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Ace Cash Express Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Ace Cash Express
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 1968
Address: 1231 Greenway Dr. Suite 600
City: Irving
State/Province: TX
Postal Code: 75038
Country: United States
Phone: 877-223-2274
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 5 %
Ok me and small daughter was at the store on 10th Arlington Indianapolis IN. The store manager waited on me. It was another lady was talking to the other employee at the window and the lady was telling her that she had put in her 2 week notices just because she found another job. So then that's when Angie burst out and said she's going to quit because she can't deal with the customer. So now everyone in the room looking like no she didn't say this. But sake stated she's been with the company for 15 years and has gone through 45 employees??? Yea ok called the district manager, no return call. So I guess if you been with a company so long nowadays you can do and say what the ** you want to.
I am a former employee with Ace Cash Express and what goes on inside is just as bad as what happens outside. First, we were forced to sell the netspend prepaid debit cards. We are told to lie to customers in order to get them to buy one and we had constant complaints from customers about their cards. We are told that if we don't sell enough everyday (the current amount as of this writing is 3 a day) then we will be terminated on the spot.I personally believe in the practice of treat your customer right and with respect and they will be a repeat customer. Also, we are not given any lunch breaks; we are told to stay behind our glass walls and work the store the average work day is between ten and twelve hours a day. And finally, no store has an emergency fire escape for our own safety. When I brought this to parties' attention, I was told not to worry about it. So for everybody reading this, there are other companies out ther with better rates that will treat you with the respect you deserve. Please keep in mind if an employee gets treated like dirt in that company, how do you think they're going to treat the customer.
I got an email with a funky order number from, what looked to be, an eBay UK address. It said my order had shipped. I've been a victim of ID theft more than once, so I clicked the link. Took me to a payday loan site. Now getting poorly worded emails from these guys. There's back and forth, saying they have signed documents. I know I never applied. They have my SS # and my bank name. Not going to get scammed again... Reporting this to AZ attorney Gen who expressly gates these types of lenders...
I applied for a title payday loan about 8 years ago. I was not knowledgeable about them. I had loan about a few months (The Ace that was on Lake June Rd). I wanted to pay off the payday loan and the Rep. said "You cannot do that". You just have to pay the interest payment. I gave her the full amount to pay off the loan and she just took out the interest payment and gave me back the rest of my money. So, I had loan for about another couple of months before I finally paid it off. I learned my lesson. Do your homework and know before you go.
I am receiving emails from this company for the last couple of months. I responded to one of them, asking them to send me the info regarding my debt. I was told that I owed 4500 from a loan I supposedly took out and defaulted on. I asked if they could me some info regarding this, once again I was told I have to pay it. What really stood out to me as a fraud was they wanted me to send money to them in a form of a payment of a Vanilla prepaid card, which I couldn't understand since there is no way of tracking my payment that I was making. This company is so full of **. FRAUD ALERT - DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM.
I'm receiving email threats from them telling me I owe but I have no recollection of it nor do I have past statements on them.. Help.
I received threatening emails pretty much threatening to put me in jail if I didn't pay. Of course my first response was "omg!! I'm gonna go to jail and lose my kids for something I didn't do!!!" So I took a deep breath and used my brain. I emailed them back being very careful of the words I chose so as not to sound like I was admitting to something I didn't do then they could use it against me. I kindly asked them for dates and a copy of any and all proof on this matter and an address so that I could also send them a written request for this info and I would have it notarized and sent to them certified return receipt requested. If they did not email me this info that being it was the 4th time I emailed them back the same thing that I would then have no choice but to turn all of these emails over to my "lawyer" and that I have rights and that I believe that they are violating those rights and will have my lawyer do anything the law allows him to do. I have not heard from them in 4 days now and hopefully I won't again!! This is so not right to scare the .... out of people, especially people that are already going through too much stress!!! Not bad for a women that dropped out in 8th grade to start a family. But I must say they had me for a minute and I was very tempted to just pay it so I didn't have to worry because I have kids and I'm pregnant and my main concern is always making sure my kids are ok especially because their father has past, they have no one else to depend on. Someone please stop these people!!?? THE PHONE NUMBER THEY'RE SENDING IN EMAILS IS (843) 558-8300. The main company name they use is ACE CASH EXPRESS EMAIL. ADDRESS IS [email protected]. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!
We have taken out loans MANY times, and NEVER missed a payment. Well, with things in our personal lives causing some issues we forgot to update our numbers and today (8/10/2018) we went to pay our monthly payments, and even though the signed contract informs of late payment fee twice, apparently they do not honor that part of the agreement. I understand going directly to the bank with someone constantly being late, but given our history that is not the way to treat good customers.
Honesty, accountability of 1 your clerks. I misplaced my wallet today. I didn't exactly know where it was. I returned to the store. She kept it for me and returned it to me. She's also very helpful to me when I'm doing business. "GOD" Bless her for being honest.
My experience with Ace was awful. They were very rude. They told my they were licensed and they were not. They kept telling me I owed them money when I didn't. After I reported them to the BBB they sent me a "paid in full" letter.
Applied online for loan. Got response from Ace Cash Express for $5000. Was told because of my score I would need to submit $250 by a Google Play card to the loan money AND the $250 put into my bank. Went to store, got Google Play card, called Stanley, told him the number on the back of card, and waited. When the money didn't get into my account, I called and Stanley said I would need to put more money to get it processed because the FCC or FDC was holding the money. The additional money would take care of it and release my money plus the money I had added to the pot. Did the same thing again. No money showed up. I wanted to believe in this and he kept telling me to trust them one more time. Anyway, the total amount I am out is $1400, never did receive the loan, the money I put into it, and now when I call Stanley is no longer working there. I sent e-mail to the president of ACE and supposedly they have found out there is a scam company using their letterhead, etc. I am probably never going to see my $1400 and will have to file bankruptcy because I am in even more debt and in a deeper hole. I have learned a very expensive lesson never ever give money to get money.
I thought I activated a debit, found it was no funds on the card even I never used it, plus I forgot my pin number for the card. Contacted them - the girl was challenged because I am asking routine questions like my balance and why it is $0.00, I mean exactly that amount. That sounds stupid, she would not let me speak a supervisor. Asked for corporate number nothing so I am out 25.00. Thanks. Don't fool w/ these. Look people at the people who work there, they all look like former **. Disgusting... Of course it was my fault - you get what you pay for scam artists...
I applied for and was approved for a small loan. The day after the money was put into my account, my bank information was accessed and I had several charges from companies across the US, totalling approx. $2000. It could be a convenience but this is the only company that I provided my information to. I advised Ace Cash Express and was told by the rep - "then you need to report it to the police, but that has nothing to do with us". No apology and information wasn't reported to any fraud department to look into. Will NOT use them again. Do not feel confident that my information is safe.
I applied for a loan of $800 not knowing what the payback would be until the loan was approved. I received a email letting me know that my loan was approved and little to my knowledge there was a pay back scale of me paying $196 twice a month for 5 months. Mind you! I would be paying them back $761.43 and that's not including the $800 for a total of $1561.43. Is that not crazy or what! They have showed me a different side of them and I advise you to stay away from them for the simple fact if you need a loan in the first place how are you going to pay back double. It makes no sense. I use to like this place, but now I've washed my hands with them. Be smart and do your part! Stay away there or other loan companies that are more reasonable.
Ace cashed my check after I filled bankruptcy. That was a violation of the Federal Court order and I need my money back. What can I do?
I applied for a $300 installment loan online with ACE Cash Express in August of 2018. The money was deposited in my account the next business day. They withdraw my installment loan payment amount for my installment loan when my paycheck gets deposited. I have not had any problem with ACE Cash Express and they have been a great place to get a short term installment loan.
