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StreetShares Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: StreetShares
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 560-1435
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 86 %
I love the StreetShares model - it is a great company that fills a real need. They've got a superb leadership team and are an example of a company that is solving a real problem rather than make money off the problem. I have worked with them and think very highly of them.
I would highly recommend this firm. The staff is friendly and helpful. The returns are consistent and never miss a beat!
StreetShares is a great resource for vetrepreneurs to get quick access to capital. Finding funding is one to biggest challenges small business owners face and this platform really fills a need in the marketplace.
Great Services, easy process and straight forward.
Great service and completely small business designed and driven. A much needed and long overdue offering. Highly recommended.
I am proud to be an investor of Street Shares and a client. They loaned me $25,000 to take my business to the next level. Well, I am franchising my business now and Street Shares helped make that possible.
Great rates and speedy assessment of if it would be a good fit. Would highly recommend and will likely use them again in the future.
Customer service is top notch. Quick access to funds. Not cheap money but readily available.
Very good company. Great service with a personal touch. The process of obtaining the loan was easy and straight-forward. Beware of the Origination Fee though. It can bump your effective interest rate quite a bit. Fortunately this Origination Fee was easy to negotiate. The whole process was nearly flawless. I would do business with StreetShares again.
The customer service is excellent and StreetShares personnel are so friendly and courteous. I like the fact it was set up to assist military service members, veterans, and their families with their small business loans and small business investor needs.
StreetShares provided a quick, easy loan process that resulted in out loan being funded in only about a week from start of application to funds in our account. The rate is comparable to that used for a capital lease, but the simple interest, no prepayment penalty makes the loan attractive. The investor bidding process was interesting to watch, and I would recommend StreetShares to any business seeking short term capital.
This is a great way to invest with low risk and support a good cause. The website is simple and easy to use.
I've had the pleasure of meeting the StreetShares team in person, and they're a great group of people. Now, we've decided to work together formally and I couldn't be more excited. The process was easy, and I can see this being a powerful, long-term partnership. If you're a veteran looking for financing or to raise money for your business... STOP looking elsewhere and contact StreetShares. This is the best deal and team around. Plus, they're veteran led, and plenty of veterans work there. It's a win-win.
I was super excited to find out that I had been excepted into the family.
Excellent guidance, knowledgeable, and attentive to needs. No pressure and clearly defined terms.
Getting set up to launch on Streetshares is en easy process, and you get lots of help doing it. The really great news is you are guaranteed to fund once they've underwritten the loan and started the auction. The less good news is your interest rate will likely be much higher than underwritten as there aren't the types of lenders active on the site who care for much else than maximum return, and, the investors seek as high a rate of interest as they can achieve. This definitely isn't what you'd expect from the experience given the good nature of the Streetshares Mission and staff, but, support them, one day you'll be able to back business loans and the interest sharks will be out numbered!
StreetShares is the most straight forward way of investing I've ever experienced. It's also the most fun. I enjoy keeping track of my ever increasing interest.
A user-friendly alternative investment group. I like the ability to indicate the amount of risk I'm comfortable with (lowest of 3 tiers), set a few other parameters and let StreetShares do the rest. So far, no losses with the investments, and I just keep rolling capital into new loans as the principal and interest come back.
My company has been in business for about 4 years and all of which have been profitable. Last year we did over 1.4 Million in sales but throughout our growth, we never sourced funding or even more than one single company credit card. Little did we know that when we hit an unusual slow patch that sourcing funding would be so difficult. I have tried to source a line of credit and/or a business term loan from 4 separate banks, both small credit unions and large national banks with no luck. I have over $500,000 worth of sellable inventory and very close to no debts. It did not make sense to me in any way I looked at the situation. To say the denial's were not just words but a giant kick in my company's stomach would be an understatement. I just about threw in the towel with sourcing any kind of funding, but then I stumbled across StreetShares while looking into registering my business as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and figured, I did not have much to lose at this point. After creating an account and basically pulling images off of my company's facebook and eComm site, I had my profile ready and just had to upload a couple documents. I had the fortune of already having all of the documents prepared from the previously denying banks and simply uploaded all of that information. When that was complete, I seen that I had a chance to upload documents to give the Investing parties a better idea of who was running the company and what exactly we stood for. I thought the personable approach to this process was something I remember wishing banks would do, as it allowed me to not just show our financials but what we exist for and what our driving force is for my company. After uploading some videos, customer reviews, charities we stood behind, some event photos and screenshots of various events on our facebook, I was done. I believe it was the following day when I received a phone call to simply touch base about the application and to explain the process over the phone. Honestly, it wasn't but a day or so later I was told the loan offer was going to go live and to my surprise, not 24 hours later I was told the entire amount was funded! The funds hit my bank in literally less than 48hrs! Unreal! It is very refreshing to know that there are Veteran Owned Companies that exist today, that are really in the business of helping other Veterans. I will be recommending StreetShares to anyone I hear talking about sourcing funding. You guys took Shark Tank & Ebay, put it in a blender and poured out Awesome! Keep up the great work!!!!
