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EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-655-6768
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 86 %
I've been a client with EZ Choice since March of last year after having researched a number of credit repair companies. Manny and I spent a couple of hours on the phone in my initial consultation, which surprised me because I figured he'd prefer to focus on enrolling other people in his company's services. He was pleasant, candid and was happy to answer my questions and concerns. That was a shock to me. I left the phone call knowing I had made a wise choice. He and his team worked quickly to remove several negative items from my reports. I saw a marked increase in just a few months' time. I went from the mid-500s to nearly the mid-700s in about six or seven months. Seeing this, and keeping up with my paperwork as it would come in, kept me excited. Things evened out at the beginning of this year. I was thrilled with my new credit score, but I believe that my own efforts to be fiscally responsible hurt my overall score. I haven't been able to confirm that, but I know a couple of changes in recent months may have contributed to a lower number. In addition, TransUnion is now using a different scoring model, so that brought me down some. None of this has to do with the performance of the team at EZ Choice Financial. They've always been quick to get disputes out and update me via email. I will say that I don't necessarily know that I'm more knowledgeable about credit use, credit in general, credit scoring or the credit industry at large. I was hoping to become wiser as this went on. There is information available on their website and the opportunity to speak to someone weekly about these things, but it's not really pushed. I do have more resolve and at one point could see myself financing a car or house at a great interest rate. With newer developments, I'm just going to have to put in more time to make sure my numbers stay where I want them. I've only had a couple of concerns in the time I've been a client, and they were handled quickly and professionally by Manny's team or by Manny himself. I agree with another reviewer that I wish I knew how they were disputing certain items because it does seem that after a certain point, it has been re-submissions for the same items that have been previously confirmed. Also, each bureau has different information reported to it, so my results (as best as I've been able to discern) are not uniform. I wish they were. That said, the major negative issues have been deleted/corrected. In conclusion, I am grateful for their help and am happy overall with the results they've provided in the timeframe the contract specifies. I would definitely use them in the future, though I would do it more for sprucing up than to get out of a dire situation like I was first in.
I have had excellent service from the EZ team. Manny explained everything up front, and the process has been exactly as he said it would be. When I bring in my paperwork, the challenges have gone out next day. My rental house foreclosure was done with cooperation with my bank, but it had been misrepresented on my credit reports as not cooperative. As these things get fixed my scores have steadily improved. I am a happy customer.
No improvement happened
EZ choice has been my choice for all the dozens of contacts I have sent to EZ Choice Financial. They are superb.
Helped me so much in improving my credit and we're always on alert for anything that looked suspicious. Highly recommended it for those that need help!
Before signing up with Manny, i thought credit repair negotiate debt. Manny took the time to explain that this debt consolidation which may hurt credit more. He explained what they do and gave me no false promises. It has been few months and i have already had 15 negative items deleted from my credit. Keep up the good work EZ Choice
With over 20 years of disregard for my credit score I came across a time in my life when it became mandatory for me to fix it and with a phone call to ez choice and approximately one months time I was astonished with how much they had corrected and increased my credit score. I would and have recommended them to anyone in need of credit repair. Todd Duncan
I love EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair. Manny and his team of experts have really changed the quality of my life since a lot of things here in the USA really depend on your credit score. I called their number for information and was directed to their CEO, Manny. He personally took the time to hear and assess my situation and give me suggestions what to do. It is so rare to find a CEO of a company care so much about a potential customer Manny explained everything very carefully to me, without any kind of sales pressure or pitch really. He just came across as someone who genuinely wanted to help me get my credit score back on track! Needless to say, Manny earned my business and my trust so I signed up for a full year! It's 10 months into my credit repair and I am still beyond amazed at just how quickly and efficiently the amazing EZ Choice team has handled my account. Whenever I have questions or concerns about my account, they are always quick to respond and really take the time to explain the details. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Manny and his team at EZ Choice Financial. Their services are by far one of the best investments you could ever do for yourself. Thank You So Much Getting My Life Back.
EZ Choice Financial has done wonders for me! I went from mid 500's to almost a 700 in 4 months. I have been given multiple lines of credit thru major cc companies totaling over $3k, when I couldn't qualify for a dollar previously. They've been able to take off over 14 items off my credit...yay!!! I totally recommend EZ Choice Financial to any and everyone over any other company because I'm living proof that they work for you to no end. Absolutely Greatfull to Manny, Amanda and staff for helping me to rebuild my credit when all other options failed.
Credit repair is not an overnight process but after 5 months EZ choice delivered great deletions on my credit. They are still working on my reports but the majority of the items have been removed which is awesome
I had some medical debt that really impacted my credit scores. The representatives at EZ Choice Credit Repair were diligent and methodical in their efforts to repair my credit. They are professional and understand the process for fighting the credit bureaus and successfully got my negative credit items deleted. I can't recommend them enough!
