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Instant Cash USA Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Instant Cash USA
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I received 3 calls from this company. The first call I took and immediately told them I did not need a loan and hung up immediately. They called back the next day and I did not take the call. They called the next day, I answered and as they started in again I told them "I already told you I don't need a loan. What do you want?" The man on the phone with a thick east Indian accent said, "I want to lick your **. I have seen pictures of you." I told him I was going to report him to his supervisors and he said, "Why, don't you like me to lick your **?" I told him my phone number was on the national do not call list and now his company would be charged with harassment and to quit calling me. I am frightened - I have had a couple of new Facebook requests in the last couple of days from unknown people I have not accepted from foreign countries that were men and this man has my name. I do not know if he really has been looking at pictures of me.
A rep called me saying she is from the US Attorneys. She stated I was loaded into their database and was being sued for a loan that was deposited into my bank account. I advised them that I have never heard of this company and she needs to say a little bit more to me than I’m being sued. She said she would transfer me to a person that could go over the case with me in more detail. To my surprise she transferred me to herself. I asked why I was still talking to her and she said she was not the same person. Funny, as she had the same twisted accent and the same name. She told me I would be served at my job and my home. She also verified my bank. Scary! She then said I can read more when i get served. Then she hung up. I immediately called my bank who verified i have never received a payday loan from these people and nothing will be approved to be deducted out of my account.
I just got a phone call saying that I had been approved for a loan for 1000. I said I don't need a 1000 but I could use 500. They said "Hold on. I have to talk to my supervisor." I said "okay". They came back to the phone after 5 minutes and said that they would call me back in 10 minutes because they were really busy, so I said okay. So when they called back they said that they had to verify my information and wanted me to pay a fee for using the service. I really couldn't understand what he was saying or talking about because I have 2 regular payday loan places that I use. I never had to pay a fee to use them. So I started thinking "Let me get some information from the guy that I'm talking to," so I copied the phone number that I seen on my phone and I asked "where are you calling from again" and he said "Instant Cash USA" so I got up. I was sleeping when they called. So I got up and got on my computer and typed in the information and I couldn't find anything so I hung up and called the number back and told them that I had talked it over with my husband and that I decided not to take the loan after all. And they hung up on me so I called them and asked what happened. I said I want to cancel my loan so send me the confirmation number where you cancelled my account application but he said that it would be a while. So I immediately called my bank to let them know what was going on. I changed my username and my password as well so please be careful with these phone calls. They are something else.
Cash USA told me I was preapproved for $5000.00. But this is where I really got stupid. I let them talk me into giving them a total of $1268.70. Now these were their so called fees for different things from proof of ability to make the payments to cost of insurance just to mention a few. There were 6 different fees they talked me in to giving them. So when my debit card declined their last request I said no more. All I have to show for my trouble is an overdrawn checking account.
I went online to apply for a payday loan. I completed the application. However, I changed my mind and did not finish the process. Now I am threats of a subpoena. I never received any monies from instacash. I think someone took my information and completed the loan and got that money. My payday advance comes from another source and not instacash. I think I am being scammed.
I received an email today from Cash USA stating I have a lawsuit out with them for a 8000.00 loan that I never applied for and that I am being charged with felonies and going to prison. That they are coming to my house to arrest me. Well I study criminal and CIVIL law in the state of Kansas as a paralegal so come and get me suckers.
I was called by a man today who had a very deep accent. He asked to speak with me, and I said okay, this is me, how may I help you. He told me that I was being charged for taking out a payday loan and not paying it (which I never did). So, I proceeded to ask the man questions and he got very upset and rude with me. I asked him, "Well if I owe you money, I would like this information mailed." He refused and told me I would be arrested at my job on Monday! This is absolutely awful. He told me my bank name and everything. But I went through my bank statements to see if there was some possibility that he may be being honest and there could have been money placed in the account that I didn't know about, and there have not been any type of deposits to my account from any lender. I thought, maybe somebody had stolen my identity. This is the second time this has happened to me, and I don't understand why I've never before in my life have ever stolen nor have I even taken out a loan ever! So, I don't understand what this guy is talking about. How could they arrest me for something I didn't even do?
