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Merchant Capital Source Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Merchant Capital Source
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866.969.7878
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 90 %
Thank you Ryan , Eric and Adrian you guys were the best . At first I thought this going to be hard since I always use broker to get funds for me ( and charge commission) after I spoke to Ryan and Eric they get thing done quick really recommended !!! Cut middle man straight to the business !!! Thanks again guys!!!
We used Merchant capital to get some extra money needed. We had no problems and the loan went through quickly.
Fast and consistent
Highly recommend Merchant Capital Source. I have worked with them on 3 occasions and have had quick and efficient service. Thanks Merchant Capital!!!
Great communication and very easy to deal with!
They did a great job!!! Very professional!!!
This is a good help for business to get extra cash when they need it, the only problem that I experienced is that the proces is slow even though they have all the paperwork required also for renew an Extention. I think the process should be faster if everything is approved by the underwriting.
I have had more than 10 loans from MCS and they are easy to work with. You always receive the loan amount without a bunch of fees like other companies. I would recommend them.
I was completely impressed with the ease at which I got my advance on credit cards. I felt the entire process was handled super fast and very professionally. I am very hard to please. I was very pleased with Merchant Capital Source.
I was surprised at the quick and easy process. The customer service is exceptional. Definitely recommend to anyone in need of a quick cash loan.
Simple process and helpful staff.
I called Merchant Capital in Oct. in search of finding an avenue to help fund my business expansion. My business was in a stranglehold because it needed to grow to meet the rising demand but my finances had not caught up with the business yet. Mike Rocco listened to my situation and took the time to ask the necessary questions for him to understand where my business was at and where it needed to go. The solutions Mike developed were ingenious and of sound fiscal planning. The road that brought me to Merchants was a long and bumpy one because my business does not fit into a standard model, so I had many a door shut on me; Mike understood this and presented a plan of action tailored to my business. Thanks again Mike; and Merchant Capital Source.
I have gotten loans with MCS several times and really wanted $18,000 but the new guy I had this time more or less talked me into only getting $15000. It had always taken 2-3 days before where this time it took a little over a week. I felt like the new guy was in training. But have always had good dealings with MCS
If you are going to use a Cash Advance company, I highly recommend MCS. Any cash advance is expensive, but at MCS you will receive excellent service from people you can talk to. The office is small enough that you can find the same people to speak to without having to go through barriers or screeners. They have worked with me over the years through a variety of situations, and they continue to do so.
Efficient service, very straight forward and to the point. Application process was quick.
The process went smoothly & fast. They were very nice & explain anything you needed to know . The way my payments are taken makes it easy & no hassle. Anita
Outstanding customer service!
Merchant Capital Source is the best lender! They have amazing customer service and genuinely care about the businesses they serve.
I have completed several cash advances with Merchant Capitol and love them. I always shop around for the best rates and they ALWAYSbeat every one else. Their customer service is fantastic!!!
An honest company with easy qualifications and easy payback terms.
Both Michael and Eric went out of their way to help me understand the entire process, followed through on everything I asked of them, and could not have given me a better experience. Thank you to all involved. Highly recommend.
I had reached the end of my rope, I was turned down by most of the conventional loans. Believe it or not I followed a link on Facebook and I was funded within days. The process was easy and convenient and my business was given a second chance to survive.
Overall Great service
Why does this company fill my inbox with unwanted emails, I don't want them I have tried to unsubscribe, but to no avail I will avoid this company like the plague Two weeks after there reply below they are still sending junk
MCS was easy to do business with, and very clear with documentation needs.
My experience with everyone at Merchant Capital Source was very pleasant, professional, and fast.Mike & Mark were nice & courteous. Thank you Kenny
They help me very much and I will spread the word.
Easy to work with. Quick response.
Amazingly easy when compared to bank funding. The approval process was quite simple and fast..Thank you Merchant Capita!!l
Eric is the most helpful person. He goes above and beyond to help, explain and get what is best for you.
Very easy to work with & without a lot of hassle
Chris was and the whole process was a pleasant wonderful experience. I will be recommending this company to everyone. Thank you so much. You have no idea how this helped us.
I would not want to have to do it but they helped keep me open during those early years and I would go to them again in a bind.
Everything went smoothly. Process was fast. Money was wired to my account as promised. I am very satisfied and would use Merchant Capital again.
They helped me when I was desperate and were by far the easiest to work with of any lender I've ever used. I'm using them again to grow my business.