I found Streetshares to be very misleading, it was not the kind of loan that I want for my business to increase inventory. Loan amount to small. Thank you, Top Model Beauty Supply
Great company for small businesses looking for loans and for small investors looking to earn some extra income. Website is simple and easy to navigate.
Streetshares is a terrific idea. Great investment, and it helps new Vet startups become self-sustaining. Couldn't be happier with the idea and the execution!
Simple process, great service. I wholeheartedly recommend StreetShares to any small business or lender!
Great to see what small business entrepreneurs across the nation are doing and be part of the action. The platform is intuitive, informative, engaging and fun to explore!
Great company to work with - timely, professional and big supporter of Veteran Owned Businesses!
StreetShares helped get me the money my business needed when it needed it. Easy lending, easy payments. I would recommend StreetShares.
Good service although the business reason for the loan failed.
Easy process, not intimidating at all. Staff was attentive and funding was quickly executed!
You guys are doing amazing work. Keep up! Open up other investing opportunities to non-accredited investors if the law allows for it.
The StreetShares platform uses innovative technology to fund deserving small businesses, looking forward to seeing it grow over time!
I want to personally thank the VP in charge of Marketing and Business Development, David Bann for reaching out to me and listening to my initial upset. His call was worth getting the Funds, even if I don't get funded. Street Shares is going through a growth phase and there was no mistake that how my account was handled was a reflection of a 'Perfect Storm' of internal changes and a Maternity Leave. David was great at listening to my 'Case' and we left the call in a great place with mutual respect and the relationship in tact. BTW, if you read up on David you'll see what a fine young man he is with a legacy of Service and Education.
This platform has provided several of our VeteransList.US members a vehicle to take there business to the next level. Incredible way to fund your company without giving up equity. Highly recommended.
Great company. Great service. Great platform. I recommend them without any reservations whatsoever to my clients.
This company is very inflexible, does not listen to the borrower, does not comply with formal requests for bank changes, and is the worst decidion I have ever made.
StreetShares has a strong, solid platform that enables small businesses to access capital quickly and at competitive rates. It also enables lenders to find quality businesses to lend to. A simple process and intuitive and easy-to-use platform developed by an excellent team!
Streetshares is a creative, available and logical response to an emerging market of entrepreneurial veterans. They are not only a great source of prospective financing, they are moving the needle in that they are visibly demonstrating the way that Americans can fund the progression of veterans as successful small business owners after their service.
I love the initiative of helping our vets
Of all the companies out there in this space, I found StreetShares to be the easiest to work with. I uploaded a few documents to their site, linked a few accounts and before I knew it I had a line of credit for $100k. Very easy, quick and impressive!
After running a small business for 3 years, StreetShares proved to be the fastest, most user friendly, and serviced based finance asset. We are looking forward to them being a integrated part of our finance team.
StreetShares is a win win for investors n veterans both. They do a great job of financing veteran business n give good returns to investors !
Despite how young my company was at the time I applied, SteetShares was available to provide the needed funds to complete a lengthy contract.
For the casual investor there is no better option. StreetShares is so easy to use and watching your money grow daily with almost zero risk is a great feeling. And the fact that it supports Veteran based businesses makes this Veteran proud to be a part of the program.
I have purchased a $1,000 three-year promissory note with a 5% per annum interest rate. The purchase itself was very easy. The website's interface gives one basically three options 1) buy a note 2) redeem a note and 3) review legal documents. The investment agreement states that each note is a security under Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933 and you can read the filing on the SEC's Edgar website. When I read the filing it noted that the directors and officers owned some $400k+ of these securities themselves. So, they are putting their money where their advertising is. In general, this would seem to be a fine investment for a small portion of a fixed income portfolio. Since this is a Regulation A security that is not registered with the SEC (Reg. A is an exemption to registration) these promissory notes cannot be leveraged (you cannot use them as collateral to borrow money - for instance). In a few years, I will update with how things go for withdraws if I decide to do that. Until then, I strongly recommend this company to anyone.
Process is easy. I wish the payment terms were longer. The interest rate is good. Funding only took a few days.
I have invested in Street Shares and it was an awesome process that was clear and easy. Helpful information throughout the process. Also was contacted about any questions. Happy to invest with such a good company.
They made the process simple, and gave me better options than other similar quick repayment loan companies. I'd definitely recommend them to others.
I've really enjoyed being a part of Streetshares!