I was called by some guy named Bryan or Ryan **. My phone recorder gave 0000000000 as the callback number. It was a foreign accent, such as from India, who I think said something about California. He also said I was to go to court and I owed money to Insta Cash or Instant Cash, a payday loan. I could hardly understand the man, and he was threatening me with some federal court action for laws he said I had broken. He may have said a dollar amount to a loan, but he was difficult to understand. I may have looked on the internet for payday loans, but I never signed up for Insta Cash or Instant Cash. The phone number he left for me to call was **. No one answered that number, and the 411 operator said it must be a cell phone. When he called a second time, I told him he was a fraud, and he shouted something at me and hung up. Scams like this could get ugly. They need to be stopped.
I applied online for a cash loan and received a call from USA cash loans speaking with Kevin **. I did a Green Dot cash which I submitted to them and was told if this was done, 5000.00 loan would be deposited into my checking acct. then he proceeded to say I needed to pay 205.00 more insurance since my bank acct status was fair and not good. I refused this and asked, "Would you please refund my 110.00," and he said will come in 45 days by paper check. I should have known better! What can be done about these scams? HELP!
Today I received an email from CASH USA from Blake saying that I did not pay $686.00 to CASH USA that I would be blacklisted from any job, my social security number put on hold by the IRS. Causing severe damages to my credit report also paying court cost $1500.00 attorney fees of $8526.00. I am very scared and very upset. I paid them off. How can I stop them from harassment from happening. And they were going to stop my disability checks.
I just got scammed by this company and I am extremely upset that I fell for something like that. They called and told me that I was approved for a loan but did not remember applying to them. I was stupid enough to believe that by giving them a fee I would get the loan. Now they are telling me I cannot be refunded and I need to pay more money. How can I take action? These scammers need to be stopped!
I have been receiving phone calls from someone saying that they are from the state attorney office and that they are sending police to my job for a loan that I did not make good on. The accent is so heavy that I can barely understand them. Because I heard about this scam, I did not give them any information. I spoke to the company I have the loans with and they said that they have not taken any such action nor do they use outside companies to collect on a debt. I ran a search on the number; however, it is not listed. And although the same person calls, they call from different area codes and claim to be in California.
They made a call threatening me with an issued lawsuit for ignoring notices sent by the company that I was late on my (non-existent) loan payment. The call was made by a so called attorney representing the claim for the Cash USA which I never received any money from. I was harassed and I will make my lawsuit against them.
I received an email from a person named Blake ** stating he was from Cash USA and that I was being taken to court for non-payment of a loan and that if the case went to court, I would have to pay over $8000.00. States I owed $886 and if I did not contact them today, they would be submitting the paperwork to the court and I would then have no option but to pay the full amount. I sent them back an email asking for a phone number to contact, a loan number and the name of the specific company he was talking about. So far, there has been no reply.Shortly after that, I received a call from a man who could not say my name correctly (even after I told him how to pronounce it). This person said that he was representing a company that owned several payday loan companies and that if I did not pay $886 today, I would be charged with several crimes including bank fraud. When I asked him to identify the loan company and to give me a reference number, he became very angry and stated that the sheriff of “New Hampshire” would be at my house by 7pm tonight if I did not send a quick pay from the closest Wal-mart to another Wal-mart in Nevada or New Jersey and made it payable to Blake **.Something tells me this person is not familiar with American Law Enforcement and the state and county system that they operate under in America. My guess, this is a fraud; mainly because I never had a loan with Cash USA.
I was just contacted by someone from the "State Attorney's Office", the telephone number was 214-377-5991. It sounded as if it was coming from a call center. The individual I spoke with had a very heavy accent and was difficult to understand. The person claimed I was being charged with wire fraud, banking fraud, and something else. They claimed that I had violated the law by taking 3 loans with Instant Cash, which I know I did not do. They were supposedly had to read the legal documents over the telephone.The person was very nasty. They had quite a bit of my personal information including my date of birth, the fact I was not working, I think part of my social security number. This information probably fell in the wrong hands as I had just in the last several days attempted to get a payday loan.I did not let him get much out and did not get as far as hearing how much I allegedly "owed". I know this is a scam as I am a former paralegal and know quite a bit about the law. Certainly, criminal charges do not normally stem out of a supposed civil action. This obviously was an attempt to scare me and intimidate me into paying money that I don't have to pay off a creditor for a nonexistent obligation.The guy was very nasty and accused me of lying because of me stating I was a paralegal, yet was disabled. I have tried to call back and now cannot get through. I was thinking of trying to milk out more information from them. Anyway, the bottom line is beware and do not pay anyone that tries to get money over the phone like that, will not provide specific information and who attempts to intimidate you. Whatever you do, do not send money. If in doubt, get a phone number and call the police if you were not sure. At the very least, they are aware of the latest fraud's out there.