I have used this company for several years now. Erik, our representative is quick, easy, kind and straight forward. I tried to beat his offer and could not. The customer care is one of the best around. They are always accessible. Great company.
Competitive and quick in their decisions. The best financial company we've dealt with.
Easy process. Friendly & realistic professional staff. Always a pleasure. I do not trust anyone but these guys.
Quick, fluid communication and upstanding professionals. Would recommend to anyone looking for a group who will do the most to make your dreams come true.
Very profesional and quick services , easy application
Great experience...responsive staff and a smooth process from application to funding.
Fast, easy service. Thank you.
They are quick, professional and friendly. They explain things well and the turn around time is what they say it is. This is my second loan from them and it was even easier than the first. I am a small business owner and do not qualify for any traditional loan. They easily approved me since I have a steady credit card income from my business. The funding from them comes at a high financial price but worth it when you can't get a bank loan.
I appreciate working with a company that has the staff in place that truly reflect what the company say their about. I wish now that I would have come back to do business along time ago. You guys were a pleasure to work with very professional and may the whole process seamless. Thanks to everyone on your team.....
Very helpful , through the whole process.
This is my 3rd round of funding with MCS. Always there when I need them!
Merchant Capital Source is very helpful, they do what they say they are going to do.
True to their word. ryan the sales rep, very knowledgable and professional. Eric in underwriting also very knowledgeable. Nice group of people.
With a minimum amount of fanfare you can get qualified and receive the proceeds from you loan. Payment is quick and painless.
Very efficient. They handled things quickly and got it done.
Great team!!!!!!!!!!!
Quick replays, very efficient customer service,
So happy I found Merchant Capital Source. I appreciate the easy terms and super fast funding. The entire process was very simple and the office staff was great to work with. I give them the highest recommendation!
Honest Projections & Execution of the Loan.
Straight forward, professional, come through exactly as promised! Would love to work with them again! One of the owners, Eric Slutsky, was very communicative and professional!
Easily took care of my loan.
They helped get us some funding right away. We were able to get some extra stock and keep our business growing.
Anytime I need money they are there with great fast service,
This company truly work for you as well as with you. The team members that we dealt with were professional, sincere and made the advancement happen very quickly - I had an approval the same day as well as funded the same week. When the banks said "No" Merchant Capital Source said "Yes" and they made it happen for us. I can attest that this is a company that you can trust!!! Very straight forward and our ONLY lender from this day forth! Thanks Team!!!!
Everyone was honest, courteous and responsive from the first phone call to the day of funding which happened in three days. You can tell that the owners and managers have a vested interest in providing the best service possible. I'm grateful to have found them.
Mike Rocco is prompt and professional
This process was seamless and easy. Thank you for all your help and advice.
The staff at Merchant Capitol was extremely helpful, efficient and professional. I would strongly recommend them to all small business, they made the process very simple.
I've have used MCS for several years.. the service has always been excellent...
This is the second time I use Merchant Capital Source I was satisfied the first time around as well as now for a second time. They make it easy to do business with them.
Smooth process from start to funding!
Very good company to work with.
From start to finish, answers to all questions and very prompt response. Ryan and Eric were very good to deal with.
I love this loan that they provide i was able to get out of debt for the winter pay my bills up everything is paid off for the summer and they didn't have to do a credit check or anything it really saved me
I have returned to Merchant Capital Source over the past few years when my organization needed some cash flow assistance. Uncharacteristic of many other merchant account funders in this industry, Merchant Capital Source is ethical and transparent in the way they do business, and they provide personalized service, as well. I have recommended MCS to others and will continue to do so.
Totally clear conversation on all aspects of the services, cost, & time frame. Did exactly what they said they would do..... rare today ! Exceeded expectations....
They make what is usually a difficult, painful process relatively easy and quick. Very good follow up and communication.
It was extremely fast really reccomend it ,intrest is high but all worth it to expand ,thank you merchant capitol.
This is fair company that doesn't push and bully you to accept what they are offering. It's difficult enough when you have to take a high interest loan, to then be badgered by the lender. The people at MCS don't do that, and I for one appreciate that.
Everybody was very knowledgeable knew what they are talking about within three days I had the money in the account this is my second loan with them you can't go wrong by using this company Wesley Frank
Merchant capital has helped us several times over the past 4 years with our funding. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and quick to fund. Although we have many calls to provide us with funding, we are extremely satisfied with Merchant Capital,(although, we would like a better interest rate). Thank you Merchant Capital for getting us through this horrid economy this past five years!
