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Americor Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Americor
Email: New clients: [email protected] ; Existing clients: [email protected]
Phone: New Clients: 866-333-8686; Existing Clients: 866-333-8484
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 89 %
The staff at Americor Financial customer service have been very professional and helpful. After speaking with Richard I feel that he will try to make the best decison on my behalf. Thank you
Surprised how quickly they got things started.
They keep you in formed they are spending all the money I give them paying off my stuff they all are professional and knowledgeable specially Nora who I have been working with to settle some claims
So far, Americorp has done the things they promised. They have settled several accounts, including one that was a little over $15,000, all for around 50% of the balance. They have done a very good job of keeping in touch with us and keeping us informed re progress on settling our accounts. Would recommend them highly.
After a string of bad decisions, accepting help from Americor Financial Services was the best choice I could make. I'm finally getting out from under the debt that was crushing me, and thank God, I'm getting my family's life back together. It was a hard choice, but the right one to make.
Joe and Vanessa were very helpful and professional in handling my questions and my private financial information. They were upfront and honest about what the company could and could not do for me giving me the chance to make an informed decision. All of what they told me verbally was backed up in the written agreement. Their fees are reasonable given all the work they are doing on my behalf, and, in the end, I am paying the same that I would have paid to the credit card companies just in a shorter amount of time. I am looking forward to being debt-free in three to four years with Americor's assistance.
I feel so much better after starting my life to financial freedom with Americor Financial Services! At first I was hesitant but after speaking with Bill and Michelle Shank I have every bit of confidence in the decision that I made. Both were patient and explained each detail with me walking me through each and every step. Michelle knows how to break the terminology in an understandable manner and is such a joy to talk to. Can't wait to go through this process with her!!!!
Great company very helpful and knowledgeable staff
Everyone there had been soooooo helpful!
The services I received today from Karla were excellent and she answered every question I had to the fullest!! Thank you Karla for all your help.
We are scared, waiting for the calls to start rolling in. But we know we made the right decision and Americor will be with us all the way. They explained well but letting go of credit cards is hard. And we were not behind in any payments.
Jemari James was attentive and supportive. I'm looking forward to the journey....
Karla C. was very helpful in answering questions and touching bases with our account.
This has been a great experience. I feel like i’m not alone in dealing with overcoming my debt. I received my 60 day follow up call from Karla Castillo - she was very helpful and supportive. Jenelle Swindle
Since Americor took control of paying off our debt, life is much less stressful. Our hats off to Team Americor!! Team Americor, we are heading toward a year and you all are still the best. (1 August 2017)
Supportive and helpful professionals guided me through the procedure for getting me back onto a firmer financial footing. Documentation and initial preparations thorough, helpful and sympathetic. The first financial settlement negotiations for my first creditor were arranged rapidly.
I was very nervous at first on whether Americor would be able to help me with my debt challenges and after working with Richard and his team, they were able to work out a settlement that really made a positive impact for me financially. For those of you looking for a company that really works with you and insures confidence in their ability to settle with your creditors, the team at Americor Financial has really done an amazing job helping me on this journey to become debt free. Thank you Americor!
I have been trying to reach out to Americor Funding for the past 7 days in regards to my account and have not been able to. All I have been able to obtain, even when filling out the form and requesting a call, is a message stating “The person at extension 8166 is not available”. Is anyone else having this issue?
I have just started the process. Joshua Hall has provided great information and explained all details of the process. I feel very confident working with Americor & Joshua Hall to settle my debts. Thank you!!
I didn't know what I was getting into at first, but the guys at Americor made things very easy. I'm 11 months in and they have already settled six of my accounts. I still have a bit to go but I am glad they are there to help!
When you're experiencing financial hardship and the bill collectors start hitting you up on your cell and your home phone, it's a feeling and situation I can't quite fully communicate. All I felt was hopelessness. But Americor helped me out and put me on a path to financial freedom. I'm nearly debt free and it's all due to Americor.