I am experiencing harassing phone calls from American English challenged men, "stating that they will be suing Darrell ** and me for a payday loan" that we never signed or confirmed. It is so amazing how these people are so nasty and continue to call despite the fact that we have told them several times to stop calling. We are fed up and need investigation of this company as soon as possible. This company started calling us November 19, 2011 several times a day every day. The calls are coming in from California. But when we call back, no one answers and then we receive another call with different area codes: 303-371-0470, 373-957-4875, 210-280-8488, and 413-566-6013 come up on my caller I.D.
On October 12, 2010, a representative from the so called legal department of Instant Cash called and said they filed a lawsuit against me for check fraud and banking fraud. The reason given was because I took a payday loan from Instant Cash and did not pay it back. They claimed I applied in May 2010 and the company deposited $300 into my account. They also claimed that when they attempted to pull the money from my account, it was declined. They are now asking for $647.39 to settle. I've never received a cash advance from Instant Cash and have verified so with my bank. Additionally, I have verified that no withdrawals were attempted by Instant Cash. I called Instant Cash back and explained this and they said I could bring the proof to the court in California. I refused to make a payment or go to the alleged court hearing. I asked them to send me all information pertaining to this matter via my home mailing address. Justin ** refused to send anything to my home address and said he would send everything to my employer. Additionally, he told me I would lose my job once they received it.
I woke up to a phone call. This man said I owed unpaid money and said I was going to get arrested if I didn't pay with a prepaid visa, $782.00. I had one hour to get the money. Then he got really mad when I said no. His name was David. If I didn't pay, I was going to pay $5000.00 in court. This has got to stop.
I received phone calls for two weeks straight. When I finally answered, I was told I owed money for a cash advance I took out, which never happened! They called my place of employment and my home phone. I am very angry and hope that anyone who gets these calls does not give them any money. They are the scum of the earth!
I got a telemarketing call from them saying I was approved for money. Of course I knew it was a scam and told them never to call again they have continually been calling my phone even as early as 6am!! It's always an Indian guy too.... I'm inquiring for a lawyer as to it's illegal to contact me in this way. ** these low life **!
I received a call at my place of employment, about a cash advance that I didn't pay from Cash USA. The gentleman began to tell me that I received it back in the summer, and when they went to get their money, the account was closed. I've never received an advance from this company. He tells me the charges has been brought against me, that I'm not aware of. I'm very upset with him, for calling my place of employment.
received phone call stating that I was being sued and a court case was pending in the bronx regarding a cash loan through "instant cash". When I stated I have never received a loan the individual became irate. I asked for a supervisor, who was equally beligerant. Both people had foreign accents. I never took a loan from anyone and they actually hung up on me when I demanded more information (like dates and dollar amounts). I believe this is a scam.
These people get hold of information submitted online; use your personal information to harass you, and try to scam you for varying amounts of money. Their first attempt was to convince me to pay them $500 for a pay day loan they said I had neglected to pay. They threatened legal action and called over and over to my phone and my wife’s. After three months of refusing to pay and ignoring most of their calls, they left me alone for a few months.Out of the blue they started again, saying I had defaulted on a student loan, and I owed $900. Again, they had a law suit; they were officers, and someone would be at my door. This time I got irate; I told them to come over personally to get the money, if they wanted it. They called my wife and tried to get her worked up, but she is nice and just told them that they would have to talk to me. The guy actually had the nerve to call her back, and hit on her. We called the local police, and they traced the number to Canada.They also called two of my friends, who I had used as references a couple of times in the past, telling them that I didn't pay my bills. Then they left me a message saying they were going to call my work next. I called them up being very rude, and when they hung up, I called back immediately, and started in again. They quit calling again for a few months. Today they called again with the pay day loan scam and tried once more. I lost it at work; I yelled at them over the phone, telling them to do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn't call me anymore. I won't go into the names I yelled or anything, but I wanted them to know that I am fed up, and I know they are scamming. It has been a full year now, off and on with them, and I don't know how to stop it for good. Do you have any ideas?
