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LendingUSA Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: LendingUSA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-994-6177
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
I've filled out paperwork for automatic withdrawal from account 3 times and still I'm late on payment due to them losing paperwork in system ! Time consuming calling and calling to get the paper work . Online is hard to log on not user friendly
Awesome service! Quick response to follow up questions. Guided through the entire process
I have had the best experience with this company. I was uneasy about financing but they were extremely helpful and courteous. All my questions were answered and I was put at ease. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of financing. 10 stars!!
I just wanted to let you know that Kato Sherman is a great asset for your company, he is not only knowledgeable but is great at customer service as well.
Great and quick and simple and all by email.
simple to do.
Great communication! Pleasure working with this company, and hopefully can fulfill my future needs.
The service from beginning to end was/is superb!
LendingUSA are great! They work with me and they worked really fast. I highly recommend them to everyone!
I agree your company & your staff trained by the best quality trainer I got the best service & communication to get my loan I will recommend your to all my friend & business associates
I took out a loan for a pet purchase and was told it would have a 6 month interest free period, which is the only reason I took out the loan. No one has returned my emails. I paid the original loan amount in full in one month and expect the interest charges to be erased. EDIT: lending USA reached out and did not charge me interest. They were great for responsiveness but their statements are confusing because they show interest as charged rather than deferred. Something you might want to fix moving forward!
The most efficient streamlined process. Excellent customer service. Smart, engaged and customer focused. I felt totally comfortable and connected to each team member. Thank you for your help when I needed it most!
Danielle Ford helped with my dilemma and cleared any worry I had... She was quick Courteous and very professional... She is definitely an asset to this company...
Danielle Ford was great! she helped me with my questions and problems and even shared great benefits with my to take advantage of.
I needed a quick dental procedure done, but it was costly. LENDINGUSA came to my rescue with a loan that covered it. They were fast, thorough, and friendly. I would definitely do business with them again. Loan Coordinator James Reid gets a notable "High-Five" for excellent Customer Service received.I couldn't of asked for a better company to work with.
I purchased two puppies from a pet store and LendingUSA gave me the loan for them. When my first payment notice arrived, I was upset because an origination fee was added to my loan that I didn't notice when I first received the loan. I was pretty upset about it because the pet store didn't mention this origination fee and I didn't see it on my contract when I signed it. The fee was there in plain sight, BUT it was closing time, I was tired and it had been a really long day. I know to read over contracts before signing them, but I skimmed over it, so I missed the fee. Chris from LendingUSA was VERY HELPFUL in going over everything and explaining every detail of my contract. Chris from Lending USA listened to my concerns and contacted the Pet Store to educate the staff on Lending USA's loans. All and all everything worked out.
Applying for a loan was convenient and easy. The loan agents are very personable and very nice! I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again LendingUSA!!!
I thank you for your services. It was easy, and very covienient for me
Couldn't get a loan because I'm going through a divorce, but lending USA approved me so I could pay my attorney. Lifesaver
Easy application process and a representative to help you along the way with any questions and emails back within an hour! Super friendly and easiest loan I've ever done!!
They approved me for $18K but when it came down to the wire, offered me $11K. But, they were fairly quick and professional. The interest is a little high but they are a finance company and there is an 8% loan origination fee which a credit union would not charge.
They did a good job; however, their rates are higher than many other options. Good when needed. The service was exceptional - courtesy, timely, and knowledgeable. Great experience!
Transaction was flawless. I applied online and got approved. I called them to clarify the apr and was given all the info I needed. They emailed me a link to send in my docs. The woman did advise the process takes about 5 buisness days. After the 3rd buiness day I was called and told they sent me my loan docs. I filled them out and received $4,000 in 2 days
Within in minutes I knew if I was approved or not. After that it took about a week to finish the entire process. Very easy
carlos was very helpful i think he worked long hours to do all he could to help me..yes i would recommend others to go heer .
Thank you so much Lending USA!!! You gave me chance to prove that I was trust worthy on making good on my loan when others wouldn't. Cecilia was very professional, courteous and most of all patience. I'm very pleased with my service at Lending USA I give them 10 stars. Gwendolyn Johnson
They delivered on what they promised
MANUEL SILVA AMAZING SERVICE!!! Answered all questions, got me through the process quickly, really helped me out!! 5,000 STARSSSS!