You have found the right company Merchant Capital Source. Fast, Friendly, Very Fair! This is the group you will use for all your funding needs. Thank you for the Great service!
I would recommend this company to anyone needing fast, quick, business funds. They stayed on top of things to get it processed as quickly as possible and provided great service till the end.
The Best company to work with..
When traditional loans are not available to you as a small business, Merchant Capital is a great alternative. This is our third time around with them. Once you establish a relationship with them and develop a good track record, renewing funding is a breeze and the terms are slightly better. I would give them five stars, but I recognize that the cost of the advance is not cheap, but when your choices are limited, Merchant Capital has your back.
They responded in a timely manner and professional manner. However to be more candid....i was told if my average sales per month are $20,000 they can loan me approximately $10,000. So at $250k a year gross dont expect much. I tried to find out their process and lending amounts through research but found nothing. So i thought i would share this tid bit of information. I was better off going through square capital or pay pal for more funding and seems from the info provided a better rate for payback. Also....they do run your credit and outsource funding. Again they werent bad but its a lot of documentation to find out they want to give you not so much. I didnt have any specific amount i wanted. I just found that my business didnt need your services. I qualified....Just not worth the fees they charge. I think the company should be more open to how they work. They do not fund their own loans.
Their representatives have great knowledge of the products. They were straight forward and up front. Funds were available within a week. I was not happy with their first field inspector, he made an appointment, showed up 30 minutes early, left and refused to return. Delayed the process two days. 2nd inspector they sent was very nice and came when he said he was going to. The rates of interest are ridiculous, almost criminal, but they are in line with other companies. .
If you need fast cash, and your credit is less than perfect, this is your answer. It's expensive money, but no different than a credit card.
These guys are very professional and dedicated... Thanks for letting me work with your best. Tom
Eric and Alan are very helpful, they have a great customer service and they are on top of their game. fast funding.
Excellent customer service and the time to get the approval and funding Amazing !!!!
I was in a tight bind and MCS got me the funds I needed in days. Everyone from my sales guy Sam to my underwriter Eric were friendly and helpful. If you need emergency funding for your business there's no better place to go. Thank you!
When I needed their help to get some additional capital, they were very understanding and willing to work with our situation.
From start to finish my overall experience was great. MCS took the time to learn about my business and its needs. The process was expected and as we went through each step I was guided by a friendly team member.
I have used their services on a couple of occasions. Very professional staff. All the details are communicated and followed up on .
Great and fast service.
I own a growing retail and online business and wanted to share the great experience that I have had with Merchant Capital Source. When I wanted working capital for my company there were a lot of funders to choose from. The funding industry has a lot of company's that have questionable practices. I researched many of them and found the team at Merchant Capital Source to be the most professional, straightforward and caring of any of the company's that I looked at. They actually took the time to understand my business and my financial needs. After funding, they also offer tips and ideas to improve the financials of your business. I have now had 2 fundings from them and I highly recommend them to any business owner who wants fair rates, the best terms and a company with integrity that will look beyond the numbers and look at your overall business. It just doesn't get any better than that. .
Are Theron best
The application process was quick and easy. If you've got a small business, you already know how cash flow can really put a kink in the operations Merchant Capital Source set up a payment schedule that is extremely conscious of the way my business operates. You can check out the other companies who offer similar services, but MCS is without a doubt the easiest to do business with.
Got me a loan when I needed it, fast and very reliable
Been doing business with Merchant Capital since Summer of 2014. Back then, they actually save our business! My 5 year old son and I had a major wreck and the results, besides our physical injuries, was a very large financial loss due to my inability to work to full capacity. We bought a Winnebago, moved into an RV park for a year, and the advances from Merchant Capital kept the business rolling. Now we are recovered, and we still use them for needed "financial shots in the arm" to help us expand. They are efficient, honest and fair. Their program makes the whole process "as less painful as possible". (who wouldn't want an interest free loan, but we know that is not possible) Have used them many times, and will use them many times again.
Great place to get money when you need it for your business . Eric Slutzky is the one I have been going through for last almost 3 years. He never let me down, always quick respond and get the job done in no time :) Very very very very happy with it Thank you Eric and the company
I would definitely recommend to anyone
i have been dealing with Merchant Capital for almost two years and have had no issues. I get funded quickly and would refer them to anyone in need of capital for their business.
Working with the personnel at Merchant Capital Source is always a pleasant experience. The employees are very knowledgable and take the extra step to to resolve any situation. I would recommend MCS to anyone.
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