I got approved for $3000.00. My loan officer name is Mack ** phone number is ** from Dallas, Texas. Anyways he told me that I needed to show him 275.00 for my payment that will be taken out to pay for the loan. So he told me to go to a CVS store and to pick up a visa dot green card. And he told me to put $275 on the card. He later then told me that I needed to pay $365.00 for another visa dot green card, for an insurance installment fee to process my credit score. He told me that the loan will be transferred into my checking account will be $3640.00. He later then told me that the money would be in my account within 30-45 min to an hour, when I noticed that it wasn't in my account. I gave a call back to him and he told me that the money couldn't be transferred because they don't transfer to Hawaii. The only way he told me to get this money I would have to pay $252.00 for the fee, to do a money gram or through Western union. I later then told him I didn't have the money, so this dated for 7-10-2015 through 7-12-2015. On 7-28-2015 I called him to cancel my loan but he reinstated that I don't cancel because I will lose my money. So he told me to buy a $300.00 visa dot green card to pay for my fee to get the transfer of $3640.00 wired into my account, that same day within 30-45 min. I asked him if I needed to do a moneygram or western union he told me "No". And that it will be transferred into my account and promised me that it was the last time to dish out any money. After I noticed that it didn't go through in my account I called him back and said what's happening, so he lied to me and said I needed to pay another fee of $250.00 for the money gram and western union. He told me that the money gram people will call me back within 10-15 min for reference number. I didn't receive a phone call from them, so I called Mack back and he told me that "They didn't call you back?" And I said "No". So he told me to hold on for about 10 min and later told me that I needed to buy another visa dot green card for $220.00. And I told him why would I have to pay that amount for. He told me that I needed to open an account with them. I got upset and told him that's a lot of money that I have to pay. So he told me that would be the last time I have to do it. But I am so fed up with these lies. I got more furious and told him this is a scam, and if I don't get my money back, I will not hesitate to sue Ace Cash Express.
I too, received several emails regarding an alleged loan and like others, I was not provided with any details to when and how much and the company involved. The email also referenced the exact same amount as the other person who wrote a review of this organization. This is a complete scam. I have found that it is better to ignore them than to respond.
ACE Cash Express has an online service for obtaining a loan. I requested a loan for $325, which I obtained at the ACE Express on Blanco Road in San Antonio. When a payment for $98.75 was due, I attempted to pay it on the 3rd since that is when I would get my disability check. I attempted to make a payment online. It gave me loan for $423.75. I called and the lady on the phone said that it was corrected. Then, we made an arrangement to make my payments on the 6th. She neglected to tell me that the payment will be due on the 2nd, when I was supposed to get my check on the 3rd. This made no sense at all. They payment was ultimately taken from my Coastal Community Teachers Credit Union in Corpus Christi, of which I am now being charged $500 in charges ($25.00 each).
I had gotten a payday loan with Ace Cash Express. I have gotten them before and I have always paid them back. This time, I was not able to pay them back and I have expressed that to them but now all they do is call my work place every day. I am worried that I might lose my job because when they ask for me, they tell the person answering the phone what they are calling for which I believe is wrong of them to tell my problems to strangers. They are rude when you speak with them. I have told them that they cannot call me at work and when I let them know that, they can speak with my mother and she can let them know when we are able to pay it back. All they do is yelling and tell me that they can't do that but they talk to her and they call our house. I told the last lady I spoke that they couldn’t keep calling me at work and if they did, I was going to get an attorney and she told me to do what I have to do but they were going to call my job every day until I paid them back. I am so tired of it and I wish I had the money to pay them back, but, I don’t right now!
I received the stating that I owe them $1500 for a loan that I never took out and that they were going to report me to the FBI. They said it was a paid day loan. I NEVER use those types of loans because they are illegal in my state. This has Fraud written all over it.
I applied for my first payday advance in the middle of the night on a Saturday. Called per their email for verification on a Sunday. We had a conference call with my bank about my direct deposit amounts and that was it! The wait on the phone was nominal and Ellen even offered for me to pick up cash at the store. What is all the fuss? They are great!
Ace Cash Express called me and told me I qualified for a loan. The next I knew they had put almost $5,000 into my savings account. The next day they wanted me to send the money using MoneyGram, sending it to $3 different people in states. I notified my bank and they froze all my accounts saying this was it was fraud. They are now investigating.
I was alerted by my credit monitoring that a hard inquiry by Ace Cash Express was reported. After going through several phone calls of which no one could tell me anything I was given an email address to write to. All I wanted was for them to remove the inquiry from my report and to send me a Credit Inquiry Removal Letter. They informed me I would need to file a police report if I didn’t “apply for these loans.” First of all I was never told there were actually loan applications in my name, and certainly nothing specific like when, or where or what information was given. Am I supposed to go to the police saying “I need to file a report because my identity was stolen” and then say “Based on what evidence?” And I respond with “Ace Cash Express ran my credit without my authorization.” Beware of this company. They obviously either don’t verify anyone’s identity or if they do, they somehow make it your fault/responsibility when they run a fraudulent credit inquiry. I’ve never used Ace Cash Express but if this is how they do business I will be making it a point to warn everyone I come across not to use them.
I got a payday loan from Ace Cash Express about 3 months ago (give or take a month). Soon after my wife went on maternity leave for our 4th child (and was to receive only 60% of her pay), and are only car broke down as well, so I was unable to pay it back. Ace Cash Express began calling me at home, no big deal. I was polite with them although they were very rude, and said enjoy the money loser! before hanging up on multiple calls. Then Ace decided to call my work. I am a supervisor of a night call center, and when they call there is no secretary at night so I pick up the phone when there is a call. So when Ace called at 4:30 PM (shortly after I had arrived) I explained that I cannot receive calls regarding this at work. The girl said she did not care, and would continue to call until I paid. I explained that that is against the law specifically the FDCPA and I asked for her name, and explained I would be contacting her supervisor, as well as, the attorney general, and a lawyer if they were to call my work again. About a month or 2 passed before I received a letter from my boss's boss that stated he and numerous others at the company had received numerous calls from a Antwon Wills, and to please call him regarding a loan, and gave me all the details about my account (clearly against the law and the FDCPA). I immediately called Antwon who began yelling and lying stating he can call whoever he wants and that there is no law stating he cannot call my work regarding an investigation. I explained that even if you state it is an investigation it is still an attempt to collect a debt which by law has to be stated during each call, and since he knows not to call my work, which I again reiterated 3 additional times to him while he was on the phone, he is violating the FDCPA and I would be taking legal action if it did not stop immediately. He then went on with some additional lies which again violated the FDCPA stating they were working on putting a hold on my social security card, and driver's license, funny as this has not even been taken to court, and even it were to be taken to court no judge has the aiuthority to put a hold on someone's social security card for not paying a payday loan, duh. Iagain explained stop calling my work and he said F you I will do as I want, and hung up. About 2 minutes later the same guy calls my cell phone stating he has my boss's boss on the phone (bear in mind my boss's boss was walking out the door as I am on the phone so I knew he was lying) and will I give him authorization to conference us together. I stated I told you already to stop calling my work as I cannot get calls there regarding these type of matters, and further I knew that he was lying because my boss's boss was walking out the door right now. He replied oh wait looks like the call just dropped....ok buddy. Anyway my boss's boss asked me to take legal action against this company for harrasment and numerous violations of FDCPA. My boss, and my boss's boss both signed letters stating that they have on numerous occassions explained that I cannot get such calls at work as they are not allowed, but the same guy keeps calling anyway giving personal information out in hopes of harrassing me into paying which does not work. So I am going to be filing a complaint with the police tomorrow for phone harrassment, contacting a lawyer Monday, contacting the attorney general, the FTC, and will also be attempting to get a restraining order against both the company and the person since they are breaking federal law and harrassing me at work after being told by numerous people such calls are prohibited.
