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GoGetFunding Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: GoGetFunding
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
Brilliant experience. The create a campaign process was beautiful and easy. Great payment options and I could edit the end date of the campaign at will. We uploaded a ton of pictures and that was easy. Spoke to support once and was given quick, helpful advice. Very happy with the site and how much we were able to raise. We previously ran the same fundraiser on other sites and I'm not sure if it was due to Gogetfunding but we collected around 20% more on this occasion.
Helped us raise a lot of money for an important family event. Would recommended to anyone that needs to collect funds.
After a friend's campaign was pulled from another fundraising site (can you guess what it is yet?) we researched all options and found GoGetFunding. Our experience has been nothing short of excellent. From the campaign setup to receiving funds, sharing and promotion. DONT go with other sites where you risk having a campaign pulled over false accusations - instead, use GoGetFunding who truly understand what crowdfunding is.
I tried to setup a campaign. I had someone willing to help donate a small amount to see if it was working before i tried to share it or anything. She tried twice to send $5 to the campaign, and it is not showing up on the page. IDK what is going on, but have yet to hear from anyone still. Used this for an emergency, but unable to get any support to get problems resolved. Maybe opinion will change, but right now, not happy>>
GoGetFunding was a big help to me and my family. They have wonderful people willing to help you and nothing is too much to ask. We raised the money for a really important family issue. The page also helped us bond and we visit it regularly to re-read all of the beautiful messages people left.
Doubled our original goal which has been a blessing. The site performed in all aspects. The issue we did have was with a password reset but that was resolved fairly quickly. Excellent experience.
My fundraiser was having $100 but suddenly after 1 month it decreased to 94
Two of the personal fundraising sites I've used in the past closed down but GoGetFunding has stuck around. First time user and very happy with the whole campaigning process
Good site. It really helped me to raise money for the homeless. Would recommend it
Great experience! Now I just hope there's some exposure and my funding can get noticed :)
We thoroughly researched several options before choosing gogetfunding. The platform is clean and easy-to-use. It helped us mobilize many of our supporters. The only thing unexpected was that we needed to get verified before withdrawing but I guess in this day and age it's a normal requirement.
We are so happy that we found After initially spending time on another funding site trying to create a fundraising campaign that is extremely time-sensitive (a life or death situation for an animal rescue group) AND not receiving ANY customer support AND being told on their outdated site that Paypal was an option when actually it's not AND being dealt loads of conflicting information when we finally did hear back from their customer support team ( I use that term loosely) a day later(!), we researched and found Thank goodness we found this site!! The set up process is simple and beautiful!! My customer support girl, Victoria, helped me with the questions that I had and even gave me some excellent "rewards" ideas to help us raise additional funds and not cost the charity we are working with more money. She has gone above and beyond in her efforts to make this a wonderful experience. I am completely grateful! If you need a funding site should be the only one you even consider. I won't name the other site that we left after spending a substantial amount of time setting up our campaign because our cause matters greatly to us, but they don't "Care" at all and should really take that term out of their name! is amazing! I hope the owners and supervisors see this review. I will refer people to this site in the future. Thank you,! You are great and Victoria is a true gem! She should get a raise for sure. What a nice person! Thank you!!
Go GGF! Available in more countries than any other platform. Props!
Do not use this fundraising site and Stripe-internet processing payment. My family has worked hard to fund raise for our mission trip and the funds were short by 21%. They state that funds will be transferred to our account within 7 days. Its been over 2 months and we are still waiting for the balance. Numerous emails have been sent to gogetfunding and all they did was direct us to Stripe. Stripe naturally said to contact gogetfunding.. These people are suppose to help us facilitate this fund raising! We are waiting to buy additional meds for the children! Very frustrating as there is no "person" to speak to. Except for Stripe-a nice customer service rep-christina did reach out to me. But to no avail. Where did the money go?? And by the way, no one mentioned how much fees are associated with Stripes.
A great platform for us. We got some news coverage that really helped and we recommend all fundraisers to reach out to the press. A* support too
Thoroughly enjoyed our experience raising money here. It was easy to set up, payments made were available almost immediately, the support was responsive, and we could customize things to work how we wanted them to work. I had to think about the website fee to begin with and after using the site believe that it is well worth it. Just one or two extra donations cover this fee and the site does offer a lot to justify this
It performed really well
Thanks for inviting me to leave this review - it’s my pleasure. My overall experience with was very positive. I’m not too tech savvy yet I was able to figure out most things on my own. Uploading a picture was a little tricky but managed to get around that. I had access to donations right away which was a big plus.
