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BlueDog Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: BlueDog
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (772) 360-4646
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 77 %
I've only just started with them but so far everything has been great. The reps are very helpful and they keep you in the loop during the setup process. Getting the gateway setup was a piece of cake too...nothing bad to say about them at all...looking forward to a long relationship with Bluedog.
Beginning with the "Quality and Professional Sales" staff, Kelly Wuss is "Top Notch" with the hands on knowledge and customer service skills that are "Over the Top"! She Excels!!! After 24 years filling "leadership roles" in the U.S. Air Force Operations community, I quickly recognize those that I want to be apart of "Our Team"! Kelly's Professionalism Stands Out and her obvious regard for her "team" is noteworthy; "Promote Now"! Then, Blue Dog continues to excel with Lance in your "Swipe Simple" community. Absolutely professional and accommodating, especially with some timing logistics that we encountered. "Never", did I get the impression that I was testing his patience! Simply Professional! Although I've considered "several" banking card services teams, Blue Dog's recruitment/sales team (Kelly), "jumped out" and made me want to "Listen"! Absolutely an Awesome Team... Tom Price Classic Sports Intl., LLc.
Super friendly and professional staff. Great rates and fees too! Can't beat them.
Very satisfied with blue dog. They worked hard to get me going.
I wish there was a zero stars review. The credit card machine they sold me never worked properly and their tech staff could do nothing to help. When I cancelled service and asked for a refund on the machine I was told that wasn't possible. I had spent numerous hours on the phone trying to fix the problems dating back to the date of purchase. I was told they would have someone get back to me and despite numerous phone calls on my part no one has helped. Now because they think I am still a customer, I get the chance to review the worst credit card processor that I have ever dealt with
Bluedog is a great company to work with. So happy we found them to process payments with, great customer service in getting us set up and transferred over from our old processor. Nice to work with a company that treats a small business the same way a large corporation is treated.
Great customer serivce
Need better and more responsive customer service. I had problems getting fees reversed that were charged for the month before I wanted to start my service.
Robbin did an amazing job. She took a seemingly impossible account and got it approved! Nice to have someone like Robbin to work with. Looking forward to our next project together. Steven
BlueDog is a lifesaver! We had our biggest fundraiser of the year and check out/payment has always been an issue in the past. This year BlueDog assisted us and the evening was a success! We can't thank them enough for their professionalism and service. Staton Grant, our rep, was very knowledgeable and walked us through everything. Stanton went above and beyond. We are very pleased and will continue to use BlueDog in the future!
Great company with the best minimum charges for a retail credit card machine!!
Great team, product and support !
Failed to disclose all fees about early termination of contract. I was charged $495 for early termination of the program, after the fact. It was explained to me that if I was not happy with the service I could cancel at any time. Very misleading. They supposedly "tried" to refund the money, but stopped communication when I asked for further assistance.
Our company has been with BlueDog for a little over a month now and we are excited to be working with such a great company. They have been attentive and knowledgeable with any questions or situations we have encountered. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a merchant service company. ~ Aimee with American Legacy Firearms
So far, so good. Everyone at Blue Dog has been very friendly, helpful and professional. I had a slight problem getting set up and they worked with me to figure it out and get me up and running. Good group of people to work with.
When I've needed help it was just a phone call away, very fast on getting things situated.
Horrible customer service, I paid $45.68 for a month of service that I used for the last 3 days of the month. Then they never deposited my money that I'm owed. Will be canceling my account and moving to a cheaper more reliable system.
Great company to work with and always super helpful with anything we've ever needed.
The online portal is easy to use and the funds are available the next day. BlueDog provides great service at a competitive rate.
Beside the underwriters slow process, the Bluedog staff is A+ in customer services. Looking forward to do more business with them!
At every step of the way each member of the BlueDog team enthusiastically made me feel like they valued my business. They quickly got me up and running on their system.
I had a rough start with BlueDog. However they have reached out and promised to make things right..
What can I say but the change over from my previous provider was flawless. These people are great.
Awesome experience with them
I own a small business, Barber Shop Salon and was getting hammered with credit card fees I switch to the cash discount program from Blue Dog and saved myself hundreds each month. The cash discount program will cut your fees to virtually nothing. This alternative allows you to still accept credit cards without all the fees.I was on the verge of going cash only or sending my clients to an ATM machine this was the best alternative for both of us. Far cheaper for your clients than an ATM machine and far cheaper for you !
Staff is Helpful
I was hesitant to switch payment processors for a long time. I knew that I was paying too much. Thank you BlueDog for showing me how much I could save by switching to your company. I wish I had switched sooner.
Just nothing to brag about. Once contract was signed we never heard from or seen sales rep. As expected, I guess. But contract is up and it's time to look around. Rates are so much better with other institutions and I will have time to do my shopping around soon.