I received an email back in August from ACE Cash Express welcoming me to my new account... I did not apply for an account with this company so was very concerned. Of course the email had a "click here" link which I did not fall for, so I called the phone # on the email and spoke with a man, explained I did not apply for an account with them and asked who, what, when this account was opened. This guy then said in order for him to search/confirm this bogus account was for me to supply him with my "FULL SOCIAL SECURITY #"! What? NO WAY! So, he said he could not help me further. I've tried over and over again to try and find out what/who this company is and why they continue to send me emails... that my "pink debit card has shipped and to activate when it arrives"... no card ever arrived, that I can manage my ACE Flare account online with of course a 'click here' link. I continue to get 2-3 emails from this company since August, and then yesterday I received an email thanking me for choosing ACE Cash Express and to take a survey regarding a recent store interaction listing a specific date. I have no idea what they are talking about. BEWARE. After all this time I believe it's time for me to go to the police and report.
I received an email stating that I was approved for a loan. I called the number and he was going over the terms. The FIRST red flag, he read out my bank account number that I use for bills and never provide to anyone. When I questioned this, he became defensive stating that I had entered it online. I KNOW I did not. The second red flag was asking for my debit card number and I told him I wasn’t comfortable with this. He began yelling and saying, "If you don’t want the loan then goodbye." Be careful of these scams!
I am a very dissatisfied customer who was lied to and deceived by the ACE Cash Express corporate office. On 11-9-2011, I contacted ACE Cash Express about a short term loan of $500.00. I informed the individual that I needed the money to make a purchase and would be paying the money back after selling the item. I was informed that the projected payoff would be due on 12/01/2011 and the cost would be $102 and change. I stated that I intended to pay the money back on 11/16/2011 (6 days later). I was informed that I would need to call the customer service number and would be given a payoff amount that would be pro-rated based upon the number of days I used the money, instead of the full finance charge.Today on 11/16/2011 when I called to make payment, I was informed that I must pay the full finance charge amount, even though I am not keeping the money until the end of the month despite what I had been told by the representative from the corporate office on the 9th. I quite often purchase items with short length loans and resale then by making short term loans for different companies such as yours. This was the first time I used ACE and was the first time I was charged full interest for a loan which I paid off early. If this is the standard practice of ACE Cash Express, I can assure you that it will be the last. Also, I will do my best to ensure that the facts of the disservice ACE Cash Express has shown me are spread as widely as possible to ensure that my friends and business acquaintances do not suffer the same fate.
Ace Cash Express contacted a family member who was way in New York. A brother-in-law actually and stated that they were from the Office of Investigations. They stated that if they did not get in contact with me and have me call them back then they would proceed with a warrant they had against me. I called them the next day and a woman named Maria ** stated that she was reviewing a past loan I took out in 2010 and stated the State of Texas was ready to proceed with felony charges against me due to the check not clearing. I had no idea what she was talking about. She had all my personal information and continued with the threats. She stated that she had already run a background on me and saw I had no criminal history and surely wouldn't want a felony on my jacket. She stated that if I didn't take care of this today I would be arrested by 1pm and they would come to my job, my family's homes and also mine to execute this warrant. When I told her I had no idea what she was talking about she stated that this was fine, she was going to still proceed with legal issues and have the warrant issued because she stated that I was ABOVE the law as she put it. She then hung up the phone on me. I called her back and told her that I wanted to put on record and recorded line that I did not want her to contact my family or me anymore regarding this. She screamed at me and said that this was already done and she had just signed off on the warrant. I repeated again, "Do not contact me" and she hung up again. This is a scam. The number I called was **.
I have a personal check a family member wrote from Kansas City, Missouri & mailed to me in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The check is from a credit union. I foresee no problems so I call a ride to get to a location near me. I get there, wait 5 or so minutes before I'm called up. The person who called me up saw it was a personal check so told me to wait for the lady next to him to finish up with the person she was helping. 5 or so minutes go by before I'm signaled over.When I'm signaled over the lady says absolutely nothing to me, doesn't look me in my eye or anything. She didn't bother with greeting me. She had this body language as if to imply I'm bothering her at work type of attitude. That's not my issue at all but it is extremely rude.My issue is 15 minutes into doing whatever it was she was doing she blurted out "phone number on the back & right thumb on the front". I did that no problem, 10 more minutes after that she going back & forth between two machines helping other people she comes back & tell me "I need to speak with the person who wrote the check before I can cash it." That's the part that I have a major issue with. Regardless if the person who wrote the check is available to pick up the phone (something I would have no control over) that should not stop a check being cashed. I pretty much wasted 30 minutes of my time & the person who gave me a ride. She was all ready to cash it, but then said I need to speak to the person & I couldn't get the person on the phone pretty much on her demand.I guess the lady thought that everyone operates on her schedule & should be available that day at that particular time to pick up the phone so they can verify who they are for a person trying to cash a check that's in their name & has all the proper identification there would be needed to cash a check that's written to them. I guess she thought that when I decided to pick a day to cash a check the person who wrote it would magically know & be waiting by the phone. So 35 minutes or so sitting in the place & I get nothing for sure except for horrendous customer service. I go to a place called "Ace Check Cashing" to cash a check & the irony is I couldn't cash a personal check because the lady helping me wanted to have a conversation over the phone with the person who wrote the check.
I come to Ace every 2 weeks to pay my car note, faithfully. I had a problem with one of the employees one day and called the DM. She, I guess, was out. So the DM of Tulsa called me. He informed me that's not how they treat their customers and that he would pay my next car note. Well when I came up here to pay it, the lady called Randy and told him why I was there and he LIED and said he would only pay my PROCESSING fee of $3.99. He wouldn't even speak with me on the phone because he knew HE LIED. I will NEVER return to Ace for ANYTHING. They have horrible customer service and horrible supervisors. I think I'd understand if he said A CAR NOTE And THE FEE. Ace just lost a great customer.
I was going to pay them on the 4th of January and they took my money out of my account on 12/21/12. Now I can't get my kids Christmas stuff.
Called and said that I was going to be charged with check fraud. That I went to a store and they have all of the documentation. I told him I have never even been to an Ace Cash Express store before! He then tells me to go ahead and pretend to not know what he is talking about. I told him that I am not pretending about anything because I have never been to an Ace Cash Express in my life! He then becomes even more combative and keeps telling me that I am a liar and when I ask for the company name to report him to my lawyer so that I can sue him for the way he is speaking to me he then calls me a piece of ** and hangs up on me! How do they get away with such disrespect and unprofessionalism?!
I applied for a payday loan. I got approve and was told I could refinance for $75 and can pay down the loan instead of paying it all off at once. I called to finance my loan today, and they told me I couldn't due to the state I live in, but when they approve me for the loan they told me I could. Now I can't pay the loan in full.
I started using Ace Elite 2 years ago because they say their deposit is 3 days faster but it isn't. They are no faster than anyone else. The customer service never know anything about the deposit. They always claim they are just the receiving end. I don't like it at all. I need to go out of town and waiting on them to direct deposit my check is worst than waiting on the mail.
I have been contacted by Ace Cash Express and the bogus claim for payment sent to me was a scam. Please if anyone has or will be contacted by these people, please tell them to go jump in the lake. It's a shame that we are preyed upon by unscrupulous cowards that are afraid to work and only want to cheat hard working people.I received an e-mail dated 9/2/16 stating that a lawsuit was being filed against me for an unpaid loan of $740.00. When I requested that Michael ** produce the original signature document, he evaded my request. He continued to state that if it wasn't resolve in 48 hours that they would file with the FTC, FBI, ICS and my employer. I don't recall creating this debt and only wanted to verify that it was indeed created by myself. Because of his unwillingness to provide this requested information I suspect this to be a bogus request. True I did have several payday loans which were part of a bankruptcy in 2012 and I am not going to pay for something that was part of that case. Because of these actions I find this business practice to be unreasonable and troublesome.
I received an email stating that I owe $949.37 to this company. They threaten to have me arrested and said I would be appointed an attorney if I chose to contest this. I have never done business with this company. I called and the man has a very deep mid eastern accent which is almost impossible to understand. But one thing he made very clear is he wants banking information. Do these people really think Americans are that naive to give out that info?? I have turned this over to my local P.D.