5% rate of return with occasonal promotional bonuses - income investing has never been easier. Sure beats CDs! What's not to like? Plus I feel like I'm doing good. This operation is very easy and pleasant to deal with.
good experience easy to work with, they help out step by step highly recommended,
Street Shares was very easy to work with. Great communication at every step along the way, and just a superb, innovative lending platform overall. I would highly recommend Street Share to other entrepreneurs.
Honest service that needs more features for its platform and less sales-focused intensity on client during the process.
Responded to my needs quickly. Clear process. Understandable and easy to follow.
They listened when the banks didn't. They aren't a New York City super-high interest rate dealer either. My company was judged fairly and an equitable loan given. Would recommend highly!
As an investor, StreetShares has met all my expectations. Good, easy to use web site and ample information on the company. I fully support their goals for Veterans and appreciate the updates on the company.
StreetShares is doing terrific work by veterans and for veterans in helping them succeed in business and building better lives for themselves and their families.
My returns have dropped significantly since you removed selective investing. If I am understanding my investing options correctly I have to invest in a broad selection of loans not just individual ones. You have too many questionable loans that will default - if someone isn't willing to provide their public name and info they are less likely to keep their word to pay off their loan.
There are many companies offering small business loans, This is by far the best - quick, efficient and very fair rates.
Fast, transparent, simple, and straightforward. Everything worked just as promised, and did not have to bother about the stinking Credit Reporting Agencies "misleading" reports, which seem to be the only thing regular banks are interested in these days!
two parts - online and in person The online experience was OK, but the website could have been more upfront and explanatory about how the auction worked, blended rates, etc. But the website/platform had some glitches that were wholly unnecessary. When I spoke to someone on the phone they explained an upgrade was coming, hopefully these are resolved now. But for something having to do with decent amounts of money, that never should have happened. in person - the first phone call i made to streetshares the person answering the phone interrupted me in the middle of my very first sentence to tell me they were transferring me to someone else. this is ridiculously poor customer service. otherwise the people in e-mail and on the phone were great - but that one very first impression was a very poor one.
Excellent service, excellent product for a small business with a 'peaks and valleys' cash flow. And their veterans focus is very much appreciated.
I have recommended this organizaton to several other investors. While Ihave not seen reesults yet, it seems like a good logical cause to invest and help verterans at the same time. Looking forward to reasonable returns and good results.
StreetShares helped me get the money I needed to help fund a government contract I was working on. Very easy to work with.
My experience with Street Shares has been excellent. The website's ease of use is outstanding. I was able to seamlessly invest in the organization and the small businesses they support. Additionally, the company has been very responsive to my follow up questions. My motivator was the organizations that Street Shares supports, I believe this is a great opportunity and market.
I had heard about StreetShares, and read about them. I spoke to their team on the phone, then had the opportunity to visit their shop in person. I then applied, and was approved and funded. I thought they were professional, easy to work with, reasonable, honest. The process was smooth, quick, and easy. Would heartily recommend to any friends in a similar startup position needing cash for operations.
While I have not used StreeShare's services (yet), I applaud the company's efforts to help veteran business owners. A trust exists between veteran's that is difficult to describe, and improbable to find with a non-veteran company. As a prospective client, I am definitely more at ease with StreetShares than I would be with Big Banks because of that trust. I've spoken with the CEO on several occasions. His passion for helping people like me is evident. If I need financial assistance for my small business, I will be calling StreetShares.
I appreciate all the help in making this process easy. thank you, Alba
Great platform for high fixed income returns on fairly short-term small business debt!
A friend of mine suggested I take a look at this site and I am really glad I did! First, it is really simple to get started and the site is great. Second, you can get started with small amounts so anyone can do it. Last thing is you really feel good because you are helping small businesses.
I cannot get help because I have IRS tax liens but I understand that they do a good job for veterans.
In general I had a good experience with Streetshares. Their rates were better than most other lenders, though the origination fee they charge decreases that benefit. The application process was easy and I have found since signing up that making extra early payments is easy enough as well. My only negative was the representative that contacted me to set up my account ended up being overly pushy to sell the service. When I stated that I needed some time to compare and check out their history he still pushed to close the deal. I ended up having to hang up on him. I did the research I needed and StreetShares did end up being the best option, but the hard sell sales technique left me with a bad taste. I would have knocked them down to 3 stars, but in this culture where anything but 5-star is bad I couldn't ding them that much for one incident when all their other service has been good. I'm not sure if that selling tactic is company policy, but hopefully they recognize that business owners need their space to make decisions.
The whole process was easy to get through and well organized from the beginning. Both of the individuals we worked with, and there were only two as I recall, were very helpful and knowledgeable............... but then they are Marines and I would expect no less! I am personally recommending Street Shares to a number of veteran owned companies that I know who are looking for working capital to help grow their businesses.
Their website is easy to use and the registration process is fast, efficient, and straightforward. An incredible resource for prospective small business borrowers -- keep up the fantastic work, StreetShares!
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