Action has not began by Americor to assist in reduction of balance owed after two months of missed payments to specific creditors and personal writtennotification mailed to those specific creditors. I used the exact script provided by Americor when speaking to creditor collections and in written memo. To lessen the derogatory impact of missed payments on my credit reports, Americor should be taking action to negoitate reduced balances to lower affordable monthly payments now instead of 6mths from now.
I have not been with Americor very long but everyone is very professional and caring. Michelle has helped me through all the phases of this difficult process. I recently lost my job and Michelle helped me defer a payment without question. Thank you all for being there in my hour of need. Sincerely Keeno Keys
I'm only 4 months in and already they have settled 3 acts, i recommend to all. thank you very much Americor. and the staff is wonderful and very helpful.
I went into this knowing it was going to be somewhat of a long process. But I have yet to have a bad experience. The people here are really here to help! There is always someone available to talk to and answer any questions you have.
Good and thorough
My first contact was with Jim Herse who was more of an adviser than someone trying to get me as a customer. Followup contacts were answered all my questions and helped me get through the guilt feelings I was having for allowing my financial situation to get in the condition it is.
You guys have been great in helping me get this done. Has taken a while and more to come but we are getting it solved. Justin Carreon has been a great help. Thanks Carl.
Juan helped me gain the trust of Americor. Very satisfied with the customer service with the company. Without Americor I would be in a debt that I would find impossible to get out of but thanks to Juan I was able to get on a plan to help me get out of it in 36 months. They deserve way more than 5 stars I am very satisfied with them. Thank you Juan. And thank you Americor. Thank you to all the workers.
Excellent customer service from Arlease and the entire team!
At first I was a bit nervous when I initially signed up with Americor, but now that I see the progress of my first settlement offer. I feel elated and relieved. Thank you so much for your help.
Richard H. was very helpful by giving me directions in getting my debt paid.
They are compassionate and work hard for the clients.
Ryan was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for working with me on this project and you are a blessing. Channdra
All I ever heard were horror stories about debt management companies; but NEEDED to do something. Never heard of Americorp financial, so picked them over all other offers. Boy, did I make THE RIGHT CHOICE!! What a superior, knowledgeable, friendly staff!! Thank you to all, whether you've worked specifically on my case or not!!
So far my hubby and I are thrilled and relieved to have found Americo. And our guy Jamari James has been so very helpful and patient with us as to we needed time to think and process everything. It’s been pretty simple so far and we can’t wait to be debt free and also teach us to never do this again. This will certainly help us with learning to manage better and be patient with the process. We are super thankful and feel blessed to have Jamari and Americo team on our side. Thank you so much
I had the GREATEST experience with Americor!! They were super communicative, listened to all of my needs/concerns, kept me informed on my progress, and were always understanding if I needed to make my payment a few days later than my due date. I would recommend this program to anyone feeling like they are drowning in financial debt. In 3 years I am debt free and my credit score is back up!!! I feel like I can breathe again thanks to Americor.
Ryan S. Was knowledgeable and courteous and after I talked with him I felt confident that my account was being handled by a qualified person that actually cared about my well-being. Ronny Holiday
Everyone has been super helpful and provided me with anything I need. Also with the follow ups and answering all my questions I am glad to feel that people are caring and understanding with my situation. I look forward with working with them and to keep the excellent service.
My title says it all!
Karla was very helpful and friendly.everyone I have dealt with has helped me a lot. Thank you
So far they have been very supportive as to my concerns and willingness to assist
Love the bubbly attitude and courteous nature of Renada ! Always look forward to speaking with the her for answers to my questions !
Ryan was an excellent representative for your company I was very pleased with his service.
Karla Castillo was very professional and helpful she answered all of my questions and promptly addressed my concerns. It was a pleasant teleconference/meeting.
Just wanted to say i was very impressed with Arlease, she explained everything to me so i could understand it. It was a very good experience. I am happy with the decision i made by going through Americor.