I received a loan; I let the person know that I was changing banks and they went ahead and deposited the old check. And now they are calling everyone and my apartment giving them my information. I don't even know how they got those people's numbers and they want stop calling. I don't approve of their giving my information out to anyone but me. And I will be doing something about it.
I received a email saying I was approved for 5000.00. They called and got my bank info. Then he started texting saying he need my login info. I told him I would have think about that my sister received a loan and had to give that info so I gave it to him. He deposited a check from a attorney's office and forged my signature! My account is now under investigation and I was told my bank account would be closed!!
I received an email from Ace Cash stating that I was going to be served with court papers for thief by deception, fraud, etc. So I kindly responded and ask them for proof. They came back saying they had over 14 ways to prove that it was me... I questioned them and repeatedly ask for proof. Finally 3 months later they give me a month and year. I go to my bank following day. They pulled my bank statement for that month and year..the only deposits that was made were from my employer. Now they are threatening me with seizing my bank accounts...
I received an E-mail today at my work from ACS INC. The e-mail stated that I was in default for a loan with them. Problem is, I never took a loan out with this company. I have no idea who they are! So I figured I was at work, I would call from work, some guy answered the phone, I questioned the e-mail and he hung up on me. Tried calling back, no one will answer now. I would like to know who to contact in regards to this as well. I do already keep an eye on my credit cards however I'm going to be on top of my information double time now that this is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Today I went in to withdraw 3,000.00, I watched the rep count money fast, I didn't recount it until I got home after the stores are closed and realized that I am missing 120 of that 3000. All monies are still in the envelope. What can I do, she short changed me and I need my 120.
I have a pay day loan with you. I lost my job because I'm care provider for the elderly and my patient passed away on April 4th on Easter. I lost my job the day she passed away. I have no job to pay back my loan and I'm in collections. It's not my fault I lost my job and I have no means to pay back this loan. Is there anything you can do to help me? I've been with Ace for six years. I've been a good customer up until April 4th. Your customer service representatives that call for collections are very rude and they are threatening me if I don't pay them. If I had the money, I would pay you but I don't.
They call me every day in regards to the debt owed. I have told them numerous times to stop calling my work number and call my personal phone number. They tell me that unless I get fired or no longer work there, I will continue receiving the calls. They have contacted my supervisor to discuss my case and that is a violation of my privacy and has nothing to do with my job. The people are always very rude and threatened that they will send the account to collections and I have told them on many occasions that it was fine. The harassment has gotten to the point when all my co-workers know my business as they call and question anyone that answers the phone. My boss was very upset at the fact that they called her for something not related to my work.
On January 12, 2016 we received an email stating my husband owes "X" amount of dollars and if he did not respond they would inform the credit bureaus and his place of employment. They sent other threatening messages about filing suit against my husband. Some of these emails made no sense, so I know it's coming from a foreigner.
I took a payday loan out on the 19th of December. Was not due to make a payment on it until January. Well being that I am pregnant and having medical issues, I fell behind on my payments, someone called from their office, I made an arrangement to start making payments again on 1/29/2010. Well, unfortunately I stayed pretty sick and missed a lot of work. I received nothing in the mail about the loan going into collections. Well while missing all this work, my account with my bank was forced closed for lack of funds to keep it open.So then I start getting these calls from a 972-550-5000 constantly, saying this your case manager and this is your case # etc, etc. and well, when I called her and told her I could make payment arrangements, she said they can't except payment arrangements that I have to pay 80% by this such and such date this is now a Bad Check Case. I'm like, "Look, I can make payments, I just can't pay all of it right now." She still says, "No, you cannot." Now, she said I'm not willing to work with them. If I'm telling you that I can make payment arrangements, how am I not working with you. I regret even doing this as well, I didn't write a bad check, the bank closed my account out before money could even be deposited. I'm pregnant, having medical issues. Come on. I'm agreeing to making payments.
I received an email yesterday from Ace Cash stating that there was evidence I had taken out a loan for $300. The balance owed is $846.52 and if I don't pay within 48 hours then I will be taken to court and have to pay almost $5,000. I have never dealt with Ace Cash, never heard of this company. He told me that the company cannot provide documents until a payment was made. I tried to call the number that began with an 843 area code. I kept getting a busy signal. I believe this is a scam and needs to be dealt with soon.
On 12-8-2017 I attempted to get a Visa debit card. Gave employee 400.00 to place on card. She said all good. 387.00 was card. I tried to use card. It was rejected. I went back to a rude women. Said my 400.00 was returned before I left store. I Am disabled, fixed income. Ace Express Denver Corporate ignoring my complaint.
I called ACE Elite customer service because there was an unauthorized charge on my card. I spoke with Cash Avaya customer service ID# **. The customer service representative told me in order to file a complaint against the merchant, I would have to have my card blocked. I told him that I would go to the bank to remove the money off of my card and call back. Needless to say he blocked my card anyway. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he put me on hold, and the person that came to the phone sounded like the same person that I had just spoken with. This is very frustrating to say the least.
I have never gotten a payday loan and I am receiving emails that they are going to sue me for fraud. How do I make this go away?
I started receiving threatening emails that I owe attorney fees on this account. I never had an account and I'm tired of threatening emails. What can be done about these emails? Who can you report them to? Any suggestions from anyone?
I was contacted by email in regard to a loan I owed for. I asked for verification but all they did was threaten with arrest. As I was scared and felt I had no choice I made arrangements to pay. Had to pay by MoneyGram at Wal-Mart. I had to contact them while at the store to get account information. When payment was processed I had to immediately call them with reference number. After two payments they said the debt was accepted that I only owed "out of court" and "no due certificate" fees of $344. I made arrangements to pay those in two payments. I continued to be harassed and threatened if this was not paid. I was unable to make the payments and upon requesting further information and confirmation of any of this as well as more information in person who had been contacting me I told them I was going to contact FTC and BB, was told not to contact him again!I did get a very unprofessionally written email from attorney ** telling me the warrant would be issued. I asked for his state bar number and proof as well but did not receive anything either! This week I got an email from someone totally different in regard to this. I once again asked for proof. So far, nothing. I have contacted both FTC and BB. Ended up losing $500 and am still getting threats as there are allegedly more fees I need to pay. I am suffering due to the $500 loss.
After I was e-mailed info for a loan that I had not requested from Ace Cash Express, I e-mailed back I would accept $2,000 for 12 months at 10% interest. I called back to the number e-mailed to me, and a "Paul **" said I could have $3,000 for 18 months for a payment of $183.33! BUT, I had to fax a ok and/or cb and give permission for them to look at my account info at my credit union to "verify" that I had $183.33 in my checking account. Then I went home after work (I was told to cb 10/17/2014 with permission). I smelled a "scam" so I went on Ace site and found 65 complaints. SO NO GO. I will advise CU on 10-16-2014 not to allow ACE to look or access my account. Same guy/scenario as on two other complaints. Praise the Lord for good folks who put their experiences on-line so others can see the fraud. AND FURTHER, according to the ACE site, installment loans are NOT even available in Wisconsin!!!!
I filled out an application for a loan and Ace Cash Express called as soon as I hit send. At first they wanted me to complete a credit report from another site which required me to commit to a credit monitoring service for $39.95 a month (or cancel it within 9 days). I told them thanks but no thanks. They called me back in a few hours telling me that they could give me the amount I wanted, but FIRST they had to put a test amount into my bank account. I told them repeatedly that it was weird and I didn't want to do it. The guy said it was perfectly legit; he just had to put the small amount in, and then I would refund it back and they would be able to give me the loan. Against my better judgement, I finally said ok. I figured I would just give them back their money and be done with them. Nope. The money came - $360 (weird, right?) and they called me to say I had to get a green dot pack from Walmart to send them their money back. What?? I told them this was just too shady for me and that I was calling my bank, which I promptly did. Since then, these guys have been blowing up my phone. Lesson learned. And, no loan.
