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Advance Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Advance Financial
Address: 100 Oceanside Drive
City: Nashville
State/Province: TN
Postal Code: 37204
Phone: (615) 341-5900
Overall average rating of 2.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 33 %
Went to Advance Financial in Clarksville to cash a 28.00 class action lawsuit settlement check, presented ID and check (left it as it was received in the mail) my physical address was on check, on front of envelope (pull tab check) and on my D.L and they all matched to the letter! Employee asked me what kind of check it was. I stated it was a Class Action Lawsuit “SETTLEMENT” check... remember she asked me! She called over her co-worker to get her advice on how to “categorize“ the check and then she scanned it and sent it to the “historical Wedgewood” for verification. Process complete (I’m at this point standing at the window). She opens her drawer and tells me it was a $5.00 fee for cashing this $28.00 check (charged 17.9%) and proceeds to hand me $23.00!I get to thinking about it and based on this businesses fee schedule this very easily could have been charged a percentage (%1-6) instead of the maximum $5.00 fee on a small $28.00 check... When I questioned her about the high charge to cash this check she told me that she had nothing to do with that and the verification process determines the fee. REMEMBER she asked me what type of check it was! So DON’T try to tell me that this employee had absolutely no input to determine the fees and lead someone to believe that this businesses call center dictates fees!How does a company RETAIN customers for any longer past their initial visit with such a high fee on a meager 28.00 check that could have been charged 1-6% vs. 17.9%? BEWARE! In closing I looked up AF website under job openings and their CUSTOMER RETENTION SPECIALIST’s job description is basically to contact customers with friendly payment reminders and assistance in making their payments... I DIED LAUGHING! What exactly does that have to do with “RETENTION”? Has more to do with ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT/COLLECTIONS.
Fast and Easy. My experience was good. It was easy and very helpful. All questions were answered and I was very satisfied. Thanks.
Very nice. Was impressed Julie was bilingual and was able to multi-task the way she did. Just don't know why she needed to when so many employees were there. Wasn't able to get FULL amount I needed but hopefully in time they will see I can repay any loan I take out. THANKS Advance Financial!
So I went into AF to get a loan. The lady that was doing my loan was very pleasant but I was very unsatisfied with the outcome. I have over 1600$ a month in income and was only approved for a 100$ loan due to me having issues logging in on my bank account site. I was told once I log in and give the CSR the information my loan would be a larger amount. Every time I call to talk to someone about they pretty much say it's nothing that they can do. It's not fair to me at all. It's not my fault. I gave the information. She said she would wait but didn't wait. Now I only have this 100$ loan. After I pay it back I won't go back there. It's unfair and I'm very upset about it.
Overall, I have been happy with my experience at Advance Financial. I have found the staff to be very competent and professional. They are always very helpful and polite. I also like that there many locations around Davidson County which makes it very convenient to conduct my business while I am out and about.
Everything was awesome. The man that helped me was very nice and patient with me. I would recommend a friend if they need some extra funds to get them through. It was nice that your company is open 24/7 and I did not have to wait for a certain time to stop in.
I received a letter from them stating I was pre-approved for a flex 4000 loan. I applied on-line and was conditionally approved if I uploaded a blank check. I did. After that I was told I was declined. I called the company for an explanation and was told that I needed several other documents to be approved. I got those documents and e-mailed them. The following day I called for the status of my approval and they wanted actual award letters for any supplemental income. I asked if I would be approved if I did this and the guy on the phone said yes. I took off a half day of work to get this done. When I called a few hours later, I was declined! Don't waste your time with this crappy company! There are plenty of other companies out there that will not give you the runaround.
I applied and was only approved for 100$ because the person only put in I had a savings account when I had both checking and savings. I was only approved for this amount due to error on y'all part. I very unhappy with this decision. I called and was told even with it being your fault I still get penalized and it's not right at all.