Customer service is the best and the lady who helped me called Victoria are so friendly and helpful, a real angel. (highfive) When I got stuck on the web site because my screen reader wouldn't read what the sited saw, she jumped right in and helped me out again. :) No matter how many questions I ask, she's always there to answer them all. (clap) Five stars for GoGetFunding. (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)
Just worked! Great site!
I had problems creating a campaign as my country was not supported by Paypal. However Amanda from GoGetFunding's support team was patient and helped me find solutions for Paypal's problems so much so to the point I think she is better than Paypal's own support team. I've yet to start my campaign and I am hoping it works but whatever happens, 5 stars must be given for the support given by the GGF team.
Everything went perfect! Woohoo!
I am a bit dismayed by the lack of company contact, yet have started a campaign. I would like to see in their FAQS where one can get 'pre-verified' so that once I get donations, Stripe can process it. The website states that 'stripe' processes it automatically, yet I see in bad reviews that some have had to wait, although I also see some of those attempted to defraud. In all cases, I want the company to tell me if my donations will come automatically after stripe approves it, or if I have to withdraw, or what. It is very clear that payments come automatically from stripe after seven days, yet there is no mention of verification process first. I would like to see the option where GoGetFunding has the 'pre-authorization' process available for all new campaigns/clients. In that instance, Gofundme is better, payments are automatic within 24 hours. Regards, Bushman, re Vlog Canada
My first time fundraising for something other than a charity so we used this site. Easy for funds to go to our loved one. Would use again if needed
Happy with your services. Thank you.
First let me start with the things I didn't like. 1. I didn't see live chat support on all the time, only at certain periods. It would be great if this was extended so I could get quicker answers/help 2. My donations all came from friends, family, others I kinda knew. It would have been great to get stranger donations too. 3. Force the Stripe option. I added this late which probably meant I missed out on some funding. Now here are the (main) things I loved: 1. Easy to setup, promote, customize 2. Lowest fees. Even better than the ones that say they are 100% free but sneakily add on a charge for those donating to your cause! 3. Flexible - I could change whatever I needed to. With that in mind, I can give a confident 4 (but almost 5) star rating
I have seen this site evolve over the last few years and it has just got better and better. Keep up the amazing work guys. The gogetfunding team seems to really care about what they do and that shines through. Two improvements that would be great: The first: Allow page owners to send sequenced emails to donors. Second: Give more suggestions on where we can promote our campaign.
A professionally built and managed site. Great results and an above par service.
A friend recommended GGF to raise funds for my dads medical bills. Everything worked first time. My donors had a few payment options. A lot of backend features to make things work how you like. Got the money raised quickly. We think the fee is reasonable for all that you get.
actually its my first time using this site, im a lebanese streamer, and there is no paypal or anything to receive donation on, does this site helps me with such thing ? and actually safe? thank you
The first time using a crowdfunding website. We raised more than expected so very happy with the result
Would recommend without any hesitations
Created the page for my grandmother. We really needed funds to get her home in a medical emergency. The team at were awesome and so supportive. Our page did the job and helped put our plans into action
It was a little hard to ask for help as we've never done that before. But at this stage it was pretty much the only option left. Some people frowned at the campaign but those people are the ones that don't matter anyway. We we're overwhelmed. 80% of the people we knew donated as did others we barely knew! That meant so much to us and it meant Roger could receive the treatment he needs which is critical. The site take a cut of your donations which can be frustrating. But at the end of the day they empowered us to do this and gave us the method to raise the money and reach out. The business model means our goals are the same. It was a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.
It is helping people to raise fund in casual need when there is no way to find.
We set up this funding for my relative who wad in intensive care, raising over £4000 we thought it was a exellent idea and helped towards travelling and accomodation costs, however weeks later go get funding said that some transactions were fraudulent and they want back over £1500 back asap, well we belived the money was given in good faith and has been spent so now we are trying to take legal action, please be warned this could happen to u and has happened to others as i hav been in contact with other campaigners, something very stange is going on with this company no registered address no phone number to talk to anyone, we have reported to local and national papers and the uk fraud team, please think twice before u use this site
We were raising money for a cause dear to our hearts and a friend suggested this site as opposed to what we were using due mainly because of the fees. The switch was easy and worthwhile. GoGetFunding offered everything we could have wanted. Will use if I ever need to raise money again
We had some issues getting images to stick but other than that it was a great experience and great that donors had several payment options. We hopefully won't need to raise money for a situation like this again but if we did I would use GGF.
simple, prompt and neat!