I paid 2000 today on a 3000 loan. My balance stated was 547.00 owed. I called the main office and ask for an adjustment on upcoming payments since the majority is much less owed. The customer service representative was very cold and said, "No." When I took out this loan, I was told once my balance is down, I could make payment arrangements. Not the case. Don't do this loan!
I'm not sure if this is a real company or not. I know that I have several cash loans out and I know that I must pay them. This company is constantly emailing me saying I owe 956.00. First I never borrowed this amount of money from anyone. The second problem is I was talking to the company about settling the situation. They asked me to send a payment through moneygram to DARREN **. I have no clue who this company is, I tried calling the company to ask why do I have to send the money to this person but the phone number listed is not working. I asked for proof of the company and to send me legal documentation. The company has refused to answer any of my question and told me if I do not pay I will be arrested. I looked for an address nothing about this company. I think this is a disgrace stealing money from hard working Americans. I even just the court record system there is only one case pending against me but it is not $956.00. I believe someone should investigated this is not right at all. I will continue to see if I can get this matter under control but it's so annoying.
This creditor says I owe $700. Well this debt was paid. Yet they claim they have a warrant out for me. They claim they are the arbitration calling and they can reduce what I owe... Well, I filed bankruptcy this year in April. They say it doesn't matter. They keep calling 3 and 4 times a day.
My husband and I both got loans and the people at Ace Online got all of our information and took the money out of the account and they did not have permission to take it. They were very rude on the phone. In person at Ace store, they didn't know the number for them and didn't care. So if I were you, never use Ace for a loan at all. They will cost you more than they are worth. So don't go to Ace. They suck and are very rude. I think they are just taking the money and running.
I've gone through Ace Cash twice, and both of those circumstances were emergencies. I do the traditional installment loan (pay day loan) method, and I chose the option where they directly take out of my funds. I've also done the (Pay in store) method on my first installment loan. I'm reading a lot of comments how people have trouble with Ace cash, and I haven't. The simplistic way to make your experience easy, is just pay on time. Pay what you owe. You took out the cash, you signed the contract stating; you'd pay X amount which will be paid on X date for so many pay periods.Regardless if you call them and ask for an extension on the pay date. You probably shouldn't have done the loan agreement in the first place, if you can't pay on the expected date. Don't get a pay day loan. If you pay in cash, always get a receipt and file it away. I can't believe how irresponsible some people can be when getting into these loans. Always leave a paper trail to cover your end just in-case like.The interest rates are outrageous, and I finish paying off as early as possible if you can afford it. The second one I took out, I'm going through the whole term. I was hoping it'd boost my credit, but after reading on their website and privacy terms and agreement they don't report to the traditional credit bureaus apparently. Again, only get an installment loan if A) It's an Emergency and B) You know you'll make the payments on the expected date, and never take out more than you need!
I have been a customer of Ace Cash Express in Maplewood Missouri for several years. I take out a couple of hundred dollars to get me through till my paycheck. A couple of times I have been fortunate enough to win some extra cash on Missouri Lottery and paid back the loans early. Now when I go in to get a new loan, I get denied for "487 Poor loan performance with us." My punishment for repaying my debt is denial from future help. If Ace can't make money off your plight, they won't help you. Very poor business ethics.
I did an Ace Cash Advance. I have never paid late and I have never had problems until now. I have been receiving harassing phone calls at work and on my cell phone from a foreign speaking gentlemen, stating his name is Marvin ** and that he was calling me about Ace Cash Advance. He is calling from telephone numbers according to caller id is 512-729-4221 in which stays a busy number and two numbers that show weird no area code-209-0008 and a weird # 052-540-068. These are how they show. He is very rude and he now left me a message on my voice mail stating good luck a sheriff would be at my door on Tuesday and he wishes my children luck. He has now threatened my kids and I don't have any bad debt with this company. I called Ace Cash and she stated that someone has stolen info from their database and that to give her the info and she would pass it to an investigator. She told me to contact the three credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on my credit , in which I have done so. But this man is very threatening and will not leave me alone. He threaten my children, I draw the line there. I am terrified and don't know what to do. Please help me.
I continue to receive emails and phone call concerning a payday from ACE pay day. I have not taken any loans and I have been threaten to be taken to court. I have instructed them to fax the information to me for review, but to date I have not received anything, only a letter stating that I committed fraud. The first mistake that they made was they stated that I was over 60 days past due.
I took out a loan in 2012. Went in to pay it, they said they had nothing on me now. 2 times I have gotten calls saying they are a law office and going to send sheriff out and that they could use my social security number to track my job and any other information. They are harassing me and for what a loan they said I never had. I was going to pay it at that time but they had nothing.
Complete scam. I was issued a NetSpend card WITHOUT my knowledge. I went into the Ace Cash Express at 228 Eastway Dr, Charlotte, NC 28213 a few weeks ago to cash a money order. The associate started asking questions like my social and my driver's license. I was caught off guard, so I gave it to her first, and then I was puzzled that she was asking so many questions to cash a money order. So I asked her if she needed all this information, and she said "yes, we need it since this is your first time here". After cashing the check, she gave me a VISA debit card and said that she refunded part of the fee on the card for me ($10). I thanked her and left, but I was still very uneasy about the whole transaction. A few weeks later, I received a NetSpend card in the mail in my name. I then realized she was opening an account in my name. But I got really busy and left the card so I can call later and close the account. So I called the number on the card today, and the representative I talked to was rude beyond expression. He tells me that the information I gave him "did not match" and that I have to call them back and get help closing the account. I asked him what information he needed, but all he kept saying was that I had to call back. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and he put me on hold for 56 min until I got to talk to someone and had the card cancelled. Altogether, a really bad experience for me.
I called a call this morning that i owed the company ace cash express and need to pay 563 today or the police were going to be calle. he said the same this good luck you bilie. I told him i could pay 200 now and the rest by friday. he would not take the $200. What do I do. Some please help me. You can reach my on my cellphone at 361-218-0487. Thank you
I applied for a bad credit loan on the internet for $5000. I received several texts from Ace Cash Express asking me to call a Mr. S. ** at **. I did not returned the call. I received a text this morning stating that I got the loan and what my payments would be monthly. I text back to see if it was true and I was texted back confirming the loan, so I called. After I verified my banking information and social security number, Mr. ** told me that I needed to pay $220 upfront before the funds can be transferred to my bank account. I told him to shred my information because I did not have any money to pay an upfront first monthly payment. Then he text back again stating: "Congratulation." Telling me the monthly payment amount of $233 and the duration of the loan 24 months. Then he stated, "As a Company don't believe any upfront in form of, credit or debit card. So please call at below number Now! to get money cash within 45 minutes!!! Thanks & Regards Spencer ** Ace Cash Express". This sounds strange.
On 7/09/14, I received a very terse and angrily written e-mail from a man named Jeff **, Rep. Gibson Law firm. He said that I would be prosecuted in the courthouse and arrested in a couple days unless I sent him $487 via blue dot money pak immediately. I did so, and called him back with the numbers on the back of the card. Before I did any of this, I called ACE to verify this information and was told by some very rude lady that they had sold my account back in May, without notifying me, although I had made arrangements to pay on my account monthly. I had been a long time customer. I felt betrayed. Now, they are calling my wife and other relatives claiming that I owe $2,000.00 and the $487.00 is not enough. Sounds like a scam to me. I have all necessary documentation. Thank you.