LendingUSA is either a SCAM COMPANY WHO IS GOING TO STEAL YOUR INFORMATION, A COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE COMPANY, OR BOTH. This experience has pretty much set me off of getting any type of loan all together, outside of the major banks that is. I AM ASTOUNDED AT WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH WITH THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT CALL THEMSELVES A BUSINESS. The process was extremely stressful and exhausting because of how they act throughout and I was naïve to keep going with it. At every single step, they tell you that it’s the last but that’s not even close to true. To start off everything was going well; I got pre-approved instantly online with a soft credit inquiry. Then came photos of myself and my ID which they asked me for several after the initial. Then there was account verification which would have been simple but their system fails sometimes and didn’t show anything correctly. They asked me for more accounts and a blank check (which I voided, thank goodness). Then they made me wait only to send a generic email from the LendingUSA general email account saying I was denied when the underwriter told me explicitly I would get a call from the loan agent I had been dealing with. I called the loan officer, Manuel Silva and I asked if my information would be safe and how did I know that they didn’t just make me do the whole process to steal my info. Why would they not tell me I’m not eligible since the beginning when they saw my income on the initial application? Manuel started laughing and wouldn’t answer my questions. They were so interrogative and rude during every phone call. He could barely think of a reason I was denied. My income was exactly as I said since the beginning and still they said that it was the reason they couldn’t approve the loan. THE WAY I WAS TREATED AS A WOMAN WAS UNACCEPTABLE AND HORRIBLE. They made me lose my time and spend my energy as well as waste a hard credit inquiry. I just can’t believe that I spent so much time doing this while I could’ve been dealing with a reputable bank. I DON’T SEE ANY ADVANTAGE OF APPLYING FOR A LOAN WITH AN UNREALIABLE AND UNTRUSTWORHTY COMPANY. Never do business with them! The only thing using this company would accomplish is give you stress. If I was treated this way since the beginning, I’m glad I didn’t have a loan with them because imagine how they treat those who owe them money!
I called today 1-16-2019, as a new customer I didnt have any information about my loan. The person on the phone was so rude and unprofessional while I was trying to communicate with him. My first language is spanish so I told him please him can I have a spanish speaking person so I can better understand , and while he was putting the phone on hold he said" so stupid" .I think this person has no customer service skills its a shame I have to put this without a name because I didnt record it.
The process is very easy, and is quick. Had the funds within a few days, not weeks as with other lenders. Rates are good, was offered different payback periods, unlike other lenders. The agent assigned to me stayed with me throught the entire process which is digitized and easy to use. All around a very good experience and would recommend to anyone needing funds for whatever the purpose.
Great Experience .Daniel was great always answered my questions .He was always on top of all matters my loan kept in touch with me and update always what is going on. Even though I think I got a little bit of a high interest but I needed the money to consolidate my credit cards debts. Thank you Daniel and lending USA.
Lending USAi is av very nice experience the loan agent is very helpful in the process I felt very comfortable during the process it was an relativity a easy process I would recommend Lending USA.
Everything, went well, I am pleased ! I am pleased with everything that went in regards to Identity protection. I thought it was very thorough and necessary thank you again!
The worse experience I have ever had with anyone. Lack of communication and very unprofessional. I trusted Lending USA with my very personal info and I was ignored and didn't get the business done. After I posted this review, I've received a phone call from LendingUSA with an apology. For a change, it was really nice to hear a friendly and apologattic voice. I excepted the apology, but no longer wanted to do business with them even though I was offered better outcome.
I would definitely recommend this company to everyone I know.
Waste of time. Was pre approved. Been dealing with them for 2 weeks and still no loan! Numerous phones calls and numerous request for personal info. After giving them access to things like my checking account I was told you have to have a 500 dollar average balance to qualify. This should be told up front before they request all your personal info. Then they were trying to tell me I don't qualify because I had a negative 3,100 on my checking account at one time. BULL!!! What bank is going to let you do a 3100 negative transaction? It was just an excuse. Beware they are just out to get your personal info. After applying with them I have been getting notices from creditwise that my information has been spotted on the web. Don't waste your time. If LendingUSA proves they are legit I will take down this review.