I was in desperate need of credit relief assistance and Americor’s team of credit counselors really went out of their way to educate me about what was going on and how to successfully manage my money. 2 years later and I’m out of debt and I’ve even built a decent savings.
Troy Davis was top notch and made the process painless. He did his job and kept my dignity in tact. He is a good listener and a good human being
In a very trying time for me financially I have nothing but positive things to say about Americor Financial. They have setup a plan that will work for me and have worked with me knowing I'm going through some major life decisions. They have helped me every step of the way and be very responsive to my many, many emails and phone calls. I can't put into words how much of a peace of mind they have given me in order to get back on track financially. They have given me all the tools to get on track, stay on track and to not worry. Most of all they have freed things for me financially with a plan that will benefit me for the 2nd phase of my life. Every person that I've spoken too has treated me with respect in a very professional courteous manner and I couldn't be happier. From the initial consultation (while I was at work) walked outside to the loading dock and spoke with someone for about 15 minutes, to setting up all the other details, to a follow up with someone telling them I had some issues and they said (NO PROBLEM) we'll get you back on track, to my current situation of just calling for information and getting things resolved in a matter of minutes (less then 5). Thanks Michelle for being so courteous today and helping me to ensure that 2017 will be the best year ever! Regards, john
Juan Rosales has been super by helping me learn how to negotiate a settlement. Everyone has been very nice and helpful when I've called in for assistance. Thank you so much for your help and support.
I’ve been speaking with a rep called Austin for some time now, I was very nervous to go ahead and commit to this, one I made that decision I felt a great relief. Austin has been great, very patient with me, and did not make me feel embarrassed about the whole situation at all. I would highly recommend working with him. The company seems very organized and I really like the online portal, it allows you to be involved, still have responsibility and see your progress.
Ryan S called this day and was very professional and patiently answered all my questions. He was very cheerful at this time and was very understanding. and has excellent customer service
This is a review based on my first couple of months in dealing with Americor. Although things could change, I have no reason to believe they will. First and foremost, I was treated with RESPECT, not only from my first contact (sales) to later (support). I have asked hundreds of questions, and I have received full, complete, transparent, non-evasive answers to each and every one. Even when my questions could perhaps be seen as delving into proprietary information, the people I dealt with were open, not circumspect. When a question I asked couldn't be answered directly because no one knew the answer given the nature of negotiations, I felt I was given a straightforward and reasonable response. The TONE of the several people I've dealt with was one of competence - each person seemed to me to be uncommonly knowledgeable about the service and EMPOWERED to help me understand my options. They did not leave it to me to ask the right questions from ignorance - they supplied helpful information and recommendations. When I read the critical reviews that a minority have left in this space, it makes me scratch my head in wonder. People come to Americor for many reasons, but what they all seek is honest, no-nonsense options. Americor has, to this point, provided me with an option that I looked at very carefully, and studied for quite some time. It made sense for ME. For others, it might not be the right solution. But to label them "thieves" as one commentator here did seems petty, vindictive and ignorant. People who come to a company like this for help are not stupid. And every person I have come across at this company has treated me as though they understand that. If one takes that time to examine their process, they will find that, like any good and successful business, they are making a legitimate profit by providing a legitimate service. But I feel there's a little more to it than that. I think they have found a way to make money and also help people, and to solve a very widespread social problem. I don't begrudge them a profit. On the contrary, I wish I had thought of the idea. Now, as I say, things can change. But take a look at what Americor's EMPLOYEES have to say about the company online. A company that treats its employees well is a company that understands what it takes to keep customers happy. If there's a disgruntled former employee of Americor out there, I have yet to see any evidence of it. This relationship you make with this company - it is a two-way street. If you think it's ALL about YOU, it may be a sign that you need to rethink how to manage your life and your finances. Americor has a solution that is honest and absolutely clear to anyone willing to read, listen, and ask questions. If you can't do that much, it's unlikely anybody can help you.
Been with the company for 7 months and have helped settled 2 accounts already. So far so good with this company. Great customer service.
