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AmOne Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: AmOne
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-781-5187
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
I was extremely pleased with the courtesy and expertise of my agent, Carlos. He was clear, concise and amiable throughout the entire process.
AmOne recommended several companies for me to contact about a needed loan. Their recommendation led me to a company that not only gave the loan but if paid off in the first 6 months charged no interest. This was perfect for me as I only needed the loan for a short term situation. I would recommend AmOne to anyone needing financial help.
Excellent quick service.
not bad except the percentage could been lower
I am rebuilding my credit. and although I do have minimal credit I was approved for a reasonable loan. It was the amount I requested. And it didn't take jumping through hoops.2 Days in my account........
Outstanding customer service. I was under a time constraint (had to return to work) so the staff had everything ready when I got there. I was in and out quickly, but did not feel rushed. Great service!
This was a great experience with no hassles! From the application process to approval it was easy and smooth. I had the funds in my account a few days later and all my accounts consolidated. Thank you!
Fast and efficient! Great job!
I tried several websites claiming to help. but all I got were promises none delivered. just an endless run around.but 24 hours.
You found me 2 companies that helped me secure a loan. Thank you very much.
This helped me get things I need to get taken care of that I did not have time to wait to save up the money. Plus the fact that I could of I back over time and not at a massive high rate was a big plus.
I would recommend amone to anybody that needs a loan .My credit wasn't that good but they helped me to get a 10,000.00 loan . It was very quick and done efficiently. Treated me very nice and kept me informed about the progress . Thank You Amone
I got the laon I meeded with time to spare on the payment I had to make. Was easier than I expected.
Fund me a loan and closed on my loan in 5 days
very friendly, very helpful. resolved my personal situation in a very fast manner. would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the help.
So for good, still waiting for the next step
Very helpful and went beyond my expectations to help me secure a loan for debt consolidation.
They really helped us out they went out of their way searching and not giving up they were very knowledgeable and they also made us feel confident we could count on them
Not very helpful. Big promises with little results.
Dirk was very helpful
It was the easiest borrowING experience I have ever had!
AmOne is a wonderful company to work with... they were very understanding and assisted me in getting the loan I needed. Applying was easy and the customer service was extremely helpful.
No complaints at all
It was good thy where berry helpful
Excellent! I've got the help I needed! I was able to send money to my family back home and get school supplies for the kids!
Everyone of the leads denied me so the service was worthless.
I was applying for a loan on line and was told they could not help me. In that process AmOne came up and was immediately in contact with emails and phone calls. After some brief history, I was sent a list of lenders they thought would best match up with my situation. I applied for a loan with a suggested lender and with some follow up information, I was approved for my loan that same day. The money was deposited into my account the following day. Sean Krinke was the advisor at AmOne and could not have possibly been any more helpful. He took me through step by step.
things went good got my loan in 3 das
I didn't get a loan, no one wanted to loan me any money, but than k /you anyway.
I plan on that app one day and the next day I had a company calling me within the end of the week I had my loan and save me from being stressed out it was an awesome awesome awesome
Process was easy and quick. The response was positive. Workimg with Jud ..... AWESOME!
The company's representatives were knowledgeable and helpful with my search for a qualifying loan.
Great place for help getting a loan!
Very easy process and fast deposit
Had trouble elsewhere but they found me great rates that were available to me.
Help me find client less then 24 hrs. Recommend this company to everyone.
AmOne Services has help me in providing loan companies that would offer me a loan even with not so good credit. I have obtained a loan through one of their loan providers and it has helped me a great deal in consolidating my debt, Wu hoo...... Thank you for all of your help in instructing me on what to do. I really appreciate that.
Seamless process!
I had a very favorable outcome because of the assistance of Amone. This was truly a one stop shop. They were very professional and they followed up with me even after I got my loan.
I received excellent service. and professional help
Easy and quick way to get a loan. Thank You
Good results. Very nice people. Very high interest.
Helped me find what I needed. Thanks.
This process was quick, easy and efficient. I will continue to use it for my financial needs
They made the process painless and easy to use
Speedy and efficient service
Was referred to a lender and process was speedy and customer service was excellent!!
Gave me great options. And got my loan with one that was recommended.
My assigned specialist was quick and thorough. She followed up with emails and by phone to make sure I had got the loan and that it was acceptable to me, and she offered solutions in case it was not
I was paying multiple debts and I wanted to consolidate. I tried going to a major bank and even though my bills are paid in a timely manner, my credit score is not quite where I'd like it to be. I was approved for a loan so quickly I thought it was to good to be true. I do have a high interest rate but now with my other creditors paid, my score jumped within 5 days. Soon I will be able to refinance and I couldn't feel happier. The staff was very pleasant. They did hit a nerve when I was connected to an outside counselor (whom I am familiar with and had experience with) I just wasn't yet ready to deal with them at this point--while I was over excited about my new loan and getting ready to pay my creditors off. All in all, I would recommend this service for people in my situation. Life is easier and now I can move forward with getting my financias in order.
Easy and accurate pairing me with lender! Thanks!
Am one led me to the right people,had a loan approval in 1 day,money in my account in 2 days,thank you Tre Ratliff for your can do attitude!!!
My experience with Amone so far has been really good! I have been talking to Sean Krinke & he's a really good person to go to. I don't feel alone anymore. I felt like I was in bondage & trapped. I'm currently trying to fix my credit but I feel like it's gonna be ok & I will get through this. I would recommend Amone ! And also speaking with Sean has helped ease my mind. I was extremely stressed out & I was also getting depressed because I'm in such debt. He answered all my questions & was very patient with me. I don't really write reviews but i hope I can encourage some one to try this place out.