I applied in October and was "approved" for $10,000. After my loan went to underwriting, I was then told I was denied due to having applied for other loans within the last 90 days. I was told I could only have a maximum of 3 loans with Lending USA as one of them. The loan consultant told me I could re-apply within 30 days, as then the other loans would fall outside the 90 days. I called back the next month and the same loan consultant came on the line and said you have two active loans outstanding, you can only have one loan other than Lending USA. That is obviously different from what he told me previously, and he was incredibly dismissive and short with me. The entire reason I wanted this loan was for debt consolidation, basically to pay off other outstanding loans, so I have an issue with both the reason for the denial, and the misinformation. Why even bother telling me to call back to reapply within 30 days if that is the response I get? I pay all my debts all the time and feel like I was treated very poorly.
As I am grateful for the loan to pay my credit card debts, I was not advised about the loan fee. That extra $850 could have helped to pay more of my bills. It was quite a surprise when signing my documents. I almost backed out of the loan, but at that point I wasn't sure anyone else would approve me.
The beginning started off great with Angela. Then as I started having issues my loan officer would not get back to me so I got extremely frustrated. I then got a call from Monet who is one of their Quality Assurance agents and let me tell you, she got things done. She got me answers and helped me get what I needed including answers. I wish Monet would have been my lending officer because she was Amazing. There is definetly a need for improvement thru their lines of communication but in the end I got the help I needed and was able to get a good chunk of my bills paid off thanks to Lending USA. Thank you MONET. You are number 1 in Customer Satisfaction in my book.
Fast and thorough service by Manny!
Customer service was thorough and provided outstanding information and was easily contactable.
Such an easy process to get a loan. My loan officer was Myrna Valerio. She is very professional an made borrowing a very easy process. I would recommend her an Lending USA to anyone. Thank you. Michael S
Worst lending experience I’ve ever had. Beware!!! Gustavo, a supervisor btw, sounds like he’s eating twinkies while talking at the same time!!!! This company will not do ANYTHING to work with good paying clients. LendingUSA is a scam!!!! My account is LCU-2204361, you should have my contact info.
Very nice.up front easy as well
Fast, quick and friendly customer service. Very attentive to your lending needs to ensure you receive a loan that will help with your financial needs. Would definitely recommend using Lending USA for all your lending needs!
Super high interests.
I needed a loan to take care (consolidate) of my credit card dept. They accepted and approved my loan while no one was willing, I'm really grateful to them. The process was very simple and fast. My loan coordinator Mr. Manuel was very nice and and super helpful. I'm satisfied with my loan and will recommend to anyone who is in need of one.
Quick, fair and really great. Customer service
Initially when I was trying to pay off my loan the customer service through the 800 number in California was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. They were very rude and gave me wrong information on numerous occasions. When I asked for a supervisor he was even more rude and unprofessional then the person before. He would not help me and when I asked for his supervisor he said there's no one above him and he wouldn't give me anybody else's name he argued back and forth with me for about 10 minutes on this and finally gave me a different name of someone and said there's nothing that no one else can do for me. Feeling defeated and with getting no help I thought of the person that help me get my loan initially which was Kato I called him he answered right away and remember helping me back in February I told him the situation crying and he said let me make one phone call within minutes he had Chris call me from the headquarters of Lending USA and Chris took on my situation and was working for hours on it that night and then the next day had it resolved for me. I felt very cared for because of the level of service I got from Chris and Kato and I would recommend lending USA to anyone now because of it and if it wasn't for them helping me in fixing this with such priority I don't think I would ever use lending USA or recommend them to anybody ever. Please acknowledge both of these men and give them a huge Thank you from me!!!!!!! Nichol McPherson
I would rate them a 1 after what I had initially gone through. However Matthew Wheeler is the only reason they were able to recapture my business. He single handledly helped me resolve my dispute, reverse the overage charge, and send me a gift card for the inconvenience. Employees such as Matthew are over worked, and under appreciated. It is unfortunate that I had to go through 4 different representatives that were unwilling to resolve the clerical issue that had transpired prior to speaking with Matthew. He is a invaluable assess to your company, and a model employee to lead others.