I started out as a non believer. Remember back in the day when people said they could help you with your credit repair and all you ever got from them was frustration. Well not with EZ Choice. I started out with a credit score in the low 600's and 48 negative items on my credit report, 1 year later my credit is about 760 and 4 negative items remaining. One of the bureaus is reporting my score even higher than that. I tell you, do what they tell you do, and you will get excellent results too.
My credit suffered badly during my divorce. EZ choice was able to fix my credit within few months. I am happy with their work
As opposed to many of their competitors, who "take the money and run" EZchoice talks the talk and walks the walk. EZchoice tells you what they are going to do, honestly tell you what it will cost and then follows through and are very pro-active with their clients. I would not hesitate to continue to send clients to them.
They came through with their promises and fixed my credit. I am very satisfied
I was very hesitant about doing credit repair because I heard of shady companies. EZ choice definitely changed my mind and I can finally say I no longer have bad credit. I recommend them
All of the staff are professional and personal with you.
I don't know if you understand how important your services are. I had a terrible credit score as I had my identity stolen and on top of that there where errors on my credit report that where not correct. Admittedly I was behind on some bills and for some reason some of the bills where sent to an old address so I never new. I was turned down on a mortgage to purchase my first home and was forced to rent which gives you a zero tax advantage. Anyway your payment plan helped me afford to pay you so you could begin working on my credit right away. One year later my credit score is over 800 and I am moving for a new job and just qualified for and purchased a $400,000 plus 1st home. Amazing service from your staff and you did everything you promised. You need to understand how your services can profoundly change someones future. Thanks
When i signed up with this company my score was in the high 500 . Its now close to 700 and i am finally qualifying to finance a home. Thank you for the continued help and service
This organization did not do what their claims stated. Everything they did I could have and have done in the past myself. The collected credit reports and filed disputes hoping that the unfavorable items would be deleted. Never called on my behalf or tried to go farther than resubmitting credit reports and sending me updates that they sent the credit reports back to the agency. No increase in credit score or removal of unfavorable entries. I would NEVER recommend this organization for credit repair help.
Manny and the staff are excellent at credit repair ! They review the process with you at the beginning and keep you informed throughout the entire process of the steps necessary to clean your credit . Our credit has gone up drastically which enabled us to purchase a car and get multiple credit cards !
Credit repair works and ez choice worked even better to help me understand my credit. Not only did they fix my credit, I know understand how credit works. Thank you Manny for the great work
I needed their assistance and they helped me good and I encourage other if they need any help contact the credit card financial
I have referred Manny and EZ Choice Financial to several clients, each of whom have received the exact service and results they expected. Would refer any of my clients, friends and family to use them for their credit repair needs.
Manny and his crew did exactly what they promised. I was hesitant at first, people tell you what you want to hear, they will do this and that. Manny and his team have done an outstanding job at delivering on their promise. I am so pleased with the result, I have since recommended many friends to their services. To Manny and his team, JOB WELL DONE!!
I had some issues I wasn't sure would be resolved easily on my credit report, but with the help of the amazing team at EZ Choice Financial, those items have been removed from my credit report and my score improved by nearly 100 points in just the first 8 weeks of working with the EZ team. I was on a mission to fix the issues on my report so that my husband and I could buy a new family car with the lowest rate possible and I am happy to report we did just that! Thank you EZ team!!! You really made all the difference in my score, despite having worked with a couple of the other credit repair companies with no success prior to finding you, you were able to dive right into my report, find the issues, resolve them quickly and make a huge improvement to my score!! I highly recommend EZ Choice Financial to anyone, but especially someone who has worked with a competitor credit repair company and hasn't had success!
Manny and his team were awesome! They took my credit and were able to fix it within 6 months. In the first 2 months I saw a huge jump by 30 points and then 2 months later again another 30 points. They are real people and work with you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to all my friends and family!
I found EZ choice online and really wasn't sure what to expect. After paying out for another credit repair company that did nothing for my credit I was extremely skeptical. Upon reading many reviews I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. Am I ever glad I did, not only was the staff knowledgeable but they have done wonders on helping me repair my credit. Even after I had made all my payments they have done a methodical job in keeping up with all my credit and continue to work hard in repairing it. Definitely worth using them!
They were good at first, my credit score jump up withing 2-3 months, but started going back down. There was never one consistent person who would contact me either by phone other email. Once program ended after the 6 months my credit score was back to were it was from the beginning or worse. I was told they still continue helping for 6 more month if score doesn't improve, I didn't see them do anything after I paid all that money for the first 6 months.
Its been two years since I signed my contract with Manny and I am blown away with the results. Manny and his staff have increased my score by a total of 167 points! My FICO score used to be in the low 600's. I couldn't qualify for anything even if my life depended on it. Now, with a FICO score of 780+ life is looking a lot brighter for our family. God bless you all.