Person named Blake ** contacted me by email and said that a case would be against me about an outstanding Debt with cash USA in the amount of $686.00 including late payments. Said that there would be a penalty in the court of $8526.35, attorney and court fees of 1500+, telling me that I'd lose my job and they would put a hold on all my Finances until it was paid! This Blake even had my Social Security number wrong! I have no loan through this loan company as they say! He even said that he'd give me a last chance to settle out of court!
A man called my job 7 seven times this morning, 11/23/11, claiming to be from Self State Attorney Services, using an area code of 818. I explained to him I do not have a loan from Instant Cash USA, and asked him not to call me again. He told me he would continue to call a million times, as he did not believe I work at a Federal Faculty. I have even had the federal police where I work, call them back, and tell them they need to stop calling. They of course do not believe that these are real police officers calling, and so they continue to harass me on the job. It is very embarrassing, as I am away on Thanksgiving vacation with my family, and people from work are calling me to take care of my business. There seems nothing to do in the fact that these people calling are using fake names, and calling from many different area codes, when they don't get what they want. After I spoke with the man calling my job, I am now being called by a woman claiming to be Angela ** from a 718 area code threatening me, if they don't hear back from me or my attorney then she can only wish me good luck. They threaten to send the police to my job, and have me arrested, and make me lose my job. I know they can not do this, as it is a civil matter, but that is how they get people to pay them money. They are not even calling from the United States. They are trunking numbers from overseas, trying to scare people into paying, and if you stand up to them, they start cussing at you, and hang up on you. This is my second go around with these people, as they started doing this in September, and we finally got them to stop calling for about 2 months, and now they have started again. If anyone has not called the Federal Trade Commission and make a complaint, then do so. It may not help in the long run, but you have made the complaint. These people will use an attorney's name and address in one state, saying they are calling from a different state, claiming to be an associate office, make them give you the name of the lawyer, and the lawyer office address. Look it up online and call them. 99% of the time the real lawyer will know what is being done, and ask you to make a complaint with the FTC also.
The gentleman, a so-called attorney, stated that I was being sued for $698.36 from a loan I didn't apply for last December. The name of the company is Instant Cash USA. I never even heard of this company. However, they knew the last four numbers of an old bank account that I had closed and possibly my social security number.
I kept getting calls from this Indian guy telling me my application has been approved for $1500. I was told to have a bank account so I opened one and provided them with my routing and account numbers... Afterwards, I saw these complaints about them. I am reporting this in case that was a scam for real like everybody else's case, and I can have proof because my information was used in identity theft before in the past.
I filter my spam in Gmail, this was in my spam box. It's disturbing that they somehow got all of my personal information and proceeded to threaten me in said email. Even if this is legit, and I'm sure it's not, legally they broke the law in so many ways. We do have laws in the United States, one of them has to do with fair collection practices. A reputable company won't threaten you in an email, they will send you a regular bill in the mail and give you an opportunity to dispute or settle the claim. "Outstanding Debt: $686.00(including late payment charges)
Penalty in the court: $8526.35
Attorney and court fees: $1500+Creditors - Cash USA which is a parent company of more than 400 cash websites and internet web portals in USA and operates under different names in different states. Apart from getting laid off by your current employer after we send them the legal notice you will be blacklisted from getting any job. Through an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) your social security number will be put on hold causing severe damage to your credit history or credit report and your income paychecks will be put on hold. Any child support, disability, unemployment or retirement benefits will be either place on hold or will be stopped until the outcome of the case.Our primary job was to notify you about the case before we send you legal document in the mail because once this case gets registered then we won't be able to help you out of court. Our client is least interested in getting the money at this point as they want to just go ahead and start taking legal actions; however, we wanted to contact you and give you last chance to resolve this case out of court. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future. Please let us know what is your intention by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will meet you in court house."
I was called and told I owe money from a loan. When I questioned what company I took the the loan out from, or for what amount, what my address was, etc., I was told I should already know all that. I then recited, "If you are in fact a lawyer, you should know that I have rights. There is such a law that I am entitled to due process. I can't be arrested for an unpaid debt, nor have my pay attached without due process!" I was then threatened with arrest and an investigation team would be coming to my home. Since I have never received any court papers or any bills regarding such loan, I owe nothing. The man said to me, "Hey, why don't you come down here and suck my **?" I called the police, but of course, they tell me I was not threatened at all. Go figure. The first call was at 0835H. The second call was at 1145H.
