foind me a lender quick
This has been the fastest, easiest, and prompt way I have received a loan. For this much money they have shown me they do trust people.
Very low payments
very good, and excelent job good treatment
It was easy to apply. It was fast and convenient! Only way I will get any other loans!
Yolanda was easy to work with and help me with loan.
I was able to complete EVERYTHING in one day!!! Made request in the morning and had a check the same afternoon.
Fast , goodo service
They have great customer service. I applied Friday and the money was in my account today! I called concerned and asked a million questions, their reps had amazing customer service and were more than willing to assist me with any questions.
I was easy to apply. Quick response and approval.
Everything was easy. The process was seem less and did not take that much effort. Very happy with the quick responses from both companies and of course the results! Thank you so much!
The process was really easy. Its a lot less expensive then payday loans and the loans that they offer. The company that was recommended was really great and easy to work with.
they were very helpful and felt very secure with them. i am 74 years old.
This company made the process fast, easy and simple!
took very short amount of time. very impressed.
it was very quick and easy to do. Great people to talk to and very helpful.
I am very happy with getting my loan through 36Loans. They were so friendly and helpful with everything. It did not take long at all till they found me a lender at a reasonable rate for a quick cash loan. If I ever need to make a loan again in a hurry......I will certainly go to these people. Thank you 36Loans.
Very courteous, professional staff. Well conceived and efficient process. Felt a bit pressured to sign up for the optional coverages. Appreciate the loan to support a pressing need.
My experience with 36 Month Loans was quite good, all things worked out good for the first time, will nat think twice to return for service.
I would recommend this site to anyone, This is so much better than other options I looked into..
I typed in info and received an answer right away! Easy to utilize and navigate.
I was offered a loan almost immediately. Great interest rate.
They were prompt, polite, and a saving grace when I encountered financial problems.
I really like AvantCredit. The application process was fairly easy and I also liked the ability to upload financial verification forms. The staff I spoke with were very accomodating and helpful with my request for additional information or clarification. I would definitely recommend this complany to someone else and will think of them in the future if needed.
I had been off work for a couple of months due to illness. Without a paycheck, even disability at 60% with a waiting period, I was about to fall delinquent on several accounts. i have been working to rebuild my credit and this falling behind would hit my score hard and take years to rebuild. I applied for and was approved for a loan to take care of the bills. The apr is high, but paying on time and possibly before due is much more affordable than spending the next 7 years rebuilding my score. If you are rebuilding your credit and don't qualify for a conventional loan, this may be your answer. First make sure you can afford the payments and use it as a positive step in your finances, not one to put you further behind. That is your responsibility.
I would recommend company to anyone needing a loan. They are very promote and help full in getting you a loan of your desire.
My credit score is 625, my income is $3200 per month and i was approved for a $1500 loan the next day. The application was easy and once they called to verify my employment I was approved. The APR was 35%, something to keep in mind... Over all, they were very professional and I am very pleased.
36 months / Avant Credit was so nice to deal with. I was very skeptical about putting all my information on line, but I needed the loan so very bad and quickly, and that is what I got. I am totally, and with out any reservations, that this is the way you need to go if you have the "extreme need to get a quick loan". I will say that the interest rate is very high so it should be paid off as soon as is possible! But I applied day before yesterday, was approved same day and funded this morning when I checked my bank account! Thank you Avant
you can trust them. if you have a money problem just give them a call. they'll work with you. they sure helped me out. it took a few days. but the wait was worth it. Maybe you just need to get your car repaired or take a trip. that getaway you have been wanting to take with your best man. go ahead call what are you waiting for.
Rent was due, and I was stuck in a few other payment obligations. 36 month Loan got me the money I needed and deposited directy into my bank account the day after. The majority of the loan process was completed right from my iphone. However, the final steps for verification require a lap/desk top. I was approved for an 18 month loan, and although with an extremely high interest rate, the monthly payments are lower than other obligations I'll now be able to pay off plus I wasn't late on the rent. If feel you're at the end of rope, and need some help, look into 36 Month Loan. Just remember, high interest rates, but a relatively quick and easy, painless process. Oh, had a little trouble realizing I couldn'tn finalize the loan process via my iphone, and contacted their Customer Service Dept who we're nothing short of kind, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable... My1st payment is not due until next month. And, should I find any discrepancies I'll be sure to write it up. However, I think all should go well. Thanks 36 Month Loan...
Was very pleased !
This loan was received quickly. They stay in contact with you during the process. They also respond quickly if you have any questions. Plus, there is no penalty for paying off early. I recommend this company if you need a quick emergency loan.
Great service, helped me tremendously in a time of need !
I gave 36 Month Loans a try and was impressed. My personal loan came in the very same day and got me out of a jam. Thanks guys.
36 month loan is awesome. ..customer service was fast and friendly. ..payments and interest rates are a lot cheaper than those other guys...thanks again for your help !!!!
As first, I was told that I was not approved, but I received an e-mail in a few moments from 36monthloan stating they took a second look and they matched me with a lender for a installment loan. As a matter of fact, they sent 3 options and one of them worked out. Thanks alot!
Nicest group of folks I have ever had dealings with and genuinely interested in you, the client. Thanks for your help and the great folks working with you.
I ran into a few bumps during the process. I had to call in several times, and was called several times. The website seems to be spotty when it comes to transmission of info. I had to sign docs several times(same docs) and had to chat or phone to get things moving forward. Otherwise there's no telling how long it would have taken if ever to get a loan. Reps were courteous and friendly though and ultimately all turned out well. Just don't expect too much from the website.
Very quick 10 minute painless experience.
Make the transition of the paper work so easy and simple , I'm very surprise of the time ,was so fast thank you and of course i'll tell my friends about you . thank you and have a happy holidays.