Happy to leave a review for GoGetFunding. Your compare feature table shows how it’s a no-brainer to use you guys. Hope to be seeing a lot more of your site in the news for all the marvelous work you’re doing
My father passed away all a sudden in January of 2015. A family member created this page but we didn’t think much of it. A week later and it had raised thousands and also collected many happy memories that our donors were kind enough to leave. The fees part was a little confusing and it does seem a bit steep. But not sure how we would or even if we could have raised the money otherwise.
Amanda Bizzinotto at was so helpful in aiding us in the set-up of our campaign. My wife and I are not very technologically savvy and when we ran into problems Amanda always responded with some assistance and didn't mind us asking question after question. The biggest problem we had was linking our video to our campaign. Amanda told us how to send her a screen shot of our YouTube page and guided us through until she got it up and running on our campaign. Amanda is an example of what customer service should be in all areas.
GoGetFunding is an Amazing Site
Raised more than what we had hoped for a personal cause so happy with the experience.
The most features I've seen out of all the crowdfunding sites i reviewed. A confident 5 star rating.
They provide nice service.
This is my first fund raiser using a crowdfunding website and I actually reached my goal which is awesome. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. I will definitely use GoGetFunding for my next fundraiser.
Generally easy to use. I was upset by the extra charges incurred due to the fact that i don't use paypal but it was otherwise an excellent platform.
Confident 5* rating
Having used other a few other crowdfunding sites for different fundraisers, my campaign on GoGetFunding has seen more traction than any of the others. I was able to reach my target much quicker than expected.
Would highly recommend! Easy fundraising site and lots of things to help you raise the most amount of money possible
Really easy to setup. I had completed the signup, created my fundraiser and even had my first donation within 20 minutes!
I'm having issues with my campaign I have requested to withdraw the funds from the account but i get back emails saying these is issue with your withdraw I did not sep up a PayPal account initially so I use the second option "Go payment" all I get back 2 days later is the same email please can someone help me ? Did I not set up the campaign properly ?? My accounts is set up in South Africa
Didn't like the high fees. May just get people to donate direct into my bank account if I were to do this again
Victoria was absolutely amazing, very helpful. Quick response, total pleasure to deal with. Thank you Victoria, you are a star!!!!
Had a hiccup uploading pictures but the customer support staff was nice enough to do it for me. Apart from this, we exceeded our goal and would most certainly use the site again if needed
Do not use , and do not trust GogetFunding !!! They say to the donors that the money will be imidiatly available to the fund raiser, but the money are kept 7 days or more, for not any reason !!! Hi, Thank you for providing that information. We have reviewed your campaign and determined that as this campaign cannot be substantiated and has been involved in fraudulent transactions, we are unable to release any of the funds to you. I am sure you will be disappointed with this decision, but can assure you this was thoroughly investigated before a final decision was made. As a result your campaign has also been blocked from receiving any further donations. This decision is final. If you wish for your donors to be refunded, please ask them to contact us and we will arrange for the cards to be reimbursed. Kind Regards, Victoria REFUND ALL DONORS ASAP , DONT ASK ME TO CONTACT THEM. AND REFUND ALL THE FEES YOU HAVE TAKEN FROM THE MONEY.... YOU SAY YOU DON`T TAKE FEE ... LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT KIND OF COMPANY ARE YOU.
Lower fees than all other sites and what appears to be a greater set of features. Overall, an excellent experience
I tried to withdraw my funds back in August but never received them, contacted the company and was eventually told the funds were sent back by my bank minus some heavy charges. I have never had an issue with any international payments to this account but I accepted it and provided an alternative account. They then sent some of the money but not all, when i asked where the rest was they informed me some of the funds had been returned as well, again i have sent plenty of funds to and from this account without issue so why they were having trouble i have no idea. I was then informed i had been charged for this, again. At this point i started to ask why exactly it had been returned etc and after weeks of waiting and countless emails i was referred to mango pay who are apparently an international finance company but cant seem to manage some simple payments. Few more weeks of waiting and mango pay responded saying they would refund the charges and offer compensation but i had to explain to them, again, how much the charges were etc. Why am i doing there job for them? they should know all this information shouldnt they?! i shouldnt need to explain it!! long story short it has now been 3 months and i still dont have all my money, gogetfunding have given up and stuck me with mangopay who talk a good game but are the most incompetent bunch i have ever dealt with, dont reply to emails, dont actually do anything just waste your time long enough that you get fed up and give up. I have written off the charges and wont be expecting any compensation any time soo. Awful company! The below reply from Gogetfunding is inacurrate, I still haven't received any charges back from James or anyone else. Me contacting my bank regarding the charges is irrelevant to you as you cannot retrieve them so I don't see why you need this information. The main point in all this is when issues happen it's not the issue itself it's how you deal with it, and you, have massively f***** this up. Nice try covering your tracks
Very happy with the platform and fundraising service/tools
Overfunded and all questions were quickly answered by customer support so very happy with how it all went. Would recommended GoGetFunding to all friends and family if they ever need to fundraise
Chose GoGetFunding over GoFundMe due to the lower fees and it was easy to get proper support from these guys. The team feature is also something we needed. Very good experience
GoGetFunding was recommended to me by a family member and I would most certainly recommend it to others. Nice working. very usefull
One of the other sites that allows fundraising in so many countries - happy to use again
I have some fundraising experience but am involved in a new organization just getting started. We decided to use a new fundraising site and GoGetFunding delivered in every aspect. We will be continuing to use them from now on
Support was excellent - good fundraising tips for a newbie like me, and the campaign creation process is self explanatory. We had two payment processors which made accepting donations easy. Of course, we had to figure out what came from where and used the backers list to tally it all up.