I applied for a small payday loan online with Speedy Cash. The loan was successful and deposited into my bank acct. The very next day I received a call from a man with a thick West Indian accent stating he was calling about my online loan application. He proceeded to tell me that they mistakenly deposited $1000 in my account and I need to send that back or my loan will be penalized with extra fees that they will garnish from my bank acct. I am on a strict budget so I complied. My email alert from my bank said the checks were deposited and pending but not available to use.Being that I am an honest person, I was instructed to go to Moneygram at a Walmart and send the money back, Which is what I did because the money really wasn't my mine or what I asked for with the payday loan. My bank acct showed that 2 checks were deposited but not available to spend and pending so I thought nothing out of the ordinary and wired the money back. On my way home I stopped to get groceries and a few other items using my debit card with my own money in the bank and those transactions were approved and went thru.About an hour later I got an email alert of my acct being in overdraft status so I called the number back and the same guy answered and told me it was just a mistake and would be corrected shortly and he would be calling me back in 30 mins. Well 10 mins later I received another alert about my credit score and fraudulent activity so I immediately called the guy back again and asked again why my acct was in overdraft and why am I getting these alerts because I sent them their money and he said again that it was being corrected and he would be calling me back in 30 minutes to verify it.I hung up but had a sinking feeling so I then tried to call my bank branch and freeze my acct for the time being but was too late to stop the charges and I was now responsible for paying it all back. They had indeed took all my existing money, the checks they deposited were returned and flagged as suspicious overdrafting my acct. I called the guy again and began to ask questions, heard someone laughing in the background and then got hung up on. Right then I knew I was scammed. The number they were calling me from was unknown but the number they gave me to contact them was 773.786.9437. I googled it and its a scam number associated with CASHUSA.COM and used often.I was naive and had never applied for a loan before but I am still responsible to pay all that money back, overdraft fees for each transaction that was returned and they took all my money I originally had in there as well. I was distraught and it put me in a bind plus the upcoming holidays are ruined for my household. It would be so easy for me to discriminate against all and any West Indians but I'm just not built that way and don't want to block my blessings so in my heart I have to forgive and move on.These people are evil, demonic individuals and will get theirs in due time. I was so angry, ready and willing to start bashing all West Indians for the actions of a few bad apples but I will bounce back and this is the first and last time that will EVER happen to me. **ASK QUESTIONS, RESEARCH AND STAY ALERT**. These people have all my personal info forcing me to use LIFELOCK now. Better to be safe now than sorry later though. Blessings to you all.
Last week this guy called me at work and asked, “Has anybody discussed your case with you?” I said, “What case?” I wasn’t aware I had a case. He started talking and I said, “I’m at work, you’re going to have to call me after one on my cell.” After I got home, I received a phone call from a so-called ** law office from a legal assistant claiming I had taken out various loans and given false account information so the payments were rejected and never paid them back. This guy had an Indian accent and he said I was going to be subpoenaed to court and picked up the following day by the police and arrested on federal fraud charges. He was saying I took out loans in October. Initially I got scared thinking someone had been using my information to take out loans.This guy had my address, bank account number, employer, last four of my Social Security Number ,etc. He said I owed over $5000.00 and if I didn’t settle it today they were going to submit the case and the police were going to show up at my work. The caller Mike ** (yes, very Indian sounding) became very intimidating and threatening with me when I tried to get more information. He eventually hung up on me because I kept asking more questions. I called back and tried to get a supervisor’s name and he hung up again. I called my lawyer right away and he told me how it was a scam and that I should call back and try to get a mailing address. So I did so, and he put the phone down and finally gave me an address. Upon further investigation I found out the law firm does exist, so I called the real law firm and they knew immediately what I was talking about. It is a scam these people use their law firm as a front. He told me to call the authorities and the fraud department of my bank. Once I knew it was a scam I started calling the guy back and ** with him. Since I knew the address he gave me was fake I said, “How much I owe you? Because I’m going to send you a check for the amount to the address.” He got so mad and was like, “Stacey, this is not a collection agency, what are you thinking?” I said, “Well, you told me I had to settle with money today or be charged.” Then I snapped and said, “You know what buddy, I called ** law firm and they have never heard of a Mike **, Stacey ** or my so-called case. I know this is a scam and if you don’t leave me alone, there will be problems.” He said, “You think this is a joke? We’ll see who’s laughing when the US Marshals pick you up at work tomorrow morning.”So the next day I had off of work and he actually called asking to talk to my manager. He told my co-worker all the details of how I owed money and would be arrested. My co-worker got all freaked out and told my manager right away and she’s like, “You didn’t give any information, did you?” She googled the number and saw it was a scam.I’ve called the number back a few times just to ** with the guy pretending to be looking for the real Joseph **. “Oh, he’s on lunch.” I said, “Okay, please just transfer me to his voicemail.” The guy like put the phone down for a minute and picked it back up and was like, “I’m having trouble reaching his extension.” What a joke. Scary, though--he had all that information about me! The person stating to be from this law firm called my employer and divulged personal information about me, threatening my co-worker. This person also threatened me and scared me initially.