I wanted to take my wife on vacation for our anniversary and knew we were pushing our limits on funds. We paid for the vacation with my tax return (I know we made a stereotypical poor people move) but needed about $500 more when we get back to make sure everything was on the up and up bill-wise. Shame on me! I wrote a review previously on how bad and criminal the interest rates Ace charges are blatant ** against the poor and desperate. I guess Ace read my previous review or just decided the poor had more ** to give. I had to request $600 to make sure we could afford stuff for two months after our anniversary getaway. I repeat, shame on me! I would have been better off committing a felony to pay my bills than going back to Ace. I asked for a $600 loan which given past horrific ** interest rates Ace charges should have equaled about 50% percent interest. Nope! I am currently still trying barely to get by while Ace is charging me 66% interest per payment on a $600 loan. That's right kids, over $400 to pay back a $600 loan. Shame on me. Shame on me. Shame on me. Shame on me. This company makes its money by taking advantage of the poor, desperate and uninformed. **, Ace. I guess eventually, I should be thanking Ace because my main goal in life as of this horrible loan experience is to further my education and spend the rest of my life shutting companies like this down. I am poor and desperate but Ace Cash Express will never ever take another cent of my money as long as I live. I only hope somebody else reading this will realize these people are the lowest scum of humanity and will choose to fight them as well. That's it. Don't support the American caste system folks. Say no to payday loans. Work hard and let them die.
I have been getting e-mails from company since 11/5/2013. They have failed to show any proof or been able to send any information in regards to loan. The only communication has been them leaving e-mails and nasty voice messages. When I ask about paper work they state that I’m to tell them my address but they say that they have all information on me. So I assumed that they have address. They have repeatedly been calling and e-mailing me on a daily basis and have made threats and used vulgar language on more than one occasion. They have even called my employer on more than one occasion. On March 26, 2014 I have sent an e-mail stating that they are to only communicate through e-mail and to stop calling me at home and place of employment and did not receive any reply to said e-mail. A mister ** (rep of ace payday loan) told my employer to suck his **.Updated on 03/11/2015: Supposedly I got a loan from this place. Over a year and a half I have requested a print out or some other proof. All they can say is verify my address. Well if they have my info then why verify? They call none stop and even threaten me and say vulgar remarks to my employer. To this day I still have not received any documents.
On Saturday, November 26th I went to Ace Cash Express to repay a $500.00 loan. I submitted $545.00 for the loan that was $544.76 including fees. I told the clerk that I wanted to reloan the $500.00 which I did. The clerk reloaned me the same $500.00 that I had earlier repaid the previous loan with. The clerk counted me out the $500.00. I did the customary signing, took the $500.00, and left. On 12/10/11, I went to repay the loan and discovered that the loan papers said that I had borrowed $1000.00. Never in my life have I ever borrowed $1000.00 from Ace. And I have been dealing with them for several years. So, I had no reason to doubt that the repayment info would be anything other than $500.00. Usually, when I borrow, there is a customer receipt with the amount borrowed that I sign one copy for the store and am given a copy for myself. This particular day as I was getting ready to sign, the clerk told me I did not have to sign that that was my copy. Also, I usually receive copies of the signed paperwork for my own records. I did not receive any this time, just a bunch of unsigned paperwork re: electronic payment. I believe that a fraud was perpetrated by the clerk at the store at that time and that I was the victim. I repaid the $544.00 that was originally borrowed and stated that I will not pay $500.00 for money that I never received. Why would I come to repay a loan with $544.00 if I knew that I had borrowed $1000.00? I brought the money to repay what I knew I had actually borrowed. The store clerk at that time needs to be investigated.
This company is trying to sue me for a loan I did not make and refuses to give me any information. The following are the emails containing the threats against my bank account and my social security. To: ACE CASH SERVICES: I will be contacting the Attorney General, Social Security and the Federal Trade Commission as I see you have tried this scam on many other people. I took no loan from you. I have not had a bank account for years because I have not worked in years and just recently got my Disability approved. TO ME: We would not be able to provide you any kind of documents until the case gets resolved thru court house, then again if you are looking for the paperwork then unfortunately we have to forward this case into the courthouse by tomorrow morning in order to generate your court papers. Once the court papers will be generated thru courthouse, that will be forwarded at your permanent address within next 7 working days. I WROTE: What date are you claiming I took a loan? Provide me with all the documentation including what account you claim that funds were put into. I know I did not sign up for any loan. TO ME: You will received the document from the court house once the case will be downloaded. We have tried several times to work with you but as you are not co-operating with us then unfortunately we have to proceed further with legal actions against your name and SSN in order to dispute this matter into the court house as you have failed to make the payment.ACE CASH SERVICES wrote: ACS (Ace cash services), it is a parent company which owns and operates more than 350 websites, you applied from one of our website and you never bothered to pay this debt, so the creditor wants to know your intention about this matter of yours that what would you like to do. We are talking about the loan amount of $300.00 that you took with the company ACS Ace Cash Services (A Parental Pay Day Advance Company), they do have a signed copy of the contract which is signed under your E-mail address, also would like to mention your Computer's IP address and your SSN was also traced when you were signing the contract with the company. The company has more than 14 types of technical evidence in order to prove the money was successfully deposited into your bank account. Note: If you are willing to resolve this case then we can provide you a one-time settlement offer of $385.25 that has to be paid by today as paid in full with zero balance. Do update us that you want to resolve this case or you want to dispute. I WROTE: I don't know what you are talking about or what company you represent. I'm not falling for your scam so don't bother me again. CREDITOR - ACE CASH SERVICES: "You are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within couple of days. Your SSN is put on hold by US Government, so before something goes wrong we would like to notify you about this matter. It seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your debt with Payday Services. At this point you have made your intentions clear and leave us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter. Your line of credit is over 60 days past due, but it is not too late to restore your good standing! We want to serve as your trusted financial resource in the future, but to do that, we'll need to come to an agreement on the past-due balance. If you believe you are unable afford the payment options we have offered, contact us right away by phone or email and we will do our best to accommodate an amount you can commit to."UNITED LEGAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU HAS STATED 4 SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU AND THEY ARE: (1) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATION (2) COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD (3) THEFT BY DECEPTION (4) AND THE BIGGEST ONE IS E.F.T. THAT IS ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER. Now, this means few things for you. If you are under any state probation or payroll we need you to inform your superior or manager what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been downloaded and executed in your name. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of the date on this letter, we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our in-house attorney. We reserve the right to commence litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a debt committed to, by use of the internet. In addition we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due, as well as legal fees and any court cost incurred."WE HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS RESERVED TO INFORM TO FBI, FTC, YOUR EMPLOYER AND BANK ABOUT FRAUD. And once you found guilty into the court house than you have to bear the entire cost for this law suit $4271.15 which is excluding loan amount, attorney's fees, and the interest charges. You have the right to hire an attorney. If you don't have one or if you can't afford then one will be appointed to you. We believe that this was not your intent and that these steps are unnecessary. We merely require you to contact our recovery asset location department at +1 843 558 8300 between 9:30 to 6:30 (EST). IF YOU WANT TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER THAN IMMEDIATELY CONTACT US THROUGH EMAIL OR CALL US BETWEEN WORKING HOURS ON **."
Anthony ** wrote me a check; my sister Patricia ** brought the check to me. (He burnt my carpet) He did not have any intention on paying. His daughter told him how your company would go after me and not him, so they knew it would fall back on me. I was in your Ace store on 38th and Emerson. And the cashier kept my check and said I had to pay for the check Anthony Lawrence wrote. I really didn't have a problem. She thought it was funny; train these people or stop payday loans. All people don't know this system and that is to write bsd check and it won't fall on you.How can you all think everybody needs this?
I used my NetSpend credit card only a couple of times before it was hacked by someone in Romania. I contacted ACE/ NetSpend several times and reported the card stolen. NetSpend had the opportunity to block the unauthorized charge of $157.53, but they ignored the problem. I contacted the business in Romania and opened a dispute with NetSpend to recover the funds. They have not responded, and I suspect they will not. Ace Cash Express/NetSpend does not care about their customers, and their security could probably be hacked by a third-grader. If you value your money and your personal information, steer clear of ACE Cash Express/NetSpend.