We were able to exceed our fundraising goal so very happy. Would not hesitate to recommend to others
Raised the money needed in 7 days (expected it to be longer) so very happy. Got the money we raised in 4 days. Was a verification process which we understand is needed. Was quite basic. Didn't need to contact customer services. Our first and a positive fundraising experience
Turned out to be a good platform for our cause and would use again
Delighted to share my experience. When Ken was diagnosed with cancer the last thing to come to mind was the ridiculous costs associated with it. Thanks to loving people in and beyond our network we raised more than $16,000 (an alternative, ongoing treatment). Completely blown away. This site enabled us to do something that we would likely have struggled with otherwise. No reservations - will be recommending to everyone.
Gogetfunding is amazing platform for any needy like me and other... They are doing super work... Love you gogetfunding...*****
What convinced me is that I saw many other personal fundraising campaigns similar to the one I wanted to start. This was all a new concept for me and my partner but a good experience overall. Had a few hiccups with PayPal but that got resolved with GoGetFunding's help
Never used Go Get Funding before. Used it to set up a humanitarian aid page. Got stuck trying to update photos so tried the instant chat. Victoria logged on to help me, within seconds. Not only did she to talk help me by explaining how to do things she also did some of it for me, when my pc played up. Customer service above & beyond. Would definitely use again & recommend to others. Thanks Victoria & GGF, second to none. Wing even consider others now. Hayley
Easy to use, easy to navigate and its really great!
One of the only sites that support my country. From what I can see they support almost every country and currency without discrimination which is rare to see. The best crowd funding site there is
Our cause reached national and International news and your platform helped create awareness of my brother's situation. Our page has been our beacon of hope and we will be sharing the benefits of using GoGetFunding everywhere.
Dear sir, Thank you,GoGet Funding is an excellent flat form. Most of the people took to helping from funding. They are very happy because gogetfundind help them.Illnesses , animals , unmarried person success. My name is Belal Hossain Biplob . My Homeland is Bangladesh. I lost my house by Megna river.Only i am not 4000 People's are homeless. They donot work. Because they have no land, House, They do not have money to buy land, animals, to make house. They are suffering differents disease. I request to you, go getfunding help them, many kids live by starvation so 4000 people need help recently 2 million money need for homeless people, so i hope goget funding will help recently, sir you grand me and oblige. 4000 thousand People bless you Md Belal Hossain , from Bangladesh
I saw some people had issues with getting verified. Important to know that this is the process with every legit platform. They have to abide my AML laws. Great site, easy and powerful platform
A family member recommended this site to raise money for our niece. It performed really well. Happy with the whole experience
There were many crowdfunding sites to choose from but I think GoGetFunding is the best of the bunch. The support was incredibly quick and personal and donations were handled perfectly. Had contacted other sites before we started but GoGetFunding impressed us from the start
Chose GoGetFunding as they don't do that optional tip malarky when donors are trying to donate to ME! Clear upfront fees and no sneaky stuff
Our page could accept donations with bank transfer, cards and PayPal - just what we needed.
I rarely leave reviews but so pleased with my experience here I think GoGetFunding deserve it. Made a world of difference being able to raise the money we needed
Ongoing access to funds was important to us, as well as no charge or 'optional tip' for donors. We were able to put together a fundraising team within the platform, and we raised 20% more than expected. 5 stars all round
Would be happy to recommend. Thanks for the great fundraising experience!
Smooth, an array of nice little features that surprise you and very easy to work with even from someone that's not 'tech'. Plenty of platforms like GGF but it's the little things they do and offer that make the big difference.
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