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500FastCash Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: 500FastCash
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Never ever get a loan from them. I borrowed $400.00 from them in December of 2012. Almost 3 months later, with them withdrawing $135.00 twice a month, I still owe over $520.00. Be careful! Never will I do this again.
I still have a balance of $325.00, with a monthly payment of $125.00. $50.00 goes to the principal and $75.00. The loan originated 05/2012. I was told "I" was responsible for scheduling the loan repayment and because I'm paying the "minimum" each month, the loan is (according to the CSR I just finished up with) taking longer to repay. Well, duh. Only another $812.00 until I pay off the $325.00 (6 more months). This loan firm is what everyone should consider as a "Predatory Lender." Why? It clearly shows on the very first page of the loan documents "Amount Loaned" $500.00. "Amount to be “financed" $650.00. I plan on filing a complaint with my states Attorney General (who has a great disdain for predatory lenders) along with the BBB and the FTC as well. Stay as far away from this company as you possibly can. They are in the Money Mutual network of lenders.
I took a $300 loan from this company in June 2012. The payments started in July 2012, so I paid them every pay date which is 2x a month ($110 sometimes$145). After several payments I thought my loan should be paid off. Then, when I checked my bank account this Oct. 2012, they charged me again $110. I called them and said that I still owe $125 which I don't understand. They said I was only paying for some charges of $90 and the loan payment is $50. I paid $110 2 times every mo. for 4 mo. My payments never ends. The $300 loan ends up with $1000+. I asked them to explain it and they never did. Don't ever go to this payday loan. They will milk your bank account. They are very rude to people too. I just hope and pray they will burn in hell.
I have received repeated phone calls from them at my place of employment. I asked them to stop calling me at work, but they still keep calling me. I also asked for proof of debt and I have received nothing. How can I get the calls at my place of employment to stop?
As a teacher, it gets tough during the summer. As a result, I borrowed $390 from 500FastCash. Today, December 10, 2012, I found out that after making my four payments that none of them are going toward the balance. The rude manager informed me that those were just fees for establishing the loan and that to pay it off, I have to make one payment in the full amount. I'm extremely disappointed that companies are can had within their legal terminology and take advantage of the people.
Like everyone else, after 3 months, a $500 loan ended up with a balance of $790! Their collection department is rude and I, too, will be reporting them to my Attorney General.
After searching online for a loan to consolidate my current credit cards, I was referred (by one of the sites that help you find a loan) to 500FastCash. With my credit being fairly poor, I looked at it as an only option. I applied and accepted the first loan of $300 on 01/18/2010. The interest was about 479% APR which brought the amount due (on 02/18/2010) to $390. After receiving and paying off this loan, I had to take a second loan. I thought the first would help out get me some what back on track but it didn't. So the second time (02/22/2010) I was approved for $350 with the same 479% APR. The amount due came to $455 on 03/18/2010. At this point, with a lot of over time at work, I was able to catch up on all my bills and be able to pay the payday loan in full. Two weeks after receiving the loan, I went online to the site and requested the full loan amount to be taken out on 03/18/2010. It is a two step process. I completed both. On 03/16/2010 and 03/17/2010, I logged into the site to check that everything was okay. It would not allow me to access my payment history/payment request to make sure everything was set. It would send me to a screen saying that this option is not available and I would have to call customer service for this information. Having faith in this company and site, I let it go. But on 03/18/2010, I noticed they had only taken the interest out of my account. I was unable to contact them that day because of work. On 03/19/2010, I called to talk to someone about this but was told there was no issue with the site and I would have to pay an additional $105 (for interest) on 04/01/2010 plus the principal in order to pay this loan off. After talking to the rep more, he said he would forward to his supervisor to review and I would have to call back. When I called back, I was told the same thing.
Excessive fees - In July, I did an online application to 500FastCash on July 30th. $300.00 was deposited into my account. As of November 30th, they have taken out $825.00 - more than double the amount borrowed.
I did not know that for every 100.00 the fee is $30.00 and on a 600.00 turned into a 1400.00 payment leaving me borrowing money to pay my rent. I called them in June for help and they were so rude and ill mannered that I was disgusted with them and told them never again will I borrow from them, and as soon as I am finished with my payments I do not want to call me. They are no good. They do not exp. to people and they should be out of business.
I got 4 dollar loan. I paid 520 dollars to these people and they keep calling my family members. My family don’t want them calling. I was paying $120.00 then went up to 170 dollars for a 4 dollar loan. I would have paid over a thousand dollars for a 4 dollar loan. That is not right. They were harassing my family members. They have my address, they could write a letter. They are on the rip off report. Somebody need shut these people down for taking people’s money and ripping people off taking their money. If you paid almost 600 dollars for a 4 dollar loan, it is paid. At least 500 dollars is finance charge. Their people have over a thousand for a 4 dollar loan and only 50 are going your loan on a 4 dollar loan. United Cash Loan is ripping people off too. They are working together ripping people off. You should investigate their charges and see if legal to be charging a high amount for a loan. You can read the rip off report on the internet to see how many people have complaints on these people.
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