Fantastic - I have been working with them for the last 6 months and they have been very responsive and effective. So far 3 of my accounts have been settled for less than 50%. I even referred a few close friends/family to Americor because they've been such a blessing!
Everyone in the Customer Service Department makes you feel at ease. They never pressure you and are willing to make sure you get what you need at that time. Whether its a question, support, or just a "simple" we understand, it goes a long way.
I had reached a place that I knew I would not be able to get out of on my own...I had tried!! I was not feeling to good about myself, but the moment I talked to Jordan I felt such a relief. He was very understanding and not judgmental. I started feeling some hope that I would once again see daylight as Jordan explained my options. I have just started this process, and I am a little nervous. However, Jordan and Sylvia assured me they would be there with me through this process. I so appreciate their help and understanding as I am learning to regain control of my life, to never return to this situation again!! Thank you Americor Financial!
Arlease was extremely helpful and polite. She understood my situation and worked hard to accommodate me which I really appreciate. Her customer service is stellar! Kim
I would highly recommend Americor to everyone due to the staff excellent service.
Every time I talk to Sally my stress level goes down to ZERO! Sally is one of those special persons that speaks with a smile in her voice and seems to have made it her goal to solve whatever problem I bring to her. She returns every single phone call promptly, is always friendly, polite and eager to help. Has a quick mind and understands concerns and sets about to solve them on the spot! She also keeps track of what needs to be done and keeps me ahead of the curve. I could not be more thankful to have Sally on my team as I face this difficult moment in my life! With Best Wishes & Immense Gratitude, Gladys Hall-Kessler
Karla Castillo was excellent on reviewing my account with Americor she is good on doing her job. Very helpful. Thank again Karla..
Not only did Adam put me at ease at my moment of rock bottom, he helped me beyond words. The knowledge, sincerity in caring, willingness to work out what worked for ME, and personal touch are something I haven't experienced in longer than I can remember. He is a true expert and I know that because I have a background in finance. He not only was there to help, but was enthusiastic about helping and ALWAYS called me back right away if I wasn't able to reach him immediately. If he is any indication of what this company represents, USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello there! I just want to let you know that I have a excellent experience today. Karla Castillo was assisting me and I am very satisfied. Thank you Gohar Harutyunyan
I am very happy so far with ameircor financial . they have settled three accounts alreadyin less then a year.
Richard Hubler is a very nice person that is handling my settlement. My credit is very important to me. I, learned about the group from the mail coming to my house. So, I called them and we got started. They are very honest, professional, and you learn a lot from them. They are a group you would want to do business with.
I was nervous to make the Call at first but Adam took me in and completely made me feel so comfortable about the entire process. Just recently Jose was able to negotiate one of my cards from close to $12,000 all the way down just under $4000. Everyone I’ve encountered is so nice caring and informative. I am so grateful I found this wonderful company that takes care of this for me. Thank you!!!
Debt sucks and I was honestly ready to give up and just go bankrupt. I got Americor's number from a friend in a similar situation and it was such a relief. Their services are inclusive, and, above all, compassionate. My debt counselor sounded as equally relieved that she could help me as I was. Great customer service. Feeling optimistic now!
Derrick F. surprised me with the Big Lot settlement for less of 1/2 of what I owed, being paid over several months with my RAM acct. That made me very happy!
I received a phone call with my first settlement in less than three months so am very well pleased. I had anticipated it would be 4-6 months as Americor had told me. Thank you for starting much sooner. Hope the rest goes as smoothly.
They have been very helpful in settling my accounts and getting me debt free quicker!
I can't express my everlasting gratitude towards the work and progress that Americor has been performing when it comes to my credit card debt. They are always on top of each and every debitor and they always make sure I am made aware of what is going on with every dollar that I have invested. At this present time, I would recommend them to anybody looking to make his / her debt go away.
Elizabeth Garcia offers quality and responsive customer service. She has walked us through each step of the process.