BlueDog provided our company with the processing services we needed at an affordable price. We have never had to engage for any issues. Any time we have engaged with the folks over there, BlueDog was able to answer our questions in a timely and professional manner.
their fees are different from what they quote
Very professional service, I'm recommending your company to all my business associates . Mike is the best
Great place to do business with. Especially if you are a firearms dealer.
Great rates and fast deposits. My only problem is when I switched to Blue Dog, I was told that there was no contract. Later I discovered that there is a 3 year good faith agreement. But as in all business dealings with Blue Dog, their support team will help with any issue you encounter, promptly and courteously. Their rates, according to several other processors that wanted to pull me away from Blue Dog, are unbeatable.
Ron and Joshua have been excellent in helping me resolve some issue with my bank.
Your company hasn't released and funds yet! Some of which from 11 days ago!!!
made the transition smooth and seamless!!!
Excellent customer service and great rates.
Excellent service & wonderful customer service. My account rep Danny has been a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful!
Verry good and usable without confution Questions answered easily No problems Would like to process on phone without Extra expence
Great business partner.
Easy, fast and done. Great experience!
Brandy has been extremely helpful with our existing contract and setting up our online account. Very knowledgeable and super friendly!
Blue Dog has been consistent with getting back to us with all our needs and questions. We can always count on all their staff to help and have never been disappointed! Personally I would highly recommend Blue Dog to anyone!
No problems. Great service
My rep was awesome she explained everything in full to me and the IT guys helped me with my install because I know nothing about Electronics or any of that kind of stuff so I was very happy with that they made it very easy
Archie’s the man tells you how it is no BS
Blue Dog has been helpful in my business growth, and their bank-end merchant bank is fair and transparent. I would give Blue Dog 5-stars, if my sales rep was also accountable for my ongoing success. I feel that they are there when I need them, but 5-stars would be a little more proactive, reviewing my account, suggesting ideas, telling me where I am on the edge, scoring my businesses and how they and their bank see risk, and how I am doing compared to my peers, in terms of fees, chargebacks, returns, etc. There is a little hands-off between Blue Dog and First American, and a more integrated approach to customer would give Blue Dog a 20% boost to 5-stars
John was very knowledgeable and helpful! Bluedog has always been very customer service oriented and that 5 stars to me :)
Micheal Lore at Blue Dog has been great at taking care of me transferring my merchant account from another merchant to Blue Dog. He gave great information and catered my account to my business needs. I am currently opening up a second account for a new store location and again Michael has been great. He is a big asset to Blue Dog and my go to guy.
I have no problems with the service. When I do, I call or email my contacts and get the answers. However, both my boss and myself have received numerous calls from our rep, checking in and trying to sell us more services. We have told him each time that we are good and have the services we need built into our software. Between the 2 of us, we are receiving a call almost every week.
My rep walked me through every part of the process. Trough setting up my gateway, navigating the dashboard, and running a test. He was ready right away when I had a question
They take your money. Promised to credit my account but never did. I advice anyone not to do business with them.
We have been processing our transactions with Blue Dog for nearly two years and they have save us a lot of money. Mack is a pleasure to work with and will not make promises he can not keep. We were actually very happy with our last processor and when we switch to Blue Dog it was basically a promise to save dollars. In todays market every penny counts. And Mack saved dollars for our business. Plus we got a local representive who is honest and always there to answer our questions. Thanks Mack and Blue Dog.
If you are looking for a merchant company who is also always there to help you and wonderful customer service... BlueDog is the one for you! Mack is such a kind and thoughtful guy to work with and will answer all your questions and make sure you get A+ service.
Great service and super low rates. Dave at Blue Dog Business is great to work with!
Had issue with receiving funds on time and some not at all. I had 2 days that I didnt receive funds deposited into my account. They couldn't follow their paper trail to locate them so I didn't get paid even though I had all my paperwork showing signed receipts and settlement paperwork for the 2 days. I was told I had to locate customers (1st time in shop) and tract them down to get them to pay again for the items they had already paid for.
I just opened a business and they are a true blessing to us because of our business it has restrictions thru the banks, Blue Dog got us approved and a machine so we can do business now, Thank you so much. The team that work there together are GREAT....
The BlueDog family has really taken care of me. I look forward to a long lasting business relationship with them. Special shout out to Chuck Legg! Thanks for all your patience!
Misleading sales pitch before you sign up. Extremely slow t respond to customer service inquiries, if they respond at all. False promises, inability to completely review the agreement before you sign it, then previously undisclosed terms are included. Salesman convinced us to sign up for both a virtual terminal and a card swiper but didn't tell us we'd be charged a minimum of $50 per month for the swiper whether we used it or not! Tried to cancel but was told there is a $350 termination fee - also undisclosed when we signed up. No donation made to the charity I selected. The only good thing I can say is that the rates are low.