Miss Shaniqua was very friendly. Loan was simple, fast and easy. It took maybe 15 minutes. Super glad that it comes out of my bank account. By coming out of my account, I don't have to worry about being late. And I also get all my money orders too. Everyone is very nice!
Ok, first things first, I went to Advance Financial and got a flex loan approved for $2,400. I asked the gentleman behind the counter what my payments will be each month because I'm disabled and have a very limited income. The gentleman told me that my payments will be $290 a month, so I told him that's not a problem, so I went ahead with the loan. My first payment was the quoted $290, so no problem. I then get an email that my next payment is $604, I about had a heart attack!! I promptly called and the first two people hung up on me, and I was very polite!I then called and asked for a manager, and they only gave me a runaround. I told the woman that if I was told from the beginning that my payments would damn near triple I wouldn't of gone through with this loan. They told me from the beginning that my payments were going to be $290. So they need to live up to what they tell people. As it is now, I can't afford to pay any of my other bills nor can I even afford to buy food or pay my electric bill. They should be ashamed of themselves for lying and taking advantage of people as they've done to myself and many others.
My friend I helped search and find a place to get a flex loan. Took her and she was approved on disability so I decided also to apply online and it straight up told me I was denied and I get more income than she does plus I get extra 320 a month in plasma money. I wouldn't of had any problem paying payments back as promised but they didn't even give me a chance. I have a Wells Fargo secured card. Been paying on for 3 years. Never late. Plus a cash advance for 2 years been paying off and rewriting at Advance America. Never late. But this place plain denied me. No chance at all. Very unhappy with them.
I had my loan done at the Bristol, TN location on West State Street. The lady who took care of me was named Jenna. She was very professional and courteous. She made sure to explain each step of the loan process in detail. She made sure I was comfortable with the loan amount and payment amount before I signed for the loan. She did an excellent job.
Monique was very professional, courteous, friendly, informative, and 100% honest. She explained all costs and fees and explained all terms of the loan. She didn't hide anything from me, and we both found an acceptable loan amount and affordable payment. She was an excellent customer service loan representative for Advance Financial. The transaction took quite an extended time, more than I anticipated, due to technical issues, but she was very respectful in keeping me informed of my wait time during the process. Great first-time flex loan experience.
Thought I was getting a loan, with easy payments, instead I got a loan that just keeps going up with fees, charges. Can't pay 800 dollars every two weeks, they won't change the payments. Advance Financial does nothing but put you back in debt. They overdrafted my bank account several times costing me more money. They constantly call and harass you from 6 different numbers. Pathetic crooked organization.
Everything was going so well with this company till recently. I called on 12/24 asking for an extension on my payment till 1/11. No one on the call mentioned there is a chance it could be taken out anyway prior to that time. On 12/31 the merchant withdrew the funds anyway and caused my mortgage check to bounce. I spent well over 2 hours speaking with different people within this organization and no one could help me. I have now had to work with my bank who I have been with for 15 years and my mortgage company because this company did not provide me with enough information. I plan to spend every penny I can paying them off and in the meantime explaining to the consumer what bad practices they have. If I had been told on that call on 12/24 this could happen I would have made other arrangements. Thanks for ruining my holidays.
I went to Advance Financial to get a loan for 400. Well conditions are not explained to consumer and percentage rates and fees are astronomical. The interest rate is 265 percent and .7 percent fees added daily! That's right daily. 3 months later paying to month I now owe 800 dollars. Never missed a payment. I called on Thursday to find out my pay off. When I get there Friday it was 30 dollars more the next day. Please if you are strapped for cash or have an emergency do anything but this horrific flex loan. I'm just trying to warn consumers. And why do they have to be open 24 hours? I will tell you why! They are catering to druggies that run out of money then in the middle of the night go running out to get more money. How pathetic is that. These people are legal, I don't know why loan sharks. Please write your congressman, governor or anyone else that will listen. I would give minus stars if I could. I'm paid off! Don't ever do this
I like the customer service. I haven't personally talked to anyone, but they do call to see if everything went well. I haven't talked to anyone because I'm always at work, but they do leave pleasant voicemails. This is my first time doing a line of credit and I'm pleased.