I am glad I found this website. I really needed help consolidating some credit cards. the website is easy to use, its clear and the response time is very quick. I would absolutely recommend this website to friends and family members.
At first I was kinda scared to get the loan on line, but after I chatted with Lauren from Advant Credit, she made me feel comfortable about my payments and how easy it was to receive my funds. Thanks A million!
I couldn't believe how fast the customer service reps response was. Within a matter of minutes they were reviewing documents and before I knew it, I received approval of funds into my bank account. The next business day funds posted to my account!
Only took two days to get my money.
I applied for a loan online. They told me to fax my pay stub. Once I sent it they responded within 2 hours that I was approved!!!! The money was in my acct the next day!!!! They were on time, because I really needed it.
Content: Easy application process, well explained on the website, fast funding, no issues, would definitely recommend!
All I can say great team work thank you for all guys help.
They were fast , and approve me right away!! Thanks
Very professional and courteous made me feel right at home
I applied for a personal loan because I was moving and needed a little extra cash. The loan process was very quick, and the staff was super helpful and friendly.
Will work with this company again.
Everything was great. I received the money in my account the next day. I like the monthly payments. I recommend it to anyone.
Very satisfied with springleaf loan company staff was excellent ,filling out forms was very simple I definitely recommend this loan company . Transaction was fast . Thank you so much.
I applied for a loan because I really needed to consolidate some debt and however you made it seem like you helped everyone but that was not the case with me. I am tired of hitting walls because of an Auto note the belongs to my future ex-wife that she does not pay on time. My Credit Score is between 550-570 and althought this is not by a great score but it's not a 300 ether. If you look at my total credit profile you will find I pay my bills but you didn't give me the chance to prove myself that I am a good client for your company. So my Review of This company is very low in my books. Sincerly, Jason Romig I also think that when they saw I was a on a fixed income from Disability and my benefits don't change its also a problem.
The website is easy to navigate. The loan decision is lightning fast and the funds were deposited electronically in less than twelve hours. The staff is very personable.
My credit isn't the greatest and I was approved for the amount I needed. The monthly payments are also very low and manageable.
very help full & nice
I honestly didn't think I would be able to get a loan. I needed to consolidate debts, pay off some, and get my car fixed (It's been out of commission for over a year). My sister lives with me and it's been really hard on her having to take a bus to doctors, hospitals and kidney dialysis. Now life will be much easier. Thanks Avant, you've enabled me to start climbing out of the hole. Joyce Zygiel
After loosing just about everything I had I landed a great paying job and wanted to re-establish the great credit I once had. Pay off some long over due bills was a big worry. This loan was not one of those payday or title loans that charge 300-500%, this loan was reasonable for someone like me to help rebuild my credit. Monthly payments withdrawn from my checking account is easy and early payoff is a plus. I would recommend them for someone trying to get back on their feet.
Rachael YOU are the BEST being this the first experience I can Honestly tell You getting a LOAN from Springfield was one of the BEST things that could ever happen a true BLESSING Thank you sooooooooo much Ms. Miller
The website was easy to go through, the response was fast. I got approval the same day. There was no BS like I've experienced from other websites and "lenders", everything was straight forward and no pressure. Should the need ever occur again for a loan, this is the place I'll go to, no doubt about it!
I applied for a loan online and within minutes I got an offer for a loan that was very close to what I wanted. I filled out the rest of the papers online. The phoned me to verify employment and it was done. Got the funds into my account the next day!
I was in Desperate need of help, My 14yrs old granddaughter was coming for the summer and I was not prepared. I was so worried how I was going to feed her and entertain her for the three months she will be visiting me. I found 36 months on line read the reviews. They were 5 stars so i felt safe applying with there Co. I filled out the application it was easy and when I spoke to there Customer Service they were very accommodating, and had lots of answers for all my questions. They approved my application in 24hrs just like they advertised, true to form. It was a quick and easy process, that I am so happy to say! Thank you so much 36 Months Loans. you just made my granddaughters summer the best ! Sincerely Crystal,
36 Month Loans! I consider this company to be equal with Professional sports draft time. When you need a team player and great players are up for grabs this company should've your first pick. Not only will they help your game plan but they will get you to and thru the season of hard knocks in financial life.
I would recommend 36 MONTH LOANS to everyone.
I was a little hesitant when I was being asked for all the personal information on an inquiry about a loan through a website(with all the identity theft out there.) Our credit is still being rebuilt after some major dificulties a couple years ago, and we didn't know where to turn for a personal loan. But within minutes we were connected to a loan company that was willing to give us a chance. A little more info and we were approved within the hour.
If you need a quick easy loan process I would recommend 36 Month Loan.
I was really impressed on how easy it was to fill out the questionnaire for the loan and the response was also very fast. You all were very efficient in what you all do. And that is a big plus for me. I filled out on Sunday and by Monday I had an answer. WOW.
i was looking for 36 months loan was the right choice to get approved by a lender immediately the whole checking process was quick i got the amount i want and affordable payments falafel tazah corporation
My experience was was excellent from beginning to end. The whole process was good. Everyone that was a part of this was helpful and courteous. This made me feel comfortable. Thanks to everyone that was a part of the process.
One down side, I had some trouble logging in initially.
In a time of need. Thank you for going out on a limb for me.
I was dealt with in a highly professional manner,I secured my loan quickly and efficiently it was a very smooth process. Im very happy and if needed will definitely use their service again!
You should try 36 Month Loans. They helped me get a loan hassle free and we got the money fast.
I had no idea where to begin in looking for a company that would give me a loan and do it very quickly. So just happen to pick this one and was hooked up with a company that was able to assist me and get me a loan very quickly. No hassles, no delays, it was great.
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