I had a great experience with AmOne. The representatives was so curteous and nice and very pleasant to talk with. The Reps made sure to provide you with endless possibilities until you can find what you’re looking for. They will send emails, text messages, and make phone calls and i liked the idea that they work hard for the customers. Thank you AmOne.
AmOne advisors were reliable and quite competent. They guided me through the journey that ultimately resulted in the outcome that I desired.
Needed a debt consolidation loan fast! I applied at night was approved the next day, money deposited within 2 days. !! All bills rolled into 1 payment !
Connected me with the. Lender I needed rightaway.great service.will definately use again.
Very professional and faster service and information, thank you
I was able to get the money I needed with minimal hassle. Thank you
It was fast and easy really a good experience
I tried several options in obtaining a loan to pay off my credit cards. I was very well treated and was able to obtain a loan using Amone. thanks!
This was my first time actually going through this process. Even though I didn't get the total amount I was planning on getting, I was given an explanation as to the reasons why. Perfectly understandable. The agent I talked to couldn't be more polite and listened when I spoke and clarified all doubts in my mind. My monthly payments couldn't be more convenient. Thanks Gracie @ Aurora branch office
Fast and very helpful with guidance and questions
AM ONE matched me with a lender to help me get a loan to pay off high interest credit cards. Would recommend them to anyone.
Helps you narrow down your options
Had a wonderful experience working with AmOne Company.
Great recommendations and very good commilunication process!
I was very happy with the experience I had applying for a loan with AmOne. The process was easy and everyone I spoke with was so courteous and helpful. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.
Quick and easy the interest rate is high but I'm hoping after Good faith I might be renegotiate at some point Thank you for giving me a chance it helped tremendously
she was Awesome !!!!!! Give that woman a Raise and a Managemnet position She handle everything profesionally .... Best regards
Easy to do business with and very willing to help with the process to boot.
I was very happy with the service I received at Amone. Everything was explained and we over the contract page by page, which I really appreciated. The agent was very kind and welcoming and was able to make the whole process go quickly. I didn't have to wait around, which no one likes to do. I would recommend Amone to a person in need of your services.
This company helped me to get a loan and helped me to pay an unexpected expenses fast! Thank you so much!
They got me a loan in spite of my credit rating.
I used AmOne's service to obtain a loan for debt consolidation. The representative I spoke to was friendly, knowledgeable and truly cared about helping me reach my goals. Their process was easy, very convenient and after providing them some info about my situation, they put me in contact with a lender who was not only able to approve/fund my loan request, but also at a low interest rate. I would highly recommend using AmOne's service to anyone I know looking for financing and I will definitely use them again in the future.
This company actually made you feel comfortable while talking about your situation. They didn't judge me and wanted to do everything they could possibly do to assist me with obtaining a loan, which I was able to do. They also connected me with legal assistance to help with cleaning up my credit reports. All of the interaction I had with them and the legal services have been excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who feels they are in a hopeless situation and feels they are drowning in debt.
AmOne was very easy to use when we were looking for a loan.
They gave me the help I needed fast.
This was a hassle free experience. I entered my information and got choices and picked the best one for me. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a personal loan to use AmOne. Great experience!
Amone was awesome, they gave me leads that were legite, I was able to get the loan I needed, definitely recommend!
I had an urgent need for cash that I wasn't able to get on my own. The interest is a little high but for an unsecured loan it wasn't that far out of line and I expect to repay the loan next month.
Easy to use Easy to use
The agent was personable and down to earth while seeking solutions to my needs. In addition she listened to my reasoning for needing funding which was very touching and showed compassion. When you have over $2,000 in car repairs after just buying a house, you're stsressed and my agent didn't add to that stress. She quickly found me a suitable lender and checked on me throughout the night to ensure I had found the right lender.
Sean Krinkle was so helpful in leading me in the right direction to help me move forward & get much financial relief with the options he was able to suggest to me. It was a pleasure to have someone help me, & never feel like he was misdirecting me at any time.. :)
I saw an AD on fb thought I'd give them a call. They got the info from me within one day and referred me to a lender. I would recommend them to anyone needing a loan, they are awesome! Thank you so much!!
I needed help and they route me to one. Thank you
Cody cooper the best agent. He was so helpfully in identifying the right loans for me. I would recommend AmOne with my eyes closed for anyone looking for quick loans.
They provided multiple options for a loan and were very supportive
I dealt with Jonathan Berger who had great information for me regarding a loan. I received a follow up call to verify that my needs had been met. I would definitely refer friends and relatives to this organization.
Experience was excellent! Very informative, helpful representative. Made the process easy. Thank you so much!
I was pleased with the prosses. The representative was clear and explained everything. As a result I was able to secure a loan. It was made clear that I can call at any time for more info. Thank you very much.
AmOne was absolutely great! They were able to quickly match my loan requirements with a lender that had a solution. It was very fast and I was funded with the money directly transferred into my account within 48 hours! AmOne was great! They did everything they said they could do and more! I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a financial need. They turned a stressful situation into a trouble-free solution!
The process was very quick and easy. AMOne did as they promised and matched my needs to a loan that was awesome. I did all of my processing on line and literally had funds directly deposited the next morning! I had no idea how quick and easy this process has now become! Thank you!
I was looking to borrow am amount of money. The response and follow through was courteous, thoughtful, efficient and timely.
Amone was very helpful in getting me in touch with leaders. They keep in contact with me thow out the hole process. I was very satisfied with the help they provide me
A big +10......
set me up with in about 15 minutines with a great company
Clear; polite; correct referral; got my loan easily!
So helpful in my hour of need
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