Carlos was great, process was easy, terms perfect. It did take longer than promised and that was a little stressful as we had found ourselves in a financial bind. In the end everything worked out great and I would recommend this company to anyone for a short term loan. Long term it is very expensive.
I worked with Fred Jordan and he made the process easy. Mr Jordan was courteous professional and efficient at getting my medical loan. I would recommend this company because of Mr. Jordan he should be rewarded as he is honoring and promoting the best interests of this lender.
Stephanie went the extra mile to get me this loan. very hard working and diligent
Overall I was pleased with the service I was provided. The agent I worked with was responsive, kind and courteous. The two things I would have changed are 1) the time it took to deposit the fund into my account and 2) the fact that my first payment is due within same month I received my loan funds (i.e. I was not even given 30 days).
So quick and satisfied with the service
If I could rate them with zero stars I would. Lending USA is pretty much a corporate loan shark. I’ve paid $1800 in payments to them in a two year span on a $2300 loan. I asked for a balance today and they said I still owe $1800 on the loan. So of my $1800 of payments they’ve only credited my account for $500. I’m baffled on how they are allowed to rob people of thier money like this.
Thank you for a smooth transaction and easy approval process. Manuel Silva is awesome and quick to get everything completed. Will continue to work with this company. Really got me out of a jam. Helped me drastically. Recommended highly
I was told a $25 gift certificate would be sent to me as a promotion for signing up with automatic direct withdrawal. A month later I realized nobody was going to send me the gift certificate. I called customer service after a month had passed, the agent said because it had been a month the promo was over and argued with me. I will never see that $25 gift certificate. Not worth it. Liars!
Good service . Interest is high but I needed the loan
Good service. Good representative.
Fast & friendly.... will definitely recommend to family & friends!!!! Thank you LendingUSA!
Quick, fast approval and limited docs needed to complete the loan process. The only negative is the interest rate that I am being charged. I feel that my credit score and history was sufficient for a much lower rate. But, it turns out that I did not need the loan, so I will be returning the full amount. I now know there is a lender out there that offers fast, prompt loans when an emergency arises. For that, thank you so very much!! I will be recommending this loan company to others that have an emergent need for a quick and painless loan!!
Danielle For was great answering our questions and issue was quickly resolved.
Lending USA was very professional and kind. I was able to get approved for my project. They were able to explain the paperwork and answered any questions I had. I would use them again in the future. I would recommend them to friends and family. Thank you.
The beginning and end result were good. The staff that helped me was very professional and courteous couldn't have asked for better service. However in the middle while waiting for the underwriter it seemed to take longer than they had said. It felt I was left on hanging for a few days because I didn't hear from anyone on the expected day or the next two days. When I called back it turned out it was still being reviewed, which is fine I just wish they would of touched base with me on that matter. Other than that the service was great.
Had to go thru paperwork twice due to minor details in identification.
Well here is one for you, I NEVER AGREED TO USE LENDINGUSA OR EVEN KNEW MY INFORMATION WAS SENT TO THEM. Yet they are have caused my credit score to go from EXCELENT to fair. I went to Cunning Dental Desara took some credit information, at that time I had not even decided I would have dental work done. She never even mention how much I would have to pay or even interest rates so I never knew or thought she had sent any information to a company I knew nothing about nor had any intent on using because I already knew if I had work done exactly how I was going to pay. About a month later I received a bill from leandingusa and late charges. I told them I did not owe them any money and not only did I not owe them but my bill with cunning dental was PAID IN FULL. That has not stopped them from calling sending bills with more interest rate and now a failing credit score. I told Cunning dental about this and spoke to Pearl a supervisor at cunning dental. Her and Desara assured me my credit would not be affected and it was all taking care of. Well I found out today that was not true either. So if someone tells you they are going to use leandingusa for financing RUN. This is the reason I ALWAYS CHECK OUT leading companies banks etc. If I am going to use credit. This is also why I KNOW I DID NOT AUTHORIZE USING THIS COMPANY BECAUSE AS I SAID I HAD ALREADY MADE ARRANGEMENTS OF HOW I WAS GOING TO PAY IF I DECIDED TO HAVE WORK DONE BEFORE I WENT TO DENTIST. Plus Desara of cunning dental says al this could have been avoided had I just went on and paid leandingusa. How is that for doing business.
all thru the time, I felt that Angela was trying FOR me
I am very happy with the financing I received from Lending USA! The representatives were very patient and kind. It was like talking with an old friend!