I ended up with a payment plan for 6 payments to pay off my payday loan. I made the first payment, but couldn't make any others due to financial circumstance. My car was (and is) costing money to keep it running, finally the fuel pump went out with an estimated 800.00 to fix, and I had to make a choice whether to pay the loan or fix my sole means of transportation, single mom with one job. I have spoken with numerous representatives from ACE, explaining my situation and have been met with nothing but rudeness and hang ups. I've recieved calls from several different numbers 720-250-9305, 303-952-0550 and 888-753-2355. One rep called me at work on 12/12/08 and refused to call me later at home when i told him that I could not take the call at work. Then he hung up on me. I notified ACE in writing via fax on 12/12/08 to cease communication at any and all phone numbers and kept the confirmation. I have still continued to recieve phone calls everyday since. I've also filed a consumer complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's Office. I returned a phone call this morning and spoke with Regina Allen, who claimed to be a supervisor and flat out refused to put her own supervisor on the phone. She then proceeded to tell me that I had until the 31st to pay the loan or they would move forward. To which my reply was that the representative I spoke with last month told me the same thing and to go ahead. Then I was a deadbeat and I needed to stop calling and just pay it, that they didn't care about my situation, she was sure I had enjoyed the money when I took it. I ended up hanging up and calling back to speak with a real supervisor, Josh. He asked me to refax the letter I had written to his attention, agreed that I should not have had to put up with such rudeness and assured me that it would be taken care of on reciept.
Got a email saying I owe them 942.00. I'm not paying this. I do not owe anyone any money. These people are scammers. If anyone gives them money then you're feeding their system and making it easy for them to get away with this.
They say I owe them money, proceeds to tell me that it's almost 5k - they're downloading a warrant for me. I called the number, they're using magicjack for a phone company, LOL. I may have been born at night but not last night.
Antonite was very rude. She claimed her computer was down and didn't know if it would come back up and then she said it would be $80 to cash my check! I have been cashing this same check for months there and it was never $80. She is very very rude to your customers and gives Ace a bad name.
First off when I initially needed to borrow money from this rip off company, I was never told that I would need to bring a personal check each time I came just to re-borrow. So I arrived 2 days early to pay my loan and re borrow only to be told I was denied for using counter checks given by the bank teller. So not only did I pay my money only to be denied of getting it back but my business was conducted under false pretenses, and at this point I am highly seeking litigation against this company. Such a rip off!
First of all this is not the real Ace Cash Express in Irving Tx. that I dealt with. They use the name of the real company but with wrong address 1280 Grimmway, that doesn't exist, real company located at 1231 Greenway. I know anybody with any common sense would say why did I fall for the scam? I was under emergency conditions and didn't do my homework. Now after $1027.00 in Green Dot charges I have been taken. Make no mistakes this group is not in the U.S., probably Vietnam or Thailand, or Cambodia. They are of Pakistani or India decent. HOPEFULLY EVERYBODY READS THIS BEFORE YOU FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!
Never got a loan with these people. They keep sending emails stating they are going to take me to court, put my ssn on hold. It's been going on for over a year. Just got another one today for a settlement. They said that it will go into court within 7 days. Want me to pay the settlement by 8/28/15. I never called them, cause it is illegal to do this via email.
Hello my name is Joseph ** from Troy, New York and I applied for a loan from Ace Cash Express and ended up put money in my account. The amount was $852.00 then they called and told me that I had to do a MoneyGram to send them $817.00 in order to get $1,200.00 but they never gave me no address where to send it and I called Better Business Bureau Inc. of New York state and they said the company does not exist and I also had a fraud alert put on my credit report. Now I am getting bad text messages that are threating ones. I will never go through this company ever again. So stay away from Ace Cash Express.
I'm constantly being threaten that I'm going to be taken to court. I requested copy of contract because I do not have one and was told that the company "norm" does not give that information until after court settlement.
I was a victim of Phishing the last week of January. Several companies stole from my checking account. The main culprit was Ace Cash Services! I was online looking into a small payday loan after the Holiday (last week of December) as a catch-up. I started filling out an application at but the minute I entered my bank account information, I was re-routed to another site, and another site and another site... page after page of companies and offers. I was never given the opportunity of an electronic signature or terms of agreement.December 31st, Ace Cash Services deposited $350.00 into my checking account. We were out of town and did not return until 1/08/10. Apparently they send an email to you and if you do not respond with cancellation within three days, you are out of luck (per Lindsey when I called the way you are not allowed to speak with a manager and she would give me no information about the owner!). Ace Cash Services withdrew $105.00 on 1/08/10, 1/22/10, 2/05/10, 2/19/10 and thinking this was the end of it and the thieves were paid off... was very relieved!I looked at statement online this past Friday. Ace Cash Services withdrew $105.00 again on 3/05 along with another $50.00 and on 3/19/10 they again withdrew another $90.00 and $50.00! I am sick! They stole $365.00 above and beyond the loan amount and will keep going. My bank said if I block them, they may just try on other days of the week! They are stealing from me. The entire amount they have taken now is $715.00!I spoke with Lindsey at Ace Cash Services and she told me today that the first four payments of $105.00 were payments for a privilege to be able to put off my payments on the "principal" of the "loan" an additional payday! What? I am still not allowed to speak to a manager and when I asked repeatedly and nicely, she said they would determine if she had given me all of the correct information and if so, the manager would probably not call me back! How do people like this sleep at night and live with themselves? They must lay awake at night wondering whose mouth they have stolen food from or who can't now pay their heat bill. I want my money back and now! I have three children and the amount that Ace Cash Advance has stolen from me would almost pay for groceries for a month, it would pay for gasoline for two months. Everyone in my household was sick in February and we had been to the doctor nine times total... co-pays and chest x-rays totaling almost the amount that Ace Cash Services stole from us! I have been on the phone and online trying to resolve this for several hours. Going to my bank to dispute. This has eaten up hours of time and been an incredible stress in our lives knowing that there are people out there like this!
They sent me emails saying I owe them and I’ve never used this service and that they gonna prosecute me... Crazy people in this world!
My daughter was asked to go cash a check by a friend. She is only 19 and has suffered traumatic brain injury. The check did not clear and they now say she is the one that owes the money because the "issuer did not benefit from the money she received". She just thought he didn't have time to do it himself and returned the money to him. Asking for a supervisor only got us to a message and no return call as of yet.
I received an email saying I owed 300 dollars for a payday loan. I asked to see some kind of documents. They sent back a address and bank name that I haven't used in at least 5 years. I asked to pay with my debit card. They insisted it be Western Union and sent some form to fill out. I refused to go Western Union and the next day I received an email with mine and 14 other names saying I owed 250 dollars. I refused. Today they sent another email saying I had been black listed and I would have court papers in 7 days. What's up with these people?
There are scammers out there using the Ace Cash Express company name. The scammers telephone number is **. The real Ace Cash Express number is 972-550-5000. The scammers called me and wanted my routing number, bank account number and bank password. I told them I was not comfortable providing this information and they hung up. Person barely spoke English.
Applied for loan, said I was approved, gave bank info, everything. Told me to call so could transfer money. Called and they said, "You were declined." I said, "It said approved" and said, "Why it didn't tell me I was declined?" She said it doesn't. I told her that's a lie cause a friend filled out one, told him automatically he was declined. Unfriendly scam.
My card was compromised and I called the customer service who said that they have to open a dispute which they did. I told them I live in Arizona and my debit card was used in England when the original card is still in my possession. I just got paid yesterday and someone in England withdrew everything. I went to the store on Gilbert and Baseline in Gilbert, Arizona and requested for help. The employee at the counter was helpful and spoke to her district manager to help. He told her that he would try but could not help. I requested to speak to him who refused to talk to me.I am a father with 2 young kids. I am a heart patient and was waiting for my wife's pay check to come in so I could buy food and get my heart and diabetic medication. I don't know what to do and am hoping to get in touch with Jay Shipowitz - CEO and President of Ace Cash Express. I hope he reads this and can help me.All I can say is their customer service center in Texas is the worst in the country. They are like robots reading a script when they are on the phone with you and cannot see outside the box. I really need help. Please do not bank with them. They are no help. Please contact me with a resolution as soon as possible. I am also going to contact local law enforcement department as well Department of Financial Institution. I will also ask Channel 5 in Arizona for help.
