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Ovation Credit Services, Inc. Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Ovation Credit Services, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-639-3426
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 69 %
I've really liked the fact that we have an individual to talk to about our accounts instead of just a random person on a 1-800 number. Lori P. our case advisor has been awesome! I'm very pleased with our results. Lisa Schaffer-Harris
I signed up for the program. I am a bit nervous how the process will be but I am sure it will go fine. The enrollment process was very easy and they gave the opportunity to enroll without having to pay anything up front. You do however have to pay the first month work within a week. The monthly cost is very reasonable and they offer discounts.
I told them to cancel never did. and now they are sending it to collection dont work with this company
Teeza Holland is a great case worker. She handled my accounts well. Completely happy with service.
It's a lengthy process, but I have seen results. I have not been very active in the process and let them take care of it. But... if something come up they have always been quick to answer any questions I've had
I have worked with 2 other credit repair services, and really i was just wasting money. Nothing was being done! Switch over to Ovation and started seeing results in as little as 17 days!
Ovation Credit did an outstanding job of getting old, incorrect information removed from my credit reports. In the space of a few months my credit score has increased over 100 points. During the whole process they kept me informed of the progress without overwhelming me with constant phone calls and emails. I found the personalized service I received professional and reliable, never over promising & always delivering on their commitments. Even after all the negative marks were removed, they continued to provide sound advise despite no longer paying a full monthly fee. In an industry with a lot of questionable business practices among their competitors, Ovation Credit is trustworthy, reliable organization that I fully endorse and recommend
After having been struggling with getting approved for a loan for several weeks, one day a coworker was talking about Ovation Credit and how they were able to help turn their life around by helping them fix their credit. As well as helping them understand how credit works so they don't fall into the predicament again. So i gave them a call to see if they could help me. They were very optimistic and friendly. i was eager to start, so i signed up and within 60 days i was on my way to making my life and credit so much better. Thank You Ovation! You are a life saver!
I was with ovation for 8 months and had over 30 negative items, I was gaurunteed by the high pressure salesman they would be off by now. I told him the only reason I would do it is because I’m trying to get a house soon. I feel taken advantage of, and ovation just doesn’t care about helping me reach my credit goals. They have charged me almost $1000 for a no time contract service that did nothing for me. Even though I was told I was a perfect candidate for their service. I could have put that money towards my bills or down payment. I felt vulnerable because my wife just died and I needed to desperately find a home, lending tree sent me to these guys and I really blame them for dealing with this unprofessional and rude company. Do yourself a favor and go with a company who actually has a proven history and who use the law to fight for your goals!
All I can say is Thank You for helping me when I thought I was stuck with accounts that were fraudulently opened in my name. This almost prevented me from being able to buy our home. Again...Thank You!
Ovation Credit Services, Inc is a great company to work with. I had such a great experience and quick turn around on my credit disputes that I have referred several friends and colleagues to use the services too! If anyone has credit issues that need to be cleared fast and efficiently I would highly recommend them.
Since I have been a customer of ovation I have seen my credit rating begin to get better and anytime I need to talk my case manager is always there for me...I am very thankful for ovation...thank you ovation and thank you treeza
My husband and I filed bankruptcy and I thought our lives would get back to normal. Little did I know that stuff still stays on your reports. Ovation saved us by helping us and disputing those accounts for us and got our credit back on track. They really helped us in everyway and couldn't be any happier. There customer service is absolutely amazino also. You can't go wrong with Ovation Credit Services.
I have never been one to trust anyone with my credit but I took a leap of faith and trusted Ovation. So glad I did. I'm in the process of trying to purchase a home and needed some improvement on my credit. My credit counselor was straight to the point and very helpful. She keeps me up to date on the status and let's me know what's going on. I'm constantly bragging about my credit score and how Ovation is great. Thank you for helping me as a single parent show my daughter a great life.
My husband and I were on the verge of filing bankruptcy and Chastity at Ovation saved us. My experience with here was superb! I started with my score in the low 400's, his low 500's. Words can't explain how pleased I am! We are now in our dream home with our children.
All dealings with the ovation credit staff have been great and very professional. I have and will continue to recommend there services to my friends and family.
Best money I have ever spent. Ovation successfully cleared up some confusing old items and questionable dings with ease and persistence. Their ability to get negative items permanently removed after a few months was astonishing and my highly consistent excellent credit score is the end result. I now have peace of mind. I feel like I have my own professional eagle eye credit protector ready to pounce on any injustice metered out by an archaic, arbitrary and often inaccurate reporting system. Reading and actually understanding the meaning of some of those reports generated by the big 3 agencies was simply beyond me. They took care of everything. I feel so strongly about it that I have hired Ovation on a permanent basis very reasonably just in case something tries to slip through the cracks without us knowing about it. I've been with Ovation 4-5 years now.
Best credit repair company in the world ! some of the nicest most informative rep's I've encountered . My interest rate on my car was 21% before Ovation , now i was able to re-finance my vehicle and pay way less a month and way less overall for my car !!! thank you Lord for Ovation Credit Services !!!!
Not a scam like most credit sites. Reliable, easy, and I would recommend it to friends.
They have helped me so much these Guys do what they say they are going to thanks for all the help
I’m very pleased with the service I received. My credit score is higher and I was able to get a secured credit card. I would highly recommend Ovation Credit Services.
I've been with Ovation credit services for 3 months and have had a big increase in my scores. My credit adviser has kept me up to date on everything with my reports. I will use them for all my credit needs.
I found Ovation Credit online when I was searching online for help with my credit. When I first found them I had a bunch of negative accounts on my credit reports, a credit score of 500, and I was very frustrated. After working with them for a couple of months I started seeing good results. I have been with them for a little over six months and my credit score is already over 600 and still climbing. I'm so happy to be back on track with my credit and headed towards an 800 credit score. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and very efficient. If you are thinking about credit repair then Ovation Credit Services is the only way to go!!
I was out of luck with my credit and in desperate need to rebuild it! Ovation helped me when I had nowhere else to turn.
Ovation helped me qualify for a business loan. They were fast and did a great job.
6 months and they didn't do anything to my credit.. nothing changed on my credits just a wasted of time....never again
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