It was so easy & a professional contacted me in a timely manner to assist me ! She was very patient & informative & helped me through the whole process. Answered all my questions & concerns I had . I highly recommend them !
Felicia was very friendly, patient and helpful and made everything we needed to do very clear. We really appreciate everything that went in to helping us!
Refreshing in the world today. LendingUSA actually is in sync with how they represent themselves and communicate about their loan options and what actually occurs: What the process for applying includes, time-lines, and quality customer service once the loan is funded. I was nervous and genuinely surprised with the entire process. LendingUSA exceeded my expectations!! Happy to recommend them.
I would also give them a 0 rating . I took out a loan , supposedly 6 month interest free . I got my first bill and was charged interest . I called and they told me if I paid it off in full on my first payment that it would be interest free otherwise I would be charged monthly interest fees in the six months , but then if I paid it off I would not have to pay anymore interest fees . Duh , off course I wouldn't the loan would be paid off . I would advise never doing business with them . EXTREMELY SHADY
I called today to see if I would be able to pay my bill over the phone,it went straight to the survey. I was not able to talk to anyone. I rated your customer service all ones, because I didn't get any service.
The process was quick and easy. The representatives I spoke with were courteous and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Customer Service are always there to help
The process of getting a loan was easy. Alex was great at walking me through all the steps and asking any questions I might have had.
My whole experience was quick and easy. Thank you LendingUSA!
Thank you for guiding me through the lending process. I appreciate the excellent help!
Just like all the other negative reviews. Phone calls go unanswered, long waits with NO contact. This process advertised is not what you get. Now weeks later, the dreaded "D" letter. "denied for incomplete credit information." Even though I supplied everything down to username and password , and a stern warning from my bank about giving that info to their bogus verify company. This process in meant to resist pleasing the customer. Should have listened to all the negative reviews. I learned that a scam is a scam and little can be done when we are led to the edge of the now its off to the Attorney General of both states and a major complaint will be filed.WARNING...this bank is NOT Fair about anything, despite their fair credit reporting act violations. Duh! I dread giving my information to this company and sure to regret the credit dings this will place on my credit report. And all my information standing by for a hack of this bank/loan company, etc. UUUggghhhh wheres all the customer service now? JW
Running into large repair issues with one's auto tends to put a burden on one's monthly budget. The short term that repair shops allow means another large payment to handle. Thanks to LendingUSA I was able to payoff my vehicle and its repair which gives me a chance to make lower payments at a slightly longer term. Not only was this convenient but a welcome relief. Lav Ahmetaj was very helpful in helping me originate the loan and my wish is that he can do the same for many others.
excellent customer service.
I received extremely good service and I am very much pleased Larry
great, quick service.
Getting ahold of someone was at times difficult, you have to wait until they call you back or hold for half an hour only to be disconnected. Also, while the reps are friendly, some are also not very knowledgable about details, such as: "no interest if you pay off your loan in 6 months". OK so my question was: What if I pay it off in for example month 7, does the interest I have to pay go retroactive? Some said no, one double checked, and indeed, yes it does. Glad I asked. Also, the loan under writer was also a bit unclear yet got it done and friendly. If you know what questions to ask and can deal with slow communication, they ultimately get the job done.
Great help when no one else would.
easy, faster, nice agent
Jose was efficient and great !
The contact was prompt, courteous and helpful. I needed the load for extensive dental work, and you came through!
This site site was really easy and helpful in getting a loan. The only thing I didn't like was that less than 30 days the 1st payment was due and then again in 2 weeks, but other that I am very pleased.
After a bad experience, management called me to make things right.
I recently a loan with Lending USA. Manny was fantastic and very patient with me as we went through the loan process. I would highly recommend for those looking for a loan to consider Lending USA.
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