My wife and I signed up with them early this year. So far, everything is running smoothly. The people we deal with are very professional, nice and helpful. When we signed up, everything was laid out. We were thoroughly informed on what to expect, what to do and what will happen eventually. No surprises! We also receive updates on what is going on which is one of the things I like about them.
Karla C. did my 60 day call today. She was very professional and answered all questions I had
Everyone at Americor Financial has been wonderful. Eric, Brad and Shanessa have been amazing to work with.
Very honest and straight forward. They design a plan and stick with it, helping you to achieve your goals. After 9 months I'm already half way done. Expectation was 2 years. Great staff that is friendly and informative.
Karla was very thorough and walked me through the entire process.
Ryan S. At Americorp was very helpful. Explained all the things i needed to do. Was patient with me. Godd experience.
The Americor team has really been great. Tyler and the entire team has really worked hard to get me on the road to financial freedom. They answer questions quickly when you call and are friendly and professional
So far Americor Financial has settled 1/2 my accounts and saved me lots of money. I would recommend this company to everyone that has come across financial hardships. I would like to give a special "thank you" to Lesley Salgado with Americor. She has been very helpful, friendly and professional in handling my financial situation.
Teresa Godinez is an amazingly helpful young lady. She was honest and very helpful in assisting us with the challenging decision to proceed. I'm very happy so far with the treatment and assistance being provided. Thank you and I look forward to this journey we are now in together. God bless
Lesley broke it down for me in a clear abc concise manner. I also felt more reassured after speaking to her. Thanks Lesley!
Derrick and the Americor team is very helpful and knowledgeable, always happy to answer questions.
Nice speedy!
I have been working with Americor for 7 months, they have settled 2 of my 7 debts and are working on the third. The average savings on the first two was 55 %. Thanks for your hard work on my behalf.
Michelle is a wonderful staff member to deal with. Every time I email her she responds quickly and helps me out with my problem. Makes it a pleasure to deal with your company.
We were pleased with the way Kevin handled our situation. He took the time to explain everything and made sure we understood the whole process. Thank you for making this easy on us.
My experience with Americor has been nothing but seamless. The staff at Americor are always courteous, friendly and helpful. The process of setting up my debts to pay off was handled by Americor without me having to worry about it. I would recommend this company to anyone who wanted to pay off their debt in a short amount of time.
It is a pleasure speaking with Marshall Narango always. He is knowledgeable, knows his business and most pleasant. I'm very comfortable talking with him. Americor as a whole is exactly what they say it is. Every employee with whom I've spoken is unfailingly pleasant, respectful and thoroughly knowledgeable.
Juan Rosales has been a godsend. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable guiding me through this stressful process. His advice and assistance are truly appreciated.
Adam Zucker and Michael George have been great so far. I was extremely hesistant to enroll in the program; however, I am grateful I did. I would have been stuck in debt for a longtime before learning about this company. I am glad these two have held my hand and have given me the great guidance and encouragement to move forward. Looking forward to living debt free!
Very professional, always follow through and very personable, humanizing the experience.
Everyone I have been in contact with at Americor Financial Services have always been helpful and very courteous. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs help on getting out of debt
Very friendly and patient. Elizabeth G is awesome! She is very prompt about getting back with me.
Karla C was very great and helpful with my process. She was very thourough and gave me all the information I needed to make this process run smoothly. She is kind and a nice person to talk to. Thank you Karla for your help!
We are very happy with the services from this company.Everyone treats us with respect and dignity.Fast results in starting to resolve our debts .Portal program is very good and easy to use.I have limited computer ability's and I can use this program .Thank you to everyone for your assistance and your compassion
I was told this was a loan / a credit line I could do what I wanted with it. How is it that I am reading reviews where people have to pay this company to clear their debt? Did anyone still get to keep their credit cards or no?
The Americor team was outstanding! They walked me through every step, it couldn't be easier. The team is professional, efficient and caring.
Michelle was very helpful and understanding with all that I questioned her and shared with her. This team has been more then kind and understanding to my financial problems.
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