I started receiving phone calls from a guy that had a middle eastern accent and was very difficult to understand. The caller ID showed the number as "unknown" or 000-000-0000. I let them go to voice mail. The guy was talking so fast in his message and all I could barely understand was "officer", and I owed them money and their phone number to call back. So, I called them back. He answered the phone but I still could not understand what he was saying. He was talking so fast and very, very difficult to understand. Extremely rude and mean to me. He was saying that he was representing InstaCash and that he was an "officer" of some sorts and was calling to get me to pay. I told him that I had never taken out a payday loan from InstaCash or from any payday loan company. He said I was lying and that I took out a $1,500 loan in December. I told him I did not. He then informed me that I was going to be arrested. I then started realizing that this was an elaborate scam. I have been a paralegal for 33 years and collections was not carried out like this. So, just to make sure that nothing was missing out of my bank account I checked transactions back to November, 2011. Nothing was taken out or deposited into my account. I then called him back. I told him that everything he was saying was false and that he was committing fraud. He then started getting really mean and threatening. He said he was going to have me arrested, etc. I told him to go right ahead. I also told him that if I had taken out a payday loan that they will not issue these loans without a agreement already in force to automatically take the money from your account. He said I had closed my account. (I can't believe that they make this crap up and think I'm going to fall for it). I then informed him that I had reported him to the Federal Fraud Commission. I filed several complaints against them. Please do not be taken in by these criminals. If you receive one of these calls, then call their bluff. Tell them you have reported them to the FBI, and that Federal Agents should be at their door soon. Do not give them any money or your bank account number. They will rob you blind. The minute I told them I had reported them to the FBI they stopped calling.
I got a phone call on my cellphone, accusing me of getting a loan and not repaying it, and threatening me that I was being sued, and I am going to jail. Never have I received any money from this company. It just isn't nice to accuse someone of something, when they aren't true.
In November, I started receiving threatening emails from Cash USA, I don't know who they are and why they are harassing me. I researched the phone number that was given to me by this individual. It turns out that I am not the only person that got the exact same emails with the same $ amounts listed. This told me that I was dealing with a scam artist who by the way does not know how to spell or use the English language. I have since not responded to the emails. I need to know how I can stop them. Any suggestions or ideas would be great.
I am being harassed by several individuals (with thick middle eastern accents), who claim to be attorneys representing Insta Cash loans. Their claim is I defrauded on an online payday loan and they are going to have me arrested for internet fraud, among other charges if I did not fax them a promise to pay right away, (thank goodness we had a blizzard that day and nothing was open). I googled Insta Cash and discovered many similar stories of this being a fraud.I was concerned because I had taken out an online payday loan, I checked with my bank however, and I never received anything from Insta Cash and my other loan was paid off. The first man called himself Ethan **, the second man calls himself Alex ** and claimed to be from internet crime investigations. Now a third man named Nathan ** is calling me. Also, they are calling my job, friends and family threaten them. It is very frightening that they have all my information. I have several phone numbers and even an supposed account number from them.I called back once and told them they are a fraud and to stop harassing me. I was threatened with federal prison. I told them this is America, debtors do not go to jail. They replied can you be so sure, and hung up. Can anything be done to stop this? They use different phone numbers and sometimes the caller id reads all 00000s.