I paid my rent through them for $775 and a couple of weeks later got an eviction notice for no payment. Contacted Ace over the course of 2 months within the store itself calling corporate office, customer service line, and email. Very little answers and absolutely no help from nobody. One person on the customer service end told me his name was Bob which had to be a lie, wouldn't transfer me to his supervisor, told me he was the supervisor, when asked to speak to somebody above him he refused and said he is it. A Mr. ** , regional VP finally called me on February and flat out said they can’t do anything. Even though I’ve used them for 3-4 years faithfully and told him I was in the store location in a 30 minute time frame refused to check video camera to see if the employee pocketed my money. I ended up having to pay my rent twice in December ruining any plans I had for my kids Christmas and setting me so far back in my bills I had to max credit cards to stay afloat and now I am in debt with no sign of being able to catch up anytime soon. Most terrible experience ever as a person and a customer. This is a Crime, plain and simple. I paid for services and my money was lost in the process and I was told by bob at customer service that its "tough luck" and "these things happen". Well if these things happen they should have a better system in fixing "these things". Instead they put all blame on the customer and refuse to refund my money.
I recently had a baby and have been hospitalized (2) since my baby was born. Due to me being in the hospital, which I can provide backup for, I mistakenly forgot to write a transaction down and ended up having 3 NSF but as soon as I received a letter from ACE, I immediately contacted them and gave them a specific date as to when I would have my debt paid off. The collections representative, Letesha **, was verbally abusive to me and ordered me to pay on the spot, which at that time I had told her that I was widowed and received direct deposit every 4th Wednesday of the month and gave her the date that I would pay. So as soon as my deposit was in, I went to my bank, withdrew the money and took it to the store but before I paid, I had the clerk call to verify that they did not run the check through again and Letesha assured me that the check was not presented again and I had checked my account as well. The very next day, she ran it through making me homeless.But the main point was, after I found out that the check did not go through the first time, I called them to let them know and even after telling them that, they kept hitting my account with Teleserv fees that came out to be approximately $100 or more costing them $25 each time. I realize that I had made a mistake in not writing down a transaction and was willing to make good on my debt and letting them know. She was rude to me and here I am trying to make good on my debt and cooperating with them but she was nasty to me. I also tried talking with another collections representative thinking it was just her being nasty, but he was just as rude and had no concern that there was nothing I could do until my deposit went in and he threatened me.I wasn't able to get my baby diapers, or food and I am homeless and they owe me money. They claimed it would only take 48 hrs to put back into my account. It has been over 48 business hours and it is still not in my account. I tried to call and find out but I could not get any answers. I am a college graduate who is widowed and have been very ill since I have had my baby which was not planned. I am suffering from postpartum depression mainly brought on by these people harassing me and taking what little money I have by continuing to run the Teleserv check costing me NSF and them knowing I had a negative balance due to them doing this. I told them the date my dd would be in and planned on paying them at that time, but even after telling them this, they kept harassing me, making threats and increasing a negative balance in my account. It seems illegal to do this. It's like running the check through 8 times or more. I feel what they did was illegal and I have proof that they did this.
I got a loan and now owe Ace $425. I plan on paying what I owe, but I simply can't pay as much as they want me to when they want me to. They have been calling me at work harassing me, calling my home, and family and friends and harassing them also. I told my boss what was going on and she is really Kool. She even called Ace herself, and she told me whenever they call again to tranfer the call to her. I reported them to the FTC and to missouri attorney general office also. I have sent a Cease and Desist communication letter to them and I even faxed it to them. I just wish they harassing phone calls will end.
I took out a loan over 10 years ago. When it was time to pay, I did not have the money. After them calling me everyday and harassing me, I talked to them. They threatened me to call the police, etc., which they lied. Then they told me to pay certain amount, half of what I owed and it would be considered a paid debt. I asked them to send me a letter to confirm, and they stated sure they would. I paid the amount they told me and I called several times to get that letter and they never sent it!!!!Well, 10 years later, I get a call from a lawyer telling me that if I pay 250 dollars, this matter won't go to court. I told him I would not pay one dime. It was a paid debt and I will see him in court. I will take all these testimonials of ACE taking advantage of people!!!! Enough is enough... Anybody in Texas that would like to join me... Let me know.
I've been an Ace customer for years, always paid on time. Twice they debited my account for what I owed. The first because I regrettably relied on their reminder calls for my due date. The second was my last loan. I made payment arrangements to pay a portion on my next 4 pay dates. First due on July 1. It completely slipped my mind to be there in person with cash so they debited my account for the full amount. I was on vacation 6 hours from my home, did some shopping and Saturday my account was negative. I realize this was my mistake and I graciously asked them to please let me finish the payment arrangements and credit my account. I explained I've been a customer for years and that I was now stuck far from home with no way to pay my way home. I will have to miss work which will get me in quite a bit of trouble if not fired. No sympathy at all.I was told the same thing by three different Ace employees, "You can reloan in 10 days, we do not have the capability to credit an account once we have debited an account". Entirely NOT true. I'm actually stuck away from home until I can reloan this Friday, so they can make more money from me! Terrible terrible business practices. I will be sending a complaint to the Better Business Bureau as well. There are other pay day loan companies. They will get my business in the future. And I will be sure to post my predicament on Facebook and warn everyone I can. The only reason they get 1 star is for being decent to work with up until this point.
I paid my DirecTV bill in the Ace Cash Express store and they told me it will be $5.00 to do so, and so I gave them $86.38. I asked them when it should be there and they said by the end of the day. It's going on two weeks and DirecTV said they haven't received the payment. I got the receipt and called the store where I paid my bill and they said they couldn't tell me anything. They said that once I leave the store, that's it. I just want to know where they sent my money at.
First of all when my first payment was due I went online to pay in installments, but representative said it wasn't possible because of the MLK Holiday; not given a clear explanation. Full Payment was drafted before the due date because of holiday; bank returned. Set up payment arrangements dates not accurate; collection dept is not efficient. Still doing automated drafts without letting you know causing fees through bank. Glad I am through with them. Will never do business with them again. Company not on same page. Very poor practices and should be investigated by the state.
I was served notice about a CIVIL/Criminal lawsuit against me via my email account. I have never received a certified letter or any other letter regarding any proceedings. I am sure that Ace Cash Express has obtained my personal info illegally. Please help.
ACE doesn't tell applicants that they do a HARD inquiry every time, even for a little payday loan. I found out when my credit monitoring notified me. I contacted the ACE president who responded rather uncaringly that they are "authorized" to pull your credit score WITHOUT your express permission. And I was instructed to call customer service. Well, the customer service rep was not helpful at all. He kept repeating they "do" credit inquiries and didn't seem to see the big deal about hard inquiries. Then he hung up on me. I'm requesting that ACE remove both hard inquiries from my credit reports. Otherwise they won't get my business again.
I have been receiving threatening e-mails from them saying that they are taking me to court for a loan that I never asked for. I don't even have a bank account and have never had one. I tried to talk to someone to explain that I don't have a bank account and they just said that they had all the information. The guy more or less told me that I was lying and that I would hear from the courts.
I owe 537.00 to Ace. I told aMr. Lewis that I would pay $337.00 on 03/25/2009. I could not pay that amount I paid $150.00 on 03/26/2009. I told him that was all Ii could borrow. We have been out of work for 6 months He CALL AND SAID HE WOULD ISSUE A WARRANT FOR MY ARREST, HE CALL the references listed on my application.They call me very upset. I worked in collections several years ago, I thought the only reason you would contact references if you could not get in contact with your client. I called and asked him why was he contacting my references, he said he wanted to make sure he had the right person. I am doing the best I CAN. HE HAS THREATENED ME TO THE POINT I am under doctor care.I have always returned Mr. Lewis phone calls and tried to explain my situation. I have always paid my bills until recently.
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