I was approved online for 2000 and have used the credit often. I live in Va so read all the term prior to borrowing money. I currently bring home 750 a week and if a bill is due before I get paid I will use money from my AF247 account which is instantly transferred to my bank via my debit card. When I get paid at work I use the same credit card to pay them back and never have paid any interest for using the money responsibly. If you borrow money and only pay back the monthly minimum you will pay high interest for the money. Make sure you read the terms and even if you're approved do not use more than you can pay back within 1 or 2 paydays. I read through the negative reviews on here and laugh because you borrow the money and complain because you pay minimum payments and the interest is a lot. Then you leave negative feedback. There is a reason your credit sucks and you have to get a payday-style loan. AF247 is a great tool to help you pay bills on time but don't borrow anything if you can't pay it back within the grace period.
I borrowed $800 for house payment between jobs. That was 6 months ago. I pay $100 every 2 weeks and nothing goes towards the principal. I still owe $800+ yet I have given AdFin $1200. I don't make enough to get ahead of this loan. I used them because my credit and job history did not qualify me for a personal loan. I need $1000 to close the loan. That's half of my monthly income. Help.
I had gotten a loan with them previously and asked about paying off my current one and getting another. She told me the best way to do it would be to not pay it off, but send in payment verification from my other job. I was told I’d get the increase that way. Now I’m being told they don’t approve more credit upon request. I’ve sent questions via email about it, but received the same generic response both times. I’m seeing now they probably wanted me to keep mine up to more than likely accrue a bigger balance.
After reading other reviews, it seems that another customer had the same issue as I have experienced today. I had set up a payment arrangement for the 15th, however, when I checked my bank account today the transaction is showing pending, which will now cause my mortgage and water bill to bounce. These people do not care to honor what they have set up in the system. Now, I will be facing losing my home because of these people. There are other companies that are much better to deal with than them. I have like many others paid more money out and the balance going nowhere. They are heartless and I can tell now they don't care about messing up people's lives. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER!
I would give them a no star if could. This company is a true definition of a loan shark. My husband got a line of credit for $1000. We used maybe $800 was going in paying then they started pulling out our account. We kept calling to tell them we already paid. They told us there was no note that needed to be put on for them to not auto draft from account. I then finally ask what was the payoff to leave us and our bank account alone. He told me $1800. I said how when we been paying basically double every week and his line of credit was only $1000. He said only like $15 dollars of the $200 payment was going to the balance of the loan due to interest rate which was like 200% every day we stopped paying. When we started struggling so bad ended up getting sued then started garnishment not on his check but instead froze our bank account that any and all funds that went in account was took until paid in full. No one at the bank or us has ever heard of a garnishment on a checking account. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!
After all of the bad things I ended up having to go through Jason, a Customer Care Manager, resolved everything and was extremely nice! Thank you!I was approved for $648 and when I got to the store to pick up my money I was told I was approved by mistake! I have never been so heartbroken in my life! My brakes went out on my car and I was gonna lose my job because I had just started!
Like you & many others, I went through Advance Financial for temporary help. It was a small loan that was overall harmless. My finances changed & I missed a payment. If you ever miss a payment, it's game over. You might as well close your bank account. In the loan agreement it states they can debit your account repeatedly to recover missed payments. "You authorize us to re-initiate any debit entry additional times for the same amount if the debit entry is dishonored." I missed just one payment. So, they started debiting my account repeatedly. As of now, my bank is -$695.79. They'll try their best to catch you on a payday. Thankfully, I had another bank account. I basically abandoned the account & started using my other. (Always have a backup account) I started out with a $400 loan & now have an outstanding balance with them of $1,165.95. Don't ever borrow from these people for any amount. They're banking on the fact that you'll need to borrow again before you've even paid off your 1st loan. Then, they've got you.
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