I received a call today from an alleged place of business calling themselves the State Attorney's Office in New York. They stated that I took out an internet loan from the InstaCash company and never paid it back. They stated that it was a lawsuit against me for over $8000 and that I will be arrested come Monday if I don't go to court and pay the money. They have my name, email address, home phone number, and bank name. They could not give me any real information as to what the alleged loan amount is for, when I received the amount, and what account the money was supposedly deposited in. They said that they had contacted me over 30 times via email. Who handles legal matters through email?! I went to my bank to try to get documentation to disprove the fraudulent claim. I called the "law firm" back while I was at the bank. Each person that I was forwarded to had foreign accents that were very distinct, but had American names (Shawn ** and Adam **). I was on the phone with Mr. Shawn ** first. When I asked him several questions to verify the claim, he could not answer so he forwarded me to Mr. Adam **. When Adam got on the phone I told him that he sounds just like Shawn. He then told me that I can not prove that over the phone. I then told him that I was recording the call and could use voice recognition to verify. He then said that if I did not trust him, then he did not want to talk to me. He then hung up in my face. I am now researching this "business" and contacting BBB to report them. I am also filing a police report for a possible scam and identity theft. They called the wrong woman today!
I was notified yesterday by a company that represents InstaCash that my husband was going to be charged with check fraud and bank fraud. He applied for a Payday loan and received it, (which is still in good standing). That very day, another company put $300.00 into my account. My husband and I tried with no success to call this company to give the money back. So we let them take the $300 out of our account in installments. They ended up getting about $400. We then stopped payment for any future withdrawals from that company (Star Cash Processing). I'm unsure if this is the same company, but they had no authorization to deposit or withdraw any money from our account. The man on the phone (Samuel **) said that they were going to go to my husband's work and arrest him. They also wanted me to fax them a letter authorizing $988 from my account and then the charges would be stopped. They wanted a copy of my driver's license and the last 4 of my social security number. That is finally when I realized that this had to be a scam. I asked them for documentation and they said that there would be none because the money that I was to give them would hold off any charges. When they called, it sounds like a bad connection and they have very distinct Asian accents. I told the man that he needed to get someone else on the phone that I could understand. They also threatened to get my husband fired. I've contacted the Minnesota Attorney General and mailed in a complaint. More has to be done to stop these people! My husband was ready to give them money for fear his job would be on the line. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.
I just had some guy by the name of Alex ** call me, stating I had taken out a payday loan with the company and I have never paid it back. I have never taken out any loan of any kind online. What scares me is this person has all my information down to a "T"! The only thing he has wrong is my bank account (thank goodness) and my address wrong. I do not know what to do as of now, because we can't change our SS # or our driver's license like we can in a bank account.They even said, I was going to have a warrant out for my arrest and I will be charged with fraud. However, when I asked for him to send me documentation and tell me how much the loan was for, he kept changing the subject. I will figure out something to do!
Received 3 calls from these scammers today claiming that I took a loan from them and that there was a warrant for my arrest; I never applied or received money. I asked for the name of their agency name and address, my right under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, only to be asked why I needed it. I told her that it was my right and she transferred me only to come back to the phone 5 minutes later and hang up. I called back and this was one of many clues that this was scam when they answered the phone with "Hello" and not with a business name and/or greeting. This person when I asked for the name and address put me on hold for 10 minutes when I asked for an address. She must have forgotten that I was there and came back accidentally and I told her I was waiting on the name and address and of course she hung up. I called back and this time they kept picking up the phone and hanging up. I don't understand how these people don't know where they work or how they got there. At this point, I decided to have a little fun with them and put my phone on auto redial and let it call them repeatedly for 10 minutes or so on each number they called me from. They kept picking up and hanging up. It was a bit amusing and satisfying knowing they disturb people all day with bad intentions. Please don't fall for these scammers. These idiots randomly picked an attorney this time to call and I knew how to verify if they were legit. It's as simple as asking for their AGENCY name and address. Even if they can provide you with one, do your due diligence and research the company they give you to verify its validity before you give away your money and if you're contacted, be proactive and report it immediately. If we all do our part, we can slow these goons down from preying on people.
I just received a call from some guy (Indian) telling me that I now have a lawsuit against me for not paying back a loan. I never took the loan or received any money from them. He says I owe over $8,000 Plus over $1,000 for court co? I don't think so! Is there anything that can be done about this? The calls are endless all day long!
My name was fraudulently given to those people through others that might had access to my account and social security number. Though the act was performed after they had received my account number social security and routing number of the bank they went and wrote a check electronically through the account which was check number 9999. for $29.995 And when the bank gave me their number I tried to call them they did not answer the phone except the machichines which kept its rembling. They also publish my info online andhad about 20 other consumers like them calling me in regards to cash advance and pay day loan to offer me $5,000 to $20,000 loans
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