Ezchoice has done so much for me and am very pleased with there work I highly recommend this place to anyone who is trying to fix there credit. Thank u Manny and your team :)
Manny is super nice, and an expert at what he does. The whole company has been super professional and I have had the best experience over the past 6 months. 12+ Items removed from my report and still going. Thanks a ton everyone. You guys rock!
Thank you for rebuilding my credit. After having a bankruptcy and needing to get back on track, EZ Choice took care of all the detail to get my scores back in the 700's. Amanda is the best and so helpful, I would recommend EZ Choice Financial and trust them when handling my credit repair.
Everyone was amazing and on top of things for us. We appreciated our score going up and getting everything cleared off that should not have been in our credit. . I was nervous and my husband was skeptical. He's a believer for sure! Thank you EZ financial for all of your hard work.
I would recommend this company to anyone. The team is very helpful and willing to help with any credit problems.
EZ CHOICE FINANCIAL has helped me with my credit tremendously... The company is very professional and efficient when dealing with a sensitivity of your credit issues. I would totally recommend EZ Choice Financial for anyone who is in need of a second chance at a better life of new credit... they certainly help me get back on the right track by restoring my credit... Genna from Los Angeles CA
EZ Choice is amazing! From the team to the overall work they give to you so great. I have been looking for a while for a company to help repair my credit and all seemed to be only about the payment, however, EZ choice and Manny are so accommodating and helpful I am so grateful I was referred by a good friend. My credit has already in improved in one month and I am shocked and so happy. Recommend them to all because they truly are the best!
Well worth the money and effort.
Manny is real humble a gentle soul that helped me, family, and friends a lot. I totally recommend his services!
I am very thankful that someone referred me to EZ Choice Financial because Manny and his team do an amazing job. It was very much worth my decision to go with EZ Choice because in less than six months I saw results. VERY happy about it.
I would recommend EZ choice to friends and family. My credit reports had so many negatives accounts. I must of had 17 plus negatives on my reports and I am down to one negative. I must say that I am very pleased! with the service. Even though it has taken about 3 years to clean up my credit, it was worth it. Thanks! for all of your help.
Once they took me on as a client, they continued on my behalf relentlessly to improve my score and rid me of my negative marks. They got me down to 1 and my credit score improved over 100 points!
After 6 months I have been able to restore my low 500 score to a close 700 score today. EZ Choice Financial keeps close eye on all your documents and handles all disputes and changes in need to update your file so the three credit beureous have similar info. Overal great for me!
Scores have increased tremendously extremely happy with results!
Trust worthy, honest, friendly and helpful!
Great service. They did a great a job. Do not waste another day with bad credit they can help
They are very helpful and the communication is great, keep you updated all the time.
What I really needed. Very helpful & professional. I just wish I knew about them years ago, so I could've done this sooner. I recommend to anyone
Not enough contact. Over the course of the last 2 years no updates have been given to me unless requested. My last request ive received nothing. I have no idea what has been removed or done.
The staff at EZ Choice were very happy to work with me and help me with credit score. The results were amazingly quick, I would recommend them to anyone!
Manny and his team helped me get into my first home. The staff are all friendly and take their time to explain every detail in the credit repair process. They are honest, efficient, and reliable. I have recommended EZ Choice Financial to friends and family and I will continue to do so.
I stand by my title for this review, EZ Choice Financial is a credit repair company like no other, they operate from a place of integrity and lots of heart! They care about their clients and want to ensure the highest value is provided to each individual customer, and are upfront, honest, and devoted to your experience with them. I've been fortunate enough to experience this first hand and I cannot say enough great things about the company. My free consultant was extremely informative, and there was no pressure of obligation to work with them, it was honest, I was told what could and couldn't be done and for that level of thoroughness and honesty, I was compelled to sign up and I don't regret it one bit! I highly recommend you give them a call and at least experience the amazing free consultant with one of their highly trained credit repair experts, you'll understand why I am so passionate about this company! Thank you EZ Choice!!!
At first they fill your head up with all kinds of things and tell you that once your contract is going to be up, that they help build your credit and find credit companies that will work with you. But as soon as my last payment was done with. I never heard from them again, never got advice as in what to do next. I will admit that they were able to get things off of my credit, but the things they tell u you to get you to sign up are simply not true.
Very good work improve my credit with then months
I wasn't happy with the outcome for the money I paid I could have paid off some debt to bring my credit back myself. I must have misunderstood how this company could help me with my credit, because if I could do it all over again I would not have chosen this Avenue to build my credit back up to a positive number.
I have had a good experience with this company. I have seen an increase in my credit scores. My credit lines have increased
I couldn't be more thrilled at the outcome.
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