Very helpful, talks in a language I can understand. Meaning.... plain language. Always there to take my calls and answer my questions and checks up on me every once in a while.
We have a store in jensen beach and have the 1st pay system needed to upgrade the system since we have gotten bigger. Had a rep that first service us. He dropped off the equipement and never came back to check on it and had to leave several message to talk to him it was horrible service I hope since we are staying with blue dog for a upgradded system we will get better service when we have a question.
System works great, no issues at all. Customer service was easy to get to and answered all questions on the rare occasion I've contacted them.
Very best customer service, professional staff always willing to help!
Started a new business, went with BlueDog. My rep, Dave was more than accommodating and had to deal with my own demands as a customer. He was great to work with, and got me set up with exactly what I needed.
Helpful and Polite!
Everything went well. They supplied me with everything I asked for.
Great customer service and they work quick too.
AMAZING!!! The entire experience with BlueDog was easy and convenient. Thank you for all your help! Walker Firearms LLC
Great company to be with, always very helpful, Don't plan on going anywhere will always use bluedog
There are numerous reasons on why I started up and have stuck with BlueDog but there is only one MAJOR factor: RICK WARREN ! ! ! Rick's been there for me through thick and thin and has provided me with solution after solution with problems that really aren't his to deal with. The only downside I can come close to imagining is that I don't have Rick and Lance around to extinguish the endless fires we encounter as business owners. With all of the attention and effort he's put in for my company, I know that his performance has and will continue to be a key factor in BlueDog's growth and the primary reason for my continued business as a BlueDog client. Thank you Rick, Lance, and the rest of the BlueDog team!
Customer service was excellent. Responded to any questions we asked in a timely fashion.
Most harassing telemarketers in the world!
So far everything going smoothly hope to say that years to come!
Good customer service and fees which are low and seem to be just what was agreed to, which has not been my experience with other companies.
If you're new to E-Commerce, I'd definitely recommend Blue Dog. I'm not a very technical person, so their willingness to be patient and "hold my hand" through the process was very much appreciated. I really liked how their website had pictures of the different folks I spoke to on the phone. After reading a bit about their founder, Ron Dichter, I became very comfortable with my choice.
We had to pay a fee for a disputed charge that we did not initiate. Otherwise, we like this company!
Works everytime. Perfect.
Great group of people. Really satisfying to have them looking after my financial needs. Super friendly,and extremely helpful.
Quick Easy and 2nd amendment friendly great company!
It works and someone is always there when I need help!
Very easy, great company.
We got set up with BlueDog / FirstView nearly three years ago, thanks to Mack Hendricks. While we're never excited about the rates we have to pay to accept credit cards, the service we receive is great. Mack has been absolutely super making this as painless as possible, such as helping us become PCI compliant. Mack's customer service is what keeps us hanging up on other companies trying to pull us away with "better rates".
Be aware of hidden contracts. You're not only contracting with BlueDog when you sign up. Customer service has been okay - attentive at times and totally ignored others.
Chuck made the process of signing-up very simple and easy. He was great to work with! I REALLY appreciate their patience with me as business built!
BlueDog made credit card processing very easy for me. I've dealt with good and bad processors before, and I found the rates and setup at Blue Dog to be the easiest I've ever encountered. Rick went out of his way to make a normally complicated situation easy to deal with. Credit card fees are obviously a big challenge for small businesses, and Rick was beyond competitive when getting me set up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Blue Dog to anyone.
Sales person was very helpful and polite.
Since I in the firearms industry, it is very difficult to get credit card processing. They are only a handful of companies that will even talk to you and want to charge you outrageous fees just because they can. When I first spoke with Blue Dog, it seemed too good to be true. Turns out at first, it was too good to be true. But after several emails and a phone call from management, they did everything they could to make it right and correct the errors. I greatly appreciate the two managers I spoke with on the phone and the effort they put forth to keep me as a customer. Thank you Blue Dog. I would recommend them.
Seamless installation, just took a little longer than we had anticipated.
Quick and easy start up. Scheduling time with tech staff most workable. Costs/fees are reasonable and without the hassle one might experience when trying to start a new business. Highly recommend the service.
Just wish there was an option for 6 stars!
Over my 11 years in dentistry I have yet to find a company that can beat BlueDogs prices.
Set-up was painless. Rick Warren knows my industry well and helped tremendously to get it done!
Nice people. Still paying 2.5 percent.
Great experience working with Blue Dog. My rates are reduced by nearly seven tenths of a percent. Equipment is easy to learn and use. Online access to reports means I'll never lose critical documents.
Very direct and accurate information from Chuck , My agent, and all calls to the company are always pleasant and to the point !
We love Blue Dog - they make it as easy and affordable as possible!
Great customer service. Always responsive.
Folks at Blue Dog are very helpful and courteous. They will guide you throughout the process and answer all your questions. Big thanks to Joshua, Brandy and James!
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