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Money Works Direct Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Money Works Direct
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 646 722 1515
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 93 %
My credit isn't great and I was turned down by many banks and lenders, so when a rep from Money Works Direct called to say that they could get me approved, I was skeptical. Somehow they were able to push my file through and I was able to get the funding I needed to purchase more inventory for my store. Thank you MWD.
To tell ya the truth, I have no idea how they got me 65 grand so quickly and at a price that wouldn't jeopardize my company, but I intend on letting them work that magic again.
I'm thankful to MWD for always being there for me and my business. I know I can count on them whenever I have a need for quick capital. Their process is efficient and reliable. I am a customer for life.
I have been in the hardwood business all my life. When our industry crashed 5 years ago I needed to make a change. I chose the only thing I knew, trucking, with my available cash depleted and banks unable to lend money. I learned about direct funding. I called MWD and learned about their products. I decided to give them a try. I found their people and services honest, helpful, and professional. Whether it's Funding for fuel or permits MWD is great. They have truly made the difference between being in business or not.
Money Works direct helped me when my company need it the most ! And Joe made it very easy . This was my second time I went to him and if I will need him again will not hesitate.
When i first needed funding, my business wasn't healthy enough to deal with the cost. Taj politely and calmly informed me of this and recommended I revisit the idea when times are better, without running my credit. I appreciated his honesty. Some owners might have flown off the handle to his proposition but I understand the truth isn't always what we want to hear. I later got approved for a sum lower than what I initially wanted but at a decent rate which will start me on the path to growth. I look forward to continuing my relationship with MWD and seeing where it takes me and my business.
I originally needed some quick capital to pay an unexpected debt. Later on in the year I decided to revisit MWD for a potential growth opportunity. Both instances were pretty simple and I intend to continue business together in the future.
I have taken out quite a few loans over the past several years with companies like Fora Financial, Quickbridge Funding, BFS and Pearl Capital and have paid all of them back. Your company is the only one of these companies who actually treated me like a person. What I mean by that is Steve and Julian as well as your underwriter John and you listened to me as a person, not as an algorithm and gave me the funds that I needed. I am very grateful for this and it could not have been done without the caring and concern of all the people I mentioned. When you told me you listened to stories I knew I was with the right people, because as we all know life is a story and the ones that listen are the ones with whom we want to associate. I am a very small company but I provide one of life's basic necessities which is shelter. It may be in the form of a beautiful bathroom, kitchen, basement or transforming your entire home into a work of art, but nonetheless it is home and shelter. These kind of companies make the world go round, not the Home Depots of the world. If you would like to see what I do, visit my website, LPK creations.
I received an email from my MWD rep advising me of my option for their Fast-Track program. I'm not sure how they did it, but I was received my needed funds the very next day! I don't know of any other company that can work so quickly and efficiently.
I must say that I was very pleased with Money Works Direct. My salesperson was Joe Montelbano, he was knowledgeable and candid with me about what he could do for my company. Joe was able to get our company funded with working capital within 48 hours and the entire process was very transparent. I will surely do business with Money Works Direct the next time my company needs funds. I highly recommend this company.
Pleasure to work with, the rep. was knowledgeable and communicated everything to me so that I had no questions. I would defiantly recommend MWD to my friends.
My business got an influx of large orders that we didn't have the profits to fill but MWD funded us what we needed within a few days. They even let us repay fully with the money we made from the orders which lowered our over all interest price by a ton. Great company and a great experience.
I would recommend mwd to everyone who do not want to deal with all the hassle with banks. The staff is extremely helpful and the whole funding process waa quick.
Money works direct is very caring and helpful with their senior customers. They explained me the whole process and were very helpful from the beginning to the very end. I had a problem uploading my application and the customer service was very patient with my little knowledge of computer usage. They are extremely professional and pleasant to work with!
I need money every three months to keep up with work orders. MWD was able to structure a program where they will give me Capital every 3 month. I never knew that was possible! Thanks guys.
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